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BY Rachel Woolley. Information Technology. It takes one quick glare from Yoongi to send him bolting down the hallway towards the kitchen, where he was going to stay and not come back. He adjusts their legs to lie together comfortably, snuggling further into the loveseat and Jimin. They really are such precious children. Jimin and Taehyung giggle at each other as they haphazardly redecorate the Christmas tree, after knocking it down during an intense game of tag. Tonight, Jimin is excited as he is finally going to get to see Yoongi, again.

Ever since Yoongi had transitioned into high school and left Jimin behind in middle school, it has been difficult for the boys to meet up often as they used to. Yoongi had more school commitments, which usually lead him to spend most of his weekends completing homework and studying. Not tonight though! Tonight is the annual Park family dinner and Jimin knows that Yoongi has never missed a single one since he met Jimin. He is so excited to finally see his best friend again after so long. Jimin grins back at him, his excitement visible.

The house phone rings shrilly from the kitchen, startling the two boys from their tasks. Taehyung holds a hand over his heart exaggeratingly, causing Jimin to break out into a fit of giggles over his expression. He stops decorating to look towards the kitchen, worried. He hears his mother sigh before she hangs up the phone and places it gently on the phone dock. Taehyung stops stacking baubles to look between the two of them, less than subtle as he tries to eavesdrop.

He swallows around the sudden lump in his throat as he fiddles with the tinsel in his hands. The living room is completely silent, shrouded in an awkward tension so thick that Jimin could feel it caving in on him. Jimin nods, his entire being filling with a sense of helpless melancholy as he blinks away his stinging tears. The moment he slams the door, the tears he had been fighting begin to spill over, blurring his vision as he scrambles under his quilt. Taehyung has always been outspoken and always tells Jimin his opinions, regardless if he agrees or not.

And Taehyung has made clear, multiple times , his opinion of Yoongi and the current status of their friendship. If it can even be called a friendship, at this point. Jimin feels the way his best friend rubs his arm comfortingly, up and down. A-And Hoseok hyung told me t-that he is friends with this new guy … Kihyun. Jimin spits his name with such venom, Taehyung is a little shocked.

Jimin sniffles again to fight back the impending tears. In the moment, Taehyung dislikes his hyung, a feeling he has never felt before. He dislikes his hyung for hurting his best friend, for making him cry, for breaking his kind heart, for ruining his Christmas that he had excitedly been planning for over a week. Ditching Jimin, who is so naive and sweet, and looks up to Yoongi so much, cherishing every moment they spend together.

Yoongi hyung does not deserve Jimin at all , is all Taehyung can think in spite, eyebrows pulled together in indignation. If Yoongi had come they would be eating the kimchi jjigae that Jimin had helped his mother make, knowing that it was his favourite. God, Taehyung just wants to smack some sense into his hyung—even if realistically his hyung would, without a doubt, beat him in any physical altercation.

Taehyung stares at his face, his lips pulling into a frown unconsciously as he brushes his hair comfortingly. Jimin shivers in his sleep and sniffles before nuzzling against his arm. Taehyung smiles softly at his friend. Jimin tugs subconsciously on the ends of his oversized, grey sweater under his thick coat, barely noticing how Taehyung links their arms as they walk up the winding pathway towards the front of the house.

The house in front of them is practically bursting with liveliness as drunk and sober teens alike crowd around the front, waltzing in and out the double doors with food and beer. Taehyung turns towards him and clutches his tiny hands in his much larger ones, trying to placate his best friend. Why are you so nervous? Everyone here who knows you loves you! Okay, his best friend might just have a point. Jimin bites his lip and looks around them, warily eyeing the rowdy teens on the front porch and wincing at the ear-splittingly loud, pounding bass coming from the depths of the house.

Taehyung cocks his eyebrow at his best friend before narrowing his eyes at him suspiciously. Why are you changing your mind now? From his hobbies to his ticks and certain behaviours, Taehyung is completely fluent in the language that is Park Jimin, as annoying as it could be sometimes. Jimin nibbles on his lip again before letting out an exasperated sigh and looking Taehyung in the eye. He can never hide things from his friend for very long. Jimin purses his lips and nods. The relationship between Yoongi and Jimin never quite recovered from the Christmas event of two years ago.

It hurt, of course. More than anything in the world. To say Jimin was devastated when he had heard about their relationship was an understatement. Jimin had long since come to terms with his feelings for his hyung and it had felt like his heart was torn apart all over again when he glimpsed at them sitting so close to each other in the cafeteria during lunch, sharing sweet smiles. Jimin had never wished to be someone as bad as he had wished to be Yoo Kihyun in that moment, sitting next to his hyung and being able to hold his hand.

Jimin no longer eats at the cafeteria, preferring the roof with Taehyung and a few other friends from his classes. Their relationship has all but fizzled out into nothingness, sharing the occasional friendly smile when they accidentally make eye contact in the school halls between class, each encounter filling Jimin with a sense of longing and regret. The status of their current relationship fills Jimin with nothing but sorrow and regret over words he had never gotten to say and moments they were never going to be able to share.

He wishes he could go back, but Jimin knows it is far too late to fix now. His hyung that he no longer has a close relationship with either. While a part of him wants to run home and avoid the chance of seeing Yoongi, another larger part of him wants to enjoy the night and have fun. We can go home or we can stay. Jimin ducks his head in embarrassment after having caught the attention of most of the people in the front yard, all of them beginning to hoot at each other as loud as they can.

Taehyung laughs happily as he links his arms with Jimin, again, and leads him to the front door. He expertly dodges the stumbling teenagers in his way, pulling Jimin with him who presses as close to his back as possible. When they do eventually make it inside, Jimin is taken aback by the unexpected heat as the front door seems to have been letting in the frigid air all night. Jimin watches in disgust as the boy barely makes it out and promptly vomits into the bushes by the front steps. Taehyung tugs on his arm and guides him through the throng of people packed into the foyer, making his way to the kitchen at the back of the house.

Jimin is so focused on the people that he barely realises when Taehyung stops at the large, marble kitchen counter and grabs two beer cans, shoving the second one into his hand. He takes one sip before his face scrunches up in revulsion and he spits out the liquid. Jimin rolls his eyes. Why is beer so gross? Taehyung gasps and whirls around to find Hoseok behind him, a freshly opened can of beer in his right hand and his left wrapped around his boyfriend, Jongin, staring at the two with a light-hearted expression.

He catches the uninterested way Yoongi watches the dancing crowd in the common area of the house before turning to the side and smiling at his boyfriend. Jimin looks away immediately, his heart hammering in his chest. His cheeks redden and Jimin feels like he wants the ground to open up and swallow him, just so he can escape his stare. He forces himself to not look his way. Have fun, but not too much fun, eh, especially you, Jimin.

Namjoon suddenly steps towards his brother, as if only now noticing his presence, and frowns at him in disapproval. Namjoon scowls at him. While both Taehyung and Namjoon are quite passive and rarely fight, as brothers it is only natural that they know exactly which buttons to push to bring out the worst in each other. Jackson told me his house has some awesome balconies and I already need a break. Taehyung nods and pushes past his brother to head towards the large staircase. Just as he leaves the kitchen, Jimin makes eye contact with Yoongi and is taken aback by the intensity of his gaze, his eyes seeming to pierce into him and his expression unreadable.

He shoves the lapels of his coat as far up as it can go before making his way onto the beautiful balcony and leaning his elbows against the limestone handrail. A minute goes by peacefully as Jimin is lost in his thoughts, his mind drifting from Taehyung and Yoongi to the open audition poster he had spotted in the city for Busan Art High School. Honestly, Jimin did not particularly enjoy high school. Jimin yelps at the sudden voice behind him, breaking the peaceful atmosphere of the balcony.

He whirls around to find the culprit behind him and freezes when he spots the boy hovering by the balcony doors. His black hair falls attractively over his forehead, parted slightly to the side, and hanging over his brows. The boy walks out onto the balcony, pulling his black leather jacket tighter around his lean torso to keep warm and dear Lord, his legs. Taemin grins back at him, his smile as bright and beautiful as Jimin expected it to be.

As they talk, Jimin learns that Taemin is extremely charming and that he feels like he can talk to him about anything. Conversation flows comfortably and there never seems to be an awkward moment. Or are we not close enough for that yet? He never wants this night to end. Taemin laughs softly under his breath, his free hand coming up to place itself on the other side of his waist on the handrail, effectively trapping Jimin against the cold limestone.

Oh my God! He is, again, pleasantly surprised by how solid his chest is and bites his lip. Jesus , Taemin is so attractive. A tense silence falls over the two boys for the first time that night. Taemin is also startled at the sudden voice and twists his body to see who it is. Jimin is a little confused at the familiarity with which Taemin greets him and wonders where they know each other from. Taehyung finally bursts through the balcony doors, stopping next to Yoongi and capturing the attention of all three boys. He pants heavily as he turns towards Jimin, struggling to speak through his breaths.

What the hell? He has no reason to feel the way he is feeling. Jimin is silent as Taemin gently scrawls his number on the back of his hand, trying his hardest not to cause him discomfort, while his other hand gently strokes his small fingers absentmindedly. Jimin ignores the way he can feel Taehyung rolling his eyes, impatiently waiting for his best friend to hurry the hell up. Taemin instantly beams at him, his eyes scrunching up into crescent moons.

Wow, you are so beautiful. Taemin steps towards Jimin, grabbing his wrist again, halting him in his steps. Jimin gasps at the move and his face instantly blazes up in a red-hot heat. Yoongi gapes at the sight and remains frozen, with a feeling of anger so palpable, he has to leave before he does something he regrets.

Yoongi clenches his jaw and shoots a final scowl at Taemin before promptly spinning on his heel and leaving, confusing Taehyung who stares after him as he leaves.

Taemin chuckles at the way Jimin seems speechless from his kiss, so incredibly endeared by his actions. Jimin, however, has completely lost the ability to function properly, his brain short-circuiting. He waves at him over his shoulder as he hurries after his best friend, who has already made it halfway down the stairs. The topic of Yoongi can … wait.

He shakes his head, not wanting to go down the road that was Min Yoongi in his mind and, ultimately, make himself sad. Instead, he turns his attention to the numbers that were scribbled on the back of his hand. His lips unconsciously pull up into a bright grin as his fingers lightly trace the black ink, being careful to not smudge a single digit.

Plain, ordinary Jimin who likes to dance and reread the One Punch series in his spare time. Taemin actually likes him. Genuinely, sincerely likes him and thinks he is gorgeous and pretty. Wants to kiss him. Did kiss him, on the cheek! Taehyung stares at his best friend for a second before breaking out into a matching grin, ecstatic that Jimin is so happy and bright for the first time in a while. The atmosphere within the crowded penthouse is tense, the throng of teenagers packed within, buzzing with unadulterated excitement.

Yoongi is stoic, sulking against the back of the penthouse kitchen door, away from the mess of teenagers squeezing to get as close as possible to the ceiling-to-floor windows, trying to catch a glimpse of the fireworks that were going to go off. It infuriates Yoongi to see, which confuses him greatly as he has no true reason to be angry. He and Jimin had drifted apart long ago and were living their own lives. People like Namjoon, Hoseok, Seokjin, and Kihyun, the latter eventually becoming his boyfriend.

Speaking of, his boyfriend sidles up to him at that moment, breaking him out from his pensive thoughts and capturing his attention. Kihyun looks impeccable as always, his freshly dyed blond hair falling into his eyes for a second before it is brushed away, and his clothes pristine. Kihyun looks good—he is good. As a person, as a loving boyfriend, as a close friend. Why does he feel nothing but guilt whenever he kisses him? Yoongi spares a glance towards the windows where the teenagers are gathered and instantly his eyes fall on Jimin and Taemin. He looks absolutely stunning, as he always seems to these days.

Or maybe he always has been this beautiful but Yoongi just never noticed. Rather than look uncomfortable, Jimin seems to enjoy his behaviour and responds just as flirtatiously, biting and chewing on his lips every other minute to make it appear rounder, redder, more luscious and enticing. He takes a quick sip of the foul-tasting beer in his cup before he turns to address Kihyun with a sigh.

Jimin and Taemin finally stand from where they are seated on the couch and head to a more secluded corner of the penthouse to watch the fireworks. Jimin leans further into his embrace, his small hand coming up to rest gently atop his. Yoongi takes another disgusting sip from his cup, torturing himself. Kihyun rests against the wall next to Yoongi, opting to keep him company rather than leave him to join the raucous crowd like he obviously wants to. Yoongi is half grateful and half irritated at his presence, and he hates that he feels this way.

He hates— loves —how Kihyun is so good to him even when Yoongi is being brash and abrasive. He hates himself for taking him for granted. He hates not loving him the way he deserves. His plush lips part and his eyes close. They look perfect together.

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The penthouse erupts in a cacophony of yells as the crowd celebrates the New Year. Couples share kisses as the fireworks go off behind the glass of the penthouse windows, the bright colours dancing on their faces. The music that had been shut off for the countdown is turned back on. Jimin gasps against his lips and Yoongi sees a flash of tongue.

Wants him to see the way Jimin looks so content to be kissing someone else. Yoongi whirls around to face Kihyun in a daze, his sudden emotional epiphany rendering him speechless for a second before he snaps out of it. Kihyun is worried, evident from the way that his brows crease together and his lips are pursed. God, Yoongi was a shitty person. Why would anyone even fall for him? Yoongi has never felt such guilt in his life, instantly regretting the way he hurt Kihyun and wishing that he was softer with his words or had chosen a better time to confess.

As if to rub salt into his own wounds, Yoongi unconsciously turns towards Jimin and Taemin for a final look before booking it out of the penthouse. To be able to fall in love with Jimin and have his feelings reciprocated. Not now and not ever. Why would he settle for Yoongi when he had someone like Taemin wanting his love and affection? He is such a fool to think that he would be able to move on from someone like Jimin. Someone with a soul so beautiful and selfless, and a personality so charming that everyone fell in love with him the moment that he so much as smiled.

Park Jimin is far too beautiful, inside and out, to ever be forgotten about. Park Jimin is someone special and Yoongi sincerely regrets not staying in touch with his best friend. Jimin is the first to break their staring contest, focusing his attention back on Taemin, who is looking at him with a beaming smile. He returns his smile with one equally as bright and leans in to plant a chaste kiss on his cheek.

Yoongi instantly looks away, feeling pathetic. Yoongi grabs his coat from where he had chucked it when he arrived and tugs it on, ignoring the countless screams and hoots from behind him. He feels too miserable to even pretend to enjoy himself at the party. He needs to leave immediately.

Just as he grabs the golden doorknob, Yoongi halts in his steps and almost thinks to turn around, march up to Jimin, and try to speak to him. However, that thought is immediately thrown aside when he remembers the current state of their relationship if it could even be called that. He needs to stop acting so miserable and focus on trying to rid himself of his feelings for Jimin, even if the very idea of doing so is laughable. He forcefully stops himself from turning to send one final glance over towards where he knows Jimin will be and squares his shoulders.

He roughly twists the doorknob open and disappearing into the dark hallway, slamming the door shut behind him. He vows to move on and let go of the boy he fell in love with and let get away. Jimin smiles fondly at the photo Taemin had sent him of himself smiling at the camera, with the beautiful beach of Jeju Island behind him, an arm stuck out to show off the dark grey of the water and the rocks.

He looks beautiful, as always, and his smile is bright. But still. He misses talking to his boyfriend and calling him every other day. He never did tell Taemin about his relationship with Yoongi, or rather, lack thereof, and Taehyung always shoots him disapproving looks—that he thinks are subtle—whenever Taemin mentions Yoongi. Their relationship continues to grow and every day Jimin is grateful to have his boyfriend by his side.

Tonight is not going to help him stick to his vow either, Jimin can already tell, as his heart refuses to stop hammering against his ribs ever since he realised that Yoongi would be in his house within the hour. If it is out of sight, it is out of mind. When Jimin spots Yoongi at the front door, for the first time since he graduated from high school, he feels the same feelings he felt when they had first met all those years ago.

His heartbeat quickens and his stomach feels fluttery, but unlike before, Jimin is perfectly aware as to what these feelings mean. His hair is dyed a fresh platinum blond that accentuates his features and makes him look sharper and more stunning than before. Jimin bites his lip and gulps at the way they hug his thighs like a second skin. Yoongi shrugs. Jimin shrugs too, eliciting a soft laugh from Yoongi.

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The two boys move towards the couch and sit down, a little awkward as they are unsure of how to act around each other now that the conversation has fizzled out. Jimin glances toward where his mother is standing by the kitchen door, watching them. Yoongi laughs pleasantly at his words and Jimin giggles at the sound. He adjusts his position to lean further into the pillows, kicking up his socked feet against the coffee table in front of him, while tucking his hand behind his head. He quickly makes himself comfortable and presses play to start the movie, feeling the strongest sense of nostalgia as he does so.

For the next hour, both boys are completely silent as their attention is focussed on the elaborate animation of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Well, can you read this Mr. It feels so good to be this way with him again after so long and Jimin never wants it to end. Eventually, the movie ends and the two boys head to the kitchen, the vibe between them cosy as they silently grab their plates of bulgogi. Jimin tugs his sweater sleeves over his fingers and quickly takes a peek at Yoongi from across the table, blushing when they make unexpected eye contact.

Yoongi coughs against his hand embarrassedly and his cheeks burn a soft pink. Jimin is silent, a little shocked at the news with his spoon frozen midway to his mouth. Yoongi is … leaving? Three days. In just three days Yoongi will say goodbye and move on to a better life in Seoul, leaving behind Jimin once again. Yoongi shoots him a rueful smile, completely understanding, and for that Jimin feels grateful.

He wants Yoongi to be in his life, wants him to experience all his milestones with him.

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They could still visit each other during holidays and communicate daily through their phones. Jimin is hopeful and determined. Jimin giggles at the way he immediately jumps from his seat and grabs onto the end of his sleeve to drag him up the stairs, ignoring the way his parents are eyeing them suspiciously as they disappear to the second floor.

He can tell Yoongi is hit with an onslaught of memories by the way he goes silent the moment he enters his room. He watches him walk around his room silently from his bed, smiling when Yoongi stops at the number of polaroids and pictures Jimin had framed of his childhood, with many of them starring the both of them.

Pictures of them hugging, playing with his toy dinosaurs, ripping apart Christmas gifts together, and many other memories that Jimin always looked at fondly. He never did want to get rid of them. Jimin stretches out on his bed, rumpling the blankets he had so carefully perfected hours before, and pets his bloated stomach with a groan. How many calories was that?

Countless photo strips of Jimin and Taemin hugging, goofing off, posing, and kissing. He blinks and quickly looks away. So easy for them, in fact, that when Jimin scoots back on his bed to make space for him, Yoongi is already moving before he can even think to ask. When he does eventually calm down from his laughing fit, the room is completely silent and the atmosphere light and giddy.

Jimin runs a hand through his hair, brushing it off his forehead in a way that makes him look so damn alluring that Yoongi has to look away. Jimin slowly opens his eyes again to turn and tell a stupid joke but falters when he notices the intense way Yoongi is looking at him. The air between them thickens and feels charged with electricity.

'It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year' Reaches The Top 10 For The First Time While Ariana Rules

Closer, closer, closer, until he can count every individual lash on his eyes. He closes his eyes, frozen atop his blankets as Yoongi moves to brush their noses together. Jimin wants this, he wants this so bad , he wants Yoongi to just move in and kiss —. Jimin sits up, unable to look at him as his rational thought process begins to take over and berate him for his idiotic behaviour. All of this is too much for Jimin to process rationally, and right now all he feels is anger at himself for being such a fucking fool.

Yoongi clutches his leather jacket against his chest almost like a protective shield, his mouth gaping open in shock as he stares at Jimin with a look so devastating that he almost wants to pull him into an embrace and confess everything. He hears him bound down the stairs towards the front door and suddenly, Jimin is hit with an intense rush of remorse and sorrow. Jimin breaks when he hears the front door slam, signifying the end of whatever it was that they had for a short moment.

Jimin hurt Yoongi way too much to be so easily forgiven. This is for the best. They were never meant to be, and Jimin feels like a fucking idiot for believing that they were. Jimin sobs so hard his throat burns and he is unable to see anything. His parents burst into his room, distressed at the sight of their baby boy crying his lungs out against his bedroom floor. What happened? His shoulders wrack with heavy sobs and his father looks at his mother worriedly.

He had tried to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on his second night and was unable to feel anything but deep-seated guilt and sorrow. He had switched off the movie and broke the CD, feeling like the shittiest person in the entire world. Jimin knows his parents are worried about him.

Today is the day that Yoongi is leaving for Seoul. His mother had asked him if he was going to go earlier that morning, but Jimin had pretended to be asleep. He knows she sees through his act, but is extremely grateful when she only sighs before closing his door quietly, shrouding his room in darkness. He was the one that had hurt Yoongi.

When the clock strikes noon, Jimin knows that Yoongi is long gone by now. He only hopes that he is on his way to a better life and a brighter future. One that is hopefully far, far away from Jimin. Taehyung squirms on him from over the covers, eliciting a loud groan. Jimin sighs before poking out the top of his head to glare at his best friend in annoyance. He sees Taehyung grin happily at him and struggles to fight off his own answering smile. His best friend tended to speak a mile a minute and always got distracted. He adjusts his body to lay on his side and buries his head into his fluffy pillow, trying to fall back asleep.

Jimin admits, the way they became official was romantic as Jungkook had traveled down to their apartment in Seoul from Busan nearly four days ago to confess to his best friend at his front door, stuttering so intensely that Jimin was concerned. Taehyung had found his behaviour so endearing and immediately threw himself over Jungkook, kissing the living daylights out of him.

An executive examines her company's new property and prepares a presentation to transform the rustic lodge into a new hot spot. Traumatized by her mother's death, a 6-year-old girl stops talking but is cared for by her three uncles. The story unfolds as all of them find the importance of family. A single mom gets a holiday job as a department store Santa to help boost her finances, and then an angel enters her life and brings about some positive changes, including the spark of a new romance.

Stranded at an airport at Christmastime, Ashley Harrison accepts a ride from Dash Sutherland, who has just rented the last car in town. As the pair heads north, their adventures include car Eric Randall Jesse Metcalfe , a famous author who writes about how to stay a bachelor is forced to look after his niece and nephew over the holidays and, with the help of his Christmas-loving neighbor, April Stewart Fiona Gubelmann , he learns to find love and the Christmas spirit.

The overwhelming tasks that go along with Christmas have taken the joy out of the holidays for busy single mom Jennifer Cullen. Then her Uncle Ralph arrives at her home with the young, handsome Morgan Derby. Morgan's love of Christmas, and life, is contagious and as Jennifer glumly navigates through the holidays, she soon realizes that what she needs most is right under her nose. Written by Anonymous. Christmas-themed romantic comedies seem to be all the rage right now. You can watch about a hundred of these movies every December and the plots are generally the same: attractive single father or mother with steady, stable boring boyfriend girlfriend and cute kid s meets seemingly inappropriate man woman who works their way into their heart as well as instills the "true" meaning of Christmas.

There are a few variations sometimes Santa gets involved, sometimes there is some kind of magical element. The variation I like the least involves the children doing the matchmaking Ugh! What child of any age has ANY interest in his or her parent's love life? Winkler really makes this movie with his funny, warm portrayal of our heroine's interfering uncle Ralph from Brooklyn. This is the first comedy I've seen him in in a long time, and he really does shine in these kinds of pictures.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

However, Brooke Burns and Warren Christie are also very fun to watch as the mismatched couple. I liked that they didn't make Burns a Scrooge who hates Christmas. She is simply a busy woman who loves her son and wants Christmas to be special. And in her desire to do so, has lost sight of what Christmas should be.

And kudos to Connor Christopher Levins who gives a boy with some mature habits his penchant for organization some very real childlike desires his wish to believe in Santa even when logic dictates he shouldn't. The plot moves along very briskly and the movie seems to end all too soon. Would that we could all be neighbors to such warm, funny and attractive people! There's even a good message about how we need to stopping stressing about Christmas.

My favorites quote from Uncle Ralph : "When it comes to life, she's dumber than a bag of barber hair! Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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