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I had never before ever experienced something so completely different. For the past eighteen years of my practice I have worked hard to help educate the public on what energy work is and what it is not. I have written two books [1] for that reason. Energy work in a nutshell works like this. There is an energy field around the human body. It is called an aura. We know that it exists because we can take pictures of it now. We know that if you have blocks in your energy field you can develop symptoms or issues physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Once the block is removed the body is able to work on healing itself. Compare this to the analogy cleaning of out an infected wound. When the wound is infected the body struggles to heal it. Clean the wound out and healing happens very rapidly. The obstacle of infection has been removed and the body knows just what to do. It is my hope that it will give you context and demonstrate just how different it can be.

The stories are being told with their permission. When he arrived for his first session he sat down and slowly looked around the treatment room without saying a word. That was my introduction to Jacob. Straight to the point, no holds barred, no beating around the bush.

The man meant business. I was impressed. Jacob explained to me that he was dying of lung cancer. His cancer had been discovered by a cardiologist during a stress test a year earlier.

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It took quite a while to get an appointment to see an oncologist after that. When he finally saw one and they did a biopsy, the tumour was classified as a Stage 4 cancer. By the time of this diagnosis it had already spread through his lungs to his lymph nodes. He had been a pack a day smoker for most of his adult life until his younger brother almost died of a heart attack.

Cold turkey, just like that.

The Warrior's Journey®

He was also taking medication for his high blood pressure as well as, cholesterol medication. When Jacob was first given the diagnosis of lung cancer and told that he only had six to eight months left to live the doctors explained to him that he could have chemotherapy and that would give him a few extra months. He turned them down. A year later his wife managed to coax him into trying the chemo, but he was so sick after one treatment that he refused to go back for the rest of the treatments.

Then his wife convinced him to try radiation treatments. I am still here a year later. Well, I tried that and all that happened was I got really sick. Why should I make myself sicker for a few extra months? Jacob told me he wanted a cure. He expected a cure. The medical system could only provide options that might extend his life for a short time.

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He told me that only him feel even more angry. He wanted to talk about alternatives, what other things he could try. He wanted to know about options outside of chemo and radiation. He wanted to know if I could help. I explained to Jacob that after years of being in private practice and through my own personal experiences receiving energy work from other healers I have relied on a bench mark that any client can use. I told him to have confidence in the fact that he would know in four to six sessions if energy work that is being offered to him was the right fit for him and being of assistance.

Bullet Proof Faith

I always tell any potential client that they will know soon enough if energy work is right for them. I am not implying here that their issue can be resolved in four to six sessions. Each person needs to decide if this is right for them. It is their choice, clear and simple. Everyone has free will. I asked Jacob why he came to see me. It keeps me up at night. I am not in much pain, but the coughing really gets to me.

My daughter says maybe you can help with that. I again said that he would know in four to six sessions if the energy work was being of assistance to him. He smiled, he liked that. I nodded in agreement. We understood each other completely. Jacob was black and white. There were no shades of grey and there was no room for debate.

He was a man of few words, spoke directly to the point and called a spade a spade. He was six years old when the Germans first rolled into his village. Everyone was afraid. His dad joined the resistance and was gone most of the time. His mother was left to fend for the family.

There were four children, all under the age of age six, Jacob being the oldest. Everybody was hungry. Lots of people starved to death. There were seven of us kids by then. They came over here with nothing. We had nothing but a chance to make things better. We did all right.

Jacob’s Journey and The Mystery of Energy Work

Everybody worked hard. I explained to Jacob what would happen in his sessions. First, I explained to him that he had an energy field around his body called an aura. I could see it and had been trained to find out if there were blocks in his energy field. I told him blocks can cause illness at the physical, mental and emotional levels.

Once we located a block, I would find out why it was there, and we would then work together to release it. I walk beside you on your healing path. We do not do anything that your mind cannot handle nor what your body will not accept. The body speaks in very simplistic language and sometimes we have to work together to find out what the body is trying to say. Once we know that, then we can gently release the blockage. You are your own expert. I am not a doctor, I cannot prescribe or diagnose. I then explained that to start the session I would have him lay down on the massage table and that I do touch the body.

Jacob got up and laid down on the massage table. When I connected to his energy field my intuitive senses were immediately drawn to an area in his chest that felt heavy and struggling for breath. Both of these energy blockages lay in the upper quadrants of both of his lungs, one on the right lung and the other on the left lung. In this movie I could see a very small boy who looked to be about the age of eleven. He seemed to be suffering, emotionally. I had to learn how to be a kid again. Intuitively I was directed to infuse a flower essence directly into his lungs.

He was embarrassed by this display of emotion and turned his head away from me. After he settled from the emotional release I read him the passage from the book of Raven essences. Historically associated with suffering and death, the cross has also been a symbol of integration and wholeness, an intersection between two worlds. He seemed surprised that something as simple as an essence could make him feel that emotional.

I responded that it was common to have an emotional release like that after using one of these essences. I went on to explain that these flower essences help the body to shift gently and release the emotions that have been buried so deeply by our life experiences. He just nodded his head and closed his eyes. I was then intuitively directed by his body to further balance his field using a technique called, Laterality. It also brings the outer reaches of the aura called the astral, holographic and subtle bodies back into harmony and alignment with the physical and etheric energy body.

In a nutshell doing laterality helps to get all your ducks lined up in a row so that your body can release energy blockages a little more easily. At this point his body indicated that it was full energetically. This meant that we now had to close the session. After I closed the session I asked Jacob to sit up slowly and to be careful not to move too fast because he might be a little light headed. Instead Jacob sat up quickly and had to grab onto the edge of the table to steady himself.

He looked a little stunned by that. After we were both seated I explained to Jacob what I had found during his session. I also reiterated what we did in the session with the essence and laterality. Sometimes people feel pretty full of energy when they leave, and they think they can go home, repaint the living room and have a dinner party all in the same day. Just keep things in perspective, ok? Just be aware of what you are doing and be clear about where you are going. I went on to explain that he may also have an emotional release and if he did, he needed to let himself go there.

I also explained that he may feel like he is a little achy or feel flu-like but that will pass in about 24 — 48 hours. Thanks so much for all this. It has brought us all some comfort. At his next session I explained to Jacob that now that we have done the initial session, from now on each subsequent session would be a lot faster. We will start out every session the same way.

I will ask you how you have been since I saw you last and you let me know whether it was good or bad or no change. It showed me the image of a young child who looked frail and thin. There was a steeled determination on his face as he laboured to peddle a bicycle far too large for him, down a country road all alone. His tiny malnourished body braced against the cold you could hear the wind howling over the barren fields that stretched out for miles before him.

I could feel how the winter winds were cutting through his threadbare coat. With that I also sensed the deep loneliness and isolation he felt being out there in the countryside all alone. The movie stopped. I relayed this information to Jacob and asked him if he knew what this was referring too. You could sense he was travelling back in time inside his memories.

I just waited. My mom had an uncle who had a farm about 12 miles outside of the village. I was the oldest. It was too big for him, so he made blocks for the pedals. Then he could sit on the bike and still reach the handle bars. He was six years old. I was stunned. Jonathan David Publishing. Middle Village, NY. Kolatch, Alfred J. The Jewish Book of Why. Jonathan David Publishers. Kushner, Harold.

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    Jacob and Rachel—You Marry a Family - The Warrior's Journey® - The Warrior's Journey®

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