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Quick 'n' Crafty: How to Make a Pine Needle Basket

Just scroll on down to learn how to craft your own paper zig-zag cactus. Happy crafting! Then download the cactus pattern below. Cut out your paper pieces according to the pattern, using a craft knife or cutting machine recommended. Cut two of each leaf shape to make one leaf.

UNICEF Market | Bohemian Guatemalan Home Decor

Our plant has 12 leaves total, four in each size. Place your gauge wire down the middle and leave some room at the top. Position the second leaf of the same size on top, matching the edges, and smooth it down onto the first leaf. Love Plants? Zig Zag Cactus Photo Tutorial. Felt Daffodil Felt Flowers. Papercut Cacti Paper Plants.

Paper Zig Zag Cactus

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Become a member. Already a member? Join us today to watch this video! Thank You! Get the downloads for this project with a membership. Save posts to your craft room with the Lia Griffith membership. Beautiful, right? I asked Margie if she had a simple craft project that would be good for my blog.

The video by Vanessa , at the CraftyGemini, is very informative. The videos are much better than what I could show in photos. But, I will tell you what I learned and the mistakes that I made. I will be investing in a better rotary cutter and a professional fabric ruler! Margie and several websites recommended this when making a circular basket. The videos I watched all stressed the need to use cotton rope. However, Margie had used nylon rope for some of her baskets. However, after I wrapped the nylon cord with a layer of fabric, my machine jammed.

I returned to using the cotton clothesline. It will always be a surprise. This was an improvement from my first basket. Margie had one tip that I did not find in any of the videos. This will help your basket hold its shape and keep it from fraying.

Bohemian Guatemalan Home Decor

This was a fun project and I feel that I have learned a useful skill. Get inspired, make a basket today! Please help!! What am I doing wrong my round placemat will not lay flat, and the back , the zigzag looks really bad, HELP. Since you are sewing thru such a thick material you might have to adjust the tension on your machine. Hope that helps. Name required. Email required; will not be published.