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Rationale: The performing arts offer artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural context and aesthetic valuing. This dance helps students understand dance history and develops cultural awareness. Students are given the opportunity to compare the differences in cultural beliefs and methods of representations, as well as the commonalties among cultures.

Through understanding dance from difference cultures students are able to view events and themes from the perspective of diverse contexts. Component Objectives: Historical and Cultural Context: In a class discussion, students will be introduced to the symbolism, spiritual and historical aspect of the Native American Friendship Dance.

Artistic Perception: Each student will demonstrate the proper steps in sequence to the Native American Friendship Dance. Because this dance has a prescribed rhythm students have to perceive the beat to the music and learn to step on a certain beat.

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Strategy: Direct Instruction Vocabulary: Body Awareness --understanding difference between left and right Space --number of dancers dictates the amount of space needed Tempo --uneven beat, consists of a series of beats in a stressed and unstressed rhythm ONE, two, ONE, two, ONE, two Background Information for Teachers: Literal and figurative components of this apparently simple dance are deceiving.

There are many symbolic gestures behind the dance. In this dance everyone faces each other in a circle and through this you can literally, see diversity within the group. Here we have eye contact so we can see and accept our differences. In the friendship dance the students literally extend their hands in friendships.

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Historically, this dance has been going on for hundreds of years. It serves spiritual and social needs of Native Americans. This dance is one of the few in which non- natives are invited to participate. In most situations the audience is only considered spectators. Today we are going to have a chance to learn an authentic not one from the movies Native American dance. Also, this is a chance to make new friends.

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We will also learn about Native American culture. Procedures: Pupil Activity Sequence: 1. Move the desks to the side of the room for adequate space. Set tape to the Round Dance song.

Native American Friendship Dance

Teacher demonstrates by self then has two or three students come up. Everyone hold hands side by side. Teacher is leader in demonstration. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wyandotte Nation. Retrieved February 2, The Western Historical Quarterly.

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Retrieved January 29, Jan Retrieved January 15, Oklahoma Historical Society. Archived from the original on November 19, Retrieved February 5, Dances of Native American Nations. Bustle Roach. Music Religion. Hidden categories: Commons category link is on Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk.

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