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In a separate envelope he also sent an map of the border territory Letter to Erskine, received 12 Sept. It seems likely that his relationship with third wife Jennifer, an accomplished painter, included conversations about art. This remarkable work depicts an older man seated facing a young boy, each smiling in enjoyment of the other. Christopher French, who may have interviewed Drake, identifies these figures as Drake and his grandfather.

But the older man bears a notable resemblance to McCarthy, and the work may also be read as a portrait of the writer with his young son John Francis, a companion to the autobiographical portrait McCarthy himself presents in The Road. Their legs and feet blend into the wave-like forms at the bottom right of the drawing. French identifies these as reproductions of a drowned sailor from The Raft of the Medusa by Gericault and a doomed soul from The Barque of Dante , also known as Dante and Virgil in Hell , by Delacroix.

All these experiences demonstrate that although McCarthy did not develop his childhood artistic ability into a career, his interest in the creation, history, interpretation and enjoyment of art has been one of his many life-long pursuits. It would be surprising if that passion did not inform his literary works, in which visual imagery is so prominent a feature. When the kid and Sproule climb under a wall of columnar basalt, the narrator sees the geological feature as a series of sculpted prophets In Nashville he likely saw the full-scale reproduction of the Parthenon, with its plaster casts of the British Museum friezes.

The woman, wrapped in a shawl, sits with her skirts tucked under her at a slight remove from the standing figures and with her back to them, a position mirrored by the fortune-teller of Blood Meridian The Scream redeploys the gesture in a more generalized way, as an expression of existential angst. Circling them on the vast yellow color-field of the desert plain are tiny figures of Native American riders.

Dwarfed though they are within the broad landscape, their presence signals impending doom for these particular Anglo-Americans, even while, with early twentieth-century hindsight, the painting also implies the closing of the west and the reciprocal hemming in of Native Americans. But despite their vulnerable position, McCarthy makes his trio survivors of this attack as well.

Cross, who lived among various Native Americans Broder 16—17; 58— Recent art historians argue that these portraitists were motivated by a desire to collect the faces and cultural artifacts of a people they and the rest of the nation assumed were destined for extinction, and they debate how exploitative their work was. Indeed, one structuring device in Blood Meridian is a rhythm of landscape scenes providing moments of stillness, contemplation, or aestheticizing distance in tension with the violence and kinetic energy that otherwise pattern the novel.

Always these concentrated landscape passages also function as prose poems, conjoining visual imagery with other poetic resources of language. Often bathed in the iconic light of sunrise, sunset or deep night, or briefly illuminated by flashes of lightning, the scenes suggest both scientific and Manichaean determinisms that apparently direct the actors in the unfolding drama.

Rather, they tend to deconstruct and de-romanticize the mid-nineteenth-century west and the imperialism that claimed, tamed and absorbed it as part of America. As composed by the narrator, the scene constitutes a reading of the American west as a realm of illusory beauty grounded in violence:. The sun to the west lay in a holocaust where there rose a steady column of small desert bats and to the north along the trembling perimeter of the world dust was blowing down the void like the smoke of distant armies. The crumpled butcherpaper mountains lay in sharp shadowfold under the long blue dusk and in the middle distance the glazed bed of a dry lake lay shimmering like the mare imbrium and herds of deer were moving north in the last of the twilight, harried over the plain by wolves who were themselves the color of the desert floor.

It employs diction— holocaust , void , mare imbrium— unavailable to Glanton, through whom the scene initially appears to be focalized. Further, the association of the word with World War II ethnic massacre overlays this image of the American west with an evocation of the furnaces in the concentration camps, and the dark bats backlit by the blazing sunset suggest both the smoke from those incinerators and the rising souls or animas of the victims. But the narrator forestalls any identification with Glanton.

In effect, such a figure becomes the machine in the garden, the eruption of destructive aspects of human culture in the pastoral realm or, in this case, the wilderness. The narrator brings to his visual perceptions of the scene his knowledge not only of American and European traditions of landscape art, but also his imaginative engagement with poetry and history. Under a gibbous moon horse and rider spanceled to their shadows on the snowblue ground and in each flare of lightning as the storm advanced those selfsame forms rearing with a terrible redundancy behind them like some third aspect of their presence hammered out black and wild upon the naked grounds.

As in so many of these painterly scenes, light and shadow receive emphasis. Not only the horses but the riders too seem hobbled to their shadows, their darker selves. A lobeshaped moon rose over the black shapes of the mountains dimming out the eastern stars and along the nearby ridge the white blooms of flowering yuccas moved in the wind and in the night bats came from some nether part of the world to stand on leather wings like dark satanic hummingbirds and feed at the mouths of those flowers.

Farther along the ridge and slightly elevated on a ledge of sandstone squatted the judge, pale and naked. He raised his hand and the bats flared in confusion and then he lowered it and sat as before and soon they were feeding again. Thus the scene is comprised of planes of geophysical grounding in the ridge and the mountains, alternating with the unplumbed spaces of the lower void and the upper ether.

As in other depictions of the judge, where he postures atop a wall or battlement or on the rim of a volcano in naked display of his nature, he is here positioned on the brink of an abyss which he does not perceive as a threat. The figure of the squatting judge looms most palpably, but it structurally balances the yuccas on the opposite side of the composition. Although bats feed on the fruit and pollen of yucca plants, suggesting the biotic associations typical of a painter such as John James Audubon, particular plant and animal varieties are not identified here.

It is tempting to visualize the yucca as the tall, sculptural Joshua tree Yucca brevifolia , with arm-like branches that seemed to the Mormons to beckon them west. But these forms may just as easily be another white-flowering desert yucca. In Blood Meridian , the most appalling whiteness belongs not, of course, to the bats, nor to the innocent yucca blossoms, but to the naked judge, whose imperial gaze takes in this scene with the satisfaction of possession, and who conducts the small drama before him—the flaring and resettling of the feeding bats—with a casual wave of his hand.

The scene stands as a visual warning of the nature of the judge and of the Manichaean world of which he is, among other things, the demiurge—a world-ruler ignorant of Spirit, the very embodiment of materialism, empiricism, imperialism, Manifest Destiny, war, and death. There they fire on the muleteers and wantonly crowd the caravan over the precipice:. Far from realistic, the scene represses the cries and even the bodies of the falling men to focus on the abject silence of the plummeting mules, augmenting the peculiar horror of the tableau.

At the same time, the deaths of the men and mules are objectified and visually abstracted. Glanton is a voyeur of violence, finding perverse beauty in the play and movement of color against a contrasting ground, yet insensitive to or excited by the pain and death inflicted on other beings. In further strange elision, as the narrator struggles to accommodate his horrific vision that reluctantly comprehends the burst bodies of the men and mules even as they are repressed, the blood is quickly displaced by the quick-silver, its movement suggesting an animation, a quick- ness outlasting that of blood.

The downward flux and upward eruption of the mercury counter the flattened perspective of the crimson and silver drip painting and reestablish the topography of the steep terrain. Catching light like water in a conventional painting, these quicksilver forms define the contours of the land as if they were invisible but for the movement of animated, bright matter over them. The eye follows these morphing, diminishing forms ever deeper into the chasm until they elude it. The Actaeon allusion reinforces the motif of the hunter hunted that becomes increasingly evident in the last half of the novel and that characterizes the life of the kid after the massacre at the Yuma crossing.

As the messenger god, one of his roles was to conduct the dead to Hades, and thus the fleet mercury that rushes down the abyss alludes to the souls of the murdered muleteers. The chapter in which Brown sees the ocean is largely devoted to his trip to acquire supplies, and it stands as the only extended treatment of Brown acting separately from Glanton and Holden. Brown walked down and held his hand to the sheet of spume that ran up the dark sand. This encounter with the unknown prompts in him no lingering awareness, no deeper level of perception.

With deeper curiosity and intentionality than Brown, he seeks the coastline even before finding a doctor for his wounds, and he gazes long at the seascape, watching until the sun has set and little is left to see. These details suggest in the kid a certain intensity of vision, his reading of the sea emotionally if not intellectually. Loose strands of ambercolored kelp lay in a rubbery wrack at the tideline.

A dead seal. Beyond the inner bay part of a reef in a thin line like something foundered there on which the sea was teething. He squatted in the sand and watched the sun on the hammered face of the water. Out there island clouds emplaned upon a salmoncolored othersea.

Seafowl in silhouette. Downshore the dull surf boomed. There was a horse standing there staring out upon the darkening waters and a young colt that cavorted and trotted off and came back. The planar organization of the seascape suggests the strategies of the American luminist painters of the nineteenth century, who rendered foreground in realistic detail and through their handling of light suggested the transcendental in the distance. Consistent with its relentless role in the novel, the sun is the agent that hammers out the sea like copper. Indeed, the dramatic beauty of the setting sun backlighting the flying seabirds seems to motivate the kid to sit and watch.

Her foal frisks in the surf, but she stands looking out to sea, another viewer in the scene, one whose presence suggests other ways of looking. Moreover, she is a rare instance of the maternal in this novel in which human children are denied the protective maternal embrace. Behind the horse lies a dark band of water, from which the horse looks inland. His horse is a dull, exhausted creature, functioning in much the way a shipwreck does to suggest profound aftermath. The sea is a barrier that turns back both Brown and the kid.

It marks a limit to their suzerainty. It is the realm of mystery. Yet it too is a contested realm, a killing field Americans have sought to dominate. Accession Special Collections, U of Virginia Lib. Arnold, Edwin T. Unpublished interview with Bill Kidwell. Maryville, TN. Arnold, Matthew. Kenneth Allott. London: Longmans, Audubon, John Woodhouse. Cleveland: Arthur H. Clark, Bartlett, John Russell. New York: Appleton, Boime, Albert. Washington, D. Broder, Patricia Janis. Great Paintings of the Old American West. New York: Abbeville P, Brown, J[ohn] Ross. New York, Harper, Crews, Michael Lynn.

Austin: U of Texas P, Chamberlain, Samuel. My Confession: Recollections of a Rogue. New York: Harper, Drake, James. James Drake. Essay by Steven Henry Madoff. Poem by Jimmy Santiago Baca. Excerpts by Cormac McCarthy. Flatow, Ira. French, Christopher. Frost, Robert. You're gonna have to rely on all you have to win this one. After disposing of the Maberia's hijackers, you can go back to Treck and heal up. Talk to the capitan on the second floor of the pub in Treck when you're ready to go.

After the capitan lets you come aboard his ship, you can finally arrive in Lorbenia. Aguro leaves for his HQ, and you get to take Lufia shopping. The left item shop has healing items, and the right has attack items like Power Gourds and Arrows. Take the Sweet Water on the second floor, but there's not much else but a crappy jewelry shop and a worthless stuffed animal shop.

On the third floor, while Lufia goes crazy checking out dresses, some little punk tries to take your money! After that, don't even bother going back in the store, because the armory is on the left side. Buy every single thing in the armory save the Cloth Shoes. You should have just enough. They don't have any new weapons, so you can blow all your money on armor. Stay a night at the inn, and as you leave, Aguro will meet you and tell you that he's going to join your party for good. Running around outside will not make you gil very fast, so you'll have to cut it short with Aguro's armor, but try to at least buy him a shield.

Also, if you haven't already, switch combat order with him and Lufia. This'll allow Lufia to take less damage, and Aguro to deal more.

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As far as the armories go, they have the exact same selection as Lorbenia. As usual, there is an old man here who knows what's what. Now, pay that jerk 50 Gold to go down into the basement. You'll find a treasure hunter guild of sorts. The old guy wants a "Fairy Kiss" before he'll tell you any more about Artea. Alright, time to go to the Old Cave. Before you leave, also enlist for the Gold task of the Secret Map. Check them all to be sure, though.

If you head straight down, in the big pile of muck, about three steps below the empty chest, there is an Ex Potion hidden.

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Go through it quickly and then heal before you run into a battle. Near the door to the Secret Map, there is a box around the muck. Don't fall for it, none of the boxes in the cave contain any treasure whatsoever. Enter the door for the Power Ring and the Secret Map. Go back up and head left this time, then continue downwards to the two chests in the muck.

Take them for a Tan Shield and a Dragon Egg. Go back up and you'll reach the room that only women can enter. Walk Lufia through, running from most of the battles, and then take all the treasure and leave. Here's the deal with Lufia's footwear. The Cloth Shoes raise her Defense by 2, but the Heeled shoes raise her attack by 5. I personally choose the Heeled, because she is usually just below a one-hit-kill attack during battles.

Once you have the Fairy Kiss, you can head back to Grenoble. Don't forget you collect your reward for the Secret Map, and then get the letter from the old man. Now you're ready to enter Artea's Tower. These aren't the same Goblins you fought by the Treck cave! I don't know why Enix gave them the same name, because they are much wimpier and weaker. Anyway, the tower is directly up, then west across a bridge, then up some more to a peninsula. It looks like tower from World 6 of Super Mario Bros. As soon as you enter, go to your immediate left, and enter the room.

Keep going and take the Sonic Ring. Now, go back and take the right path, entering the room. Keep going right, and you'll reach two treasures. You might run into some strong enemies in here, such as the Red Magi or the Fight. The Magi can cast Dew and a nasty attack called Shock, and the Fights HP higher than the regular, and a pretty strong attack.

For some reason, this tower is infested with all sorts of monsters. Make sure you have alot of potions. Head up the steps and take the Smoke Ball.

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Go left, and you'll be at a room you would be in if you took the left stairs. All the stairs lead to is the first floor. On your way in, DON'T jump out the window. All it does is take you to the entrance to the tower. Enter the right chamber, and go down the hallway. Take the potions in the two rooms, and then head back up the hallway and enter the first room on your left, heading to the third floor. Also, don't forget to use Lufia and Hero's healing spell Strong, it does about the same amount of healing that Potions do. Which isn't much.

After that, get ready to head to the fourth and final floor. Head down the hallway, and enter the room. Make sure Hero's HP is full, and then talk to the guy. This bad boy has about HP, and he begins by casting Fake on himself, allowing him to attack twice per turn. And you get to fight him one on one. This calls for. Mid Arrows!!! Hopefully you have at least Kobolds drop them when you fight. Anyway, it took me six to subdue him, even when he used a Potion on himself. I'd do away with Potion-using for this battle and just crank out the Hi Potions, it's much easier that way.

I only needed to use one before I killed him. You don't even get that much EXP from beating him. Afterwards, he'll tell you where Artea is, and give you a Speed Potion. Bah, he's just sorry he messed with you and is trying to make up. I pity da foo who challenges the Hero! Leave the room, and then head back around it, snag the two Mid Arrows, and hop out of the tower.

Now, since you're alot more leveled up, I'd suggest going back to the Old Cave and checking out the 3rd Floor. If you don't want to, just skip this upcoming part. Here we go. Take the elevator the 3rd floor in the cave, and walk out into your new dungeon. There are totally new and stronger enemies in here, but there's also lots of treasure worthy of plundering. After taking the treasure in the muck, head up and into the room, taking treasure along the way.

In the next room, the right puddle of muck has a Miracle hidden in it one space left and three spaces down from the Smoke Ball chest. Keep going, until you reach the big room with tons of chests. Now, the Broad Sword in here raises Hero's attack by 40, the only problem is that it's cursed, and takes down a bit of his HP every time he attacks.

You can get the curse lifted in Grenoble for Gold. This doesn't totally do away with the curse, it just subtracts it to damage per turn. But hey, it's your call, you could just sell it if you so wish it. Enter the last room, pick up the Silver Wick, and head back to Grenoble and get your prize. Now you can head south of the Tower. Enter, and hit the warp, and you'll be in a large closed in area with many sealed doors.

There's your proverbial wise old guy standing in the middle, and for now, all he does is heal you. Just take note of this place, because we'll be back later. Plunder the houses, and then go into the northeast house and back to the bedroom. Mark is leaving his girlfriend Reyna to go try and find a cure for her sickness. How sad. Anyway, check the two dressers for a Stuffed Dog and Pig. That's it for this petty town.

The stupid guard up at the north cave won't let in you in yet, so head east. You should have enough money to buy something for everyone. As far as the weapons go, the Broad Sword kicks the crap out of the Spear they offer, so just buy one for Aguro. What's cool here, is that Lufia gets a Mace that raises her attack about This town's claim to fame seems to be the Hope Ruby, so make a stop at the castle after you finish stocking up. The stupid old man in the northwest house won't move away from his left cupboard, so you can't check and see if there's something there :.

If anyone knows of a way to get him to move, e-mail me. Mark will stop you, and then you're free to enter the castle. This is a big castle, but there's no treasure :. Head straight in, and then turn right and go down the stairs.

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Check out the ruby in the throne room, and Lufia throws a coin in. Exit, and you'll see that Mark has stolen it! Next stop, Kirof!

He joins your party, and your next destination is the cave north of Kirof. He let Reyna walk right in! Time to be the heroes again. There are some really powerful enemies in here. The Willowisp is strong vs. They also have a powerful magic attack called Plasma that can deal up to 20 damage to a character. Swordspooks randomly drop Scimitars, which are extremely powerful swords even stronger than the Broadsword.

The only problem is, if you have the Broadsword already equipped on Hero, you'll have to leave and go find a priest to uncurse you. I suggest doing it, though, because it'll save him alot of damage, plus, you can finally be rid of that wretched Broadsword. The Flamespooks have Spark, which attacks everyone for around 10, so beware.

Enter the first room for an Escape. Keep going right and take the Chain Cloth, and go down the right ladder and enter the first room to get a Miracle. Keep going down, get your Gold, go to not the first door but the second, and collect the Ghost Ring. The third room contains the Monster Ring. Now, go back and descend the stairs closest to the entrance. This is another good level-up time.

Take the Revive. Go down the bottom stairs, taking the Wood Shield and Hi Magic. Take the top now, and get the Hi Magic on the other side. Top stairs, Dragon Egg. Now, take the bottom stairs, snag the Speed Potion, and then go through onto the other side, which is north on the first floor. Go back down the right ladder and enter the steps in the first chamber at the bottom. Go left, take the Hi Potion, then walk left and take the Hi Potion. Go up and take the Revive. Now, go back to where you first entered this floor, and go right this time.

You'll enter a room with two sets of stairs in it. Take the right one and pick up a Power Potion and Spell Potion. In the rooms you'll get a Great Potion and Mind Potion. If you heal him, he'll tell you that "Things are not what they appear to be. I smell puzzle. Go back up and down the left stairwell to the last area. Head down either of the first stairs you see to get an Escape and Smoke Ball.

Now for the last three steps. The middle on leads to a dead end. The left one has a bridge to the other side, but you won't be make it across because it's full of hidden holes. It's the same deal with the right one. What, then how do we get across?

  • Her Valentine Hero (Mills & Boon Love Inspired).
  • The Bare Bum Gang.
  • The Bare Bum Gang and the Valley of Doom, p.1;

Remember what that guy said about things not being what they seem? Well, I think this was what he was talking about. Go down the middle set of stairs, and simply walk off the front of the platform. You'll be able to cross on an invisible bridge. Go to the other side, take the Revive, and walk to the next room. Now, before you talk to Reyna, make sure you're all healed and ready to go.

It seems that the Phantasm beast is controlling Reyna, and he's pissed that you guys are messing up his plan. He attacks! I'd suggest being at Level 15 before this battle, because Phantasm has some nasty magic that he's itching to cast on your party. He can deal about 30 damage on each person with his Spark spells. The only thing he's really weak to is physical attacks. Good thing, because you should have been boosting Hero up with Great Potions and equipping him with the Scimitar.

Have Hero and Aguro attack, use a Power Gourd on Hero to have him deal around damage with each attack. Aguro will have a hard time surviving this battle, because he's horrendously slow, and very weak towards Phantasm's magic. By now, Lufia should have the Bang spell, which is a fun little spell that deals about 60 damage to all the enemies on the screen. It does about 45 to Phantasm, which will help keep her up with the rest of the party. You don't need to use it all the time, though--also keep her on hold for healing with Stronger. He can really piss you off when he casts Confuse.

It usually doesn't last for long, but it cancels any spell they had ready to cast. He's not hard in matters of damage, but he just takes a while to beat. He's easy compared to the rest of the dungeon :. You get EXP for beating him, not bad. Thankfully, you're automatically warped out of the dungeon and back to Kirof. Mark tells you that there's elves in Belgen.

Well then, we're there! To enter the cave, head back to Medan and witness the queen telling everyone the truth about the ruby. Then talk to her, and she'll tell you the cave is open and you can enter. But first, there's an optional place to go, the mines north of Medan. If you don't want to go, you can skip this upcoming section, but I recommend going there.

Take the Foul Water, and proceed down and grab the Sweet Water. Take the Bomb. This is as far as you go, because the old man won't let you go into his treasure room :. Now, you can exit and head east to the Belgen Cave. After that, pass the guards on the bridge and exit the cage. How does a Long Staff have more attack power than a Mace??? Go to the end and into the cave, take the two treasures. Go into the back room and check the drawers, then talk with the girl at the top.

You learn that the monsters took Jerin, and you need to go to the southwest cave to get the key to the dais. Now go out and talk to the people in the large building also taking treasures to learn more about Jerin. It should make a little sense now. Go as far down as you can from Belgen, and cross the bridge and enter the cave. Go down the steps and check out the first room you see to get a Hi Potion. Then, go down into the steps closest to that room to get a Smoke Ball and a Float. What really sucks in here are the Poison Rats.

They're not hard, but every time they attack you you have a chance of getting poisoned. Stock up on antidotes. Back on the first floor, head right from where you emerge and go down the steps. Go through the upper muck and take the Escape, then go around and nab the Power Potion and Spell Potion.

In the small section of muck up there, there is a Miracle hidden in the corner. Now, head to the upper left room on the first floor, and take the steps down to the second floor. Circulate that floor, and then hitch a ride down to the third floor. Go right and take the Brone equipment, and then take the items in the left room. Head up the north stairs to score a Revive and a Fly Ring.

Finally, go down the south stairs, and then enter the room. You'll get the Dais Key. But what exactly do we do with this key? Well, first we gotta get out of the Southwest Cave. You can unlock the red door with the Dais Key, but before going in, go down and collect the Great, Mind, and Speed Potions. Enter the door and follow the path to the big muck puddle.

There is a monster that lurks in here called the Mimick, when defeated, gives you EXP. It's not too hard to defeat, either, so watch out for it. Go up and take the Float. Keep going across the bridge to get a Revive and a Hi Magic. Go down and take the Mind and Power Gourd. Then follow the left bridge and go under the next bridge to recieve a Spell and Power Potion.

Go back up the rope ladder, then cross the bridge and keep going up until you're out. Enter, and the guys won't let you ascend the stairs. Go around the right side and you'll see Jerin. There's also a priest if you need to save. Try to leave, and a dragon will carry off Jerin. Exit, and head north into the Dais Tower. There's tons of enemies here, most of which are very strong. The archer can do 40 damage to all your characters with its Hi Arrows, the Straw Men cast paralysis, adn the Skeletons and Nightmares have unusually high HP.

It's the hardest place you've been yet, and you're bound to have at least one bad experience in here. The worst part is that you don't get more EXP, you get the same amount you'd get if you were back fighting in the Southwest Cave. Just rely on Lufia's Stronger spell and pray to god you don't die. Very frustrating. Use the portal to enter.

Don't bother going into the two rooms, all there is is one portal between the two. Just go straight up the steps until you reach the Treasure Room. Take note of the light spots on the floor below, because those mark the holes on this floor. Take all the treasure, and then go back down to the first floor and enter the right room. Take the portal and then the steps. Now go down, enter the first room for a Flash Ring.

The second contains nothing, and the third just contains a guy with useless info. Continue up the stairs until you reach a place with alot of portals. Go into the portal to the left of it to warp to a pillar. Go in the top one to go to another pillar. The top one of that warps you to a treasure, a Miracle. The bottom of the second warps you back to the first, where you can take the bottom of that one to go back to the floor.

Now go to the far left one to get another Miracle. Now go to the far right portal, and you'll be on another platform. Go in the top one to reach the last platform. Go in the top one again, and you'll be on the center one. The dragon awaits. Heal, and then approach him. The "Follower" attacks. As far as this guy goes, he's cheese.

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I mean, the dungeon was harder than he was. He only does damage with each attack, and his Frost spell is super-weak. He has a Drowsy spell, but it hardly ever works. What really pisses me off is when he uses Grin on Aguro, because Aguro is a total idiot when he's confused. He's sucessfully destroyed my whole party when he is confused.

Sometimes if you get him low enough he'll use Stronger, which is a pain, but it doesn't even heal him HP, which is only 2 attacks from me. All this guy has going for him is high HP. I had Lufia use all my Power Gourds on Hero, and then had him and Aguro pound the stuffing out of this guy. Lufia's Bang spell works on, but she is more effective by healing the others. You'll get more EXP than you deserve for beating him, but it's just payback from the underpayment you got from the past bosses.

Afterwards, you'll take Jerin back to the town, and she'll give you a Miracle for her gratitude. Now what? Weren't we supposed to find an elf? Oh well. Rest up, and head east across the bridge and up into the desert. Go right, then do a total loop down and east until you get to. Well, Jerin pops up to save the day this time, and you get her on your party. She's pretty weak, at Level 14, and has crappy armor. Go figure. A cool thing about Jerin, though, is that she can attack all the enemies in a group at once. Now that you have Jerin in your party, head back up and go all the way east in the desert until you see a little town.

What's cool here, though, is that for the first time in the game, you can actually buy Hi Potions at the store! Buy a few packs of ten. Buy two Axes for the men and two Rapiers for the women. After you've rested and stocked up, you're done here. Head south into the tree. Once you're in, just follow Jerin's instructions. This is a pretty straightforward maze, no hard enemies or puzzles. Up in the far house, down the stairs in the pub, you're find a cideraholic grandma who will tell you how to get to Elfrea.

Three towers, three gems. Lots of dungeon-crawling. If you were like me, you squandered all your money at the last town to get tons of Hi Potions. That's okay. You need to go northeast from Jenoba, and then down past the marsh into the town.

The jeweler has some interesting info on the Medan Mine, and you can take an Emerald from the cupboard. Another weird thing, down in the right corner, check the middles of the blooming flowers to find a Power Potion and Empty Bottle. That's about it for this town. Now, what? You don't want to go into the Red Tower yet, because there's some very scary enemies in there that you're not ready for. Then why did I make you walk all this way?

Patience, grasshopper. Check Jerin's spells. This allows you to warp to any previously visited town! First, warp to Grenoble, because it's that time again. Then head to the Old Cave and go to Floor 4. Take the treasure, then go up the upper left passageway and into a room for a Miracle. Then, go into the chamber opposite it, for even more treasure. Go all the way right once you are back in the main room, and you'll reach a big muck puddle.

There is a Spell Potion hidden on the left-most row, third down from the top. Take the Broad Rod and the Crown, and then head back. Don't forget to cash in your treasure. Afterwards, you should have enough to Gold to buy whatever equipment at Jenoba that you couldn't before. If you didn't maximize everyone's equipment, go run around outside and gather Gold. You'll need it. Now, this tower is basically. Yes, you heard me right. This is a very simple tower. The enemies are a piece of cake, and there's no complex labyrinth ala Dais. Go in and head to the left room and pick up the Blue Ring.

Hopefully you've been collecting your rings, because they start to come in handy here. Just pick what suits your characters best stat and elemental-wise. Check the right room for a Magic Guard. Head up the stairs. The room below you on the next floor links you between the left and right paths. There's a treasure in the center, but there's a large pit around it. How do we get it to it? Go down the left path and take the Sweet Water at the bottom. You'll notice that the sides of this tower are unlike any other tower you've been to.

That's because you can fall off this one! Amazingly, you don't take any damage, but you still get warped back to the beginning, which sucks even more. So don't head to close to the edge. Don't risk going up the next left path, it just leads to a plaque that tells you to go to the Red Tower last. Now take the right path, and go up the first set of stairs to get a Hi Potion.

Go all the way down the right path and take the last set of stairs to floor 3. The right stairs lead to the treasure on floor 2. The bad part is, if you get it, you have to go back to the first floor, so save that one for a quick exit after you take the orb. I'll remind you at the end. Take the Hi Magic up the left stairs and head to the next floor. A pedestal.

That's all there is here. Now, go back and drop down the stairs. Take the Revive and. We're done here. Warp back to Jenoba and heal, and then get ready to tackle the Green Tower. This place is a bit harder than the Blue in terms of enemies. There are Dark Demons here that can cast Bolt, dealing about 80 damage to a party member. For some reason, the willowisps make a reappearance here.

Did someone say Dew? Take the Green Ring from the left room. Believe it or not, there's an INN in the right room, but the guy charges alot for a night. For inns, I usually just warp back to the first town and stay there for 10 Gold, as opposed to the Gold inns we see now. The middle door leads you to another hallway where you're faced with another decision of steps.

The left stairs lead to a Magic Guard as well as a switch that opens a stairwell somewhere else. Click the switch, then go up the right stairs. You'll see another stairway to the left, that's the one you triggered. Take the Swing Wing in the corner of the room, and then go back and switch the switch up. Now the steps have dissapeared and there are two new ones in there place. The top one leads to a dumb guy who charges you Gold for some information. It's basically this: There is an order to place the jewels in the towers, and if you do it wrong you're screwed. So don't waste your time and head up and see the pedestal.

Then you're done here. Warp to Grenoble and this time, enlist to find the Golden Pawn for Gold. Once in the cave, head down and take the Smoke Ball. The enemies in here are stronger than what you're used to, but they give around EXP every battle, which makes good for leveling up :. Go into the lower room and plunder it. Now, the Luck Blade. This thing is cursed, but it doesn't take down his HP. But, if you do get a successful hit, it does about damage to the monsters in here.

It ups Aguro's attack by It's still a pretty good sword, although it does miss alot. But if you fight as much as I do, it's not really that bad compared to how much damage you usually do. Back in the main room, check the top corner of the lower muck puddle for another Ex Potion. On the other side, take the Kite Shield and head into the top room, plundering it. Enter the middle room, take the treasure in there, and then go back and through the third door. Go down, and then left and collect the two treasures. Go up 7 and right 1 to take the Revive in the muck. Collect the treasures and head back up, into a room you were in before.

Now go back into the third room and enter the door across the muck. This room contains the Gold Pawn, as well as the last of the treasure in this cave. Well, since we can't get our Ruby from the tower, this is the only other place to look. Hopefully you took the three items before, so I'm not going to list them here. Talk to the old man, and he'll give you his last ruby.

Aww, how sweet. But the stupid old geezer leaves his treasure room door open! Go in there and take all his stuff to thank him for giving him your ruby! Otherwise, you'd have to steal it : If you don't know where it is, just stop reading this walkthrough right now, because you're beyond help ; The only thing really annoying about this place are those accursed Flamefreaks. They're insanely fast, and cast "Flame", and attack that hits everyone for damage.

Get four of them on you at once, they're dealing you damage every turn. BAD, very bad. I'd run if I got in a situation like that, no matter what level you are! This tower presents you with four rooms at the start. Head into the second, and down to a gigantic floor of muck. Ah well, no pain, no gain. Exit and head back to the main floor. Enter the first room and get two more treasures. Now you're left with two doors. Actually, not. They both lead to the same room. Go to the second floor, and enter the right room to get the Float. Go down the left path and take the Power Gourd and Magic Guard.

Go up the stairs closest to you, and take the treasure up there. Now go back to the second floor, and enter the lower left room and climb the steps to the third floor. Go up the stairs directly above you and get another Hi Potion. Now go aaaaaaaall the way around the floor and head up to the fourth floor. Continue up to the fifth floor, where you'll see an ugly-looking spirit thing in front of the pedestal. Heal your guys, and then attempt to converse with the misplaced ghost. Well, after he curses the "dratted" water fairy, he attacks! Jerin was my designated healer throughout this battle.

Aguro should be able to knock off HP from it each turn if you have the Luck Blade and are lucky on him. Hero can do with a Power Gourd. I had Lufia cast Bang and take care of other odds and ends. The only thing hard about him is his HP Water spell. This is another cheese boss, those Flamefreaks were tougher than this guy. Send this guy back to Hell and then the Water Fairy will thank you. The chests you took earlier have been re-filled, and the Blue Jade is now there. Rockin' like a hurricane. Now, get out of there like a hurricane and go to Ruan.

Ruan Level: 21 Enemies: None Items: None Everyone is happy you saved them, and the innkeeper'll let you stay for free. Now, you have to head back to every tower and set the jades in, making sure you do it in the order of Blue, Green, Red. Refer back to my guides to those towers if you forget your way through. Use your large collection of Sweet Waters to keep the monsters away if you're sick of random battles, even though they hardly ever do a good job of it. After you put the red jade on, you're automatically warped to Elfrea, and my least favorite part of the game is finally over!

Man did that sound stupid. Buy one Rod for Lufia and two Quilted Silks for the girls, but you shouldn't need to buy Tridents because of the weapons you got in the Old Cave. This town is small, but it's still not without treasure. Take the potions in Artea's house and then talk to him upstairs. He tells you tons of information about your journey, and then gives you the Shrine Key and a better weapon for Jerin. Well, here we go again. Jump from tunnel to tunnel until you come out on the new continent. This takes you back that four-door place you were at earlier.

Crazy old guy heals you again. Ranqs Level: 21 Enemies: None Items: None Ranqs is a quaint town far south of where you entered this continent, across a few bridges, nestled between some cliffs next to a small desert. Seems like everyone here left to go work in the tunnel. Time for you to join them. Enter annoying "Magic Wall" puzzle. Buy a Kite Shield for Aguro at the Armory.

There's a weird weapon called a "Glass Robe" at the weapon shop. I thought it was a hidden armor for the girls, but it's actually a weapon. Plunder the northwest house, and then head to the castle. Head to the right side and take the Great, Speed, and Mind Potions from the flowers. On the second floor enter the throme room and talk to Piron the architect. You get to be little dog and fetch his friend from Lyden. Lyden is far south of Odel, down a bridge on a small island. For some reason, all the enemies around Lyden give around EXP per battle, which is amazing. You could get a level up within 5 battles.

I dunno if the game did this on purpose or not, but it rocks the casba. Definitely level up, then head to the inn and rest whenever you are low. Anyway, welcome to Cooktown, the place where if you are not a cook, you are not cool. Plunder the village. In the resturant, the guy in there is Piron's little buddy. He'll run back once you tell him what's going on.

Don't forget to take the items in the basement of the Wizard of Taste's house. The item shop has some weird and extremely weak equipment, so just warp back to Odel when you're done. Man is this guy lazy! Before you leave, head down in the castle courtyard and down the upper right steps. You'll be in Shaia Lab 2.

What's Shaia Lab? We'll get to that later. In the cabinents you can find a Mind and Power Gourd. Now go down the steps. Enter the portal and then, in the four-way hallway, go west. You'll come out at Platina. Exit Platina and then re-enter. Now you can warp here later. Go back and then go north. This'll take you to the Odel Cave. Now you're on the world map. Go around and below the place you entered, and then enter the westernmost cave. The enemies are cheese, too, especially the Ice Snakes, which only have HP. The Mimickers in here give about EXP points per battle, though!

  1. Lufia & the Fortress of Doom – FAQ/Walkthrough.
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  3. Bottom of the Hill > Highlights :: Bands List?
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  5. Inside the Investors Brain: The Power of Mind Over Money (Wiley Trading).
  6. Le corps humain et son pouvoir dautoguérison (Emergence t. 5) (French Edition).
  7. Once I got three of them in a battle! Inspect the broken bridge, and then take the Dragon Egg and Ex Potion and leave. Notice that when you cast Escape, it takes to the other three, not the entrance to the far-off fourth one : Warp back to Odel and whine to Piron about it. Now use the Shaia Lab warp to get back to the caves.

    Go to the far north entrance and enter. Go down and take the Half Mail, then around for the Glass Robe. After that's done with, enter the fourth entrance and go to the bridge. Talk to both Piron and his assistant, to find out you have to go back all the way around and look over the bridge. Go there, and then watch them build the bridge. Now you have to go all the way back. Just follow the steps to get back to the bridge. On the north side, go right, up, and around to claim an Escape and Hi Arrows. Now head back down the right passage and into a lower level.

    Trudge across the muck and grab the Miracle, then continue on. After Lufia does her crazy spell thing and you make it through the basement level, you should be back on the ground floor. Now go all the way left and down to get an Ex Potion. Take another Revive after climbing the next ladder. The third ladder will lead you to your exit. Do you even remember what our quest was? The Inn here has a cheap cost, so that's cool. At the large house up north, the flower in the top right-hand corner contains a Mind Potion.

    The doctor seems to be in the "Tower of Grief", which, yep, you guessed it, has a large labyrinth with tons of monsters in it. This is a good time for a break. Since we just had this massive level-up through the Odel Cave, it's time to head back to the Old Cave! On the 6th floor of the Old Cave, take the 3 Hi Bombs as you go up, and enter the first room.

    In the room, you'll find the Gladius, a new sword for Hero. You'll find some more new equipment in this room as well as 3 potions. Back in the main hall, proceed into the next room and take the Escape. I don't know why they bother awarding you with these useless items anymore. Take the Ex Magic and Ex Potion in the muck, but that isn't all that's there.

    From the right chest, two spaces up on the right is a Miracle. Take the treasures on the right. Be the talk of the town while you walk around in shoes lined with spiky, dangerous blades! Back on ground floor, take the Mind Gourd and proceed to the last set of treasures. Head back to Grenoble and claim your prize. You'll have to pass through some insignificant hallway of a cave to get to the Tower, and I'm not even going to bother to list it by itself due to it being so unneccessary. I don't know why Taito suddenly had the urge to add a cave there before the tower. And one without treasure, no less!

    It contains all the same enemies from the Odel Cave, and some stupid puddle of muck. Now, enter the tower of grief, which looks as much as a tower of grief as I look like Cindy Crawford. Collect the Purple Ring from the right path, then enter the center room and go up the steps to recieve a Dragon Egg, Revive, and Stone Cure.

    So far it's awarded us with some pretty good items, and I've only fought two battles!