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Go see it. The Times. Both a Roman triumph and an Egyptian feast.

Antony & Cleopatra

What's On Stage. Financial Times. Simon Godwin directs a terrific and epic production filled with passion. Ralph Fiennes and Sophie Okonedo have simmering chemistry. Evening Standard. Rollicking political thriller. Slick, stylish and action-packed. Time Out. The Stage.

Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare

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Official Hotel Partner. Eros Fisayo Akinade. Scarus Alexander Cobb. Soothsayer Hiba Elchikhe. Antony Ralph Fiennes. Caesar Tunji Kasim.

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Lepidus Nicholas Le Prevost. Enobarbus Tim McMullan. Octavia Hannah Morrish. Cleopatra Sophie Okonedo. Euphronius Nick Sampson.

Antony and Cleopatra

Agrippa Katy Stephens. Pompey Sargon Yelda. Director Simon Godwin. Set Designer Hildegard Bechtler. Costume Designer Evie Gurney. Lighting Designer Tim Lutkin. Music Michael Bruce. Movement Director Jonathan Goddard. Movement Director Shelley Maxwell. Sound Designer Christopher Shutt. Video Designer Luke Halls. Editors choose which version to use as their base text, and then amend that text with words, lines or speech prefixes from the other versions that, in their judgment, make for a better or more accurate text.

See The Tempest , 1. All Shakespeare editors at the time took the speech away from her and gave it to her father, Prospero.

Cleopatra & Antony - Ancient History Encyclopedia

At any point in the text, you can hover your cursor over a bracket for more information. Antony and Cleopatra tells the story of a romance between two powerful lovers: Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, and Mark Antony, who rules the Roman Empire with Octavius Caesar and Lepidus. Although he is needed in Rome, Antony lingers in Egypt with Cleopatra.

He finally returns to Rome when Pompey, another military leader, tries to gain control of the empire.

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After Pompey is defeated, Caesar imprisons Lepidus and turns on Antony. Octavia attempts to reconcile them, but fails. Antony returns to Cleopatra.

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When she and her navy flee in mid-battle, Antony follows, abandoning his men. Antony fails in a second battle at sea. At first, he blames Cleopatra and plans to kill her. He responds to false news of her death, however, by attempting suicide; fatally wounded, he reunites with her as he dies.

Shakespeare's 'Antony and Cleopatra' in 8 minutes: REVISION GUIDE

From the Director of the Folger Shakespeare Library. Characters in the Play.