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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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A good working knowledge of another language in addition to English is required. Hours and pay rate: 20 hours per week would be optimal. Following this, Jonathan Greenberg will introduce RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text RAFT , an expansion and enhancement of the unrivaled global bibliography of writings on music with the addition of a million pages of full-text content from more than key periodicals.

Jonathan will also introduce the freshly released MGG Online , based on the authoritative German-language music encyclopedia Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart , 2nd edition, with updates, revisions, and additions to the over 19, original articles. Diese Druckausgabe besteht aus mehr als Mehr als Bereits zu Beginn werden die Benutzer etwa aktualisierte oder neugeschriebene Artikel finden.

November unter mgg-online. Metzler, Stuttgart : Der Verlag J. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart. It consists of more than 18, articles written by authors from 55 countries. Biographical articles cover more than 16, composers, singers and instrumentalists, and theorists. Many articles are about non-Western composers, performers, and writers, figures from jazz and popular music, philosophers and literary figures, as well as instrument makers, publishers, musicologists, writers, librettists, and visual artists.

More than subject articles cover music aesthetics and theory, epochs and genres, church music and pop music, instruments and manuscripts as well as cities and countries. Comprehensive articles on institutions including music libraries , music iconographical subjects, and music as it relates to history, art, literature, philosophy, law, the natural sciences, and more are included. MGG Online contains all of this content in a continuously updated and expanding database in which the data is revised, new information is added, and articles are rewritten.

Beginning in , new entries will be added regularly. Upon launch, users will find some articles already updated or rewritten. MGG Online resides on a powerful new platform developed by RILM, further enhancing the content through cutting-edge search and browse functions. MGG 's widely reputed and comprehensive work lists, for example, can now be sorted by the user according to several criteria. Other features include easy toggling between article versions; individual user accounts in which bookmarks and annotations can be created, saved, and shared; integrated translation from German to more than languages; and links to the comprehensive RILM Abstracts of Music Literature.

The platform will be continually enhanced with new features and search possibilities. Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie. MGG Online is available to subscribers from November 7, , at mgg-online. Titles in music pedagogy play an essential role as well, such as the internationally popular Sassmannshaus string tutor.

The headquarters in Kassel, including its music distribution service and subsidiaries, comprise approximately employees. Metzler, Stuttgart: J. Metzler, founded in , is one of the most important German publishers in the humanities. It publishes in the areas of literature and linguistics, philosophy, history, antiquity, music, and media. Dictionaries and encyclopedias, histories of literature, handbooks, as well as editions and student introductions characterize its publishing profile. RILM's flagship publication, RILM Abstracts of Music Literature , is an international bibliography of writings on music covering publications from the early 19th century to the present.

Harris AMS President. MGG Online includes the content of the second edition of MGG — as well as subsequent updates and newly written articles. A powerful new platform enhances the content of this incomparable and authoritative encyclopedia. Features include sortable works lists, easy toggling between article versions, links to related content in RILM Abstracts , integrated translation, and much more. Come see what a 21st-century music encyclopedia can be! Metzler invite you to a reception in the Finback room following the presentation, starting at pm.

Autoren A bis E -

Delagrave, — It also includes one of the most monumental historic French encyclopedic undertakings and the most frequently consulted opera catalogue which also contains ballets,oratorios, and other stage works. RILM Music Encyclopedias is the continuously expanding global online repository of music encyclopedias and dictionaries that is designed to meet the teaching, learning and research needs of the international music community.

In addition to quarterly updates and revisions, including additions from Komponisten der Gegenwart , the database broadens its collection annually. This extensive global resource is designed to meet the teaching, learning, and research needs of the international music community. RME provides comprehensive encyclopedic coverage of core discipline and subject areas, among them popular music, opera, instruments, blues, gospel, recorded sound, and women composers.

The content is cross-searchable, saving users considerable time and effort. RAFT provides music scholars with access to one of the most comprehensive full-text resources for music research. The vast and unique global full-text content in RILM abstracts of music literature with full text RAFT spans 50 countries in 40 languages, providing broad coverage of music-related disciplines, fields, and subject areas, including musicology, ethnomusicology, theory, performance, and pedagogy.

The cover-to-cover full text in RAFT includes articles and reviews, as well as obituaries, editorials, correspondence, advertisements and news items. This extensive collection, paired with the comprehensive bibliography of writings on music, creates an unrivaled resource. At launch the RAFT collection includes a minimum of 62, records. Upon completion, targeted for the end of , the collection will contain over , records.

Thereafter, RAFT will be updated with the full-text content of recent issues. RILM music encyclopedias, a full-text repository of seminal music encyclopedias, was launched in December EBSCO is also the preeminent provider of online research content for libraries, including hundreds of research databases, historical archives, point-of-care medical reference, and corporate learning tools serving millions of end users at tens of thousands of institutions.

Please stop by with any questions you might have about the new RILM products.

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To view it, go to reports and select "" from the drop-down menu. For further information, please visit www. Oversee sales activities and subscriptions for existing and planned products and services. Assist product managers with publisher relations. Organize customer feedback and suggestions for product enhancements and improvements and communicate these ideas to appropriate teams. Plan and support outside product advisory teams and other market research programs, competitive intelligence efforts, and strategic initiatives. Peripheral Duties: Cross training to serve as back-up on other business development and product communications activities, including aggregator relationships, royalty quoting, reporting and analysis, and customer and content provider relations.

Participate in and work closely with product teams. Create and deliver in-person and online presentations on RILM Products and Services to various audiences and arrange for them to be available on the product section of the website. Participate in other special projects as assigned. Minimal Qualifications, Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Applicant must have direct professional experience in public-facing roles, including ability to work under pressure in deadline-driven environment.

Bachelors degree with minimum of four years of professional experience. Extensive writing, proofreading, editing and promotional marketing skills press releases, online catalogs, fact sheets, social media, advertisements, etc. Writing samples will be required and a proofreading exercise will be administered during interviews. Conscientious and meticulous, with a proven ability to operate at a consistently high level producing quality, detail-oriented work. Highly motivated and strong customer service orientation. Must be able to handle multiple tasks and work independently under pressure.

Experience developing innovative product marketing messages for core audiences. Experience in defining and implementing social media and inbound marketing strategies. Knowledge of WordPress. Knowledge of intellectual property issues. Knowledge and experience in marketing products in developing countries. It provides comprehensive encyclopedic coverage of the most important disciplines, fields, and subject areas, among them popular music, opera, instruments, blues, gospel, world music, recorded sound, and women composers. Its content spans multiple countries, cultures, and languages including English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, and Greek.

As the only cross-searchable collection of music encyclopedias in the world, it is designed as an extensive global resource that meets the teaching, learning, and research needs of the international music community. On Saturday, December 5, at p. Jim will also introduce a new product: RILM Music Encyclopedias, a full-text compilation of 41 titles published from to the present, the majority of which are not available anywhere else online. It provides comprehensive encyclopedic coverage of the most important disciplines, fields of research, and subject areas, among them popular music, opera, musical instruments, blues, gospel, world music, recorded sound, and women composers.

It is designed as an extensive global resource that meets the teaching, learning, and research needs of the international music community. RILM Music Encyclopedias is fully equipped with the most advanced search and browse capabilities, allowing for cross searches in multiple languages. It is the only multi-lingual cross-searchable collection of music encyclopedias in the world. For further details: rilm. Since it has been a leader in supporting worldwide music scholarship. It has the backing and participation of the three major international scholarly music societies: International Musicological Society; International Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres; and International Council for Traditional Music.

Through its global network and advanced information technologies, RILM is dedicated to disseminating knowledge and fostering communication among all music researchers. Its flagship publication, RILM abstracts of music literature, is a comprehensive international bibliography of writings on music.

With the addition of retrospective records, RILM now offers abstracts and indexing for over three centuries of publications on music from around the world. This repository of resources will be further expanded in MGG Online will include the content of the second edition of MGG — as well as subsequent updates, revisions, and additions. All entries from this widely consulted and cited encyclopedia will be accessible to users through the new online database beginning in Information regarding the first edition of MGG will also be presented.

All interested persons scholars, librarians, contributors, board members, etc. RILM seeks to fill an Associate Editor position with someone who will engage professionally and culturally with German-language music scholarship. Go here for the full job description and application. In addition, we are releasing feature enhancements to the functionality of the Major Topics and Subjects fields. The data contained in the Major Topic field has been enhanced to provide users with a more dynamic search experience, and the Subject field will now engage all of the preceding terms to provide more relevant results.

The database started in and now includes some , records. It is fully searchable, with in-depth vocabulary-controlled indexing and abstracts. We are seeking someone who can produce a series of short videos highlighting different search techniques for this music research tool. Hours are flexible. The position will terminate on the completion of the project. Compensation will depend on experience and qualifications.

Interested persons should send a CV and letter of interest to rilm rilm. The breakfast will be followed by a brief presentation to show you what's new on the EBSCO platform - features designed to make RILM more useful than ever to library patrons. The initial task will be to create and implement a content delivery platform for an online German music encyclopedia for users around the world. The goal is to create a best-in-class framework for extracting and indexing full-text content from digital and printed sources for searching, display, and content management.

Please stop by and ask any questions you may have about how RILM might help you in your research. You may be surprised at the breadth of RILM's coverage of popular music. RILM covers research on all types of music and related studies published in all document types books, articles, reviews, collections, etc.

RILM is fully searchable with in-depth vocabulary-controlled indexing and detailed abstracts. The data are written, input, and edited to a uniform standard by an international staff of specialists from all subject areas. The database contains over 40 years of data, and is published online and for certain material in print. The successful candidate will assist with data entry and clean-up, materials handling, and project tracking, some database work, the organization of archived print materials, and other administrative work as needed.

Scrupulous attention to detail is required. Some familiarity with library cataloguing would be a plus. Work schedule: An average of up to 14 hours per week until 30 June Renewal of the appointment thereafter is possible. Artists reacted to this new development in two main ways: either by collaborating with engineers or by learning to use the new techniques themselves.

This new undertaking also forced the artist to make an ideological choice: proceed with the idea of art as causa mentale, or consider finding new ways to master the technology and submit it to their artistic needs. In practice of course, this pas de deux was not as straightforward and, over time, many different exchanges and interweavings saw flourishing. This book aims to provide an overview of the most relevant authors, exhibitions, events and places. In addition, it provides insights into the new data world — whose existence has been finally brought home to the general public, through the NSA affair.

Today, people live in a globally interconnected world in which the biosphere and the infosphere are interfused and interdependent. The Earth is surrounded by a layer of gases which we call the atmosphere. It is the product of photosynthesis, of algae working for millions of years, converting light energy from the sun into air.

Thus the atmosphere is essential for most living organisms, including people.

  • Ship of Death: A Voyage That Changed the Atlantic World.
  • The Sovereignty of Good: Volume 7 (Routledge Great Minds).
  • Dt.Telekom body, mind and soul.

For around years now, we have been surrounded by an infosphere, as well. With this neologism the technical network is meant, consisting of telegraphy, telephony, television, radio, radar, satellites, and the Internet, which covers the globe and enables global exchange of data as well as the organization of transport for people and goods. Without the global traffic in data, goods, and passengers it would be impossible to meet the biological and social needs and aspirations of over seven billion people.

In the nineteenth century, new transport routes and paths of communication were developed through machines operating on land, sea, and in the air. In the years to , Heinrich Hertz conducted experiments proving the existence of electromagnetic waves and demonstrating that light consists of these electromagnetic waves. With this discovery, the age of wireless communication began, which enabled message and messenger to be separated: Henceforth data could travel through space without the body of a messenger.

In the twentieth century, this resulted in a densely interconnected communication and information network of mobile media: the infosphere — an envelope of radio waves surrounding the Earth. Using artificial, technical organs human beings can, for the first time, use electromagnetic waves for the wireless transmission of words, images, and other data — waves for which humans do not actually possess a sensorium.

The social media, which have changed our daily lives, are a part of these technological networks.


Now that the alphabetic code has been supplemented by the numeric code, algorithms constitute a fundamental element of our social order — from stock exchanges to airports. Against this backdrop, contemporary art operating in the thematic field of big data is especially significant. Description Knowledge is power. And power is possessed especially by whoever controls the flow of information.

This applies particularly in digital culture, where all the information in the World Wide Web can be manipulated, uncontrolled. For a long time, a hope for new forms of democratic participation arose from the use of these digital instruments, but recently they have been misused as the ideal door opener for the surveillance of billions of people. Besides mass analysis of communications metadata and massive access to personal data, there is increasingly open or clandestine censorship through manipulation or shutting down. Where the fear of this threat has no effect, the secrecy of important information is enforced, with methods ranging from hindering publication to kidnapping and assassinating journalists.

Being at the mercy of overwhelmingly powerful authorities of control and censorship has become the conditio humana of our time. Today a large part of the public has already resigned in the face of a ubiquitous state and commercial surveillance. This exhibition is based on the collaboration with a network of scientists, journalists, activists, and artists in some twenty countries around the world, and in cooperation with expert organizations such as the German PEN Center, the Chaos Computer Club, Reporters Without Borders, and such platforms as netzpolitik.

Poetics and Politics of Data reflects life in a world increasingly controlled by data and presents artistic positions that aim to make continuous streams of data visible — whether using Internet-based installations or graphic data visualizations. The participating artists question the relevance and place of the individual in a technologically connected society in which every day, each of us generates a nearly incomprehensible amount of data: Our every move on the Internet leaves behind a digital trace.

This is a solid publication that goes beyond its simple role of being an art catalogue. Curator Sabine Himmelsbach. The Japan Media Arts Festival is a comprehensive festival of Media Arts Media Geijutsu that honors outstanding works from a diverse range of media — from animation and comics to media art and games. The festival gives awards in each of its four divisions: Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Manga.

It also provides a platform for appreciation of the award-winning and other notable works. The exhibition presents the Award-winning Works from the four divisions of Art, Entertainment, Animation and Manga, chosen by the jury from among a record number of 3, entries from 71 countries and regions. The winners of Special Achievement Awards will also be shown. The Award-winning Works, selected after a rigorous judging process, reflect the most recent trends in their respective fields. Sie sehen, wie in nanotechnologischen Fabriken aus dem Feind CO2 der Freund gemacht wird, indem das Oxygen vom Kohlenstoff abgespalten und zur Erzeugung synthetischer Brennstoffe verwendet wird.

Jahrhunderts — erschaffen von einer neuen Allianz zwischen Kunst und Wissenschaft, der Renaissance 2. Renaissance 2. Birth of a Museum: Documenting the Construction of MMCA, Seoul MMCA presents five special exhibitions on the occasion of her inauguration that anticipate the vision and direction of the new museum, introducing artworks by approximately artists in seven disciplines.

The exhibition represents a fresh inquiry into the ways in which our individual values and ideas may erupt into the world, igniting communication and forcing us to reassess the value of art in any given era or society. Ions of convergence and synthesis between disciplines. In the marvelous new venue.

Exhibiton: Generation i. Worldwide networking creates new, global aesthetic tendencies: that is the tenor of this exhibition. It presents a selection of outstanding key works by international artists of the five continents. Inspired by applied, formal, and aesthetic qualities, the artists deal with the exploration of the opportunities and risks associated with these new resources, which are brought to bear in the various arts presented in this exhibition: painting, drawing, photography, interactive installations, and video art. The selection includes works in formats such as video sculpture, video art, video performance, video installation, audiovisual installation, interactive installation, and interactive sound installation.

A widely used concept in the field of contemporary art, intervention usually stands for interference, manipulation and interaction between oeuvre and audience. Die Auswahl der Werke umfasst Formate wie Video-Skulptur oder Videokunst, aber auch Videoinstallation, audiovisuelle oder interaktive Installation und Klanginstallation. The Project digital art conservation. Are you born-digital? This could be the ultimate, decisive question in the future when it comes to preserving and making the art of our time accessible for future generations.

The book presents the results of the digital art conservation project that was conceived at the ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe in It includes text contributions by major theorists, restorers, programmers, and artists as well as case studies. It is designed to foster the international debate on the conservation of digital art. Das Projekt digital art conservation. Le Projet digital art conservation. Neckar-Vlg Sammelmappe 24,5 x 32,5 cm, inkl. Meisterwerke der Medienkunst Marc Lee geb.

The gateways catalogue introduces artists whose works deal with the changed conditions of an interconnected world that increasingly is influenced by media. The exhibition gateways. Art and Networked Culture introduces a young generation of artists whose work deals with the changing conditions of a networked world — a world increasingly transmitted through media.

The artistic works presented here use various means to tackle the theme of gateways that lead to realms of action and experience in our digitally interconnected culture. Through their use of electronic networks and mobile technologies, the artists encourage the public to participate actively and transport new experiences in perception.

Artists 10 Herbert W. Soll sie zu Revolutionen anstiften und Menschen dazu bewegen, sich zur Wehr zu setzen? Hildegard Fraueneder, geboren , Kunstwissenschaftlerin und Ausstellungskuratorin.

Gerhart Hauptmann - Wikipedia

Leiterin der Galerie in Salzburg. Gianni Stiletto, geboren , freier Komponist und Keyboarder. In the publication Owning Online Art — Selling and Collecting Netbased Artworks, art historians discuss the critical positioning of selected works of net art Rachel Mader and approach questions on the relationship between internet art and the art market from the standpoint of the history of media Peter Schneemann.

Using the example of specific works, artists discuss aspects of the materiality of net-based art Markus Schwander and reflect on their experience with curators and collectors, as well as with the issues of the commercialisation and conservation of net art Olia Lialina, Carlo Zanni. Our research partner, the AktiveArchive project contributed its expertise in the areas of documentation, conservation and restoration of electronic art and discussed solutions for the restoration of net-based works Tabea Lurk. A number of different economies can be applied to the issue of the relationship between net-based art and the art market: the economies of the market, of novelty and of recognition Simon Grand , as well as aspects of the economy of free, immaterial products Felix Stalder.

The text section closes with the answers of the 17 international artists to the questionnaire sent out by the OOA research project. Publication of the research contributions is available in four formats. The decision towards this variety is linked to the object of investigation of our research project in the field of online culture: We want to test established and new publication formats for their benefits for research publications. Scientific partners Dr. Rachel Mader University of Berne , Prof.

Peter Schneemann University of Berne , Dr. Felix Stalder ZHdK. They can act as artists, curators and producers. Visitors to the exhibition are central as users, as emancipated consumers. YOU are the content in this exhibition! YOU are the user of the world and part of the world, and with that a participant in the world.


Whoever is a part of the world also bears some responsibility for the world, of which they are a part. Through their participation, the YOU, the user, has the chance to change the world. In the most technologically advanced environments and installations, the most recent state of the art of participation, pARTicipation, is being shown. That reinforces that tendency, which becomes established in the spirit of the enlightenment for democracy, for untrammelled access to education for all and for the creativity of all.

In the global context of the information and communication society, the Biacs3 will make a new map of Global Art, World Art, addressing the specific aspect of media, environment and technology. Under the title youniverse, the Biennial of Seville will show how contemporary art worldwide has changed through the influence of media, technology, science and architecture by fostering one main goal: the participation of the public and a new equation between man and his environment.

The creations of the selected artists approximately works will revolve around mobility, individualisation through technologies, quantum physics, nanotechnology, hydraulic engineering, architecture and the environment. One aspect will be to show that technology as man-made nature can help to solve our problems with natural environments. The other aspect will be the democratization of art. The audience, rather than the artists, is the star. Spain , Immaterial museum.

Andrei Ujica Rumania , Out of the Present, Antonio Barrese Italia , Zeus playing, Archigram Peter Cook. Archizoom Andrea Branzi. Italia , No-Stop-City, Digital animation. Bas Princen Holland , Birdwatchers, Bose Krishnamachari India , Ghost: Transmemoir. Catherine Ikam France , Yoona 1, David, Depuis, Sound-light sculpture. Interactive installation. Claude Parent France , Oblique Potentialism. Spain , Media-Tic Building, Coop Himmelb l au Austria , Villa Rosa, STEMCloud, BIACS production.

France , Ex — lles, Italia , Animal Pharm, Emergent Architecture Tom Wiscombe. His plays continued to be produced. I shall never forget the scene at the close of the first night of his last play, 'The Daughter of the Cathedral', when Hauptmann, a venerable figure with his flowing white hair tumbling down over his black cape, strode out of the theater arm in arm with Dr.

Goebbels and Hans Johst. He, like so many other eminent Germans, had made his peace with Hitler, and Goebbels, a shrewd man, had made much effective propaganda out of it, tirelessly reminding the German people and the outside world that Germany's greatest living playwright, a former Socialist and the champion of the common man, had not only remained in the Third Reich but had continued to write and have his plays produced. The American authorities, believing that Hauptmann had served the Nazis too well, banned his plays from the theaters in their sector in West Berlin. Whereupon the Russians invited him to Berlin, welcomed him as a hero and staged a gala cycle of his plays in East Berlin.

On 6 October , Hauptmann sent a message to the Communist-dominated 'Kulturbund for the Democratic Revival of Germany' wishing it well and expressing the hope that it would succeed in bringing about a 'spiritual rebirth' of the German people. After his death, the fame he had enjoyed in life began to fade. His reputation was further diminished by his uncritical attitude toward the Nazis. Nevertheless, centenary celebrations were held in many German cities in , and his works continued to be performed on West German stages into the s, especially Der Biberpelz and Die Ratten.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.

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January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Nobel Media AB. Retrieved 29 December Cambridge University Press. Retrieved 23 December Wer war was vor und nach Klartext, Essen , p. Verlag Atelier im Bauernhaus, Fischerhude , p. In: Wirklichkeit und Traum, Gerhart Hauptmann — Berlin , p. Der Spiegel. Stuttgart , p.

In: Hartmut Steinecke Ed. Februar addressed to the Danish literary critic Georg Brandes. Quoted in: Peter Sprengel: Gerhart Hauptmann. In: Gunter E. Grimm, Frank Rainer Max Ed. In: Hans Joachim Schrimpf Ed. Thomas Mann: A Biography. Scribner, , p. Downs, Brian W.

Dukes, Ashley Modern Dramatists. London: Frank Palmer. Campbell, T. Coates, William Ames Ewen, David Hale, Edward Everett Heller, Otto Heuser, F. Huneker, James New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, pp. Lewisohn, Ludwig London: Martin Secker, pp. Maurer, Warren R. Muller, Siegfried H. Reichart, Walter A. Robertson, John G. A History of German Literature. New York: G. Putnam's Sons. Scholz, Karl W. The Art of Translation.

Philadelphia: Americana Germanica Press. Thompson, Nesta M. Wahr, F. Wiehr, Josef Witkowski, Georg