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However in the midst of an invasion of Cuzco by the Chankas, the Incas' traditional tribal archenemies, Pachacuti had a real opportunity to demonstrate his talent. While his father and brother fled the scene, Pachacuti rallied the army and prepared for a desperate defense of his homeland. In the resulting battle, the Chankas were defeated so severely that legend tells even the stones rose up to fight on Pachacuti's side. Thus "The Earth Shaker" won the support of his people and the recognition of his father as crown prince after the death of Urco. Pachacuti rebuilt much of Cusco, designing it to serve the needs of an imperial city and as a representation of the empire.

Each suyu had a sector of the city, centering on the road leading to that province; nobles and immigrants lived in the sector corresponding to their origin. Each sector was further divided into areas for the hanan upper and hurin lower moieties. Many of the most renowned monuments around Cuzco, such as the great sun temple Qurikancha , were rebuilt during Pachacuti's reign.

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Despite his political and military talents, Pachacuti did not improve the system of succession. His son became the next Inca without any known dispute after Pachacuti died in due to a terminal illness, but in future generations, the next Inca had to gain control of the empire by winning enough support from the apos , priesthood, and military to win a civil war or intimidate anyone else from trying to wrest control of the empire.

Pachacuti is also credited with having displaced hundreds of thousands in massive programs of relocation and resettling them to colonize the most remote edges of his empire. These forced colonists were called mitimaes and represented the lowest place in the Incan social hierarchy. The Incan imperial government was highly authoritative and repressive.

He sent his son Tupac Inca Yupanqui an army to repeat his conquests and tyranny, and extend his realm to Quito.

Pachacuti (c. 1391–c. 1473)

Pachacuti then built irrigating channels, cultivated terraces, made roads and hospices. The Road of the Inca stretched from Quito to Chile. Pachacuti was a poet and the author of the Sacred Hymns of the Situa city purification ceremony.

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Kingdom of the Sun God: a history of the Andes and their people. New York: Facts on File. Los Incas in Spanish 3 ed. Pachacutec Inca Yupanqui, sometimes referred to as Pachacuti.

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Yupanqui, sometimes referred to as Pachacuti. Sapa Incan Emperor, built Machu Picchu. Angels , Eternal , World , world , company , angels.

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