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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Scanty and brief its sweetness, stirring strife,. And withering the brightness of our days. For me who thus have chosen, never will I. Into the world's disasters come again,. For in Nirvana is my joy always. So, fighting a good fight with worldly lusts,. I wait in hope for the Cool Blessedness,.

Abiding earnest in endeavor, until. Nothing does survive that fetters me to them. This is my Way, the Way that leads past grief,. Past all that does defile, the haven sure,. Even the Ariyan Eightfold Path, called Straight. There do I follow where the Saints have crossed. In the fair city of Patna, earth's fairest city,. Named for its beauty after the Trumpet-flower,. Dwelt two saintly sisters, born of the Sakiyas,. Isidasi the one, Bodhi the other. Precept-observers, lovers of Jhana-rapture,. Learned ladies and cleansed from the taint of all worldliness.

These having made their round, and broken their fasting. Washed their bowls, and sitting in happy seclusion,. Spake thus one to the other, asking and answering:. Fresh and unwithered yet is your women's prime,. What flaw in the life yonder have you seen,. That you did choose surrender for your lot? Then in that quiet spot Isidasi,.

Skilled in the exposition of the Norm,. Took up her tale and thus did make reply:. In Ujjeni, Avanti's foremost town,. My father dwells, a virtuous citizen,. His only daughter I, his well-beloved,. The fondly cherished treasure of his life. Now from Saketa came a citizen.

Of the first rank and rich exceedingly. To ask my hand in marriage for his son. And father gave me him, as daughter-in-law. My salutation morn and eve I brought. To both the parents of my husband, low. Bowing my head and kneeling at their feet,. According to the training given me. My husband's sisters and brothers too,. And all his kin, scarce were they entered when.

I rose in timid zeal and gave them place. And as to food, or boiled or dried, and drink,. That which was to be stored I set aside,. And served it out and gave to whom it was due. Rising betimes, I went about the house,. Then with my hands and feet well cleansed I went.

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To bring respectful greeting to my lord,. And taking comb and mirror, liniments, soap,. I dressed and groomed him as a handmaid might. I boiled the rice, I boiled the pots and pans;. And as a mother on her only child,. So did I minister to my good man. For me, who with infinite toil thus worked,. And rendered service with a humble mind,. Rose early, ever diligent and good,. For me he felt nothing save sore dislike. Nay, to his mother and his father he. For not with Isidasi will I live. Beneath one roof, nor ever dwell with her. For wise is Isidasi and discreet,. An early riser and a housewife diligent.

Say, does she find no favor in your eyes? With Isidasi I will never live. I cannot suffer her. Give me your leave and I will go away. And when they heard, mother and father-in-law. Speak to us freely, child, and speak the truth. Nor nagged at evil words. That me my husband should so sorely dislike me?

To guard and keep their son, they took me back,. Unwilling guides, to my father's house, distressed,. Then father gave me for the second time as bride,. Content with half my husband's sire had paid. From that house too, when I had dwelt a month,. I was sent back, though I had worked and served,. Blameless and virtuous, as any slave. And yet a third, a friar begging alms One who had self controlled, and could control. Favor in fellow-men--my father met. Come, throw away that ragged robe and pot! So he came, and we dwelt one half moon more.

Let me go away to seek once more my scraps. Then to him my father, mother, all the tribe. Here dwelling likes you not? That we can do to make you better pleased? Enough for me. One thing I know: beneath. One roof with Isidasi I'll not live! Dismissed he went. I too, alone I thought. And then I asked my parents' leave to die,. Or, that they suffer me to leave the world. Now Lady Jinadatta on her beat. Came by my father's house for daily alms,. Mindful of every moral precept, she,. Learned and expert in the Vinaya.

A seat for her, and as she sat I knelt,. Then gave her food, both boiled and dried,. And water--dishes we had set aside And satisfied her hunger. Then I said. To walk according to the Norm. With food and drink can you gratify the holy folk. And the twice-born. But of my father I,. Weeping and holding out clasped hands, besought:.

That would I expiate and wear away. And highest Truth, and gain Nirvana. Has He, the Best of Beings, realized. Then to my mother and my father dear,. And all my kinsfolk tribe I bade farewell. And only seven days had I gone forth. Where I had touched and won the Threefold Lore. Then did I come to know my former births,. Even seven thereof, and how even now I reap. The harvest, the result, that then I sowed. That will I now declare to you, and you.

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Will listen single-mindedly to my tale. In Erakaccha's town of old I lived,. A wealthy craftsman in all works of gold. Incensed by youthful blood, a wanton, I. Assailed the virtue of my neighbors wives. Therefrom deceasing, long I cooked in hell,. Until, fully ripened, I emerged, and then. Found rebirth in the body of an ape. Scarce seven days I lived before the great.

Dog-ape, the monkey's chief, castrated me. Such was the fruit of my lasciviousness. Therefrom deceasing in the woods of Sindh,. Reborn the offspring of a one-eyed goat. And lame; twelve years a gelding, gnawn by worms,. Unfit, I carried children on my back.

Therefrom deceasing, I again found birth,. The off-spring of a cattle-dealer's cow,. A calf of lac-red hue; in the twelfth month. Castrated, yoked, I drew the plough and cart,. Purblind and worried, driven and unfit. Therefrom deceasing, even in the street. I came to birth, child of a household slave,.

Neither of woman nor man of my sex. At thirty years of age I died, and was reborn.

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A girl, the daughter of a carter, poor. And of ill-fortune, and oppressed with debts. Incurred to usurers. Of interest that ever grew and swelled,. In place of money, woeful little me. The merchant of a caravan dragged off,. Bearing me weeping from my home. Now in my sixteenth year, when I.