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Elrod Harry teams up with Miss Gard to find a missing bride.

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Takes place between Small Favor and Turn Coat. Elrod Harry takes on the darkest of dark powers—the ones who dare to mess with this favorite beer. Martin and Gardner Dozois Harry and Murphy investigate a series of love spells with deadly consequences. Takes place between Turn Coat and Changes. You can find them in the sequel anthology, Brief Cases , which was released June 5th, Gentleman Johnnie Marcone clashes with a rival supernatural power.

Republished in Working for Bigfoot. Takes place between Fool Moon and Grave Peril. Takes place circa Dead Beat. Martin and Gardner Duzois. Molly teams up with Justine and Andi to thwart a Fomor plot. Takes place between Ghost Story and Cold Days.

Harry endures Jury Duty. Set after Skin Game. Takes place shortly after Cold Days. When I finally got tired of arguing with her and decided to write a novel as if I [were] some kind of formulaic, genre-writing drone, just to prove to her how awful it would be, I wrote the first book of the Dresden Files. The result was Semiautomagic , later to be retitled as Storm Front. His writing teacher declared it to be publishable, and Butcher started hunting around to do just that. During this period, he completed the second novel, Fool Moon , and had made significant progress on the third, Grave Peril.

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Deciding to focus on agents and editors who had already published similar novels, Butcher targeted Ricia Mainhardt, the agent representing Laurell Hamilton, and submitted a copy of his manuscript. The first volume, Storm Front , was released in in paperback; the next two novels in the series, Fool Moon and Grave Peril , were released shortly thereafter, in January and September , also in paperback. Subsequent novels in the series have been published annually since then, with the most recent novel, Skin Game , published in May Omnibus editions have been released by the Science Fiction Book Club , with each of the four volumes reprinting two or three of the novels in the sequence.

The series' first six novels were originally only published as paperbacks, but in , ROC changed its strategy and began to publish hardcover reprints of books one to six. Volume six, Blood Rites , was released in July From book seven onward, each new book was directly published as hardcover and paperback both. Orbit Books purchased the series for UK publication, and released the first novel, Storm Front in September —five years after the initial US release.

They then proceeded to publish two books per month. In November , Orbit Books announced that they had purchased the rights to Changes , the 12th novel, as well as the 13th Dresden novel, Ghost Story. All 15 volumes of The Dresden Files , along with the companion short-story anthology Side Jobs , have been released as audiobooks.

Originally, all except Ghost Story have been narrated by James Marsters. Per a release on Jim Butcher's website on June 27, , he reported that, "due to scheduling conflicts", Marsters would be unable to voice Ghost Story ; instead, the narration was performed by John Glover.

The cover art for the series was created by Chris McGrath. While the cover art of each book portrays Dresden wearing a hat, in the novels themselves he almost never does.

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This has become something of an in-joke between author, publisher and artist. The first four audiobook versions are produced by Buzzy Multimedia Publishing , while the fifth Death Masks and following were all produced by Penguin Audio. Butcher is currently planning for about twenty books in the "case files" of the series, to be capped by a further "big apocalyptic trilogy". Harry's history in the series differed from that of the novels in several significant ways; his father, Malcolm Dresden, did not die from an aneurysm, but was instead murdered by Justin named Morningway rather than DuMorne, and Harry's biological uncle.

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Bob is the spirit of a medieval wizard who, in punishment for using black magic to resurrect his life's love, is doomed to spend eternity inside his skull; he can manifest a human appearance outside the skull—but only within a short radius of the skull itself—and must return to the skull when ordered. In "What About Bob? Harry wears a magical "shield-bracelet" and he also has the pentacle necklace, which makes an appearance in flashback scenes from "Bad Blood" that once belonged to his mother, and was given to him by his father. As a private investigator, Harry drives a Korean-War-era military Jeep instead of the infamous "Blue Beetle" VW Beetle of the novels a change made based on actor Blackthorne's height and the difficulty of filming inside a VW Beetle, as well as the fact it would look more like a 'clown car' on video than a serious vehicle.

According to "Bad Blood", Harry was around 31 when he killed Justin, instead of 16 as in the novels; a Red Court vampire, Bianca, protected Harry while the High Council investigated Morningway's death. The two had a sexual relationship that does not exist in the books. In the episode "What About Bob? Justin said that he did not kill Harry's mother, but he died before the truth could be divined.

Dresden used thaumaturgy —in this case, a voodoo doll of sorts—to attack Justin, who fought back using his own magical ability. In the scuffle, Harry accidentally crushed the voodoo doll, causing Justin to die with a "circle-shaped crushing wound" around his heart. The series was canceled by the SciFi Channel in August Efforts by fans still exist to bring the show back or find it a new home. On October 8th, , Deadline. Working together with Dabel Brothers Productions, the Dresden Files are going to be translated into a graphic novel format.

The current plan is to lay out the Dresden Files storyline at the rate of one of the novels every twelve to sixteen monthly issues, with occasional side-trips and independent stories thrown in. Ever wonder what happened in Branson the month before Storm Front? How cool is that? I will be assisting with the writing of the comics, and am also involved in the design and approval of the characters, art, tone, and so on.

I mean, come on! Comic books!

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The four-issue mini-series called Welcome to the Jungle , ran as a prequel to Storm Front from early to mid A compilation of that run was released as a hardcover graphic novel in October Storm Front was announced as the next adaptation, by the same creative team. Midway through the production of Storm Front , the title changed hands [22] from Dabel Brothers to Dynamite Entertainment, causing a long gap between issues 5 and 6.

Issue 6 was slated for May Jim Butcher has spoken openly about a pen and paper roleplaying game released in based on the Dresden Files universe. The game has been produced by Evil Hat Productions. In January , the project went into an early alpha phase of testing, [26] and was in various beta testing phases throughout Pre-orders were opened up on April 4, , and include immediate access to the pre-print PDF , dubbed the "Early Bird" version.

Six Short Bigfoot Campfire Stories (Collection #4)

It allows players to play a wide variety of characters, ranging from an ordinary human such as Karrin Murphy or Gentleman Johnny Marcone to magic users like Harry Dresden or Molly Carpenter to powerful supernatural creatures along the lines of Thomas Raith , all in the same game, with all the players able to make a contribution. Evil Hat was working on a live-action version of the RPG, named Dresden Lives, but it was cancelled during beta testing.

The core game includes Harry, Murphy, Susan, Michael, and the Alphas and plays through the first five novels as well as Side Jobs, a random scenario generator based on the short story collection of the same name. Designs are already well underway for expansions featuring more series characters and more novels. The game seems to be fairly well received, with a rating of 7. The rating system is based on user ratings, with a minimum number of votes required [37] , and is subject to change, although drastic change is uncommon.

Three expansions for this game were released along with the base game in , and two more were released in [38].

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