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Wow, you think like me! I thought I was the only one who gave up alcohol to save a buck or many. Love those free Sunday dinners!

How to make money as an artist (with advice from the Savvy Painter)

We do what we gotta do. Hi Meghan!

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We are pretty rare and should stick together. Good luck with your writing, too! The one thing I totally endorse is maxing out on the free stuff this city gives us both indoors and out. Hi Geoff!

Glad you found us through ArchiveDay. Selling my car was the best savings plan ever. Thanks, Josh! Alright, this is awesome! I loved your point about not buying frivolous crap when you do have some kind of cash windfall. Fabulous post. Beauty entry! When friends have similar financial needs and habits, it makes it so much easier to have an inexpensive but wonderful social time—just having tea together, or making dinner for one another and sharing the leftovers! Free dancing for the win!

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A fantastic yet free bastion of entertainment and research for the starving artist. I love the Toronto library! I have spent many hours there writing, researching and using their free internet. No more diamonds in their collars!

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Save Your Pennies After years of struggling to pay the rent, one year you make decent money. Track Your Spending Make a list of everything you buy in a month, even coffee and bus tokens. The goal: curb your spending so you need less money to live and can move on to step 6… 6. The game tends to favor artwork that took longer to create. If you just churn out one artwork after the other, you will end up getting burned.

Even though it is important to express yourself, there is nothing wrong with listening to feedback. Most customers will tell you why they rejected your paintings.

The Starving Artist's Survival Guide

Make sure you pay attention, so you will know what kind of paintings your customers are looking for. If they tell you that you lack originality, then take that as a cue to get even more creative with your works. Have you ever seen artists look at their work then tilt their head sideways?

Sometimes, looking at an artwork from a different angle can change your opinion of it.

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The same is true for customers. If you have a painting that has been rejected, try to flip it around. Just tap on a painting that is for sale, then tap on flip. This will rotate your artwork, allowing customers to view it from a whole new perspective. It may not always work, but it is worth a shot.

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HOW (not) TO PAINT FAMOUS YOUTUBERS! - Passpartout: The Starving Artist Gameplay

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