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The hypnotist decides to make Mike addicted to something more fun instead.

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When Samuel's ex-girlfriend gives him a spa treatment as a joke, he decides to take her up on it and have some revenge. After all, she's paying for it, so he might as well get the most expensive treatments. Even if those treatments leave him looking a little different. A little prettier.

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A little smoother and hairless. Chapter 2 and any future chapters are just snippets here and there of Samuel getting settled in his new life. Years have passed, and now Spike is nearly fully grow and he travesl to his own into the Mysterious Beyond. The older spiketail now know how to take care of himself, and he believes that he can go make his own business rather quickly without taking risks with sharpteeth. However, a big. On the verge of being eaten, Spike tries to talk with his captor, and so, he ends up strking a deal that maybe grant his life to be spared.

But at what cost? A Dirty Cupid story that can be read alone.

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When Major comes across an Adult Toy Store, he finds himself compelled to enter and when he leaves his life will never be the same. At a college party, Eric hits on a female cheerleader, because hey, all cheerleaders are sluts, right? A football player offers Eric proof of his theory, but Eric soon learns that he's the cheerleader in this case. This is just a bunch of oneshots that have two themes in common: explicit porn, and problematic shit.

Check the tags for a better idea of what that means. Genres vary, but its mostly going to be fantasy, including monsters, tentacles, fairy tale creatures, that kind of thing. A brief synopsis and descriptions of what is in each story will be listed in the notes section. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.

It was also just what the Group Theatre needed. When she is sent by Moody to babysit the wayward Joe, she recognizes in him her own sense of worthlessness. His Mr.

The Humiliation of Ethan: A Gay Straight BDSM Revenge Fantasy

Bonaparte exerts a quiet but commanding gravitational pull on his son and on the story. To Joe, his father is the voice of the Old World and the old values. Bonaparte replies. Now I see whatta you are. I sorry for you. It culminates with Joe sobbing into the chest of his understanding trainer, Tokio the expert Danny Burstein.

After his knockout win, however, he exults.

JAN MOIR: Now THAT's the way to cook up revenge for being publicly humiliated, Mrs Hollywood

His hands have been broken. Odets can make words dance; they hop, dip, and surprise, like a knuckleball.

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Bonaparte, when he refuses to give him the money to buy a taxi. In this distinguished, almost symphonic production, Sher and Lincoln Center have done a great thing: they have put Odets finally and forever in the pantheon, where he belongs. To the victor in this Darwinian struggle goes a Cadillac and the best leads; to the runner-up a set of steak knives; the rest can go home.