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The Town That Couldn't Lie, script by Bill Woolfolk; Mary follows an unsavory character named Elias Fibber into a small town called, Trueville, a town that was known for never telling a lie; She discovers Fibber is after the town charter, which is worth a fortune.

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  • Das Weltwirtschaftssystem - Das Bretton-Woods-System (German Edition).
  • Avengers West Coast (1985-1994) #38.

The Sheriff of Timbershoot text story John Osgood. Half Baked starring Peewee Pete. Eric Vodal, script by Bill Woolfolk. Cleans Up humor half-page starring Lazy Lee. Prescribed For Laughter humor page starring Whipper-Snappers. The Menace At Girls' Town, script and art by Otto Binder; Mary decides to make a visit to Girl's Town, a home run democratically by a team of girls, and discovers that she has to stop the destructive efforts of a woman who wants to become head mistress.

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The Midget Bandit starring Peewee Pete. Marvel Jr. Beck and Pete Costanza. Beck; the Marvel family faces the Ryersons, a hillbilly family. Cotter, who has gone to the lengths of stealing the town's little red schoolhouse so that he can become wealthy building a new schoolhouse for the town. Cover inks by Pete Costanza. Who [Czar Gargan]. The Mystery of the Leprechauns, art by Jack Binder; Mary heads out for the city orphanage to help open the shoe drive that will secure many shoes for the needy children inside; Unfortunately, when the Mayor claims to have seen leprechauns, the citizens of the city scoff at him and want him to resign.

Two "Comix Cards" feature Capt.

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  • Marvel Family #38 Captain Marvel Mary Marvel Captain Marvel, Jr. - 4.5 VG+.

The Big Shot starring Peewee Pete. Marvel Family Puzzle Page. Earthquake Proof text story by Joseph J. The Discontents, script by Otto Binder, pencils by C. Beck, inks by Pete Costanza; Captain Marvel is stunned by the existence of a world, which he has been told has the highest form of civilization, no laziness, no crime, no wars and everyone is happy!

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Marvel; Jr. Rubbernose Randolph humor page by Art Helfant. Race With Death text story. Value of Friendship humor page starring Boxcar Benny. Dollar Bin Codeword.


Date This week Last week Past month 2 months 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years Pre Pre Pre Pre Pre s s s s s s Search Advanced. Previous Next Issue: 1 Issue 1. Marvel Family 1.

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Published Dec by Fawcett. Add to cart CGC 0. Issue 2.

Marvel Family 2. Below is the definitive list of appearances of Captain Marvel in chronological order.

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Flashback sequences or story entries will be followed by a [Flashback] note. Stories that for some reason are no longer part of current continuity will have a comment saying this in a note following the entry. Follow the links for a complete index of the issue, including story and creator info as well as full character chronology and in some cases story synopses.

The chronology list can also be sorted according to Comic book title.

The Marvel Family #38

Please note: If you want to go back to the chronological listing after having used the sorting tool you have to reload the page. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The mundanity of the setting seems so absurd but the tension contained on these pages is palpable.

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  7. Mitch Gerads art practically leaps off the page. This might be some sort of grand cosmic trial. Mister Miracle is a pure force of nature disguised as a comic book. This link to the movies grants an immediate sense of furthering the mythos over just inching closer to Empire Strikes Back. When dealing with armor, technology and locations, he can create textured images, but his photo-referenced expressions often skirt the uncanny valley.

    Gillen might know where he wants to go, but Larroca could easily be what holds him back. Their contrasting styles perfectly encapsulate the back-and-forth dynamic of the plot, and the avant-garde panel layouts add additional layers of brilliance to the already surreal atmosphere.