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Our presentations are fully costumed and where possible we always include a large array of authentic artifacts, clothing and collectables, relating to the period and topic. What's this? Above; A prisoners I.

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Below;News story describing the execution of prisoners Allen, Gould and Larkin. There are two broad police reforms going on, both at a time when money is in short supply. In addition to the pay review is a flagship government policy to create, from , elected police and crime commissioners, with power to set spending priorities and hire and fire chief constables. The Police Federation, the body representing rank-and-file officers police constables through chief superintendents , is disturbed by the Winsor recommendations on pay but less so by the prospect of new commissioners.

ACPO, which groups their bosses, greeted the Winsor report with sang-froid it gives them more flexibility in managing their forces but detests the elected commissioners. In the past, the police have met opposition as one. No longer—and just how that may affect the reform process remains to be seen.

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A final point is also political, but on a bigger and potentially more dangerous stage. There are troubled times ahead as broad budget cuts bite, not least on March 26th, when a large union-organised protest is scheduled to hit the streets. Margaret Thatcher, no friend of the unions, took care to have the police onside whenever she took on organised labour.

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They are paid from the same police budgets. The government purposely picked on the police because they cannot strike.

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The previous paydeal which the government unilaterally reneged on took into account that officers cannot strike, work to rule, have restrictions placed on their private lives. Unfortunately in a lot of cases not very well. For a government that is supposed to support working people I find it rather strange that over the last 30 years industrial action has been on a larger scale when labour are in power as opposed to conservatives.

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When they start delivering a proper service to the taxpaying public, then we can start thinking about giving them a pay rise. Police officers are tax payers..

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