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I am obsessed with these books and these characters. I can not get enough. They are so rich, so real for vampires , and so wonderful that I am heartbroken to have to wait for what comes next. Well done! Just finished A Hidden Fire, which I really enjoyed. I have read the Elemental Series books.

LOVED them. Seems like this needs to be wrapped up. Rare for me,,,therefore, Thank You. Most Sincerely. Finished the Elemental Series loved the main characters. Looking forward to beginning the Elemental World Series but must find the time to read through them without having to stop for anything more serious than a glass of wine and a bite of chocolate. So glad you liked the EM books! I need to know what happens with ben and tenzin!! I absolutely love all your books!!!!!!

A Susan Hunter Mystery, no. 2

I have read all of them at least 3 times each!!!! Merry Christmas to you and I hope for an inspirational new year x. Love the Elements and Irin series, going to have to buy then as paperbacks now as they are one I want on my bookshelf. Too many books, not enough time! The good thing about my kindle is as soon as you say there is a new book I buy it and start reading as soon as it uploads. Absolutely love your books! I confess to reading the entire series at least once a month.

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Never stop writing, you bring a joy into my life that I find that not many books are able to do and I thank you for that. Please help! Have you confirmed it? Check your junk mail folder, bc sometimes the newsletters get shuffled into your junk mail if your filters are strict. Question: You say their will be 5 books in the the Elemental Legacy series, doors that include the novellas? I paid good money to read the whole series.. I really heartbroken. I was falling in love with your characters….

When is the next book for the Elemental legacy series coming out?

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When are the movies coming? I can see the series in my big screen mind. Or have I missed them and they already exist?!?! How have only just discovered your work?! Am obsessed with the Elemetnal mysteries and currently devouring the Elemntal world collection which I like more if possible! Well done. I would love to have such an imagination and creativity to write such amazing stories and characters. Please sell the Elemental Series in Apple Books. Seeking a chance to escape, she does just that, though it will not hinder the Duke in trying to find her.

Vampires facing extinction who will do anything to find these rare, human females to perpetuate their species. Vicious rivalry leads to battles over the few females who are discovered, and they will be partnered with more than one male vampire. But some males want the one female to themselves, at any cost. And she will soon learn that in the final battle of the gods, no one can be trusted.

Kindle Nook Kobo Apple Curses and Crowns by Cortney Pearson: These fourteen spellbinding tales will lead you through worlds teeming with magic and adventure. In these captivating stories, stalwart heroes and headstrong heroines take on ancient evils to break rampant curses, wage war to win the crown, and play with hearts unbound. Expect to lose sleep not wanting to put these magical words to rest. Mark Bowen joins Dothan on the Soldrake to find out the truth about his heritage and to rescue his team.


Surprising alliances are forged and secrets revealed in this action-packed thriller. As a small group of strangers attempts to flee, their only hope seems to be the king of the dragons himself. He has blazed a path to follow, but to what end? The poetry collection helps bear the stories of the heart that are so often not told!

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This book should be sipped and enjoyed. What you gain from your own thoughts and emotions prompted by these verses will be yours forever! Set your thoughts and emotions free today! Originally published in , Fascinating Womanhood sold over 5 million copies globally and was translated into 7 languages.

As controversial as it was popular, the book also spawned a grassroots movement. Kindle Is this book no longer free? This paranormal teen pregnancy saga just got released — and is yours free July 8 — 12! Who needs that dumb jock anyway, right? Reclamation Project by Jerry Gerold: A cabin getaway with friends sounds like a good idea to Momo until the origin of the residents is discovered: a grove of trees surrounded by a high fence.

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Momo and company may not get out alive. Reclamation Project is the first of 4 soon to be 5 in a series. However, a bloodthirsty shark lurks between her and the sanctuary. Not your average run of the mill shark book. Then they will love the Traveling Trunk Series. Dia de los Muertos. A kite festival. Carla meets a new friend and experiences two beautiful festivals in this easy to read chapter book. Follow Angie Prouty as she unravels a murder mystery on Nantucket! Get the freebie today on Amazon. In my efforts to continue chronicling my writing efforts via my blog, I wanted to post the new releases.

I hope your holidays have been lovely so far. But first things first … Baseball bet. Me loser. Mention Adam Sendek. Yada yada yada. You will be happy to see I restrained myself — a Sasquatch does not appear on the cover. Head on over to Smashwords , and use the following coupon code at checkout to grab the book for free. And finally, lest you think I was unkind to Adam up above, the post about his Great-Grandmother was originally intended to be the Christmas Day post, but he requested it be shared on the 19th. You can read it here. Ahh, National Novel Writing Month, you are here once again.

My first day of NaNo last year was spent chasing squirrels, and I logged a big fat zero for word count. Each day I fell farther behind, and by Thanksgiving, I was ready to throw in the towel.

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But then it clicked, and the words poured out onto the keyboard. I wrote 22, words over the next four days. I was proud to grab my first NaNoWriMo badge. When I last saw her around three a. Maple Leaf Hunter is the one book I promised for , and not only do I want to keep my promise, I want to finish the book. It is very hard for me to step out of the blogosphere, but I have been on a self-imposed two-week blog hiatus, because I simply must take care of my work-from-home business and a few other important things.

Amazon was fantastic to work with when I asked to have the price of Sunshine Hunter set to free. I wrote directly to KDP and pleaded my case.

Dangerous Places by Susan Hunter, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

We had a short series of emails back and forth, and the price was lowered to permanently free this past Monday night — only four days after my initial inquiry. Sometimes it takes me a little while to figure things out. I looked at my Amazon sales figures yesterday and a few sales for Sunshine Hunter trickled in. I checked this morning, and the numbers were the same. I wondered if I would see any bump due to free downloads.

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Well, silly me! About an hour ago, I finally realized if I scrolled to the right while looking at my sales report, I would see the free downloads in the very last column. They are already in the thousands! Oh my gosh!! It does! But I had to look at it a couple of times. Was that my book? And 45 under romance! Next to J. Thanks for letting me gush. The cover for Sunshine Hunter has been updated.