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The music end of it that Bruce [Franklin, guitar] and I are writing is getting heavier and heavier On November 18, , Trouble announced, via their website, that they were in the process of writing songs for an album that would likely be released in the summer of A live bootleg recording featuring the new line-up was released via the band's website in , then worldwide by Escapi Music about one year later.

On March 4, , Trouble revealed on their website that the new album would tentatively be called The Dark Riff. On September 9, , the band announced that they are "getting ready for the studio now. In February , Kory Clarke left Trouble. According to a statement on the band's Facebook page, " The Skull is here to do one thing On February 16, , Jeff Olson announced that he would be playing some keyboard intros on the new album. This is the first release to feature Kyle Thomas, and was produced by Bill Metoyer.

Shortly after its release, Rob Hultz of Solace and Godspeed joined the band as bassist. Trouble is currently writing new material for their next studio album, which is possibly due for release in Trouble's music lies with a traditional doom metal style, although their albums since 's Trouble showcase a more stoner-metal oriented style. Band members have cited influences by the early heavy rock bands of the s such as Deep Purple , Led Zeppelin , Budgie , and Black Sabbath, [7] Trouble have also incorporated elements of psychedelic rock to their style. Their music has been some of the slowest tempos being written at a time when NWOBHM and thrash metal bands were playing at increasingly faster speed.

The band could best be described as combining the riffs and tempos of Black Sabbath with the twin guitar attack of Judas Priest.

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Eric Wagner's lyrics deal with different themes, but the early Trouble albums, such as their debut Psalm 9 , are known for biblical references. Especially because such themes were relatively uncommon in mainstream metal music of the s, Trouble were then often classified as Christian metal. Other songs deal with social issues; "Bastards Will Pay," for instance, criticises politicians as hypocritical. From Manic Frustration onwards, more lyrical references have been made to psychedelia, drugs, and hallucinations; [7] "Hello Strawberry Skies" and "Mr. White" stand out as two examples.


Corresponding with the increase in psychedelic lyrical themes, Trouble's overall sound has also had a noticeably stronger psychedelic component. Problems with both the Metal Blade and Def American labels made it impossible for Trouble to achieve large commercial success. A famous story states that James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett from Metallica entered Trouble's stage after a concert, trying to figure out how their amplifiers were set to produce their unique sound. Trouble's first two albums were critically acclaimed and are respected in the metal scene.

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The self-titled album gained "magnificent reviews in all the major heavy metal rags" [5] and the psychedelic Manic Frustration was "critically lauded, cult-raved heavy metal masterpiece. Note that if one elects to find the G. K, there may be issues picking up the signal.

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To find it, simply wander near Vault The signal is only active for a limited time; if the quest is not started before the signal stops, the only way to start it is through the console. The radio signal is a repeated a message from Amata asking the Lone Wanderer to return to Vault to help stop her father, the overseer. If Alphonse Almodovar was killed while escaping from Vault , Allen Mack will be the new overseer; however, the radio message changes to " If you can hear this, please stop looking for your dad and help save us.

Since the player character and your father escaped from Vault , the Vault has been divided into two major factions. The faction led by Amata, holed up in the clinic, wants to open the vault and interact with the outside world.

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The other faction is led by the overseer and he wants to keep the vault closed permanently, in accordance with its mission. Butch , wishes to abandon the vault entirely and live on the surface; however, the rest of the rebels simply intend to remain living in the vault, with the freedom to make excursions into the wasteland when necessary. One of the essential reasons for having access to the wasteland and the remainder of humanity, apart from the obvious need for supplies and parts for the vault's aging life support apparatus, is to avoid collapse due to genetic stagnation and inbreeding.

The number of Vault residents has fallen significantly in the two centuries since it was sealed, implied heavily by various conversations and other means such as a message encouraging procreation prior to the Lone Wanderer's initial escape. If they successfully persuade the overseer to allow exterior access, then the overseer himself will finally accept and openly admit that without external input, the vault's population will not remain genetically viable for more than a generation or so.

There are essentially two ways to keep the vault closed; one way is to ignore the problem and leave. The downside to this is no quest-related rewards will be given. After dealing with the rebels, the Lone Wanderer may talk to the overseer, who will ask them to leave. If asked about a G. Alternatively, he can be asked for food and ammunition to get 13 Cram and 5mm rounds in place of the suit. If the overseer lives, he will step down, and Amata will take on the role of overseer.

This nets positive Karma ; the same will occur if the overseer dies. Amata will show regret and sorrow if either Alphonse or Allen was killed or excitement and amazement if her father was persuaded to step down without violence. Attempts to re-enter dialogue will just have him repeat his previous statement.

This result will stay the same even if the overseer was persuaded to stand down peacefully which will provide the modified utility jumpsuit in the case of peaceful actions. Later, Susie Mack can be encountered in the wasteland. Speaking to her will provide purified water , however she will say that the player character still cannot return. Go into manual override mode and perform a flush and a purge. This will flush the water chip , resulting in a catastrophic system failure if Stanley is performing maintenance on the system, as he tends to do, the resulting explosion will kill him.

Everyone is now forced to evacuate the vault triggering negative Karma. Unless patch 1. Obviously, life in the vault is no longer feasible. A random encounter may occur where Amata is being interrogated by the Enclave. If she gives up the location of Vault , she will be executed. If saved, one can try talking to her, but she will scold the player character for what they have done.

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  6. She does not have a destination and will eventually be killed by one of the horrors of the wasteland. Butch can be found at The Muddy Rudder bar in Rivet City and can be recruited, provided the player character has neutral Karma. In the random encounter Trapped Outside , dead residents can also be found provided they lived through the vault visit.

    All of the other vault dwellers are not seen again. Killing the overseer and Amata after getting the vault either open or closed results in failure of the quest itself. The noun is from Middle English truble , troble , from Old French troble , from the verb. Deverbal of troubler or from Old French troble. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. He was in trouble when the rain started.


    The trouble was a leaking brake line. The trouble with that suggestion is that we lack the funds to put it in motion. The bridge column magnified the trouble with a slight tilt in the wrong direction.