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You may get hit with a debt collection lawsuit if you have old, unpaid medical, credit card or other consumer debt. What happens when you get sued for debt Gather information Respond to the lawsuit Options for handling the hearing Next steps.

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Lawsuits are a common and efficient debt collection tactic. One attorney at a debt collection firm filed 69, lawsuits in a single year, it found.

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The complaint will say why the creditor is suing you and what it wants. The summons has information about when and how you can file a formal response in court, and the date of your court hearing. The creditor suing you is unlikely to be your original creditor. The debt may have been sold, perhaps several times over.

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You generally have 20 to 30 days from when you get served to file a response. That puts your wages, bank account or property at risk. Often, attorneys will provide a free consultation, and if you win your case the debt collector likely will have to pay your legal fees. Many local legal aid offices offer low- or no-cost services. Military service members can get help from their local judge advocate general office.

Though blimps played a useful surveillance role in World War II, airships today are mostly used for overhead photography at sports events, and as massive flying billboards.

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Today, the Van Wagner group, an airship organisation, estimates that there are only 25 blimps currently operating around the world; there are even fewer zeppelins. But all this is about to change, if Igor Pasternak has his way. That breakthrough would ultimately come in the form of the COSH system, though only after he emigrated to California in the early 90s to escape a post-Cold War economic crash.

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The COSH — Control of Static Heaviness — system works by rapidly compressing helium into storage tanks, making the airship heavier than air. While conventional airships take on air to descend, they must still dedicate most of the space in the helium envelope to actually storing the helium itself. That makes the landing process more difficult and dangerous, and means they can only land at larger landing areas much larger than the size of the airships themselves, and that come with specialized ground teams.

By contrast, the COSH system allows much more of the envelope to be emptied of helium during landing, making the airship much heavier. This could potentially allow airships to land on any flat area large enough for them to enter without the need for ground teams, increasing versatility and reducing costs. – Check your text online

It will also be roughly three times as fuel efficient as shipping in airplanes. An artists impression of the craft leaving its hanger. Image: Aeroscraft. Aeroscraft has hit a few snags in the development process. This was later cut, though the military continued funding the group in other projects, allowing them to move forward with a prototype. Then, in October , a section of the roof of the hangar where the partially completed Aeroscraft prototype was housed collapsed , damaging the airship beyond repair.

Aeros Corp.

And even if the testing phase goes smoothly, the Aeroscraft may still face several challenges when it enters the market. A New York Times article about Aeros cites concerns from transportation analyst Richard Aboulafa, who points out the difficulty new air vehicles have in entering the market. Perhaps the biggest problem, though, is the cost of fuel.

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In , rising helium costs were enough to bankrupt a tourist airship company in Northern California. All this raises questions about whether a form of transport dependent on it could ever, well, get off the ground. But Pasternak and his team remain optimistic.

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  4. Without any further issues, the Aeroscraft will be up for certification by the FAA in