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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Memories of a Fighter Pilot. Pamela Clarke Keogh. Kerry C. Summertime Blues. Sharon Sheeley Eddie Cochran. Godfrey J. Weary King of the River. Stars in My Eyes. Gustav Mahler. Power of the Light. Bjorn Ortenheim Patrick Reynolds. Destined to Do Damage. Louis Trammell II. Maggie's Story Teachings of a Cherokee Healer.

Pamela Dawes Tambornino. Todd Bridges Sarah Tomlinson. The Journey Takers. Leslie Albrecht Huber. When Can I Go Home? The Street of Disillusion. Vote Lincoln! California Split. The Room. John M. Jerry Leiber Mike Stoller. Catherine the Great Life and Legend. John T. The Hypochondriacs Nine Tormented Lives. Brig Hart Ken Abraham. The Road to Iwo Jima. Eternal Chanel An Icon's Inspiration. Kenneth Doyle Patrick Doyl.

Life After Heroin. The Romantic Italian Nights and Days. Window Making Dry Bones Live. They had gone through a battle and had traveled hundreds of miles. We noticed a great majority of them were young men, many of them in fact mere boys. Many prisoners died that first winter. Over 1, soldiers died at the camp before the last prisoners were paroled in The first issue noted that the "citizens of Bloomington, though generally noted for their energy and enterprise, had not, as yet, succeeded in establishing an organ, in the columns of which, a student or literary man, who had any respect for himself or regard for his reputation as a writer, would be willing for his productions to appear.

He grew up in Jasper and Bloomington before his family moved to Kansas in his early teens. Crandall drew characters for titles including Captain America and Flash Gordon. In its seventy-one years of operation, the factory which became Navistar International in produced an estimated ten million engines for trucks, tractors, combines, buses, generators, and World War II military vehicles. The Bulldogs lost to Notre Dame in what Hinkle described as a "hell of a ball game.

You've all been great. The university changed its arena's name from Butler Fieldhouse to Hinkle Fieldhouse in his honor in Knight's gesture of frustration for what he considered poor referee calls drew cheers from IU fans. Referees ejected him from the game and the crowd chanted his name during his absence. An law decreased some of the penalties, but a law against white and black marriages in Indiana remained in effect until it was repealed in , two years before the U.

Supreme Court ruled in Loving v. Virginia that such laws were unconstitutional. Robertson as lieutenant governor, who would serve alongside Democratic Governor Isaac P. The Democratic-controlled Senate, however, disputed the outcome and the Marion County Circuit Court concurred and ruled against Robertson. This gave Robertson the impetus to try to take his seat as president of the Senate. Fighting and chaos ensued.

Some legislators were even seriously injured. Later in her life, she adopted the stage name Marjorie Main. Main appeared in over films as a supporting actor, including "Meet Me in St. Louis" and "Heaven Can Wait. In , prohibitionist and pastor Daisy Douglas Barr signed an agreement with D. In , Governor James P. Indiana became one of fourteen states to ban the teaching of German to children. The legislation was a reflection of the strong anti-German sentiment stemming from World War I.

Many Americans considered retention of German language and culture in the midst of war as un-American. During this time, German-language newspapers folded, German names of streets or places changed e. That summer a group of commissioners appointed by the General Assembly visited him in his home. After the war, he established a family medical practice at Bremen, Marshall County. Bowen served as a Republican representative in the state legislature, and became Speaker of the House for four sessions. Voters elected him governor of Indiana in and that same year ratified a constitutional amendment that allowed governors to serve successive terms.

Wright President Ronald W. In that role, he worked to abate criticism that the Reagan administration was not doing enough to deal with the AIDS crisis. He died in One hundred and seventeen students attended classes that "prepared daughters of well-to-do residents for future roles as wives and mothers.

DePauw organized a group of businessmen to pay its debts. DePauw also financed a new building for the school. The women's college operated into the earlyth century, when "the growing influence of secular education led the trustees to shut its doors.

Andersonville Prison During Sherman's Campaigns

The Lebanon native scored those points without the aid of the three-point shot. As of , his 61 point game remains a single-game Big Ten record. Sick patients struggled to escape the fire and suffered injuries after jumping out of windows. Newspapers lauded Hotel Mudlavia, named for the soothing mud baths offered, as "one of the finest sanitariums in the United States. The family had moved from Kentucky to Indiana in In , women's rights and temperance advocate Amanda Way received a pension for her service as a Civil War nurse.

In temperance speeches, Way discussed her experiences working on Civil War battlefields. Randolph Co. The Michigan City Harbor Company constructed two piers and dredged a channel connecting them. LaPorte Co. In , Purdue defeated Indiana in the first basketball showdown between the schools. The Indiana men did not play their opponents close enough. The Gaithers built an empire through their songwriting and publishing, and wrote more than songs, many of which became staples in the Christian community, such as "Because He Lives" and "I Am a Promise.

The disaster took the lives of eleven people in southern Indiana, and even more in Kentucky. A West Liberty, Kentucky fire chief described the disaster as "the tornado version of Hurricane Katrina. In , Governor Isaac P. In , the monument's cornerstone was laid during a ceremony attended by Governor Alvin P. Hovey and President Benjamin Harrison. The department provided information about the educational benefits available to returning veterans at Indiana colleges and universities.

In the book, he described his experience as one of thousands of POWs imprisoned by the Japanese on the island of Corregidor. He and another American managed to swim to Bataan, only to be recaptured two days later. Steele now the site of Herron High School. The institute grew quickly, fulfilling the Association's goal to "cultivate and advance Art. According to Antioch College, Wilson's social realism was in vogue during the s, but "Where he differs from many of his contemporaries is his nearly apocalyptic vision of the world in which he lived.

She faced backlash for her efforts and resigned at the end of the year due to "health reasons. In , Hoosiers purchased alcohol on Sunday for the first time in modern Indiana history. The Associated Press noted that "For decades, efforts to overturn the law foundered among bickering by interest groups — most notably liquor store owners, who stood to lose business to big box retailers on a major shopping day.

Indiana became the forty-first state to allow for the sale of alcohol on Sundays. Thompson got his start in baseball playing for teams in Danville, Indianapolis, and Evansville. In , he joined the Philadelphia Phillies where he spent 10 seasons. Among his statistical accomplishments: he was the NL batting champion , two time NL home run leader , , and three time NL leader in runs batted in RBI , , When he retired in with a. He also had a career average of.

In , at age 46, Thompson came out of retirement to play eight games with the Detroit Tigers. Even at that age, he batted. Hendricks Co. While the designation of floor party leaders was not officially developed until later, the Howard County native is often recognized as the first majority leader. In , Governor Warren T. The day after the book was declared a best seller, Lockridge took his own life in Bloomington at the age of As secretary, McCulloch "maintained a policy of reducing the federal war debt and the careful reintroduction of federal taxation in the South" according to the U.

Treasury Dept. McCulloch also fought a losing battle to conquer Reconstruction era inflation by returning U. In , President Chester Arthur tapped McCulloch again to serve as secretary for the final four months of his administration. Convention delegates nominated Terre Haute socialist leader Eugene V. Debs subsequently ran for president in , , , , and which he did so from prison. In , Sullivan native Will H. Hays Sr. Film producers hired him to self-police the motion picture industry, which was under fire due to scandals in Hollywood, and production of movies deemed to be offensive to standards of public morality.

The code began to lose its effectiveness in the s, and in it was replaced with the MPAA film rating system. Before becoming chairman, Hays served as chairman of the Republican National Committee and as postmaster general under President Warren G. Harding He wrote, "The fort which I have built is about eighty miles in the Wabash country up the river by which the English have been able to descend and open up commerce with these nations.

The place is very suitable in which to build a great settlement which I would have done if I had had troops enough. It became the second paper established in the capital city. Two years after its debut it changed its name to the Indiana Journal. It was strongly Unionist during the Civil War, and carried on a fierce rivalry with the Democratic Sentinel. In the late s, the Journal established a reputation as a patron for Indiana authors including James Whitcomb Riley, who published hundreds of poems in its pages.

New, became a major influence in Republican politics. After 81 years in print, the Journal was acquired by the publisher of the Indianapolis Morning Star. The Journal title survived a few more months in the masthead of the Indianapolis Morning Star and Journal , before it disappeared in October Gresham , a native of Harrison County, became the thirty-third U.

Secretary of State under President Grover Cleveland. A former Civil War general and long-time U. A life-long Republican, Gresham accepted the secretary of State appointment from the Democratic president Cleveland in , and cited his dissatisfaction with the Republican Party. As secretary, Gresham investigated the U. He concluded that the overthrow of Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalani was a coup by pro-American sugar plantations. Also during his tenure, he cited the Monroe Doctrine in diplomatic attempts to counter British influence in Central and South America, and advocated for the interests of U.

He served as secretary of State until his death on May 28, His feat remains the all-time single-game scoring record in Indiana High School Athletic Association basketball history. The Culver Citizen reported "This is the highest score that the team has ever made, and the second highest made in the state--the highest being Sayger continued his athletic career at Heidelberg College where he also later coached.

In in Tiffin, Ohio, he organized an exhibition game played under rules that introduced the three point shot.

In , Governor Henry F. Board of Education , which declared the segregation of black and white students in public schools to be unconstitutional. In , Willem Aughe Ghere was born in Frankfort. He later anglicized his name to Will Geer, and became a popular character actor.

In the s, he refused to testify before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, and was subsequently blacklisted for most of the next decade and a half. In the decades that followed, approximately 2, persons in state custody were sterilized under state law. The Terre Haute native became the third player in Big Ten history to lead the conference in scoring for three consecutive seasons. Dischinger ended his Boilermaker career as a two-time consensus first-team All-American, and also earned a gold medal from the Olympics. After nine season in the pros, Dischinger became an orthodontist in Oregon.

Despite tension over issues like forced busing and the endorsement of a presidential candidate, the convention produced a National Black Agenda, designed to extend the movement beyond the convention. The game was held at Indiana University's original Assembly Hall before an estimated crowd of 1, He alleged that sterilization would cause underprivileged groups to suffer "not because they ought to but because of lack of scientific basis for the proposition that all unfit parents have unfit children. In , Governor Paul V.

Eventually the bill passed, inspiring similar legislation in other states. Thompson assumed the position of secretary of the Navy despite the fact that he never served in the Navy, a point of which newspapers took note. The farm known as the Moses Fell Annex or the Moses Fell Experimental Farm was used for experimental purposes, such as soil fertility studies. The Purdue Agriculturist reported in that "forty-four lines of investigation have been in progress bearing on some of the most important problems affecting farm management in southern Indiana. This work involves the uses of line, legumes, various fertilizers and drainage in soil improvement work.

Michael from Milford, Indiana led his rifle platoon in an assault on an enemy position near Neiderzerf, Germany. Michael and his platoon flanked, and attacked the enemy with hand grenades. Michael continued a reconnaissance of the woods. He ventured out once and killed two Nazis, wounded four, and captured six others single handedly. He ventured out again, and this time returned with seven more prisoners. Michael was killed. His body was returned to Indiana where it was interred in a Goshen cemetery. For his actions on March 13, he was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

Kosciusko Co. Although Unigov helped create modern-day Indianapolis and its suburbs, it did so at the expense of disadvantaged communities. It became the first official emblem adopted by the state, and even predated the adoption of the state flag. Bobby McDermott, a great scorer and a sometimes combative personality from the Queens, led the team to victory.

The House passed the resolution, and the Senate voted in favor of it the next day. However, proposed Constitutional amendments are required to pass two consecutive sessions of the General Assembly before it goes before voters to decide. Despite an extensive campaign by women for the passage of the suffrage amendment, it failed to gain support in due to the links between prohibition and the suffrage movement. It would be another three decades before Hoosier women gained the right to vote in The GOC was a collaborative program in which civilian volunteers built watchtowers in their backyards and community centers and contacted U.

Air Force officials if they suspected Soviet aircraft. The GOC served as an opportunity for families, neighbors, and community members to spend quality time together through the shared objective of improving national security. Eighty-six firemen fought the flames. In , Purdue University won the Big Ten championship without a single player over six-feet tall.

It was the seventh conference title for Coach Ward Lambert and the Boilermakers. Led in scoring by All-American Norman Cottom , the team posted a overall record and a conference mark. Local residents discovered nothing but a crater and bits of debris at the crash site. Shreds of clothing and paper blew in the wind and collected in trees.

Bethel College in Mishawaka won in , , and Francis in Fort Wayne won in Indiana Wesleyan won in , , and Since the tournament started, Indiana schools have appeared in the finals eleven times. The Tigers defeated Washington University-St. Six years later, on March 16, , Coach Huffman led the Tigers to an undefeated record as they claimed their second national championship. They defeated the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Putnam Co. Overall shot, and wounded one of the accosters in self-defense. Joseph River and the old feeder canal bed on the Archer farm. In , a tornado destroyed Indiana towns, including Griffin, Owensville, and Princeton after first devastating parts of Missouri and Illinois.

In , Indianapolis native and U. During the first wave, mines detonated and injured his comrades. Private McGee rescued one of the injured men and stepped on a mine while trying to rescue a second victim. Despite bleeding profusely, he demanded that his comrades not attempt to save him, lest they injure themselves. The military awarded Private McGee with the Congressional Medal of Honor for "a concern for the well-being of his fellow soldiers that transcended all considerations for his own safety and a gallantry in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service.

Bobby McDermott averaged over 20 points a game for the season in earning his second consecutive MVP award. They were runner-ups under Coach John Wooden in , and earned a third place finish under rookie college coach John Longfellow in These teams were powered by a trio from South Bend Central who followed Wooden to Terre Haute when he became coach in The players included Lenny Rzeszewski, Dan Dimich, and Bill Jagodzinski, who were all first generation children of eastern European immigrants.

Schlundt tallied a game-high 30 points that included 9 of IU's 10 in the last period, while Born finished with Stockton was the only really capable physician out there. Galbraith would learn in a year. Sarah Stockton. Now there are fifty. In , two all-black high schools competed for the highest honor in Hoosier Hysteria for the first time in Indiana basketball tournament history.

The team successfully defended the championship in while compiling an undefeated record. He was the third leading scorer for Texas Western with a It was the fifth national championship for the college and its coach, Arad McCutchan. McCutchan, an Evansville native, led the Purple Aces to tiles in , , , , and His and champions featured Jerry Sloan, who was the Most Outstanding Player during both tournaments. Sloan subsequently played for the Chicago Bulls, and coached the Utah Jazz for 23 seasons. The controversial legislation exempted towns and cities in Lake County from the prohibition on incorporation if the town or city was within a three mile buffer zone of a larger city.

The legislation allowed Merrillville to incorporate and fend off annexation by Gary. Ross Township was majority white in By , the settlement included over residents and acres. Emphasis on education prepared new generations for college and careers in medicine, law, and ministry. Hamilton Co. Tied at 30 points each, Bobby Plump made a shot in the final few seconds of the game to beat the Bearcats.

All-American Wabash center Pete Metzelaars said of the game "It was a great team effort and a great way to end my career. At the beginning of the season we had a lot of unknown quantities, but everybody just meshed together really well. According to the St. Meinrad's website, the monks "came to southern Indiana at the request of a local priest Father Joseph Kundek who was seeking help to serve the pastoral needs of the growing German-speaking Catholic population and to prepare local men to be priests.

A few days later officials changed the city's name to Gas City. By , the population was nearly twenty-five times higher than that of However, the boom left the city with new infrastructures, such as a bank, opera house, and hotel. Wooden, who is known for his success as a coach at UCLA, led the Boilermakers to two conference titles.

His senior year, Purdue had the highest winning percentage of any collegiate conference team in the nation. Wooden was also the Big Ten's top scorer during his senior year with a then impressive Wooden's league record of three consecutive All-American honors would stand for thirty years until Ohio State University's Jerry Lucas was named an All-American from to There his father worked in the steel mills.

Malden participated in Serbian religious and social organizations in Gary. After graduating from high school, he worked for a time in the steel mills before deciding to pursue acting. In the s, he earned four Emmy nominations for his role as Lt. Martin Luther King Jr. Rabbi Davis marched at the front of the line for twelve hours without sitting or eating.

When he returned to Indianapolis, he received a phone call threatening him with a bomb for participating in the march. Describing his experience, he stated "I know now what I was doing in Selma, Alabama. I was worshiping God. I was doing it on U. The Hoosiers squeaked past the Boilermakers, Janie was one two local television hosts beloved by Hoosier children during the era, along with "Cowboy Bob.

To allay tension between settlers and American Indians, U. Indian Agent John Johnston provided supplies to families of the victims and built a log jail to secure the accused. Following jury trials, three perpetrators were hanged in He gave up his medical practice to enlist in the 14th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment at the outbreak of the Civil War.

Catterson participated during the Shenandoah Valley campaign of and the Battle of Antietam. He became colonel of the 97th Indiana, and commanded the regiment during the Siege of Vicksburg, the Atlanta Campaign, and the Battle of Chattanooga. On May 31, , he was brevetted brigadier general of U. After the war, he moved to Arkansas as a carpetbagger. In the South, he aligned himself with the Republican Reconstruction government. Catterson served as the mayor of Little Rock from to In , Francis Vigo died in Vincennes.

The Italian-born trader and merchant moved to Spanish-held St. Louis in , where he traded fur with indigenous tribes and French settlers. Later that year, the British took Vigo prisoner in Vincennes and released him only after he promised not to interfere with the British cause. However, he returned to St. Louis and provided Clark with information about British plans. Due to this information, Clark's army was able to surprise the British in Vincennes in the winter of Although Vigo was impoverished at the time of his death in , he still anticipated reimbursement from the U. He stipulated in his will that if his estate should ever receive compensation from the government, then the money should be directed toward the purchase of a bell for the courthouse of his namesake, Vigo County, in Terre Haute.

Basketball," was born in Whiteland. He then joined the legendary New York Rens basketball team. Louis Cardinals. In , the company announced its closing because "it, like many other famous American watch firms, learned that the end of the s was the end of the pocket watch era and that they could not compete with the European market in the new fad of wrist watches. Within hours, workers dispersed throughout the affected area. Red Cross nurses treated the injured at St. Edward Hospital. The tornado killed at least forty-five people, including teachers and students at the "Olden Street Colored School," and injured hundreds more.

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They orbited the earth three times and became the first astronauts to maneuver a spacecraft in orbit. Barrett and Agent Klein were both wounded. Agent Klein, however, was mortally wounded and died at the scene.

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A law made killing a government agent a federal offense, punishable by death. The grassroots, member-led organization presented farmers' issues before local, state, and federal governmental agencies. The Bureau's purpose, as of , is "'to be an effective advocate for farmers and through its policies and programs, promote agriculture and improve the economic and social welfare of member families.

This meeting of the legends skyrocketed the popularity of college basketball. About 18 million households housing 40 million sets of eyeballs—translating to a That broadcast rating still stands as a record. Executive Order allocated resources to combat the outbreak and ordered the state to coordinate a "multi-agency response.

The order authorized Scotty County officials to respond to the epidemic, including implementing a controversial needle exchange program. Scott Co. He, along with James W. All the prominent people met there and discussed the events and gossip of the day. What nation would deny its pioneers and a people who have made such contributions to culture? No government can long endure that fails to guarantee to its people the right to live as human beings. The present government of Germany thus writes its own destruction. In , Indiana University hired year-old Bobby Knight to coach the men's basketball team.

He coached the U. At the time of his termination, he was the all-time leader in Big Ten wins with Five years later, IU merged with the Medical College of Indiana, and established clinical instruction in Indianapolis. This became the IU School of Medicine. In , the IU Medical Center came into being when the first teaching hospital was completed. He hired Bill Polian as general manager, who subsequently drafted quarterback Peyton Manning, running back Edgerrin James, defensive ends Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, and other key players.

As recently as a state senate bill contained a clause to abolish the class tournament, but the senate ultimately struck that provision out of the legislation. Purdue rallied after Stephanie White-McCarty, "an all-American and a player of legendary status in Indiana," suffered an injury during the game. Donnell and his attorney appealed the conviction. Prigg , a pro-slavery decision, was used in this case and elsewhere to benefit the anti-slavery cause.

After dropping out of high school, he moved to New York, where he began his career in the music industry. In , for the first time in NCAA history, two teams from the same conference met in the national title game when Indiana University and Michigan competed for the championship. Scott May and Kent Benson triggered the IU offense, scoring 26 and 25 points, respectively, while leading the Hoosiers to an victory over the Wolverines.

Finishing with a perfect record, Indiana became one of only seven teams to win the NCAA tournament without a loss during the regular season. Coached by Hall of Famer Branch McCracken , the "Hurryin' Hoosiers" used a display of speed to break an early tie and roar to a point lead at halftime against the Jayhawks. IU's 34 percent shooting performance in that game was a figure considered astounding at that time. The Hoosiers, coached by Bobby Knight, put the game away in the second half, jumping out to an point lead seven minutes into the period.

Isiah Thomas became the third Indiana player in school history to win tournament MVP honors after posting 19 of his game-high 23 points in the second half. The title was coach Bobby Knight's third and final with IU, having led the team to victory in and The aircraft burst into flames before spiraling down upon a farm near Bazaar, Kansas. In addition to the "world-wide known football wizard," the crash took the lives of seven other passengers.

He coached the team to a record between and Statistically, IU once again set program marks in points scored 2, and finished tied for second in field goals made and 3-point field goals made The victory represented Notre Dame's first national title in a "revenue-sport" since The Fighting Irish clinched victory in the last second of the game with Arike Ogunbowale's jumper. Two days before, Ogunbowale made another last second shot to beat the previously undefeated University of Connecticut Huskies in the national semifinals.

In , Prohibition went into effect in Indiana, nearly two years before the 18th Amendment to the U. Constitution made it illegal to produce, transport, and sell alcohol in the United States. The state attorney general denied her request five days later and no female candidate for office appeared on the ballot.

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On January 16 of that year, a joint session granted Indiana women the right to vote. In , Julia D. Nelson of Muncie became the first woman to serve in the Indiana General Assembly. In , Chief Justice Salmon P. While awaiting execution in prison, Milligan and his co-conspirators petitioned for a writ of habeas corpus. Huntington Co. Their extinction spurred necessary support from the public for broader wildlife protection.

Miles Medical Company v. John D. The ruling determined that it was unlawful for a manufacturer to set the minimum price at which an independent reseller may sell the product. Miles claimed his company's "distribution system was intended to address deep discounting by department stores that had led consumers to view Dr. Miles' Nervine, Restorative Nerve and Liver pills, and other medicines. In his youth, he served as Honor Guard leader of his local Boy Scout troop and delivered newspapers.

He served as a U. Air Force combat pilot during the Korean War, and subsequently became a flight instructor and test pilot. He later commanded Gemini 3 in In , the command module for Apollo 1 caught fire during a pre-launch test, and killed Grissom and his crew, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee. Over the course of two days, twenty-one tornadoes swept through thirty-eight counties. The cyclones took the lives of approximately fifty-two Hoosiers and injured approximately 1, Bowen undertook an eight hour tour of devastated Indiana cities and "rural Hoosier farmland.

Asserting that education was necessary for representative government, Congress granted Indiana one township of land to support a seminary as part of its admission to statehood in In , lightning destroyed the University Library, Science Building, the Owen Cabinet a collection of 85, fossil and mineral samples , and the Zoological Cabinet, perhaps the largest private collection of fish specimens in the world.

Classes began there in Going against the advice of the chief of police, he decided to keep his next appointment in an African American neighborhood near 17 th and Broadway. He asked that the attendees lower the campaign signs as he climbed the makeshift stage on a flatbed truck.

Shaken, he delivered the tragic news to the audience. He then launched into an impromptu speech about the assassination and urged the crowd to respond with prayer and understanding, as Reverend King would have wished. Of men engaged, the regiment suffered casualties including thirty-four killed, wounded, and one missing. He moved to Evansville in his late twenties where he carved out a musical career as a performer and composer.

He managed a touring minstrel act, but later transitioned to performing with his four children who he taught to play various stringed instruments. Hart and his family moved to Indianapolis around The family orchestra performed for politicians, including governors and presidents, and were regularly scheduled to perform at high society clubs and parties. The NIBT welcomed African American high schools from across the country to compete for a national championship beginning in Roosevelt finished in third place in , but they won the tournament the following year.

This victory inaugurated a period of tournament dominance for Roosevelt, as they won the next five NIBT tournaments in , , , , and there was no NIBT in and In , the IHSAA rescinded its limits on membership and allowed segregated schools to compete in its tournament. Although officials never determined the exact cause of the explosion, it likely started with the ignition of natural gas seeping from a pipe, which then set off gunpowder at sporting goods store Marting Arms.

While cities around the country rioted due to the assassination of Rev. Along with Republic's plant in Farmingdale, New York, the Indiana factory produced over 6, of the fighter planes. The newspaper noted that "The ever-controversial Guns N' Roses started its set on a polite and cautious note. Many early churches served as schools and enriched black social, cultural, and political life.

After visiting the city's riverfront slums, Bacon was convinced that substandard housing caused social problems and worked to regulate tenements and reform child labor laws. After years of lobbying, in , she rejoiced as the Indiana General Assembly passed a law authorizing the condemnation of unsanitary dwellings.

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Bacon became Indiana's foremost "municipal housekeeper," a Progressive Era term for women who applied their domestic skills to social problems plaguing their communities. In , zoologist and sexologist Dr. Kinsey served as director of the institute until his death in He passed away surrounded by his mother, grandparents, and singer Elton John. White acquired the disease through blood transfusions used to treat his hemophilia.

Department of Agriculture. In this role, the Kent native worked to ensure federal protections for food and drug consumers. Wiley received his M. He developed an interest in adulterated food while working as a chemist at Purdue University. During his career, he worked tirelessly to prove the dire need for food regulation. Prior to achieving fame as a novelist, Wallace was a lawyer, politician, and Civil War general.

He is also credited with saving Washington D. A Renaissance man with eclectic talents, Wallace spent most of his adult life in Crawfordsville, where his private study is preserved as a museum and a National Historic Landmark. Bohlen later Bohlen, Meyer, Gibson and Associates in Indianapolis, one of the oldest continuously operating architectural firms. Four generations of Bohlens designed several important landmarks in Indianapolis and the State of Indiana. These include St. According to the Encyclopedia of Indianapolis , the National Register of Historic Places lists over twenty projects completed by the Bohlen firm.

After witnessing the impoverished conditions wrought by the economic depression of , he became a social worker. He served as superintendent of the Municipal Housing Lodge for Vagrants and as director of Chicago's first free dental clinic for children. In , he ran for election to the New York legislature as a Socialist and in campaigned to be governor of Connecticut. The strip debuted in , and ran until Messick, who died in , found success that paved the way for other women cartoonists.

Strauss wrote that the "institution of State Parks furnishes every citizen of Indiana with a personal interest in something higher… [giving] each man, woman, and child a share in a priceless estate. The East Chicago native served as a machine gunner during the Vietnam War. On the day he died, he and his squad were searching for enemy soldiers. De La Garza located one of the Viet Cong and while trying to remove the enemy soldier, witnessed him pull the pin on a grenade. De La Garza placed himself between the blast and his comrades. He sacrificed his life to save theirs.

For his heroic actions, he was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. De La Garza was one of only two Hoosiers so honored for actions in Vietnam. As a Civil War surgeon, he established field hospitals at the battles of Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. He planned the Johns Hopkins Hospital, and in so doing reflected his novel ideas about medical education, hygiene, and sanitation.

Billings served as the first director of the New York Public Library Among his many accomplishments, he also devised more efficient systems to tabulate vital statistics for the U. Switzerland Co. Richardson, Jr. The decision reversed the segregationist policies adopted under the influence of the Ku Klux Klan in The following fall, kindergarten and first grade pupils would attend schools nearest to their homes.

State Department. His revealing publication earned the distrust of the U. Greene Co. It remains to be seen whether it is adapted to our climate. They are not quoted in our seed catalogs.

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The next spring Adrian A. Parsons , likely after a few years of experimentation, planted the first of successive crops of the legume on his Hendricks County farm. Parsons, however, was proved correct as the crop began to become more widely grown in the s and s. By , Indiana ranked second in the nation in soybean production with over 1. In , associate justice on the U. Van Devanter moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory. When Wyoming became a state the following year, Van Devanter became the first chief justice of the court, although he also became the shortest serving chief justice when he resigned shortly thereafter.

In , while serving as an Assistant Attorney General of the United States, he authored a legal opinion that terminated federal recognition of the Miami in Indiana. In , President Theodore Roosevelt nominated him to become a federal judge. Taft nominated Van Devanter the U. Supreme Court, where he served for twenty-seven years. His conservative judicial philosophy led him to consistently oppose New Deal economic and social legislation.

He solidified fame in with the debut of his national NBC radio show. Army and performed numerous comedy shows for the troops. Skelton is remembered for on-screen characters like Freddie the Freeloader. Joseph B. Coolidge were traveling in a jeep to "watch front-line action" when Japanese machine gunners fired from a ridge above and struck down Pyle. They have lost their best friend. Hoosiers mourned his death along with the nation.

Vermillion Co. This was the last championship for the league. The Packers played the season in the NBA. The team withdrew from the league the following season, joined with another professional league, and folded in after five seasons in existence. Manning ushered in nearly a decade of success for the often moribund franchise. During their time at Washington Park , the Indianapolis Indians won three American Association pennants in , , and Dunne spent her childhood in Madison and attended the Indianapolis conservatory of music, before becoming a Hollywood actress. She appeared in forty-two films and earned five Academy Awards nominations for Best Actress.

In , President Dwight D. Eisenhower named her an alternate delegate to the United Nations General Assembly. Dunne delivered the commencement address at St. Mary's College at Notre Dame the following month. Norell crafted costumes, worked under war-time limitations, resisted pressure to substitute quality for quantity, and worked to bring NYC fashion houses on par with those of Paris. The "Dean of American Fashion" won the first Coty Award of fashion for his innovative designs during World War II, which promoted silhouettes that adhered to war-time restrictions on material.

Ristine who was elected alongside Democratic Governor Matthew E. As commandant of the camp, Owen chose to treat prisoners "in such a way 'calculated to make them less restless in their confinement, and likely, when they returned to their homes, to spread among their friends and acquaintances the news that they had been deceived regarding northern men. His leniency sparked criticism, which prompted his open letter to the Journal. Morton to keep Colonel Owen at the camp.

The bust is on display in the Indiana Statehouse. President Rutherford B. Hayes revived the tradition with a White House egg roll in Black cultivated a new and increasingly-professional generation of archaeologists in his work with the Works Progress Administration and Indiana University. Lilly funded Black's work and the two men became lifelong friends. As of , the lab works to "discover new information about the people of Indiana—continuing the work started by Black. In , New York detective William J. The previous year, McNamara had been involved in the bombing of the Los Angeles Times building, which resulted in the death of twenty-one people.

The comic strip depicting the middle class Hoosier family ended when Jackson died in One observer noted, " For more than a score of years the daily doings of this family took precedence in public interest over problems of state, fluctuations of the stock exchange, business depressions and similar relatively unimportant matters.

Army Air Service scored a fifth kill of an enemy pilot in World War I, which qualified him as the second American flying ace. He became the first Hoosier to do so. He would record four more aerial victories before the end of the war. Any enemy flyer succeeded in shooting down Baer in his final air battle on May 22, He survived the crash but the Germans captured and imprisoned him for the remainder of the war. The newspaper reported that "unlike some of the other demonstrations at colleges across the nation, Attucks demonstrators were orderly and without violence.

On September 7, , full integration of Crispus Attucks was implemented. They encouraged the use of soaps with lower levels because of phosphate-polluted lakes and streams. They distributed handbills listing laundry products in order of phosphate content. Mary's College in Bertrand, Michigan in Father Sorin asked the Sisters to search for a location in northern Indiana in which "to look after the laundry and the infirmary. Mary's relocated to St. Joseph County. At the beginning of the war, federal law banned African Americans from armed military service.

In and , Congress passed several laws that authorized the formation of black regiments, and allowed the soldiers to help states fill federal quotas for soldiers. The 28th trained at Camp Fremont in Indianapolis and served valiantly in the Battle of the Crater at Petersburg, Virginia on July 30, , when nearly half of the men were killed or wounded. Following the Battle of the Crater, the decimated ranks of the 28th were filled with recruits and four more companies were raised in Indiana, making it a full regiment again.

The 28th returned to Indianapolis on January 6, to a reception in its honor. The newspaper noted that planners converted the midwestern transportation hub into an entertainment center and that "A room Union Station Holiday Inn, tredny [sic] restaurants and shops have replaced the ticket booths and the tracks once found in the head-house and train shed. In , Indiana basketball luminaries were well represented in the second class of inductees into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Of the eleven inductees that year, four had Indiana roots.

In , Governor Oliver P. According to historian Dr. Anita Morgan , w omen comprised the majority of the arsenal's workers. Morgan noted, " Women were hired for this task because they could be paid lower wages, were considered to be more pliable and obedient workers than men, and were considered to have better dexterity and smaller hands. Although women worked in a different room from men, male supervisors kept watch over them. In , the Sultana , a wooden steam transport contracted by the U. Government, burned and sank on the Mississippi River after its faulty steam boiler exploded several miles north of Memphis, Tennessee.

The ship with a passenger capacity of , was overladen with 2, people, many of whom were malnourished and traumatized Union soldiers who were anxious to return home after being recently released from Confederate prisons like Andersonville and Cahaba. Over 1, passengers perished during the Sultana disaster, which was the worst maritime disaster in American history.

According to recent estimates, of the dead were Hoosiers, with another 30 Hoosier missing. Of the Indiana natives who survived the disaster, many suffered severe burns or other trauma as a result. He tasked the commission with examining the area and determining what could be done to save it from deterioration and desecration. Turkey Run followed soon after. In , at p. The newspaper noted the "quake was felt in practically every part of the city and many thought at first the disturbance was caused by an explosion or by heavy trucks being driven over the streets.

The visitors won The Hoosiers spent three seasons in the National League and compiled a record. The company operated assembly plants in Richmond and Marion The sixty-two year old Riley was a fan of the phonograph, and exchanged recordings with Uncle Remus author Joel Chandler Harris. Basketball, became the first African American from Indiana to sign with a major league baseball team, the Boston Braves.

VanValkenburgh described the order's style as "imperial" and criticized its "total disregard of civil law and the rights of citizens in loyal districts. In response, Gen. Hascall ordered troops to Plymouth to arrest VanValkenburgh on May 4. In , the train carrying the body of assassinated President Abraham Lincoln arrived in Indianapolis. Indiana Governor Oliver P. Morton boarded the train in Richmond and the train arrived in Indianapolis as rain fell. Through streets lit by bonfires and torches, a military escort returned the coffin to Union Depot and the train departed at a.

Teague credits his time in Pendleton, and particularly a book on the history of architecture from the Pendleton High School library, with setting him on the path that would eventually lead him to become a dominant force in American industrial design. He moved to New York City in and by he consulted on industrial design projects for major corporations like Boeing and Texaco. Steel, Du Pont, and Eastman Kodak. By the mids, Teague had established industrial design offices on the East and West Coasts. In April of that year, a prison guard violently beat a naval officer unconscious.

Antrim intervened on behalf of the victim, and offered to take the rest of the punishment. Corydon was the first capital of Indiana when it became a state in and served as the capital city until , when it was transferred to Indianapolis. The Blues lost the game, Over the course of the season, the team compiled a record, and ended up 5 th out of six teams in the NL standings. The team originated in in the International Association, but the team folded after their one and only season in the NL.

The daughter of Robert L. She earned her law degree from Indiana University in before serving as deputy attorney general for Edwin K. In , she was elected a Republican state representative and sponsored bills related to civil rights, abortion, and property rights for married women. Lugar, a Republican, would continue to represent Indiana in the U. Senate until , a span of thirty-six years. In , the steamboat Florence became the first such vessel to travel up the Wabash River when it arrived at Vincennes with cargo. It continued upstream to Terre Haute before returning to Louisville.

Jay Co. In , a riot erupted between groups of African Americans, Irish Americans, and policemen in Indianapolis over the special election for city councilmen. As they approached Pogue's Run, police attempted to disarm them, which spurred a fight between the two groups, as well as Irish bystanders. One African American resident was killed and several were injured, but white residents sustained no injuries.

Following the melee, Mayor John Caven addressed the situation from downtown at the Bates House and urged calm. Local newspapers disagreed on who shouldered the blame for the riot. In , the executive committee of the Local Council of Women convened their first meeting at the Propylaeum. The Local Council undertook key Progressive Era reforms, including issues like suffrage, public sanitation, women in policing, and child labor. Around , Emma Miller Farrabee described the organization as "a born agitator.