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Energy use is growing twice as fast in the Hamptons as on the rest of Long Island. To combat this, a unique program called South Fork Peak Savers offers incentives to residents and business owners to conserve at peak times, promoting sustainability while saving consumers money. During critical peak-usage periods, participants use smart thermostats, and voluntarily allow South Fork Peak Savers to adjust them, with a barely discernable difference in quality of life.

The homeowner is always in control. They are even offered free smart thermostats and significant monetary incentives to participate in the Peak Savers program, Humenik says, and with smart thermostats, consumers save on their bills immediately. A glass breezeway leads to a pool house and wine cellar. The ultimate hideaway features a 2-story great room with a barrel-vaulted ceiling and foot-high stone fireplace. Designed by renowned architect Thierry Despont, every room overlooks gardens, ocean and a freeform gunite pool. Situated on 6 bucolic acres, the 3-bedroom house opens to pretty, pergola-filled patios and an over-sized pool.

Two gourmet kitchens one in the pool house make for easy entertaining. Charm is what buyers seek in Sag Harbor, and 39 Suffolk Street has charm to spare. A separate cottage, lush garden with heated saltwater pool, hammocks and hydrangeas complete the enchanting picture.

Seeking turnkey condo living in Sag Harbor? The historical Watchcase Factory offers the ultimate in luxury and sophistication. Built in , the building is the gold standard of restoration, with a pair of Ascher Davis designed apartments combined into one 2-bedroom, 3-bathroom beauty with three-sided exposure, soaring beamed ceilings, two terraces and a balcony.

Building perks include a private garage, heated saltwater pool and club room, gym, yoga studio and sauna. Lush gardens frame a koi pond Web H Interior decorator Alex Papachristidis shares a few of his favorite ways to establish a more eco-friendly home. Decorating using organic materials used to be very limiting, but we are starting to see more options for organic fabrics, and more vendors using natural and sustainable materials.

They carry a wide variety of organic fabric lines from designers around the world who strive to make their products as natural and chemical-free as possible, while minimizing waste. It is important for us to ensure that the children are living and sleeping in a harm-free environment. They have many options produced with eco-friendly, all-natural, percent handwoven wool. Included is the RJD Gallery Booth , also located in Bridgehampton, and home to multiple galleries in its 3,square-foot space, with a focus on magic realism and emergent to mid-career artists.

He explores bold colors, contrast, tactile surfaces, elusiveness and humor. This 3-level, 9, square foot home has been carefully crafted at 26 Parrish Pond Lane in Southampton. Custom homes designed and crafted for you. Learn more about the details that set DeVito apart: The waters of Montecatini have a history of being restorative. This fabled Italian town, set in the lush green center of Tuscany near Lucca, is the site of healing hot springs first noted some years ago, when a physician-scholar named Ugolino Simoni praised their beneficial effects on local peasants suffering from creaky back pains.

Decades later, Princess Marcella Borghese founded a skin-care institute on-site and developed a treatment line based on its miraculous mud. Today, the grounds still draw tourists willing to pay the six euro entrance fee to marvel at its mosaic murals, or stay for a costlier three-day beauty detox. Now another big name has been added to the roster of Montecatini mavens: Madonna. Frank, whose practice is based in New York City. Frank, one that contributes to a firmer, smoother and more even-looking texture. Gregg Renfrew, founder and CEO of Beautycounter, stresses the need for clean products in our bodies and environment both in her life and business.

Here, she shares some items for keeping mindful—and radiant—in the summertime. I also dab some on my cheeks in a pinch. I keep these bars stocked in my office, my bag and my car for an easy snack between meals. My signature color is a great red called No. They even have mini travel-size bottles to stash in your purse if you need a quick fix while on the move. I love anything that is good for me and for the environment.

Replacing plastic water bottles is an easy way to be environmentally conscious and a step toward a healthier lifestyle. It also comes with a super-soft percent muslin cloth. The single back tie is perfect. Montauk has become my home away from home. The people and beauty are truly indescribable. I wear this goddess coin necklace every day. The best in Korean beauty, from the 1 luxury brand to the latest cult hits, picked by popular demand. Gerry Curatola makes a return to East Hampton with Rejuvenation Health, a new full-service biologic dental, medical and wellness center.

Eighty-six percent of disease—everything from diabetes to leukemia—has signs or symptoms in the mouth, says Curatola. And for those just wanting a natural beauty boost, drop by for organic treatments for skin, hair, and body care, with the most current lasers and regenerative therapies.

After relocating his practice to Manhattan and focusing his energies on creating Revitin, an innovative, natural toothpaste packed with prebiotics, and authoring his new book, The MouthBody Connection, Curatola is returning to the very space he vacated six years ago. Only this time, his goal for holistic health in the community has expanded. Rather, the fully revamped space will house biologic another term for holistic dental, Meet the hairdressers who are now opting for nontoxic alternatives. A frizz-defying protein-based cream is the hottest treatment this season at this busy salon.

Revolve also offers five different clay treatments to detoxify and hydrate the hair, including a quick-fix hyaluronic acid and red clay procedure that takes only 10 minutes. He uses the Seeds line. A line of innovative, wrinkle-reducing, reusable, silicone patches for men and women. Clinically proven to work all night. SiO helps everyone feel confident and radiant at any age. Visit SiOBeauty. But looking younger is not the sole goal; von Mueffling emphasizes that French women always try to look best for their age, and embrace wherever they are in life. She notes that French beauty rituals are kinder and gentler than American ones.

The secret to great skin is double cleansing, she says. Round one gets rid of impurities, pollution and makeup. Then apply your favorite toner with a cotton pad. She says that people vastly underestimate the power of massage, and that it can tone the skin, improve circulation and minimize lines—for free! She recommends skipping the makeup and instead making sure skin is well hydrated, as airplane air is very drying.

For beauty emergencies in flight, Von Mueffling relies on a kit that includes a travel-size hand sanitizer and moisturizer; a nail file; lip balm; some herbal teas; and some healthy snacks such as almonds. Von Mueffling also wears compression stockings, which she says help improve the circulation and are excellent for cellulite and varicose veins. Our unprecedented standards for service and healthy living provide unique opportunities to enjoy the best of each locale.

Timeless memories await you and your loved ones at Discovery Land Company properties. Our FACET: Hamptons Fine Jewelry Designer Showcase features a blend of emerging student designers, alongside established jewelry designers, for a boutique shopping experience highlighting unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry. A former fashion and beauty editor at Cosmopolitan magazine from to to , Hessel first started designing bridesmaid dresses for her own wedding, in After that, Hessel Cohen began playing around with her creations, which she eventually launched as a full-fledged line in It kept evolving very organically.

Is there anything more promising than the perfect summer dress? Come spring, finding one is often a seasonal ritual for many women, a quest that offers a glimpse into what the upcoming months could look like. There is the prospect of a floral-printed ruffle for an alfresco dinner LoveShackFancy is party, linen for beachside located in a landmark clambakes, a flirty number s house.

The promise of a summer dress—in all its bare-legged, sandal-clad glory—is also, in essence, the promise of a summer well-lived. For the past few summers, Rebecca Hessel Cohen has provided many of those dresses with her ready-to-wear line LoveShackFancy. Rebecca Hessel Cohen creates a magical garden of fashion delights at her romantic new flower-strewn shop, LoveShackFancy in Sag Harbor. E qua l Housing Opportu nity. The decision to open a shop in the Hamptons was a natural one for the editor turned designer. The boutique will also feature a curation of one-of-a-kind pieces that Hessel Cohen has hunted down, like actual antique Victorian dresses and laces, antiques and home linens.

She also tapped vintage jewelry dealer Jill Heller among other jewelers for a collection of baubles, which will be on offer next to vintage Indian saris, Liberty print slippers, hair clips and flower crowns from Paris. But perhaps the biggest first impression the Love Shack makes is in its flowers. They are everywhere, with bouquets in giant urns and tin buckets, in garlands that line the shelves. Shoppers can expect the blooms to be refreshed regularly, and can also purchase cut flowers and arrangements. This has always been the great dream of my life.

Cashmere is at the core of our collection.

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The timeless quality of this elegant yarn is what I have always been attracted to. You never want to part ways with a cashmere item from your wardrobe. It creates an emotional connection with the person wearing it. What was your idea back then, and how has the company evolved? BC: In , with a bank loan of only half a million lire, I found a knitwear factory willing to manufacture my sweaters. The success was instant, and to meet the growing number of orders, I was forced to make people believe I had 72 employees.

In fact I was a one-man band, packing and dispatching the sweaters myself. Often I would answer the telephone using voices of nonexistent secretaries and factory workers. Most designers in business want to be as big as possible and get there as fast as they can. Why not you? BC: I think the key to creating a collection that comple-. What initially drew you to the Hamptons? It is easy to admire its sophistication, artistic roots, pristine land and long stretches of beach. The communal spirit, charm and serene beauty are all reminiscent of the close-knit community in Solomeo [his hometown in Perugia, Italy].

I feel in line with the locals as well as the visitors who want to respect and preserve the land and culture in the hopes of leaving it more beautiful than they found it. The aesthetic of Brunello Cucinelli is best described as casual luxury, which East Hampton most certainly embodies, Brunello making the two a perfect fit. Cucinelli is Our clothing truly allows one to committed to wellness and look and feel put together, even giving back. What do you remember about your childhood and how on earth did you first get interested in fashion, especially cashmere?

BC: Until I was 15 years old, we were very needy. My family, we were farmers. We worked the land using animals, not machinery. We had no electricity. There was a lot of silence, quiet. But we lived a very serene life. We were joyful. I still hold beautiful memories of those years. And when we actually moved to the city, my father took a job at a factory and was subject to humiliation.

He was demeaned. That was the beginning of my perspective on how people should be treated. He came from humble beginnings and rose to the top of the fashion heap, but Brunello Cucinelli has never forgotten his roots. From paying his employees 20 percent more than the industry average to working out two hours a day, Cucinelli thoroughly embodies the Purist spirit.

Even though my design team is constantly scouring the globe for great new movements in fashion, architecture, art and design, our village, removed from the hustle of bigger cities, allows us to focus on our craft and not lose sight of our mission. BC: When you take care of your employees by giving them a nicer work environment, better offices, and a work-life balance that allows them to be with their families, these additions will ultimately make them more creative, productive and committed. As a result of this philosophy, we have been able to create a beautiful, Italian-made product that is not only luxurious and with high craftsmanship, but also maintains integrity.

My company is only as strong as the people behind it. AC: I love how committed you are to giving back: You give away 20 percent of your profits to your foundation, the Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation. BC: The idea of extending my efforts outside of fashion came from the passion of wanting to make a positive difference and impact on others.

My vision is to continue a brand experience beyond clothing, to give back to the community, and to ultimately create a better quality of life for all the people around our company and town. Today, we have created a youth center, a school of arts and crafts, a theater, a hospital and a library. It brings me serenity and pleasure to create change beyond what the brand is doing in fashion.

The focus of the Foundation has been embracing and preserving humanity. We are very inspired by nurturing our culture, country and family values, and continually keeping ourselves open to new ideas and opportunities to give back. AC: Since this is a magazine about wellness, what is your secret to looking like you age backward? I read that you practice yoga. BC: I believe that there are three things in life that you must absolutely do for yourself, because nobody else can do it.

Before I turned 45, I would spend half an hour a day working out. I start with an hour of swimming every morning. After swimming, I do about 20 minutes of a series of exercises called the Five Tibetan Rites, which is an ancient form of yoga. I have done it ever since, and have given the book to all my friends. Many people note health benefits, such as hair growing back.

I think it is essential to also devote some time to oneself through reading and reflecting. I have always maintained that the quality of our products is the result of the inner quality we all have. Is that part of it, to eliminate some of the decision-making in your life? I have staples in my wardrobe, like white cotton buttons-downs, a navy travel blazer, cargo corduroy pants and my favorite Western-style leather belt. AC: You married your hometown sweetheart. BC: I think we have always respected each other, and we still find time to laugh and have fun with friends, even after so many years together.

We still give each other compliments, and I make sure she feels special and important. We go on walks together and talk, plus we make family holidays an important tradition, even as the kids age. Talk to us for comprehensive and highly personalized insurance solutions. I think the easiest way to pull an outfit together is with your accessories.

This is a fun read that shows people how to finish any outfit. I love the flirty floral print of this dress. Here, chief merchant Silvia Merati shares a few of her favorites. Throw this skirt on with a tee and some sneakers for a day of running around out East. Try them in white or a bold color for a bit of playfulness. Add fun sunglasses and flats to complete the look. Her shoes have a minimalist aesthetic but are exactly what you need to refine your look. Intermix, 87 Main St. It also looks great worn as a bodysuit with wide-legged pants or denim shorts.

Wear it with denim or a cropped pant—it always looks great. Doggwiler SC: Any of our salads can be ordered without the dairy items. We also have a melitzanosalata eggplant spread, spanakorizo rice pilaf with spinach and gigantes plaki giant beans in tomato sauce.

CC: You are also an event designer and planner—how did you create a Mediterranean atmosphere? SC: From the moment you walk in, you are transported to Greece with Greek music, the aromas from the grill, the decor that includes pieces from my own collection, and lots of textures that feel earthy and warm. I wanted to add a modern, elegant twist as well, which I did with our beautifully curated china and serving bowls. CC: Greeks kind of invented wellness.

What is your personal wellness regimen? SC: I make it a point to walk, eat well, sleep well and most importantly to gather a parea, which is Greek culture is a gathering of friends and loved ones for sharing good times, philosophies, ideas and loads of laughter. Elaia Estiatorio, 95 School Street, Bridgehampton, elaiaestiatorio.

So finally we decided to go for it. SC: We stick to traditional, rustic food. Greek food is naturally healthy, delicious and simple. We use lots of Greek olive oil, but also free-range organic chicken, local fish, Greek oregano and honey from Crete. CC: What are your favorite dishes besides the ever-popular tiganita crispy eggplant and zucchini slices with tzatziki sauce and spanakopita spinach pie?

SC: Our grilled octopus, the grilled fish with latholemono a sauce made from olive oil, lemon and oregano ; and arni kleftiko, a slow-cooked lamb shank wrapped in parchment paper and served with beautiful vegetables. CC: Are there any vegan options? The ethos of bringing together friends and Beginning July 4, Ritsch and Young host an entertainment market, where shoppers can purchase everything from cheese boards and salads to hostess gifts and pies.

Ritsch envisions kids picking tomatoes from the garden, while parents sip honey margaritas with bee pollen salt at one of the alfresco tables. At Salt Drift Farm, celebrated Hamptons caterers bring flavorful, sustainable food to casual restaurant dining. Go to southforkpeaksavers. Kohlrabi, anyone? Baskets are aesthetically styled—often touched off with sprigs of lavender or flowering chives. By late summer, tomatoes, onions, eggplant and peppers round out the mix. Today, CSAs are a booming trend, springing up throughout the East End, where rich growing lands sit shoulder to shoulder with beach houses, and residents value locavore eating and eco-friendly agriculture.

Fish lovers buy in to support local fishermen and in return receive a weekly passel of fresh-from-the-boat catch, along with a seafood salad and two premade seafood dishes. SAMPLE BOX: Each share box contains a filet of fish or a shellfish like scallops ; a prepared seafood salad such as calamari or fluke ceviche , and a prepared frozen dish such as stuffed yellowtail flounder or crab cakes.

Members at this storied acre former plantation also get a hit of culture when they come to collect their weekly bounty. Tours of the historic home and Shakespeare on the lawn top the list of extracurriculars. Volunteers who commit to a certain number of hours receive discounts on their shares. July marks a transition from leafy greens to carrots, cucumbers, green beans and tomatoes.

In August look for peppers, eggplant, onions and garlic. September brings sweet potatoes, squash, broccoli and kale. The Halsey family grows 15 varieties of lettuce and 15 different herbs. One tick can carry multiple pathogens. It is entirely possible to be infected with more than one of these diseases all from the same tick bite! The best way to remove a tick is to grab it as close to the head as possible, with very pointy tweezers, and pull up with a slow and steady motion.

Ticks are still active in the winter! Even if they freeze they are not dead. You could also be infected with a different tick borne disease that does not result in a rash. When I come in from outdoors I throw my clothes into the washing machine to kill the ticks. Actually, put your clothes in the dryer first, on high heat for about 15 minutes. Ticks can survive in the washing machine, and in the hamper.

I just take a science-backed, real world-tested approach to designing programs that actually work. AR: All the time. How does diet factor into the equation? Exercise and nutrition are two sides of the same coin. The lean body is just a side. Does that ever get to be too much? AR: Never. I love what I do, and could talk about it for hours. DS: Can you talk a little about Good Eats? AR: A friend who does a lot of community work in Harlem told me about this elementary school on th Street where the kids eat all of their meals during the week at the school, through federally subsidized programs.

So I asked him, what do they do on the weekends? I said, you mean to tell me that while I was running around enjoying a carefree weekend, there were dozens of little kids a few miles from my apartment who were literally starving? And he said, no man. But you created Good Eats to do something about it. Tell us how your idea works. AR: Every weekend, volunteers go On Monday, they bring the backpacks back and we do it, again.

DS: Amazing. Do you create the meal plans? AR: Yup. Then my team and I order the food each week from our wholesalers. Each meal is nutrient-dense, prioritizing vegetables, healthy fats and protein. The less we pay for food, the more kids we can feed. This is a very real problem and we have the power to fix it, right now.

You just have to ask yourself, what are you going to do about it? When megawatt celebrities and athletes need to get in shape to dominate the screen or field, they call strength and nutrition coach Adam Rosante. But recently, Adam answered a new call: feeding hungry kids, every weekend. Artist, entrepreneur and Good Eats supporter David Sokolin meets the soul provider. A true indoor-to-outdoor living concept emulated from the oceanfront homes of Malibu, this new construction is a perfect balance of California beach chic and sophisticated modern design.

Web H Erica Grossman, Lic. Salesperson, O: Certain breakfast cereals and snack foods such as Oreo cookies and Doritos contain the most glyphosate, health advocacy groups charge. And yet, farmers across America continue to spray it on crops, from corn to wheat to soybeans. One concern is that plants are growing resistant to glyphosate, and so farmers are spraying it in higher concentrations.

Edward F. Group, founder of Global Healing Center, in a YouTube video explaining the dangers of this substance. The controversy over the pesticide glyphosate is heating up this year, with a pivotal lawsuit lodged against chemical giant Monsanto by a California man dying of cancer, and more questions raised about whether eating food containing the chemical is harmful to humans. What is glyphosate? Developed in by Monsanto, its use on farms across America has since increased fold. The weed killer glyphosate, used abundantly on crops across the country, comes under fire.

Salesperson Office: This allows you to avoid the misery of long starvation diets while reaping their waist-trimming benefits. A typical day might include tea and a handful of nuts for breakfast, olives as a snack and vegetable soup for both lunch and dinner. But in recent years, going without food for 12, 16 or even 24 hours has become a popular way to shed excess pounds. A growing body of research suggests that intermittent fasting can lower body fat; reduce risk factors for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer; and improve markers for aging.

In turn, the theory goes, they can become stronger and more resistant to various diseases. If even the thought of fasting makes you hangry, Longo would have to agree. After spending decades studying the effects of extreme calorie restriction on bacteria, yeast cells, lab mice and humans, he deemed fasting too difficult for people to adhere to—and dangerous outside of a clinical setting.

Aside from the psychic toll of going hungry for long periods, pushing your body to the limit can raise the risk for gallstones and other problems. So Longo came up with a new plan that mimics fasting, Intermittent fasting is said to speed weight loss and slow the signs of aging. Will the Hunger Games diet work for you?

Studies at Reading University in the U. Clean, simple and flavorful: Restaurateur Kirk Basnight of Red Bar and Little Red in Southampton shares his favorite seasonal ingredients and dishes for a midsummer feast. Kirk Basnight snips fresh herbs from his garden for crowd-pleasing dishes. I like to do my favorite dishes, incorporating things I grow in my garden, for my friends and family on Sundays, when we gather around the pool or are out on the boat. They spin it fresh for me on Sunday morning. I dress it with basil—all the spices I use come from my own garden in the back; I also have rosemary and cilantro.

At Little Red, one of my new favorites is lobster and avocado toast. Avocado and lobster are a good marriage. In the summer, our farm in Virginia had strawberries. The peach flavor just came out, and it is unbelievable. Because I came from a big strawberry farm, I always do strawberries, blueberries and blackberries over the ice cream. The blueberries and blackberries come straight from my garden out back. The color is great, and the taste is even better; the berries out here are exceptional.

So, in season I will take the corn and add that to a pancetta and mozzarella salad. If I have time, I like to grill it on the grill top. Passionate about the Hamptons. Experts in all things luxury and waterfront. Committed to using our luxury brand marketing and cutting-edge technology to bring each and every property from just listed to sold. Boundless Reach. Remarkable Brand. Westhampton Beach Three local farms offer a bounty of feel-good harvests.

Falkowski is proud to point out that CBD is one of the two main components of cannabis sativa along with THC, the chemical compound which induces a high. Hemp is defined as containing. Medicinally, CBD oil is used for everything from reducing anxiety to promoting sleep. Falkowski, who says he takes 15 to 20 milligrams of CBD. The fields typically bloom from late June to mid-July. Neither pasteurized nor homogenized, raw milk not only creates more flavorful cheeses, it is also considered a healthy alternative to processed milk.

Josh Axe. Favorites of the nine cheeses produced at Mecox Bay Dairy include Atlantic Mist a cross between a brie and a Camembert , the pungent Mecox Sunrise, and a fresh ricotta. For so many, that. East Hampton. Atlantic Mist cheese, similar to brie, is a favorite. Bay St. Three giant coolers around the side of the farmhouse store are stocked with fresh-off-the-boat fish and shellfish like sea scallops, local striped bass, tuna and shrimp.

For dessert, in addition to the classics like berry crisps and fudge brownies, they offer satisfying fruit salads like spiced grapes with almonds, raisins and allspice, as well as apples and apricots with lemon, pistachio, rose water and sumac.

The Stinkells in Stankwell

In , with backgrounds in the finance and culinary industries, respectively, entrepreneurs Tiana Tenet and Jill Donenfeld launched The Culinistas, a service providing private chefs for weekly cooking needs and special occasions for residents of New York City.

COOL AS CUKES The cucumber is a nutrient-, fiber- and water-rich low-calorie fruit with plant compounds and antioxidants that lower blood sugar levels and prevent illness and chronic disease, while increasing physical performance and metabolism. Paired with mint for sorbet or a chilled soup, with watercress for sandwiches, with radishes and raspberries for salad, or with water a spa favorite , cucumbers—pickled, too—lend freshness and flavor to simply everything.

The Garden is now an extension of the Jean Georges dining room with an outdoor menu created by JG himself for a perfect afternoon and evening of outdoors dining in the Hamptons. The add day dining menu is accompanied by live bands or DJs on the weekend and will host a variety of events this summer including a 4th of July picnic and pool party along with Monte Carlo casino night in early August. ELLE A formidable career as a model was just the beginning. At age 54, Elle Macpherson is living each day as clean, green and active as possible while building an empire with WelleCo, creating products that nourish the body on a cellular level, and opening a new store in NYC this summer.

How has your perspective on wellness shifted over the years? My nutritionist, Dr. Simone Laubscher Ph. It was clear wellness and beauty were merging into one, so we founded WelleCo in to bridge the two concepts. Our mission was to pioneer and explore new ingredients and formulations with real integrity. We have done this at WelleCo from the very start, and continue to as we expand. Since launching, the industry has gained momentum, especially at the premium end.

We were the first to take a natural ingestible onto the beauty floor at Selfridges three years ago. Plant-based supplements remain central to our business. We are proud to have spearheaded this change in the wellness market. When the body is nourished effectively at a cellular level, it shows on the outside. I take two heaping teaspoons of Super Elixir Greens daily in filtered water. It is formulated with 45 plant-based, whole food ingredients that the body recognizes and absorbs at xxx.

I combine this with organic whole foods— vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Plus, lots of water. Laubscher explained to me that nourishment and maintaining a healthy pH balance assists with lowering acidity in the body that can lead to inflammation, low energy, weight gain and accelerated aging of the cells.

It has transformed the way I feel, and made me realize what a profound impact good nutrition can have on the way I feel, and how this can show on the outside. The nutrients work together to help maintain a healthy pH range, which I have learned is the best way to nourish the body right down to the mitochondria. When Dr. We chose horsetail and omega-3 for healthy hair, skin and nails; probiotics and prebiotics to support digestion, shiitake and maitake mushrooms, which, when combined, are great for the immune system. The WelleCo flagship NYC store at the corner of Broome and Crosby Streets will provide a tangible experience for our customers who are looking for science-backed, plant-based supplements to improve the way they feel, and add to their lifestyle.

I wanted to have an impact on the development side and Enix had a very strong reputation in the industry at that time, so it felt like the right opportunity. At the time, I was sure that players valued action over the simulation sequences. They wanted to be challenged; pushed to new levels of difficulty. I pushed Enix away from retaining the sim part of ActRaiser and toward a more challenging, visually beautiful action game. I made that decision because I believed I knew what the consumer wanted. You have to take the time to hear what people have to say, read all the feedback, read all the comments, and truly understand what people seek in their experiences.

Though it was a very strong action game, I removed the soul from ActRaiser and that was a really hard but important lesson that I carry with me today. The first James Pond game was similar to Ecco the Dolphin, however Robocod offered more traditional platforming fare, inspired by the console games that designer Chris Sorrel was playing in his spare time.

This presented some intriguing level designs, where vertical navigation was as important as horizontal progression. Although Super James Pond was a game loved by many, its offbeat, quirky British humour meant it failed to make a significant splash around the world.

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This was a relatively expensive These included iterations such as Championship piece of software, and with most purchasers being Edition and Turbo in quite quick succession. These parents, it was a hard sell to get them to buy were essentially the same game but with tweaks to another Street Fighter game for their kids. We thought reach the heights of the original Street Fighter II. The Round Force, Shadow Force and Cyclone Force all give your ship new enhancements, abilities and laser types, depending on the kinds of power-ups you collect throughout the level.

When charged, this cannon has a rapid-fire ability, with huge, devastating firepower. The only drawback is that it overheats your ship quickly and you must cool down to use it again. Fans will know the difficulty is high, as your ship is a one-hit wonder, and the skills needed to survive the onslaught of enemies are massive, but the reward is great.

It was hard to stand out in a field comprised of the very best from Konami, Taito, Irem, Sega, etc. Bosses are huge, flinging massive amounts of projectiles at you from all different angles, and featuring multiple hit zones for you to target and dismantle piece by piece. It certainly helps to have those extra few milliseconds to navigate your way through a barrage of enemy fire. This combined with the awe-inspiring array of red-hot death spewing from your fully powered-up ship leads to a very satisfying, very intense experience.

I was sent a package with a few photos Alien3 with my good friend Nick Jones on board of the sets and some very small photographic slides. Only one Alien, no squinting at these slides in front of a lamp! How do we turn that into a fun Aliens game? Thankfully the game that just looked like Alien3. It was the first time I had a console that pushback from the publisher when they saw our could produce realistic art. I was surprised how updates. Thankfully no one even mentioned it, close we came to matching the movie. Batman Returns, thankfully, bucked the trend back in as being not only a good superhero game, but also a quality movie tie-in.

Another nickname However, a visit to the US with industry veteran Namco. Like so Island. Because Sega successful, thanks in no small console in that region. Lode only owned the rights to the part to the PC boom in Japan, Runner shifted 1. The Adventure Island shelves.

It was the perfect marriage: its homeland, the PC Engine was Hudson would benefit from not a global smash. The North The Super Bomberman series working with hardware that American release — renamed was, for many players, an entry was powerful enough to fulfil its TurboGrafx — failed in the face point for the franchise, arguably lofty ambitions, while NEC had a of the Sega Genesis and Super responsible for giving the character promising route into the lucrative Nintendo, and this may well widespread fame in the West.

Revealed in , the competition in its homeland. The company face of the company forever for. Somewhat foolishly, Hudson supported the PlayStation, and ultimately lead to its retreat and NEC had built a console Saturn and Nintendo 64 with its from the world of video game almost entirely preoccupied with biggest games and fostered new development and publishing. Legend of Bank in Japan collapsed as eclipsed by the real-time allure Water for the PlayStation, the Asian financial bubble of true 3D graphics.

The pair had plus Bulk Slash and Willy burst. In by this Japanese veteran will at the time was more like 70 per it became a wholly owned hopefully live on in the hearts cent. The bank was declared subsidiary of Konami, while the and minds of those who enjoyed bankrupt and Hudson — which US-based Hudson Entertainment them the first time around. The found its finances thrown into following year Hudson effectively disarray.

Bomberman R — the first Its knight in shining armour was mainline Bomberman title for that a new generation rival publisher Konami, which quite some time and a launch was dawning, and. This was not the glorious rebirth that Hudson fans had perhaps hoped for. An attempt to update its most famous franchise with a dark, sci-fi storyline, the game was lambasted by critics and sold badly. Rare is franchise as a rival to Teenage Mutant to be commended for its technical Ninja Turtles.

Invented by Chis and prowess and the inventiveness of Tim Stamper, it was also intended to the locations and characters. The difficulty level in This third game in the series is the later stages is pretty much off the pretty much an upgraded remake chart, so unless you possess an excess of the NES original, in which one of patience, a photographic memory or two players punch and kick their and some spare controllers, you way across six stages en route to a might want to give this one a miss. As well as hand-to-hand combat sections, the game features vehicle racing stages and bonus rounds, with a variety of vertical and multidirectional scrolling.

Records, which was 2 Unlimited's label. The downtown L. We would and BioMetal logos on the back! Back then we would have been shipping things physically. Mascot platformers were a dime a dozen by the time this title released in , and the idea of a super-fast animal hero with attitude was nothing new. Again, your tolerance for the in-game dialogue can either make this a good or bad thing. The game was an arcade conversion and we got the arcade machine and, fortunately, a copy of the source graphics but not the programming. So it was up to us to play the arcade machine well enough to get the mechanics and tuning — a rough day at the office!

Even someone who just wanted to use our computers to practise art in the evening was assigned to develop the shadows under the characters — she went on to become a full-time employee for the next ten years or so. It was also my idea to destroy the floor and other objects by shooting them with the machine gun.

And if a bullet hits a cannon, the cannon also becomes damaged or destroyed. I remember the programmer hating the idea. But I suggested making minor things destructible in every stage, and we talked about how that had never been done before. Sometimes — they found homes in other projects. It was such NCS Corp — a wonderful time. We always lot of approval I had to go through with Disney got along with Disney and had a great working before we could bring anything to market.

During development, there were subscribers of Nintendo Power, basically touting Disney animators going to Japan and Japanese the game. On my end, whether it was any type The videocassette was expensive but it paid off — we had huge returns from it. A Feeler Horn or a Dual Horn? These are whatever it takes to bite your way into Eden. Each upgrade takes you one step closer to Eden, a promised land for highly-evolved species. Biting, and eventually tail-swinging, comprise almost the entirety of gameplay in E.

Seeing your fish become a lizard, a mammal, and ultimately an abomination of your own design, is worth the many mouthfuls.

Game Grumps: YOU FREAK!!

In an effort to achieve this, I had a creative meeting with the man himself, Steven Spielberg, and was really impressed with his ideas and sheer passion and enthusiasm. We had a great meeting in his office where he actually demonstrated a reasonable knowledge of video games.

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  8. He was one of my true heroes and so this was quite a special event for me. I also had an amazing meeting with Stan Winston, which included a tour of his studio where I watched them sculpting the raptors, whilst surrounded by props from the likes of Terminator 2 and Aliens. Unfortunately, we only had about six to nine months to design and develop the entire game and so our ambition was slightly thwarted by the tight deadline but it turned out pretty well. And if you stop alternate-timeline spin-off of the long-running shooting for a while, your fighter glows yellow — at TV series, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross.

    Scrambled Valkyrie is a spectacular shooter, fast and exciting with a varied range of enemy craft The action starts by selecting one of three ships and backdrops, plus some great visual effects. Development was running a bit late, so the publisher panicked and demanded we do something to get the game back on schedule. The only thing possible was to completely remove the RPG elements as this was the least developed section. We were using sprite priorities in an unusual way, and this led to parts of sprites disappearing in some rooms.

    Every re-submission required a video of the game being played from start to end, so every re-submission meant me buying a three-pack of minute VHS tapes, and spending all day playing the game again. In the end we managed to get someone higher up at Nintendo to understand the issue, and he waved the game through. Nintendo testers sent us a certificate saying we held the record for the longest game ever in QA!

    So in terms of information, games magazines ruled the day. Here are some of the reminiscences Welcome of the editors, writers and publishers who to the made these much-loved magazines back in the day… magazine library Arakawa decided to expand it In , our ambition grew to publishing a fully- to a full paid subscription magazine. But what to call the magazine? He wanted to use the Mountain theme park.

    While standing in line for a magazine to help players finish their games and ride, we brainstormed the name. First we recalled feel satisfied with their purchase and experience. Four issues were all of the detailed game maps. The place was called DieHard Gamers Club. We hit it off Commodore Format, when we were approached pretty well and helped them source arcade games to launch a new magazine covering the NES, Game for the shop and would just hang out and talk about Boy and the soon-to-be-released SNES.

    I believe games. I offered to design his ads in exchange for store credit. We decided to do a test and made the with the name Total! I think it was the idea of our next catalogue for the game club into a miniature publisher Steve Carey, and to this day I dislike it; magazine and called it GameFan.

    A school friend of mine, Don James, had recently become crushingly obvious that the just started working there and told me they needed backbone of the company was going to be single help running the warehouse and shipping so I format video game magazines of every stripe. I was also senior editor of the specialist taste in the UK. Once the button was Nintendo Power magazine; it was a busy time. It was Terry Wolfinger. So we asked Terry if he could draw the art for the first issue. And with cover.

    Terry agreed. We later found out from Terry this move, I learned how both luck and persistence that he actually drew the art for a series of Heavy can help mould a career. Metal-themed videos — not Heavy Metal magazine. His cover art was awesome! I think we printed 5, copies. We had We talked briefly, and he asked me to send him no distributor, so Jay Puryear took a bunch of boxes some writing samples.

    True to his word, Shoe reached. Demanding work The only thing that comes and intense deadline schedules were just part of the close to the fun of actually playing story. Being part of an incredible team, making great friends, and becoming immersed in an exciting a game is sharing that fun.

    I worked my way with others. I hope Nintendo from copy editor to reviews editor and finally to Power did just that. We were still scared the team to review all the layouts, which I hated. I would often be making down on us. They were painstaking to relationship and had a really great time. My first trip to Japan was in March of , which was, interestingly enough, my first flight on a commercial airplane. At 18 years old, I was as green to world travel as they come.

    I was in Helen McCarthy, who became our anime expert, absolute heaven! To get the mag to press we started doing longer and longer days and eventually had to something. By the end I was a broken man — and we had to immediately start on issue 2. Those days were not fun! Then a number of designers struggled looked amazing, because we knew the secret to with the logo, not quite understanding the idea that video capture excellence , to shot-by-shot maps of we wanted it to look sort of Japanese and weird, entire levels, painstakingly cut-out character art until our most junior guy at the time, the very from the game, way before there was transparency talented Jez Bridgeman, finally nailed it by in layouts, and, of course, cool hand-drawn artwork putting a graphic reference to a joypad from Terry Wolfinger.

    Every page was crammed button between the U and the P. But it was terrible in a good way. By players, for players. The senior management poor, but we never succumbed to that pressure! So there that the successive Electronic Gaming Monthly was a bit of a struggle between my group and the EGM became the number one magazine! The early and friendliness. As a Super Play reader you really issues of EGM were all about being first with the of felt part of a Super Play insider club where information and being honest in our assessment frequent trips to Akihabara to pick up the latest of the games and products we reviewed.

    My games were just part of the monthly excitement. We tried hard to of the fallout. As long as we wrote the magazine go the extra mile to make it all pretty special. I still for the readers I knew we would be fine. From the hub, Herras can visit the canteen for information, head to the garage to repair and upgrade his Mech, or go to headquarters to accept a mission. Completion of each mission is rewarded with money, and the player can haggle to earn more. Mode 7 is used for the 3D effects, zooming down as the Mech lands on the target planet from a dropship before showing the battle from the cockpit.

    The player is able to target specific parts of an enemy mech to cause damage, but must be careful to manage heat levels in his own mech as the action heats up. Jets enable the mech to fly short distances. Part of the series of well-liked MechWarrior games, the SNES version offers a long main story as well as optional side missions. From the very first pixel sprite design by Akira Kitamura it used that palette.

    There were reds, but they were very garish reds. But that was the way the Famicom worked. If we had not had those limits, perhaps Mega Man would have been red. I wanted to take the opportunity to design a character I really liked, and make him the lead character. That character was Zero! I wanted a character that was more like Han Solo rather than Luke Skywalker. But if you make Han Solo, Luke still has to be the main character, right? So Mega Man still had to be the main character, but I gave Zero all the cool traits. Designing Mega Man was supposed to be my responsibility, but I gave that job to my subordinate so I could focus on Zero!

    He was my personal character, and I designed him that way. It involved lots of scaling to fit onto a much smaller system, and we came up with a lot of unique techniques for compression, code conversion and a bunch of other things. Overall I think it turned out pretty good. We were making the most violent video game at the time and they were trying to pass laws to have it removed from the state completely.

    The mechanics of those games required very small character sprites to support many objects on screen at once. Those limitations pushed me away from exploring the digitising techniques that were being used on other games produced in our studio at the time. We were forced into simple designs and one or two distinct colours or geometric shapes for each character.

    These were good, universal character design principles that are just as relevant today as they were back then, and I think a big reason why the characters remain pop culture icons 25 years later. Sometimes this meant using that particular player, or painstaking efforts tying special animations to the game play. So in the to use the same organ music ditties that played in NHL series, this meant things like if you checked the actual arenas, or the crowd meter which was an opposing player into your own bench, it took tied to how fierce the action on the ice was and him just a little longer to untangle himself and get impacted the players.

    I believe these nuances back to the action. If you hit a certain pixel dead helped give the early EA Sports NHL games the on behind the net with a slap shot the glass would popularity they continue to enjoy decades later. This amalgam of real-time strategy and traditional RPG battles has you lead the Liberation Army against the Zeteginan Empire, but your persona is not assigned automatically. As you answer each question, your character aligns closer to good — or evil. This moral alignment pervades all aspects of the game, influencing available classes, reputation, and even your strength by day or night.

    When enemies are met on the map, the ensuing RPG-style battles play themselves, with the player only able to arrange troops and give vague orders to affect how they turn out. But this belies the great strategic depth the game offers and is part of what makes it such a unique entry in Japanese strategy RPGs. The lack of a two-player mode with a small arsenal of high-tech weaponry is positively criminal. Take that, you pesky inter-dimensional robotic crustaceans.

    It was never completed, but Rare although Nintendo picked it up for Europe. This version was produced on computer by these new staff, shown to Nintendo, and apparently Mr. Miyamoto and really added a touch of class to the game. Fischbach had previously cast Fischbach was present when doubt over was in fact onto exploited the enduring Nintendo of America boss something huge. Seeing an popularity of The Minoru Arakawa and senior opportunity to build a profitable vice president Howard Lincoln business off the back of the Simpsons TV show came to meet with Activision almost insatiable demand for via a series of licensed.

    Entertainment System. Famicom games and localise them for North America. Larry Kaplan, Alan Miller and profitable. Miller and that the console market would following a company buy-out. Whitehead left in to establish be reborn — meant that Acclaim However, during this period he Accolade — a name that was was the first North American had maintained contact with his apparently chosen so that it publisher to sign on as a NES former Activision workmates would rank higher alphabetically licensee.

    The first only permitted it to publish five Genesis — and it promptly major release of this nature was titles per year. Acclaim acquired the LJN brand fact that the US market was huge in — itself an approved NES and hungry for games, which Over the next few years Acclaim licensee at the time — and used meant that Acclaim had to start signed deals to produce video it to gain those five additional producing its own content.

    Acclaim gore on its systems, Acclaim was ally for Nintendo when it later established Flying Edge — forced to drastically tone down released the successor to the a brand used for its Sega titles — the SNES version, while players SNES, the Nintendo 64, in Wars and Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. The company exploited was forgivable during the bit The Simpsons: Bart vs. The use of realistic, digitised characters worked up to that point. Amazingly, co-founder 8- and bit eras.

    Original IP such as Turok, features, the game met with Acclaim Games was launched, Burnout, Re-Volt, Shadowman mixed reviews and was hardly with a focus on online games and Extreme-G proved that the most auspicious note to end aimed at pre-teen players. Sadly Acclaim had an eye for quality, on, but the writing had been on it failed to mark a resurrection and only the most cold-hearted the wall throughout much of for the famous brand as this new of individuals could possibly say the year, with many key titles entity — Acclaim in name only — that the gaming world is richer underperforming at retail.

    This was a Acclaim Studios Cheltenham the company three months later. But despite readily admit that it published these cost-cutting measures the some truly terrible video games. It had anime-like cutscenes, memorable music in pure Konami tradition, sound effects with sampled Japanese voices… it was pure heaven.

    Granted, Blizzard Entertainment. While it shares an isometric perspective with other racers like R. Pro-Am and Micro Machines, the frenzied driving action is a lot more volatile thanks to power-ups and weapons. It was made by Sony and the Nintendo development kit would only work with this. When I met the project leader of Romancing SaGa 2, and the director of the battle system, the designer, it really put everything in context. I had come straight out of university and so had someone to look up to. The leader of Romancing SaGa was very clever! Even though I was their junior, I said this to the designer, suggesting it should be a light bulb!

    And they changed it, and they kept that all the way through the series. So I had an effect on the entire series of Romancing SaGa, which now has that light bulb! And that would have been a huge mistake. Simply knock your opponent s around until their energy is depleted and get the submission or three-count pin to win. The game can be played in either one- on-one or — using the four-player Super Multitap accessory — two- on-two modes in an effort to become the world champion s.

    That meant lots of story elements, Genre nuance, personality and so on, also had to be RPG stripped out. At some point, due to time constraints, Square I just had to turn away from the screen text and focus on my English translation. I had to pare down from that. I was there in Japan for over a month, and the screen text was still being modified quite a bit every day. I loved that game, but I am probably the person most dissatisfied with the final result. Certainly I tried my best, but that thing nearly killed me!

    Dartmouth Links

    Though I did love being in Japan with my family for that length of time — that was a gift! Outside of those occasions when I had a synthesiser programmer for support, for those albums I did almost all the work myself, including working on the sound selection, editing, effect design and final data encoding. During the two-year production period, I spent almost 24 hours a day in the office, alternating between composing and editing. The fact that I could spend such a luxurious amount of time on the project led directly to the high music quality of Secret of Mana and [its sequel] Seiken Densetsu 3.

    I chose the placement of each instrument, and its melody, after a long process of trial and error. The best of what I discovered is in there. I believe the end product is something that people can enjoy listening to, hopefully for a long time to come. I was part of a team of course. I did the character design and created the pixel art. I joined the team as an artist, but ultimately I just created the pixel art directly, without drawing anything on paper. Back then we worked collaboratively without any kind of design documents. We were running entirely on enthusiasm, and we were able to create the game only because it was for the Super Famicom — the methods we used back then would not be effective at all today.

    He proposed using Mode 7 to recreate The Poseidon Adventure and his ideas were great. We narrowed it down to about five different effects or behaviours, and although ultimately the final game was completely different from his original proposal, his core concepts were solid. So we were able to deliver a complete game smoothly and without any major disagreements, even though we were just students. The game made it though, and critics verifying the provenance of every idea used — often refer to Shadowrun as being ahead of its before passing on the baton. This included a trampled-on lead character who had lost his memories and had literally no idea what was happening — let him and the player figure it out together.

    There was also a concerted effort to adapt RPG conventions often seen in home computer games, but not yet in consoles. Some worked — the keyword conversation system for example — and some were dropped along the way. Then I suggested that if they wanted better, they should let us design a 3D chip for them.

    I promised them that we could design a chip that would accelerate the 3D graphics by ten times what their wimpy CPU could do. And in some areas — like 3D math — it was more like a hundred times faster. While at its core Sunset insensitive to Native Americans as well as altering Riders is a side-scrolling run and gun shooter in scantily clad prostitutes to fully dressed. Sunset Riders apart is all of the Old West charm. Secondly, because Toshiba EMI presumably paid platforms are off-screen, leaving you to take handsomely for the license but never released the massive leaps of faith in the hope of landing game outside of Japan.

    Throw in some The player guides Marty McFly on his hoverboard stodgy controls and you begin to understand why around a series of vertiginous landscapes, populated it never made it beyond the shores of Japan. Marty is unarmed, but can perform a spin attack to defeat the various enemies inhabiting each level.

    That said, the developers have taken a few creative liberties and expanded the scope considerably in order to give players as much diversity as possible. From the ice caves of Hoth to the bowels of Cloud City, the game is immense, boasting hundreds of screens of action. Eleven titles Square began life in as on the PC Masafumi Famicom, which launched in involved in developing four Miyamoto established the group and had quickly come to of them.

    With the exception with the permission of his father dominate the Japanese home of Highway Star released in who owned Den-Yu-Sha. Sakaguchi sold half a million units each, the Japan for games to be developed joined the company full-time — DOG alliance was a commercial by a single individual who would he had been only a part-time disappointment. To make matters handle all elements of production, employee up to this point — and worse, Sakaguchi was becoming comprising design, graphics and assumed the role of director of disenchanted with game music.

    Miyamoto decided that it planning and development. Dragon Quest — released in collaborate on projects. Square was saved, and in its sequel arrived, selling , copies in its homeland. The third Famicom game was released in for the Japanese audience only. Square declined to release the second and third instalments in North America, despite the strong performance of the original. The reasoning is easy to understand: by the time the first game was localised for the Western market in , Nintendo was about to launch its bit SNES.

    In its homeland, Final Fantasy IV took the series to new heights in terms of sales, shifting 1. Games under the Square banner. The title sold 2. Treasure Hunter G. Seiken periods; shortly after the release Densetsu 2 was localised in of the game, it was confirmed incredibly productive as Secret of Mana and saw a that the Final Fantasy firm when it came to making release in both North America would be working with Sony on and Europe, where it was its PlayStation console.

    Although its own games, Square lavished with praise by the Square had created a 3D demo. Things became so dire that in the world, and presides over work with Nintendo again until Square had to appeal to its ally million-selling franchises such the Game Boy Advance era. Major Deus Ex. Kain and many other big western WonderSwan handheld instead, Wada wasted no time in franchises. In it announced updating many of its classic Final reshuffling the company, and a partnership with the Disney- Fantasy entries for the machine.

    With the ship now Fantasy series would uncertainty, despite the stellar steady, the merger with Enix commercial performance of its could proceed, although some have been cause for video games. I was mostly working on soccer formed and Japan was experiencing a soccer boom. This was one of the things time, and simply polished the soccer elements. For that people really liked about Super Formation example, we updated the character data and added Soccer 2 and we sold huge numbers of copies.

    But back in they were almost Bros. However, Nintendo provided one of the brilliance of the original Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. SNES technology rather than doing a true sequel. As with the original Tetris, the aim is to slot the tetrominoes together to form a solid row of blocks, which then disappear. Battle Gaiden also spices things up with the addition of magic orbs. The game features nine cartoony characters each of which has four increasingly powerful magical spells, activated by collecting the requisite number of orbs.

    Presentation overall is good, with a colourful map showing the location of the various stages, attractive intro screens for each setting and a charmingly bizarre collection of animated characters. The competitive elements add extra depth to the all-too-familiar gameplay, while fiendish computer opponents offer up a decent challenge for solo Tetrinauts. Erik the Swift is my favourite with his Quite the opposite actually: you have to really all-round smashing and head banging abilities. Sure, use your brain here. Probably not. However, some of the most interesting ideas are those that come from unexpected places.

    Play is split between Mode 7 or your car gets destroyed. These button-bashing segments are at your destination. Zoku: The start with some beautiful intro screens. Outside the United States the title role of teenage kids Zeke or Julie and run and gun was shortened to Zombies, and all chainsaw in solo or cooperative play to save your oblivious references were removed. Additionally, both neighbours from an ongoing onslaught of zombies SNES versions were denied the blood red and other B-movie horror creatures.

    LucasArts fans are treated to an Jeff Witt, guest reviewer appearance by Purple Tentacle from Day of the Tentacle along with a credits level in the LucasArts office where George Lucas himself tells you to get back to work. Tongue, who is intent on taking over the world. All the while, you and your neighbours are relentlessly attacked by an multitude of creatures including vampires, evil dolls, chainsaw- wielding maniacs and, of course, zombies.

    Each monster type exhibits a different behaviour and vulnerability requiring thoughtful choice of one of the many swap-on-the-fly weapons, ranging from soda cans to crucifixes, and timely use of power-ups, such as a bazooka to blow a shortcut through a wall and a potion to temporarily become monstrous yourself. Graciously, a password is given after completing every four levels from which you can continue. I liked how sharp and bright the graphics seemed compared to the Sega Genesis. Even with cartridge space limitations, we packed a lot of content and replayability into the game.

    Back then, art files had to be transferred via 3. My role on Aero the Acro-Bat 2 consisted of character development art, environments and a couple of pieces I did for an article in Electronic Gaming Monthly. I was surprised and honoured when they chose to use him on the box art. I was just a kid right out of high school with zero art training. That time in my career was total blue-sky and fun. I got to pretty much do whatever came to mind as long as it served a purpose in moving the game story forward and made sense within the worlds we were creating.

    Just goes to show you what can happen to your ego after you go on The Satellite Sisters. Chippendads All this time, I thought I was the only one, then suddenly, It felt like they were telling my story, right there in the New York Times! I think it's called something like "Swiss Canvas Bags.

    We got a Bjorn carrier [original, blue] at the very beginning, and then soon after, we picked up the BabySitter because it was the only non-offensive bouncy chair out Because you order a spare case of diapers for Elijah? Actually, even though Amazon's running these Mountain-o-diapers sales on a near-monthly basis, there are little differences that add up.

    Wagonboo: Coocaroo, Where Are You? I'm still a Bugaboo believer--we're heading out on the town as soon as I finish posting this, in fact--but I can't fail to notice that there are times when we use the Cameleon as a glorified wheelbarrow. Every time Unidentified Local Man Drives A What Is That Key? On Friday an unidentified Brooklyn man was seen toting his daughter to the car. The car seat is easy enough to identify--throw a rock in the Slope and you're sure to hit a Graco SnugRide [whether it's in Trek The episode this week featured a dad who invented an egg-shaped car seat that allows the baby to rotate inside it in the event of an accident.

    See, is there anything better in the world than finding a photoset called "Our Baby Carriers" on flickr? No, there is not. The Tour, sort of a return to the days when Lollapalooza was real, before they totally sold it Hollywood's Most Glamorous Nursing Pads Just something to file away in case you ever need to know it: Apparently, when the breastfeeding actresses step out in their milk-fortified-rack-flashing, lowcut gowns, they've been known to use these clear, rubbery nursing pads called LilyPadz that are A couple of stretches in NYC ago, we ran out of wipes; I'd forgotten to bring a new Costco brick with me, and the Pampers emergency purchase from a couple of months ago ran out--and anyway, those plastic tubs don't Buy any combination of the While Firefly and i-Care and any number of other companies march ahead with their cell phones for toddlers without a worry care in the world beyond "How soon will it be before Jamie Foxx's kid is seen using it in Now you'll just have to buy them one at a time at the Daddy Types is here to help make the tough decisions a new parent faces.

    How Not To Market Your Baby Product To Me One of the most powerful motivating forces in a new parent's life is fear: fear of doing something wrong, fear of something happening to your baby, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of the kid not getting into Now It's Official: The g Is For "Green" We all know how, by , global warming will be so severe, that the ocean levels will rise and the only thing that can possibly save the cities along the eastern seaboard from destruction will be giant levees of disposable Dateline Los Angeles.

    An unidentified old man was seen driving a yellow and blue Bugaboo Cameleon along the boardwalk. Until Feb 28th, Amazon is Both products are desgined to clear out your child's clogged nasal passages using the vacuum cleaner you already have in your own home! The full page is available here, at kdf-wagen.

    What's It Called? Could the Dutch possibly be any more innovative and progressively minded? I mean, wow, not only does this sweet bike have a place for the gear or groceries, it also has places for up to three kids, ages One problem jumped out at me, though, right on page 3. What're the odds, We went with it because it was the Bugaboo-compatible carseat in the When he hits traffic, he heads the wrong way down an on-ramp and Sure, there's a TV lockbox [see how long that works], but despite gains in the furniture, toys, and But now I realize my parents resisted Then at some point, you will find yourself out and about with only one pacifier between you and a melted Hungarian Doctor To Snot: Resistance Is Futile My philosophy about using a vacuum cleaner hose to suck the snot out of my kid's congested nose has always been, I'd only do it if a there was a snot trap, not just a nozzle attachment, b it's transparent, Pampers Changes Diapers: "Glitch" or "Enhancement"?

    I remember when Pop-Tarts got smaller. Not signficantly smaller, mind you, just shorter, a little off the top. They started out as a free bonus pack. Those were the days. It's innovative sculptural form enables you to "feel the time" in a spatial sense, not just "read the time. The Fujifilm FinePix E is an excellent digital camera, but not just Let The Eagle Soar. The source of "building blocks to help [children] develop independence and self-esteem that leads to bright futures"? That all-too-familiar frustration with the horrible design of most baby gear probably intensifies when you open an awesome baby store, because Kid-o has introduced quite a Who knew?

    Customer Service [jasons. Flushable Australian gDiapers Threaten American Landfill Industry Mention the vast Australian outback to an American, and two things come immediately to mind: "Bloomin' Onion," and "helluva place to toss a lot of disposable diapers. Only a few seem to be useful for My 5-month-old son has outgrown his infant car seat. He's too long for it though still OK by weight. Questions: a Is it OK to keep him in it even though he's beyond the recommended size?

    Frag-Free [!! Looking on their Cinderella: Princess-For-Life I haven't heard from the kid yet that she wants to be a princess, but according to the child development specialists at Disney Consumer Products, it's only a matter of time. The Disney Princess line seems to be warping the Does this seem a little too soon to you? There's not a full performance review yet, but Phillip has posted tons of photos, Then they reformulate what were once THE best diaper wipes around, bar none, and turn them into flimsy, pull-apart-able, "Cotton Enhanced" [damn you, cotton industrial complex lobbyists!

    Rumors Of Apple-Cam Greatly Exaggerated So a British gossip site kicks of its shocking article this way:Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly carries high-tech monitoring equipment wherever she goes - so she can keep an eye on her baby daughter at all times. The Oscar-winning beauty totes I've already posted a couple of things that show up in the show--the Stokke Xplory and What are the odds that a single company has the absolute best solutions for both blowing your kid's butt dry AND delivering the right aromatherapy formulation for "bring[ing] sweet dreams" and "a peaceful transition from little dynamo to sleeping angel?

    Celebrity Gift Guide! Seems her arms were shorter than the average gibbon aka human-length , and holding her hands meant bending over in a way that Mom-Kid Cares Wireless Leash? Lifehacker Learns French At Costco After 8 years of staring at the bilingual packaging at Costco bilingual so the company doesn't have to maintain entirely separate product inventories for the fine, fine folks in Canada, who like to keep their languages equal but separate , Lifehacker On Losable vs.

    Disposable Cups, And On Losing The Bottle Altogether We've recently gone off the bottle; we tried swapping out the kid's lunchtime bottle of milk for a lunchtime sippy cup of milk at about 12 months. Didn't go so well. The kid--who's been drinking water from cups for ages, Mmm, Maxi-Cosi In my sister-in-law's Ford Escort, the rear shoulder belt was just barely long enough to wrap around our Maxi-Cosi Cabrio car seat.

    Every once in a while, I'd have to lean on the Cabrio, pressing it into the cushion to So apparently there's an Australian company that's launching some synchronized, remote-controlled, crib-rocking caster system called Lullabubs. I worry that lately I've become a bit jaded or cynical when it comes to baby gear marketing, bloglinking clusterf--never mind.

    What interests me Just a heads up. IonKids, Get It? Eye-On Kids? Good to know I'm the go-to guy for so many of you when you find the latest childtracking technology. It was a narrow street, like those walkways in Venice Beach, so we were in each other's faces a lot. Anyway, he was just coming home, unloading It sounds like the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio will not be coming to Canada until , at the earliest.

    Here's what we hear over Because it looks just like a Dolphin. Of course. The kid has been jabbering non-stop for months, and always comes up with something to surprise us. The other day, when we loaded into the hot car, she started moaning for "air, air, air," from the back. The black Maxi Now, My Baby iPod. Holy moley, this is so cute. Forget your pocket; it's so small it'll fit in your kid's pocket.

    The iPod Nano, available in black or white, 2Gb or 4Gb. The images were colorized, and have since been exhibited and I guess these designer-driven concept studies of baby-related electronic gear are preferable to the status quo, where vast swaths of the cutting edge design world act as if children don't exist.

    The first, a baby Amazon is running a promotion for Seventh Generation diapers, wipes, etc. Amazon Amazon Amazon. Read the Apparently, it's Diaper Disposal Option Breakdown, Ch. Now, maybe it's the dog days of a DC summer, but since coming back from Japan, we can't seem to Baby Store Recommendations In [Your City Name Here] A while back someone [who missed some good stores on his trip to NYC, I believer[ had the suggestion to get people to put together a list of favorite stores in their home towns.

    So let's see what we can I'm too busy wondering why all the other car seat companies haven't been taking the ordeal of airplane travel and the schlepping around Somewhere out there is an automatic cellphone for kids business model generator site, too. If you know the URL, send it along. Clearly, the folks at Kyocera have it. No problemm. Invented by a Scottish mom "to help absorb and reduce They're 3, yen. We actually brought a brick of US Pampers with us, about 20 days worth, and filled in We should all be ashamed of ourselves. While we've been moping around like grumpy old men, complaining about invasions of privacy and astronomical phone bills, what have the cell phone companies been doing?

    That's right, thinking of the children. Safety Gates For A Loft? The hilarious, loft-dwelling Metrodad writes with a question: "We're searching the net for a cool-looking baby gate. We need a wide one at least 8' feet to divide our loft and keep the kiddie safely self-contained. Unfortunately, Messrs. Eames, Van Oh, and the steaks. Can't forget the steaks. Well, we still use the wipes While the fragrant, green scent of biodegradable diapers is still fresh in the air, I thought I'd dig up an article I came across last year about the real environmental impact of "eco-friendly" diapers.

    Those are diapers which try to It's good to be the go-to guy for something, I guess. That's what I told myself when DT readers Eric and dad-to-be-any-friggin-minute-now Chris sent near-simultaneous tips about The Nature Nappy, a biodegradable disposable diaper which its inventor promises will break If all they did was introduce me to this awesome clear potty from Babywunder, I'd be grateful to the Elimination Communication for helping me keep up with the hottest trends in both parenting and modern interior design [Everything in Lucite!

    I just threw out our Diaper Champ, which lasted almost exactly three months, ten months less than the Diaper Genie, in fact. We liked the easy disposal method. The kid loved it; she'd play with Here are some other kid-related winners from the Business Week-sponsored Industrial Design Excellence Awards: Gerber SippySnacker, "a reinvention of the iconic sippy cup that, for the first time, combines a spill-proof cup and snack holder.

    In news that turned the rectal thermometer design industry on its head, Smartdesign won a silver medal in the Business Week Industrial Design Excellence Awards this week for their innovative, orifice-optimized Vicks Rectal Thermometer. And if that weren't enough, Christian Bale and His Graco SnugRide Car Seat If you think I'd suggest choosing your baby gear based on which actor is photographed with it, I'd say you have me confused with InStyle magazine [and I'd also say you're something of a chump, let's face it].

    No, I'm For all the hubbub in the media about equal parenting and dads changing diapers, taking leave, and getting more involved, you almost never hear about moms grabbing the car seat and hauling it around the airport. And that's fine. Baby Bidets Will Take A While I Hope You Can Hold It Presumably, by using plain, old toilet paper and not buying--or even making--baby wipes, you could save enough money to get a sweet, sweet bidet-equipped changing table. And after seeing the two options below, I'd have a hard time choosing; they're Home Workshop-made Baby Wipes As Make's blog post notes, there are all kinds of sites that tell you how to make your own baby wipes by cutting a roll of paper towels and saturating it with a homebrew of solution.

    But when they give It could be a blankie, a bear, a towel, a bottle of Jack, whatever a kid needs to get herself to sleep, the anchor that helps ease the development of her distinct sense of self apart from her parents. It has four parent-programmable buttons, one on each paw. What's In Sheep's Meadow: Xplory, Quinny Zapp, Bugaboos--and Skiphop I took the kid to the park yesterday my wife's been away for a conference, and I've been flying solo , and we played in Sheep's Meadow, which, on a weekday afternoon, should be renamed Baby's Meadow.

    The kid didn't freak So I was a little shocked to see O'Pair described as "a more socially acceptable and safe If you're wedded to the Bjorn, but you have real The happy little alien scamp graced a wide range of baby gear, toys, and books. Hey, I'm all for making people painfully aware of the environmental impact their disposable diaper-wearing kid will have ["this baby will create one ton of soiled diapers by the time he's potty trained.

    On his blog, The Long Tail, Wired honcho Chris Anderson posts about his kids' warm, cuddly, yet well-disciplined relationship with their Roomba Discovery:Although it's fine Baby In The Machine: Automatic Cry Translator Heralds Childrearing Utopia After painting your newborn's nursery his newly discovered favorite color, you'll be able to find out if he likes it.

    If you speak Japanese, that is. Researchers in Nagasaki are readying a device which will translate a baby's cries and Free TiVo for your Baby Sound like a fair trade? All they apparently ask in return is to just put MacGyver, Reisenthel. Reisenthel, MacGyver A couple of times when I've forgotten to bring one, I've improvised a bib by tying a plastic grocery bag around the kid's neck and tucking it into her restaurant high chair strap.

    Maybe that's why, when I saw this The Barry Bonds of Diaper Champs Whether its from their outfielders or their Diaper Champs, folks in the Bay Area know that getting maximum performance sometimes requires extreme steps. But as Mark McGuire once said, we're not here to talk about the past. So I'll just Portable Chair [Recyclable, Too! A few weeks ago, an architect friend told us about the me too! Portable Chair, which they loved. It turns out to be the most expensive of the three brackets-on-the-table-edge Gear Peer-Reviewed Some other dads have been stepping up to the plate and reviewing some gear on their own blogs: Laid-Off Dad posts about buying Robert his first non-leather baseball mitt: "1 nylon is more pliable and weather-resistant, and 2 the vibrant Stay tuned for a hands-on, nostrils-flared review, but I can feel confident making at least one prediction.

    MP3 Cribs It's the last week of relative calm before the second kid is due, and DT reader Adam Bell decided to pimp out his kid's crib so he could listen to mad lullabies whenever he wants. The solution: A spare iPod Kate Spade. Come on, the company's only what, five She used to just chew on them and saturate their crevices with her drool. Then she started cuddling them, which approximates the way some hedge fund guys I know treat their No, I found out about the hilariously embarassing novelty pacifiers by A lotta the same shit we got here, they got there, but there they're a little different.

    It's Raining, Men: Kid-size Urinals I was taking notes at a pretty quick pace in Amsterdam, figuring I'd just look stuff up online later. We saw it in Teuntje, a very cool kids store Probably because the parents of the stunned-looking kid in The image of a white-collar criminal with an ankle bracelet is just too narrow, too Nineties--and too non-profit--to capture today's convenient, feature-rich pervasive surveillance marketplace. Take, for example, the "GPS If you turn your head for even a second, your child could suddenly be 30 feet away from you without your even realizing it.

    Bun's Out Of The Oven? Try A Popover Ever-thrifty WASP's would never dream of throwing out that favorite chair just because the upholstery's worn through; they'd just get a slipcover and--presto! Likewise, you don't need to get rid of your child just because it's winter Chattanooga dad-to-be Damon faced just such a dilemma: Before Fuller was born, we anticipated the difficulty of Sleepy: The Swiss-Made Miracle Caster Guido Tschopp, a Swiss engineer, spent 14 years perfecting Sleepy, a set of four casters which, when placed under the corners of your kid's crib, helps "mimic the rhythmic movement of the uterus.

    The website says "Made for Moms," the kid in this picture doesn't look all that thrilled with it, and dads aren't mentioned anywhere. But if you're looking for a way to carry a bottle around--whether it's the kid's or your The Tummy Tub, Dutch for 'Baby Bucket' While most Dutch are revolutionizing stroller design, others are busy improving that grand European tradition of finding new ways to be naked in large groups.

    And in order to be totally comfortable flashing the French on a Riviera vacation, it's I've heard from several people in the US the last couple of weeks who have tried to buy a Maxi-Cosi Cabrio carseat online, only to find out the European retailer won't ship to outside the EU. Is anyone else finding Celebrity Baby Loves Weego Carrier Checking in on Odin Snowdeal, the web's most blogged about x-treemie, not only is he doing well and plumping up like a ballpark frank, he's started doing product endorsements.

    What's in your diaper bag? The Short Answer: way too much. The Longer Answer: see below.

    “What is to give light must endure burning.” ~Viktor E. Frankl

    Siemens Cell-based Baby Monitor It's not just for babies anymore. Early DT reader Enoch Choi uncovers a new advance in personal monitor technology coming from Siemens. If it's on an airplane, shouldn't it be a planeseat? Just got back from Thanksgiving at Grammy's house, and here's the epiphany I had at O'Hare, watching armies of dads lumbering under the weight--and bulk--of gigantic carseats while balancing carry-on luggage and personal pan pizzas, and while screaming after wandering, Bathtub Stickers Like You Remember Them As everyone who lived through the seventies knows, anti-slip stickers for the bathtub should be shaped like groovy flowers.

    But since there's nothing grosser than year old bathtub stickers, Funmade makes new ones. They're cheap and easy to use. Used in conjunction with the wireless Guardian Ear, this was possibly the earliest baby monitor around. The Radio Nurse was I meant she couldn't have more snot on her face if she lived in a rusted out trailer park. A few nights, it was Last winter, when my wife was six months pregnant, we went to the opening of "Mama's Boy," a group exhibition at Yoyamart--Like daddytypes: the store We were walking around Hudson St.

    First, Yoya has an uncommonly cool selection of kids clothes, none of it particularly cheap. Yoyamart, meanwhile, is Porsche Car Seats I used to say, when I was a car-mad teenager, I would only ever have enough kids to fit in the backseat of a Porsche: two very small ones. Never mind that before the Boxster--a car designed to separate Now you can simulate breastfeeding while giving your baby a bottle. Early on in dadhood, I wanted to post about a breast-like harness for dads I was sure I'd seen before somewhere. It was supposed Bebetel: The Mobile Phone-based Baby Monitor We don't have a baby monitor; it's not possible to get out of crying earshot in our apartment.

    So on our last visit to grandma's capacious i. Colibri: Il Grosso Changing Pad Italiano From Italy, the land where chic, forward-thinking design is no match for plummeting birth rates, persistent gender stereotypes, and men who live with their mothers until they're 50, comes the Colibri, a "special, new, space-saving, and innovative" portable changing pad Weeblock Baby Cup "Haven't you ever heard of just holding up the diaper??

    Stop draping a diaper wipe or washcloth over your Patemm Round Changing Pads With her two kids, Grace Welch found out what we've been finding out lately: it's damn hard to keep a wiggly kid on a rectangular changing pad. Unlike me, though, Grace did something about it. She designed a circular changing Fold-up Infant Cabana yes, small as a dinner plate Finally. After scouring sporting goods stores, tentmakers, and baby shops, I'd given up on finding a simple sunshade so we could take the kid outside and not fry her while I lay my pasty self out.

    I want ed a tensile Pop-up Travel Beds While my nose has been buried in Japanese diapers, the UK has apparently been overrun by springloaded travel beds that fold up "as small as a dinner plate. The lack of a shoulder strap made it less Awesome Japanese baby snot siphon Well, as awesome as a system for sucking the snot out of your kid's nose gets, I guess.

    It consists of two 9-inch or Hipseat Baby Carrier from Hippychick OK, I gave them grief for the aromatherapy, but maybe hippychick's onto something. The Hipseat is basically a fannypack your kid can perch on. By extending this little shelf from your waist, you're able to hold a kid without thrusting Wipe Warmer? How about a wipe cooler? A friend in Minneapolis with a brand new kid calls his favorite nursery appliance--a wipe warmer--as "a sort of crock pot for wet fragrant tissue. It is awesome. It seems to cut the indignity of diaper changing, from the baby's Baby Banz: Australian for sunglasses Actually, "sunnies" is Australian for sunglasses; Baby Banz is Australian for "infant sunglasses with built-in Croakies.

    Banz are Aussie-tested to block Because Guatemala is one of the few countries that Disposable 8 oz cups for anything We got a pack of these 8 oz. They're fine for mixing tiny amounts of rice cereal--not that she's actually eating any of it yet--but we find we're using them for Fingertip Toothbrush I've finally realized our kid's a mutant, and we're living a cheerful, never-aired episode of The X-Files. Not only does she sleep through the night--often after putting herself to sleep--she recently sprouted a couple of teeth with so little fuss, Hang-out Baby Lounger, by Oeuf Modernseed is selling this paper clip-looking bouncing chair for kids up to 18lbs.

    It comes in--surprise--pink or blue. It's very goodlooking, if a little more design-y than the solid navy blue Bjorn Babysitter. It's not adjustable.