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He was a man of exuberant vitality and an authority so irresistible that no one would question him. When members of the family were moving smoothly along their life courses, his nature was calm and genial; yet whenever something went out of place with anyone, he was surprisingly still genial as nothing gave him more pleasure than making the crooked straight.

If I was held at gunpoint and the only way to escape was to describe the true nature of Papa, I would happily plunge the bullet into my head. This was something I could never comprehend. He was harsh yet dulcet; strict yet mellow. He was so disturbingly honest and brutal that we sometimes felt that he liked being completely oblivious to the feelings of people around him. And just when u feel like labeling him as an authoritarian, he shows you a side of himself that feels for the poor.

The evening of July 27th, is the day I will never forget. Marked by an endless parade of meetings and work chores, I was preparing myself to go to bed when I received a phone call that changed everything. All I could hear was his loud cry of helplessness and horror and I remember my strength breaking from within, hearing him like this.

It took just few seconds for my inaudible cry to turn into an outburst of tears. Was this normal?

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Was there anything more I should have asked? Could I ever understand what he was going through? Humans have different ways of reacting to tragedies. A long flight, few hours of sleep and exactly 9 hours later, I reached Calcutta airport where I was going to meet my parents. His flight was scheduled to arrive after ours. How does one ever know?

But I did know, about 20 seconds later, when he hugged my brother and wept in disbelief, unable to accept what had happened. I hugged my father from behind and we all wept together. We knew this was coming.

6 Kinds of Grandparents Who Aren't So Grand

Re-calling the moment when we saw Papa is harsh. I saw what this man meant to all of us. He has worked in the fields of color science, on-line shopping, databases, material handling, medical imaging, and customer relations management. His most popular presentations are his UML courses, which he wrote and presents.

10 things grandchildren can learn from their grandparents

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