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Psalm I know that talk of angels will seem childish to many people. For some the notion of a guardian angel just seems like a simplistic idea that we tell to our kids to help ease their fears, especially at night. But when Jesus, God incarnate, says "Take care that you do not harm one of these little ones; for I tell you, in heaven their angels continually see the face of my Father" Mt. Each day they light our way and guard our paths until our own guardian angel joins with the host of heavenly angels to "receive our soul and then present that soul to God the most high.

They were created, as were we, to serve God and anyone who God asks us to serve.

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They, like us, were created out of love to do the will of God but some of them, like us, chose to serve only themselves. New Communication Tool!

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This entirely free tool allows administrators, teachers, and volunteers to quickly and easily add messages as often as desired to communicate with parents and students about what's happening at school, in the classroom, and in extracurricular activities. Your school's website if it has one is a great way to tell about your school. Think of that website as a content rich digital brochure.

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This OCN webpage that we are providing, on the other hand, is meant to supplement your school's website by providing an easy means for administrators and others to post messages for parents and benefactors. Every kingdom, country, diocese, church and religious order has its protecting Guardian Angel.

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So has every person. Each bishop of the Catholic Church has two Guardian Angels.

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Our Guardian Angel is given us at the moment of our birth, stays with us all through life, comforts us in Purgatory, and escorts us, if we are saved, into Heaven. There is a special angel in each church to record all distractions and irreverences that occur there. The greatest joy any of us can give our Guardian Angel is to receive Holy Communion and make our breast a tabernacle of the Eternal God before Whom this angel can adore.

Many of the saints saw their Guardian Angels.

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Saint Catherine of Siena saw her Guardian Angel. Saint Francis de Sales had, as one of his special devotions, reverence for the Holy Angels who have charge of the care of the tabernacle in every Catholic Church. There are nine choirs of angels, and three hierarchies.