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For migrant workers employed by staffing agencies and other sub-suppliers the situation is even worse. To pay for travel and recruitment they sold property in their home country, but when they arrived in Dubai their salary was lower than agreed upon, trapped by debts there is little option but to accept the terms. The root of these problems is kafala, a system created to manage the flow of migrant workers.

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The basic principle of kafala is that every migrant worker needs a local sponsor who takes responsibility for the worker during the stay. For workers with no education it is impossible to change sponsors — regardless of working conditions. The problems discovered by Swedwatch is in violation of international conventions, such as the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and the ILO core conventions as well as the human rights policies of the Swedish tour operators and their parent companies.

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The working conditions are also in violation of the local labour law in Dubai. Apollo, Fritidsresor and Ving all stated that they were unaware of these problems.

But the fact that the conditions for migrant workers were neither unexpected nor difficult to prove indicates that the tour operators have failed in their human rights due diligence. The report makes ten recommendations to the companies. As an acute measure the tour operators need routines to discover and prevent adverse human rights impacts that they are linked to.

As a minimum, they also have to make sure that the hotels that they use in Dubai follow local labour law on issues like working hours and recruitment fees. And that they stop withholding the passports of migrant workers.

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Swedwatch Kungsholmsgatan 10, 3tr 27 Stockholm, Sweden. Made in collaboration with: Fair Action Share:.

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It's about drinking and driving. It's about living and dying.


Which one are you going to pick? What is "Shattered Dreams"? Unique in its design and powerful in its impact, "Shattered Dreams" is an educational experience that reminds us all of the dangers associated with drinking and driving. It reminds us that too many young lives have already been lost and countless others severely impaired because of the tragic consequences of underage drinking and drinking combined with driving.

As Uber gears up for IPO, many Indian drivers talk of shattered dreams - Reuters

It"s about living and dying. Can "Shattered Dreams" make a difference in a young person"s life? Families, schools, faith-based and community groups in Texas must join together to teach young people that consuming alcohol while underage is never a good choice. Can our communities afford to ignore the devastating impact that underage drinking is causing? The "Shattered Dreams" program involves the dramatization of an alcohol-related crash on or near a high school campus, complete with police and EMS response, emergency room treatment, family notifications, and the arrest and booking of students a better understanding of the number of DWI-related deaths, an individual dressed as the "Grim Reaper" appears periodically throughout the school day to select a new victim.

Every 15 minutes someone in Texas is injured or killed as the result of drunk driving.