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This also goes back to making sure you wait until your child is developmentally ready for the activity. Take letters wherever you go.


No, not literally. Just keep alphabet learning in the forefront of your mind. When we took a beach trip this past summer, I played a little game with my youngest. She knew I was totally joking and wanted her to erase the letter. We sing about letters on our swing or talk about them when we go to the grocery store. Letters are everywhere!

Join thousands of other subscribers to get hands-on activities and printables delivered right to your inbox! What a wonderful post! I love the idea of not grilling them or putting them on the spot, but keeping it fun and waiting until they are ready. What a great post!

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Sometimes the simplest of ideas get over looked, such as making about what the kids love and enjoy! Thank you so much for this post! My friend shared it with me on pinterest today. I have a five year old reluctant learner and get so frustrated. You have given me some new ways to help her learn in a way that makes sense for her! Thank you so much for the advice you give to be willing to wait until your child is ready to learn. Your email address will not be published.

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Welcome Blog Shop Learning Apps. What are Reluctant Learners Capable of? Generally, a meaningful place to start with young children is their own name.

Super Fun Hands on Alphabet Activities for Kids ⋆ Parenting Chaos

Make a personalized ABC book, with pictures of things that matter to your child on each page. What does your child naturally gravitate towards? Be a student of your child. Instead, I suggest modeling and talking about the letters yourself first. The alphabet is a language.

A Hip-hop inspired ABC book

You are teaching your child the language of letters. No one learns a new language by being grilled with questions. Words of Encouragement for Reluctant Learners Be a student of your child. Learn from her.

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Love her for who she is. Discover her letter learning language and use it to speak to her heart. All easier said than done, I know. Full Name. Comments What a wonderful post!

Specially designed ABC games, videos, and even songs are great educational tools for younger children because they make learning seem like a game instead of hard work. Even simple things like buying magnetized letters for your refrigerator can transform snack time into a great learning opportunity. Instead of relying only on traditional books that can be a bit boring for the child, we employ specially designed animated graphics, videos, ABC songs, and ABC games. Every resource is based upon phonics and specifically designed to help your children learn alphabetical sounds.

ABC and First Word Pre School Books

At Red Cat Reading, our deceptively simple videos, songs, and ABC games are all components in one of the most advanced reading mastery systems ever developed. Although we make learning to read fun and exciting, every video, song, and ABC game is designed to help your child achieve a specific objective on their way to reading mastery and overall success in life!

Introduce your child to the English alphabet through playful animated illustrations of their favorite animals and creatures. Each colorful animal illustrations come to life through animation and video as your child explores the scene. Fully Animated Not only are the animals and letters presented in colorful artwork, full videos of each animal in its natural environment will help your child recognize them even better than before.

Educational Audio Your child will learn the alphabet with ease with a friendly voice guiding them through the book. Awesome Video Hidden in each scenario is a high resolution video showing the animal in action in their natural environment. Plus, these videos are accompanied by full audio sentences to teach verbs and other actions. Kids will have so much fun learning the English alphabet with interactive animals!

Features — 26 letters of the English alphabet presented with animated pictures and video — Audio samples presenting examples and easy vocabulary like colors and simple actions — Big buttons perfect for young fingers! Your children already LOVE games, apps , songs and videos. So why not help make learning the ABCs fun with effective methods — instead of boring books? In fact…you can 2 weeks of access to our reading program for free! Simply fill out the form to join Red Cat Reading! Your child will learn the ABCs fast with our phonics games, songs and video lessons. Hurry, ending soon!

Learn ABC Video!

At Starfall, children have fun while they learn.

Alphabet Letters Chart 3. Learning Tips 4. Book 5.

Alphabet Letters Chart. Get Them Interested in Stories Early On For most children, alphabet learning begins with listening to the stories read to them by their parents.