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Departure from: Naples, Sorrento, Positano. Departure from: Naples.

5 Common lies on climbing Mount Vesuvius on the cheap

See the runs of Pompeii and Herculaneum and the crater on Mt. Vesuvius in a single day, departing from Naples with an expert local driver. This service is dedicated to those who need information regarding tours, private transfers, hotel bookings, and other experiences. We cannot answer questions regarding trains and buses. Assistance regarding tours, private transfers, bookings, and other experiences. We generally respond within 24 hours.

Visit Mount Vesuvius independently from Pompeii, Naples and Rome

We do not provide information or assistance with booking trains and buses. Home Visiting the Crater on Mount Vesuvius. Guided Tours of Mount Vesuvius. Visita al cratere del Vesuvio - Orari e giorni di apertura January, February, November, December - daily from 9am to 3pm March and October - daily from 9am to 4pm April, May, June, September - daily from 9am to 5pm July and August - daily from 9am to 6pm Barring inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, the trail to the crater is open all year round, including Sundays and holidays.

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Bestsellers Verified. Visit Pompeii and Vesuvius with a professional guide Round-trip transportation from Positano Skip-the-line tickets included. This private car service is the only way to visit the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum together with Mount Vesuvius in one day. Visit Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Mt.

Vesuvius in complete comfort via a luxury Mercedes with professional driver.

Mount Vesuvius and Herculaneum Day Trip in Naples, Italy

Directly in the line of fire, the 9-mile kilometer radius of people stand little chance of survival when Vesuvius explodes again [source: Lorenzi ]. Experts warn that emergency plans should also include nearby Naples since an explosion could send dangerous burning ash and pumice as far as 12 miles 20 kilometers [source: Fraser ].

The last time Vesuvius activated was in , causing minor damage and killing 26 people. New research has shown that the mountain probably will not act as kindly next time.

For starters, Mount Vesuvius sits on top of a layer of magma deep in the earth that measures square miles square kilometers [source: Noble ]. That's a lot of magma -- Kilaeua Volcano is probably the most active volcano in the world, with 34 eruptions since [source : U.

Climbing Mt. Vesuvius

Geological Survey ], but compared to Vesuvius, which has erupted around 30 times since 79 A. Topping it off, scientists expect that the next eruption will be an incredibly forceful explosion, termed plinean , marked by flying rock and ash at speeds of up to almost miles per hour kph.

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To summarize, if Mount Vesuvius erupts today, it wouldn't be a pretty picture. Given its potential, Vesuvius could endanger more than 3 million people and wipe out the city of Naples [source: Than ].

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  • Hiking UP Mt Vesuvius from the bottom (not the carpark) - Naples Forum.
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