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Jane Ciabattari : You make this sound so compelling I want it in my hands right now.

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Can you offer a line that gives a sense of that rawness? Marwencol is the name of an imaginary town in Belgium, or so. It exists only in photographs populated by action figures. The book explains: Mark Hogancamp came out of a coma with amnesia.

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He was a frustrated artist, apparently, but he could no longer draw, so he made the dioramas as reproduced in the book. As you turn the pages, you realize the scenes are recreating, in an emotional but not literal sense, the circumstances that led him to being beaten half to death.

Memory turns out to be subjective about nouns and very accurate about adjectives. Can you give an example? So the nouns: same pain, same boots, same trauma, but done in a here come the adjectives historical, political, romanticized distance.

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The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt. I responded the same way everyone probably does, with a little contempt for the subject. Casanova was synonymous with erotic compulsion, and within that to my mind a life not that well examined. Holy cow was I wrong. Casanova is hilarious, intelligent, diplomatic, hot-headed, well aware of his contradictory nature and he goes off on these riffs about religion or food or sex that sound like they were written in by someone who still knows how to use dependent clauses and complex arguments.

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That was an inspiration for me. The main attraction is that Casanova has no fear of putting his thumb on the scale, of making himself a character, not an objective floating eye but someone who is going to argue circles around you, Milton-style, until you surrender and go along for the ride.

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That said, yes, in current times re-evaluating his message is clearly important. The Last Tear : A Memoir. Jean Alice Rowcliffe. Jean's powerfully candid story is rich, insightful, and illuminates a truth in all our lives that is sadly unnoticed and often silenced. Juli Fraga, Psy. The Last Tear is the harrowing true story of my only child James, a dynamic 17 year old who was diagnosed in with an extremely rare form of cancer, dying eleven months later on the eve of Mothers Day. Monday, Jul 8. The Latest. World Agents for Change.

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The Last Tear

By — Christopher Booker Christopher Booker. By — Mori Rothman Mori Rothman. Leave a comment. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Story Transcript Audio. Christopher Booker: After all the notes from editors and the revisions, Ani DiFranco is happy with what she has written and ready to sit down to record the final draft of her story… well, maybe. Ani DiFranco: Yeah, it just seems so subjective. Christopher Booker: Throughout her career there have been many opinions about Ani DiFranco… usually articulated with an impressive array of hyphens: one-woman-show, feminist-entrepreneur, folk-punk- indie-rock-singer… And throughout, she has been more than willing to weigh in with opinions of her own — on everything from women's rights to sexual abuse to patriarchy.

Christopher Booker: But today, perched in a New Orleans church converted into a recording studio, she's a narrator, starting on page one of her long awaited memoir No Walls and the Recurring Dream".

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Ani DiFranco: I remember being on stage one night in a tight little dress…. Christopher Booker: Even though she has recorded 20 studio albums, sold 5. Who made up that rule anyway? Christopher Booker: I contacted a number of my friends who I knew were fans of your music. Ani DiFranco: Those are the stories I get on the street now.

Christopher Booker: Since her self-titled debut- Ani Difranco's music — Released on her label- Righteous Babe Records- has long made the personal political. Ani DiFranco: There's a lot of people out there who feel that their story and rightly so, feel that there stories are not being told, on tv, you know, in history books, you know, who feel that there voices are not included.

Christopher Booker: By the middle of the decade — after she toured constantly, word of DiFranco had spread… and this would change things for her. Kurt Loder: Unencumbered by producers and publicists DiFranco gets to be her folk-punky-bisexual-self on record and communicate with her fans, of whom there are a growing and devoted number directly. Christopher Booker: Turns out is was a good way to run a career. Christopher Booker: There would be more appearances on television, music videos, and magazine covers… In the late 90's, Ms. Christopher Booker: As the millennium came to a close, Righteous Babe Records was a robust company — Difranco's prolific writing, recording and constant touring providing the fuel.

How do you think a young Ani would respond to MeToo? Ani DiFranco: : If— if this had been happening when I was young, I guess I would have just felt less like a voice in the wilderness, you know. Christopher Booker: But in writing her memoir, Difranco says, she sees a welcomed disconnect between some of the things she sang about so many years ago and where she see things now. Ani DiFranco: Writing about that- experience of second-class citizenry that I had through my formative years and, you know, now as I enter an age of maturity I look around and I think, "I don't think my daughter ex— is experiencing that in the way that I did.

Christopher Booker: But this feeling doesn't extend to everything… some of her songs hold just as much punch as they did when they were first written… Particularly a song she wrote shortly after the Columbine massacre: To the Teeth. Christopher Booker: What's it like for you to play To the Teeth 20 years later, when it still has such relevance?

Ani DiFranco: It can be very discouraging to recognize that, when you have these sort of time capsules of I thought gun violence was completely out of hand 20 years ago, and so did you, remember?