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It's a bird? It's a plane? No, I'm really asking. What is it? Test your vocabulary with our question quiz!

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The dictionary has been scrambled—can you put it back together? Definition of aleph. First Known Use of aleph 14th century, in the meaning defined above. Learn More about aleph. Resources for aleph Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. Statistics for aleph Look-up Popularity. Aleph has no sound of its own, but usually has a vowel associated with it.

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Notice that the manual print form of Aleph resembles the book print version—except that the strokes of the lines are all even. You will learn manual print in order to recognize the printed Hebrew letters as they appear in Hebrew texts. You write the manual print version of the letter Aleph according to the following pattern:.


The numbered arrows show the order and direction for drawing the lines the gray rectangle indicates the letter proportions in a graph paper cell. Manual print is important to learn to help you recognize printed Hebrew type; however, handwritten communication is normally written using Hebrew cursive. You write the cursive version of the letter Aleph according to the following pattern:. Write the letter from right to left, beginning with the stroke labeled 1 and then to the stroke labeled 2.

Write the letter Aleph from right to left in both manual print and script several times. You may want to use graph paper to make sure you are sizing the letter correctly:.

Note: Aleph is known as a guttural letter since it used to be pronounced in the back of the throat. Note also that Aleph sometimes does not take a vowel in a word, and thus is considered "quiescent. The letter Aleph is the "father" of the Aleph-Bet, whose original pictograph represents an ox, strength, and leader. It's numerical value is one and also 1, and it is a silent letter. Aleph therefore is preeminent in its order and alludes to the ineffable mysteries of the oneness of God.

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Indeed, the word aluph derived from the very name of this letter means "Master" or "Lord. Ketav Ivri is also sometimes called the Temple Script because samples of it are extant dated to the time of Solomon's Temple.

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A physical description of Aleph is not provided within the chronicle, however Aleph is characterized by Selitos as one of the only individuals he considers a rival in power. When Kote begins the tale of his life he references Aleph as the creator of the world. However, if this is accurate or not is unknown, especially considering the primary belief in Tehlu as the preeminent god of The Four Corners.

It is implied that Aleph outranks Selitos and Tehlu, as they refer to the being as "Lord" and kneel before him when speaking to him. Whether this is done out of reverence or status is not absolutely clear.

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