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Log In. Remember Me. Lost your password? Home Reviews Movie Reviews. Summary Exit Wounds is a pretty kick ass little action movie with plenty for us fans to enjoy. I took in this movie in the theater, in 01' surprised that Seagal was back with Warner Bros. The first scene was kind of the beginning joke for the rest of the story. I was laughing when he took matters into his own hands and to avoid allowing the 'Vice" President to be killed in a firefight on the bridge with the impostor police officers that were there for a killing 'contract'.

I laughed because the best expression that this 'Vice' Prez had on the bridge was And from the exotic cars and the crazy players that brought game to the screen, this was a breath of fresh air, that year. I think that Steven Seagal played himself, as he always does but just like John Wayne and other big icons, that's what people generally go to see, these stars being the stars they are. I strongly felt that the action and confrontation between Seagal and DMX was a favorable match-up.

Corruption in the heart of the downtown precinct. A couple of 'hood-ole'' boys to fight against and expose it. It's an age old tale, but they pulled this one off very well. I recommend to action and martial-arts fans. This one is a lot of fun CuriosityKilledShawn 16 May Despite Fire Down Below being a No. But then veteran action producer Joel Silver thrust Steve back in the limelight, put him on the Slimfast diet gave him slightly better material to work with.

After all, an actor can only do as good as the script. From a novel of the same name by John Westerman but bearing minimal resemblance to it the plot centers on Orin Boyd, a cop busted down to patrolman after a rough encounter with the Vice-President. There are many attempts at irony throughout the movie and surprisingly enough most of them work. Boyd is forced to attend rage control classes in which he meets eccentric TV host Henry Wayne Tom Arnold who becomes his wannabe partner. But sadly enough the classes don't work as Boyd continues to uses violence first, ask questions later.

And there is a public service announcement too; Seagal survives a car wreck by airbag. A later car crash victim doesn't have one and dies. And the bad guys are obvious from the moment they appear on screen.

FILM REVIEW; A Cop as Good as His Manners Are Bad

Bartkowiak's direction is better than in his debut Romeo Must Die, and adds a heavy dose of frenetic rush to such a fast-paced film. However the set-up and execution of the story is so dull you'll forget about it half an hour after the credits roll. Seagal has learned a little, just a little, more in the acting area but still doesn't know how to express himself much. There's too much frowning and not enough other emotions from Boyd. We do want to feel more from him but he won't allow us.

I guess this is just how Seagal is. He just can't get away from himself no matter what role he plays. I wish Seagal would try harder, but he just never bothers with making an effort. Pretty straightforward action flick that is absolutely ridiculous and yet I can forgive it. You see there was nothing I loved more as a child than watching the movie heros fight the bad guys and ultimately take them out to restore peace to the free world.

However, somewhere in the mid's, these kind of films which I have appropriately labelled "The Big Dumb Action Movies" became a lost art and gave way to newer more complex action thrillers. In some instances this was for the better and in other instances, let's just say you were left longing for the days of old when Johnny Rambo dashed acrossed a battlefield in the jungle with his extra powerful M machine gun and mowed down some Commie scum. One of the men at the frontline of the old action genre movies was Steven Seagal. His older movies were an action fan's wet dream.

They had lots of shooting, lots of brutal fight scenes, and the occasional trademark Seagal staredown. But the entertainment was there and when I saw "Exit Wounds," I was automatically thrown back into the mind of a young boy all over again.

Here's a movie that gives an old fan of action exactly what they could ever hope for. Lots of martial arts, lots of great shootouts, and over the top stunts maybe with a little bit of help from those damn cables and CGI but let us ignore this for the time being. This movie is a lot of fun and I was glad to see Seagal make a return to the kind of movie that people actually will pay to see him in, even if this is just a one time deal for the pony tail sporting Aikdo artist.

If it is simple minded action you crave, then you can't go wrong with "Exit Wounds," which is really more of a throwback than anything. When you see the legendary action film veteran Bill Duke on the screen with those crazy eyes, you know you're officially watching a "Big Dumb Action Movie. The need for such a question, however, is unnecessary. Seagal will forever be known as one of our generation's top action stars. He's been on trains, submarines, and over speeding cars. His ability to dazzle his audience with every punch, kick, and flip earns him the title of one of our generation's most memorable action stars.

Seagal is modest about his action power, however, and prefers to be thought of as a professional martial artist. Whatever the case, his latest effort in Exit Wounds is another film in Seagal's library of adrenaline-rushing, macho-type films. Produced by Hollywood honch Joel Silver, Exit Wounds is a high-kicking, edge of your seat thriller that tells the story of a cop named Orin Boyd, sent to another precinct in the rough streets of Detroit, where nothing seems the same.

Corruption, deceit, and betrayal lay only three lockers away. Much like Seagal's enjoyment for his work in the martial arts field, Orin Boyd is a person who is genuinely proud of what he does for a living.

Exit Wounds () - IMDb

All of his anger and frustration is a result of his disappointment with how little his job means. In one of the most powerful scenes of the movie, Boyd is shown hanging up his whistle after his demotion to a traffic director. A cop in Detroit is everything Boyd lives to be, and when his occupation becomes meaningless, so does his life. Boyd isn't alone in his stance, however.

DMX delivers the most engaging performance in Exit Wounds. Much like Boyd, Walker is a character that is typical in most cop films, but also one that the audience can identify with. As every actor should, DMX gives as much personality to Latrell as needed. DMX, as Latrell, shows genuine emotions for his family, his colleagues, and for what stands to be right. A perplexing character with his actions, Latrell definitely serves to grab the audience's attention. Unlike traditional cop films, DMX and Steven Seagal are able to both grab hold of the spotlight of the film, but with their own unique charismas.

Seagal and DMX's chemistry does not involve holding hands and dancing into the sun-setting horizon. It is a tense relationship between Latrell and Boyd, and as the movie progresses, the truths about one another are unraveled, with each character prepared to either fight, or work together, for whatever cause each one has.

Joel Silver is known for setting the bar with his films, both in the action and story sense. Some of the most incredible action sequences in Exit Wounds will forever be embedded in the Joel Silver legacy. Along with Silver's knack for blood rushing sequences, he is also known for pulling shocks and surprises in his pictures.

Exit Wounds by Steven Seagal (2001-07-31)

Exit Wounds is the type of film where one must really keep his eye open, for he might miss an unexpected, but crucial, turning point in the movie. As Steven Seagal's comeback film, he should be grateful that his first picture in the new millennium will forever remind his audiences and fans that he is, indeed, one of the best on-screen heroes of this past decade. As old clashes with new, his counterpart, DMX, has displayed his fresh talent on-screen and sets a challenge for him to take on new film's, with more demanding roles.

In an age where hip hop and kung fu can co-exist in entertainment, Exit Wounds proves that films nowadays still have the potential of attracting just about anybody. Believe it or not, this movie wound up 1 at the box office when it was first released. Seagal's career was heading downhill fast, but this movie resurrected his career, and it became a hit.

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It made 51 million overall in the U. Seagal tried to replicate this formula with another hip ensemble cast in Half Past Dead by having another rapper Ja Rule but that bombed at the box office, and Seagal has been in STD hell, ever since. I'm honestly not sure why this became a hit for Seagal. It's certainly not bad, but there is really nothing all that special about it. It has plenty of lame comedy, thanks to the unfunny Tom Arnold, and some admittedly funny lines by Steven Seagal. It doesn't embarrass itself in the action department.

There are some laughable kickboxing moves, which do not seem to be coming from Seagal. The story itself is familiar. Seagal's "Orrin Boyd" character is a little bit like Serpico. Orrin is a lone wolf, and wants to uncover cop corruption. Sound familiar? Seagal does seem at least somewhat invested into this project. He does have some funny lines, as I stated earlier in the review. I wouldn't call his performance great, but at least signs of his old charisma are here. There is a pivotal moment, involving a death of someone he is close too, and he seems only slightly concerned.

It was always subtle, but it came across as quite awkward. DMX seems very uninterested in his role, and doesn't react to much of anything. He does have a twist which I didn't see coming, but he looked bored. Isaiah Washington does well as Seagal's partner. Anthony Anderson is terribly unfunny in his role. There is a scene between him and Tom Arnold at the end credits, which is supposed to be hilarious, because they are improvising on the fly.

It came across as stupid, and unbearable. It was quite disappointing in all honesty. Tom Arnold's popularity has always befuddled me, and I felt his character was a waste of time. According to her, she was dubbed by another actress, and hated the film. I couldn't tell if she was dubbed or not. Final Thoughts: I thought it was OK. It won't make your day, but it passes the time adequately. It has enough action to keep you watching for most of the duration.

I would certainly recommend it over Seagal's STD stuff 5. While some who have seen this may have been disappointed in the classic sense of what a good movie is, perhaps your standards were set too high. To me, this is a classic Segal film with some great urban elements. I thought that while DMX probably played himself for the most part, he was very cool. Segal really seemed to get back to his true form in this movie. I was getting tired of the political overtones in his previous movies. I think this movie brought back the good old "ass-kicking" that he is known for.

Orin confronts Leon, who explains that a group of corrupt cops were in danger of losing one of their drug dealers, so the corrupt cops planted heroin on Shaun, setting Shaun up to take the rap so they wouldn't lose their dealer. Sergeant Lewis Strutt is the leader of the group of corrupt cops, who also include Montini and Useldinger, and Strutt and his gang are the ones who stole the heroin from Piper Tech. Leon and his friend Trish have been videotaping the corruption, hoping that it might help prove Shaun's innocence and get him out of jail.

Orin meets with Annette at a parking lot and he gets in Annette's truck and tells Annette what's going on. When Montini and Useldinger and a bunch of their men show up and try to kill Orin and Annette, Annette screeches out of the parking lot with Orin still in her truck. Orin and Annette are chased, and Annette is killed in the chase when her truck slams into the back of a bigger truck, sending her into her windshield.

Orin tells Frank that Strutt will be having a meeting at a warehouse in about an hour, to sell the heroin that was stolen from Piper Tech. Strutt plans to try to sell it to Leon and T.

Frank promises that he'll be there with some backup. Orin then goes to George's house and tells George what's going on. George agrees to help Orin bring Strutt and his gang down. But it may be someone higher up who is behind the whole thing. Read full review. This movie is about intense cop corruption, with a motive of drugs and the like. This is a brutal, gripping suspense thriller that has some powerful action sequences and violent fight scenes with the cool Steven Seagal playing the lead cop role. Talk about zero tolerance though, regarding policing! All I know is that it really does make for great action packed entertainment right from the start to the finish!

DMX- the hip-hop star is just as good at acting as anything else. The film doesn't muck about, getting straight into exciting action right from the start, and Steven Seagal makes the movie a winner. Worth a look! In the ilk of romeo must die and cradle to the grave exit wounds is a little eclipsed by the former films.

It must be said that is share the same credentials, DMX, fast cars, money, action but seems to lack something. It has to be said that the something appears to be Jet Li. Seagal seem ill fitting and uncomfortable in the role. DMX is playing a softer and more emotional role that see him doing well in his acting. Eva Mendez makes a glorious if inconsequential appearance but all supporting actors do well which unfortunately brings the focus back to Mr Seagal.

Wolverine – Exit Wounds #1 (2019)

I'm actually a fan and was expecting a whole lot more. In his defence he had little to work with. A laughable plot is cut through as quickly as possible which makes the movie seem like cut together clips of others with the actors re placed which attempts to force gravity but only succeeds in being awkward. Saying that the clips of story range for thrilling to dire which averages out to OK for me.

Could have been so much more with a little bit more thought to the intro and a performing Seagal we could have had another classic.