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But you do say, 'I wish I'd kept that friendship', 'I wish I'd spent more time with the people that matter to me'. Not spending enough time with loved ones and failing to keep meaningful ties alive certainly seem to top the list of common regrets. Letting opportunities slip through our fingers, and not looking after our health and finances - until things eventually crumble and come back to bite us - are other frequent examples. Such regrets can affect us deeply, on many levels.

Hayman notes how a lot of her letters and face-to-face sessions involve people focusing on how they believe it's "too late" to do anything about their regrets.

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Regrets invariably hint at unhappiness and dissatisfaction with one's life, too. It outlines what and why we regret, how these regrets manifest and impact us and, most crucially, what we can do about it. Or at least you can address your regrets so they don't continue that way. Hayman recalls another book published early last year - Top Five Regrets of the Dying, by Bronnie Ware - in which the palliative nurse recorded the regrets she most commonly heard expressed by patients on their deathbeds. They talked about having more courage, being happier, keeping in touch with friends and not working so hard.

The list struck a cord with everybody - so why do we keep on repeating the same choices? However, she admits, avoiding them still takes effort, and key to this is making a conscious decision to make the choices we believe are right for us. Often it's the things that are immediate that you respond to," she says. Written by the UK's number one parenting counsellor, Be a Great Step Parent: Teach Yourself is a practical guide to coping with the many issues faced by the blended family and deriving a positive relationship with your family members. Getting paid to go on holiday may sound like a great lifestyle.

But there's a But there's a lot of hard graft involved - particularly, breaking into this industry in the first place. Few industries have changed as rapidly as publishing, and within Clare Beaton's Action Rhymes. Small children love to act out simple rhymes! This collection features classic favorites like Incy This collection features classic favorites like Incy Wincy Spider, Pat-a-Cake and One Potato, Two Potato in a sturdy board book format that is ideal for sharing with babies and toddlers. Complete Danish is a comprehensive language course that takes you from beginner to intermediate level.

This ebook contains text only and no audio content. The new edition of this successful course has been fully revised and is packed with new Troy Dunn shares his tested and proven tools for repairing a broken family. He believes Your future depends on the choices you make now.

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