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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Orient Blue Moon is available in 4 variants: all in stainless steel with a choice of night blue sky, black or white dials. The first model comes with a night blue sky leather strap and displays a black dial accented with silver colored indexes.

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A second variant has been worked with a black leather strap and shows a black dial with a contrasting the arch of sparkling stars. For the rest are white dial with a choice of stainless steel strap or matching white leather strap adds a final special touch. Viewing the work from a distance, the collaged and painted elements coalesce into an instantly recognizable image , the face of a well-known personage, while closer examination gives the viewer the reward of a literal reading of the face, snippets of articles partially legible through the paint, while the varied weight, touch and colour of paint marks is both sensual material experience and visual interpretation of character and expression.

Biographical Portraits are a tribute to, and celebration of, the life of the subject.

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The emotions one gets from these portraits makes them unique. They are acknowledged as a new dimension in portraiture and are treasured by family and friends, they provide a unique insight into the life and times of their subjects. These are intimate close up portraits. Compositions begin with a drawing from a zoomed in photograph of the sitter taken by the artist.

Shashou collects personal references of his or her life taken from photos, pieces of hand writing and if available, newspaper articles, which she then incorporates into the initial drawing in the form of a collage. When the painting process begins, the collage made up of text photos and newspapers gradually becomes partially legible through the oil paint creating a simultaneous narrative that is both continuous and fragmented.

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Observing the work from a distance the viewer immediately identifies the subject. Closer examination gives the viewer the reward of a literal reading of the photographs and text.

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Shashou works with rich dripping oil paints. Although her painting language is free, the image is still a precise, instantly recognisable depiction of the subject.

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The tonal values of the photographs and text are integrated into the portrait through a complex layering of oil paint. The essence and spirit of the subject is captured through the eyes. The painting is enhanced by the large scale of the composition. Sandra Shashou has become the portrait artist of choice for high profile individuals, businessmen and loved ones.

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Subjected simultaneously to calculated disintegration, decisive blows and intentional breaks the dolls have let go of their previous identity and limitations. This series of prints are a testimony of the brutal devastation of these delicate porcelain collectables, which appear to be desecrated beyond repair, crushed into beautiful assortments of innumerable shattered confetti. Victims of tender explosions , now, mere colourful fragments , which reveal themselves, exposed from the inside out, they unmask our greatest fears, strip away our layers, open, vulnerable and undisguised.

Coming upon her work for the first time in a gallery, you may think for a moment that you are beholding a classical frieze. To use the classic nomenclature of artistic production, these works are reliefs, shallow sculptures set on the wall, a revival of an artistic form popular in the Antique and Renaissance, but which has been almost forgotten for centuries. Her material is the finest bone china and porcelain figurines collected from antiques markets and dealers. Some may read a social comment in her work, a playful rupturing of bourgeois values.

The order and tranquillity of a daily routine, with its echoes of Victorian Britain, Alice in Wonderland and social conformity, tea-time, has been literally shattered. Moreover, rather mundane materials have been used to create the characteristic brilliance and sheen of many high profile works of contemporary art. This is a body of work which celebrates craftsmanship while also questioning the role of art today, as a trophy of wealth, sophistication and success. This is the stuff you see littering the marble floors of a palace that has been ransacked.

Our places are like sparks, designed to awake the moment and to foster encounters… to connect with each other. This encounter moment is precious, because it gives birth to every relationship! Pour 1 personne.

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