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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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The daily life of the current order of the Carmelites passes with the same diligence that austerity and Teresa of Avila began with four novices, and in those years the bare cell today joining a private chapel in the corner of the garden. It is worth going to the church of San Juan Bautista, originally Romanesque but deeply transformed in the sixteenth century. Here is the font where the saint was baptized on 7 April There, tourists and locals gather in front of the facade of the Church of San Pedro, to drink in the arcades.

But the most striking building is the palace environment Davila. It is a stout fortress actually formed by four houses, the oldest of them XIII century. The ensemble is known for its battlements and a famous Renaissance source window. Nearby is the Tower of Guzman, built in the sixteenth century and now houses the County.

Chico Market Square, where they used to be situated the ancient Roman Forum, the center of the city. Another important building is the Basilica of San Vicente, built in the twelfth century by the place where the three saints were martyred in the time of Diocletian. El conjunto destaca por sus almenas y por una famosa ventana de origen renacentista. La plaza del Mercado Chico, lugar en el que se emplazaba el antiguo foro romano, es el centro de la ciudad.

Meanwhile, stand inside the vaults and boasts the tomb of the three martyrs, an important monument attributed to teacher proto Fruchel. Back outside the walls, but very close to the door of the loyal, stands the palace of the Deanes. Originally, as the name implies, this monumental sixteenth century house was built to accommodate successive deans clergy responsible for the administration of the cathedral chapter held Avila throughout its history. These elements give the whole stately undeniable. Inside, a main building and several outbuildings are structured around a courtyard with two galleries with Gothic arches.

Traditional summer residence of the Spanish monarchs, the monastery of Santo Tomas was completed in in Elizabethan Gothic style during the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella. The set is dominated by a monumental church with a single nave covered by vaults and several side chapels. In the center of the transept is the beautiful tomb of Prince John, son of the Kings, carved in marble by Domenico Fancelli. The convent area is organized around three cloisters, the Novitiate of Silence and Kings, with rich ornamentation. Meanwhile, the real outbuildings host the Oriental Museum, which exhibits an interesting collection of works from the Far East.

In any of the restaurants in the city of Avila is possible to discover the excellent local cuisine. Outstanding the excellent roast suckling pig, pork and lamb, plus the famous veal chops Avila. Para rePOner fuerZas Sin duda, tantas visitas han abierto el apetito, pero no hay que preocuparse, estamos en uno de los mejores lugares para saturisMO cultural Animals is uniformly black, while admitting degradations hue, noted for its hardiness, fertility and longevity, as well as a knack for walking, which is fundamental for migratory movements and the search for power.

We must also test their products kill: the loin, sausage from pot and ciarlo. If you want to accompany any of these dishes with a local wine, nothing beats Cebreros wines and tremble. A good way to test is to travel specialties Avila taverns and bars in the city and enjoy the popular tapas, including potatoes revolconas have a preference, and the cochifrito or cuchifrito delicious, made with beef and spices.

Both the steak and the yolks have appellation. T More information : www. World hits, the popular and the new, ring out at around a dozen of Vienna s best performance venues, from the State opera to jazz clubs to Rathausplatz. Some of the highlights and top acts : vocal acrobat Bobby McFerrin kicks off the festival with his gospel and spiritual program "Spirit You All" in the Vienna Stadthalle. The pianist, singer and old master of the jazzinspired Italian song, Paolo Conte also performs here. Greats of the music business perform at the Vienna State opera : Bryan Ferry, as one of the most innovative and stylish musicians, songwriters and singers who returns to his jazz roots.

George Benson provides funk and soul sounds with his guitar and Randy Crawford and Joe Sample continue this direction together with newcomer China Moses. The Arkadenhof at the Vienna City Hall also becomes a stage, e. Numerous other acts in the city s jazz clubs await fans and newcomers to the scene. Severn free concerts on the Summer Stage and at Rathausplatz provide the opportunity to sample jazz.

From 7 to 9 June , the three-day festival for music, art and culture will again draw around 30, guests to Vienna s Danube Canal. There is a brilliantly colorful program along the canal, with free admission at around a dozen locations, including the Summer Stage, Strandbar Hermann and the restaurant Motto am Fluss. DJ sets, dance workshops, fashion shows, sport offerings and diverse culinary delights ensure that holiday feeling - as does a whole bunch of live concerts.

Pour le savoir, consultez le lexique des arts et de la culture sur le site lefrancaisenscene. Vous ne trouvez pas le mot que vous recherchez? Appel de candidatures pour le Prix Charles-Biddle. Date butoir : 31 mai Jouer Dehors — Appel de projets pour la diffusion estivale ! Biking, busing, tramming or hoofing it, Amsterdam is a city easy to get around. It has beauty, charm, and hundreds of canals connected by pretty bridges - and flowers everywhere! These 17th century canals enjoy the honor of having been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in and their grassy banks are perfect paths for a romantic stroll.

Recently I had the great good luck to visit Amsterdam and attend an historic launching of 10 new Viking Longships as this most award-winning line expands into a new era of European river cruising. This was an auspicious occasion because, for the first time ever, a river cruise company was launching ten ships all at once — and I was there to witness it!

Calaméo - TOURISTICA 53 - The Phœnician Art

So throw off the bowlines and sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Although my stay aboard the Viking Aegir was brief, I nonetheless was able to debark a few times and explore parts of Amsterdam, experiencing some of its special treasures and causing me perhaps to dream? Yes, indeed I did. Its intricately carved oak alter was stunning and the stained-glass windows handsome despite no sun shinning through that day. Could there be a more perfect end to my church visit? Another outing took me to Museum Het Schip the ship , one of the highlights of the Amsterdam School of Architecture, so called because its shape somewhat resembles a ship.

Built in , three monumental social housing blocks designed by architect Michel de Klerk are viewed as a masterpiece and symbolize the solidarity and emancipation of the working class at the beginning of the last century. No longer were the poor condemned to live in basements and slums but now had safe, affordable housing. The Amsterdam School paid a great deal of attention to the applied arts, designing in such a versatile and expressive way that the style is often seen as the Dutch version of Art Deco.

Remarkable is the fact that this design by famous artists and architects was to be found in these modest working class houses. At Concertgebouw, Royal Concert Hall , opened in , I attended a concert of Brahms, Chausson and Ravel with violinist Tosca opdam and pianist Victor Stanislavsky, their music at times bold and regal, other times poignant and tender ; at all times rendered gorgeously by this world-class duo. Although our ship had no plans to stray afar of the ceremonial goings-on, we did take a brief cruise down the Ijsselmeer River to Hoorn, an ancient harbor town founded in Sadly, no sidewalk sitting this day… waaaay too cold.

However, the experience of leisurely making our waterway down the river was picturesque. In Amsterdam, there were ten godmothers, one for each of the ships to be launched. Distinguished, remarkable women are historically honored to become godmothers and this year was no exception. They gallantly smaaMsterdaM We guests then enjoyed a divine dinner and a maiden voyage around the Amsterdam harbor.

The mists were banished, the greyed skies cast out and at close of day, in the far distance — a rainbow. History, nature, sport, gastronomy.

Aïe Aïe Aïe !

Y aunque esta es, sin duda, su mayor fuerza, no hay que olvidar todo lo anterior porque Lourdes es un lugar que requiere cierto tiempo para descubrir todos sus encantos. En realidad no se trata de grandes monumentos, no hay importantes obras de arte, las construcciones son bellas pero no grandiosas. Mucha fe. B ut all those qualities remain silent when it is also said this place is magical and miraculous, which is a mystical and spiritual center, heal its waters, its light, its rocks, its air are different points of planet.

We speak, of course, in Lourdes, a small town near the French Pyrenees converted into the second largest pilgrimage center of Europe, in the second place France s hotel and destination for more than six million visitors each year. And while this is undoubtedly its greatest strength, not to forget all this because Lourdes is a place that takes some time to discover all its charms.

Actually it is not great monuments, no important works of art, the buildings are beautiful but not great. What gives this site its special atmosphere is people: the hundreds of volunteers who carry with a smile to disabled, the men and women who comprise thousands of candles in ancient altars, the voices in many languages who pray or sing. And that, for believers or agnostics, is contagious. Because he refused the note is authentic. There is no hysteria or excessive passion or unbridled fervor.

There seriousness, recollection, some excitement, no faith. Many faith. Su cuerpo permanece incorrupto en el convento de San Gildard de Nevers. Por cierto, tanto el agua como las velas pueden ser encargadas por Internet. According to his account, Bernadette heard a loud sound of wind, but turned to see that all was quiet and the trees had not moved. For the second time heard the same rumor, but then saw a "young" inside the cave. Over the next apparitions barely spoke, Bernadette referred to her as "it" or "ma am" and only one of their last meetings, of the 18 who had revealed that it was the Immaculate Conception.

In between came a miraculous spring, penance and the Virgin asked the priests build a chapel. Bernadette became a nun, died at just 35, was declared Blessed in and holy in His body remains uncorrupted in the convent of San Gildard of Nevers. Since that time the attraction has not diminished Lourdes. Is estimated to have million people visited in recent years at a rate of 6 million per year, including 80, pilgrims , sick or disabled and youth.

By the way, both water and candles can be ordered over the Internet. Cada una de las 15 capillas representa una escena de los misterios del rosario. When visiting the shrines, and the grotto of the apparitions, it is essential to know the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, with a spectacular facade with Roman-style mosaics byzantine, with 2, m2, was developed as a pedestal Upper Basilica, which is above the grotto.

Each of the 15 chapels depicting a scene from the mysteries of the rosary. The design of the building is totally original style without enclaves vault and pillars at each end. Every Wednesday and Sunday Mass is celebrated internationally on emotional often up to 50 priests concelebrating and brings together more than 25, people. All ceremonies are shocking, but nothing like the torchlight procession that takes place every night from nine. Thousands of people with candles protected by a wax paper chandelier form an endless serpent of light from the grotto to the altar of the Rosary.

In silence or chanting prayers in six languages Lourdes illuminate the night of stirring up even the most atheist. Claro que si se trata de vistas espectaculares, lo mejor es subir en funicular al Pic du Jer. Desde sus metros de altitud domina la llanura de Bigorre y una impresionante vista a grados en la que destacan las principales cumbres de la cadena de los Pirineos: Vignemale, Pic du Midi, Montaigu.

MucH MOre tHan sanctuaries But the visit to Lourdes should not remain only in religious places or many spaces and museums dedicated to one form or another in the life of Bernadette or Christ. Also from the tower you can see a spectacular view of the entire city and its surroundings. Of course, if it is spectacular, it s best to take the funicular to the Pic du Jer. Since its altitude meters overlooking the plain of Bigorre and a stunning degree view which highlights the main peaks of the Pyrenees chain: Vignemale, Pic du Midi, Montaigu. Also from there you can see the lake of glacial Lourdes and one of the largest in the Pyrenees.

Also golfers, as there is a 18 hole course in the middle of a resinous woods, overlooking the clear water of the lake. Salidas garantizadas de viernes a domingo desde el 15 de marzo al 8 de noviembre. Once in the city, the company Lourdes Hotels Services offers accommodation and full board at its four hotels in three and four star, with a total of rooms.

Guaranteed departures from Friday to Sunday from March 15 to November 8. Most are made of gold, ivory, semiprecious stones, silver, glass, bronze and terra cotta. Also, large stone objects survive. Less durable items such as carved wood and fabric are almost very rare or not to be found at all. HistOry knOwledge 79 ivOry viii th century bc. Most of what survives, as in many other civilizations, pertains to burial or funerary context. Grave supplies include jewelry, scarabs, amulets, terra cotta, amulets, metal bowls, ivory boxes, cosmetic items, and possessions that denote rank and status and last but not least stone sarcophagi Moscati , , , However, this should not be taken to mean that there art was created for the dead or to the worship of gods.

A lot still remains to be discovered even when most of what has surfaced comes from the latter which often is the repository of art that might not have survived. A terra-cotta model found there now in the louvre is believed to represent the resheph-Apollo temple. This carried over to color selection and combination.


Ivory-carving was a long established craft in the Eastern Mediterranean and ivory was considered a precious commodity. The ivories from all these sites include furniture such as chairs, thrones, footstools and beds. Also, toilet articles such as combs, mirror handles and plaques from small boxes are other forms of there work in Ivory. Ivory objects are better known than metal objects of silver, bronze ones between the ninth and seventeenth centuries. However, nineteenth century objects were unearthed in sanctuaries and tombs in Italy, Greece, Crete, Rhodes and Cyprus.

Sometimes these were names of the craftsmen or owners. Metropolitan Museum of Art, NyC. Climb to the top of the tower and look down into the water to see the remains of the ancient quays. Around bC, byblos port was the most important timber shipping center in the eastern Mediterranean. The cemeteries were repositories for the cremated remains of infants, children and animals.

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Her writing is directly linked to current affairs and the realities of the world. Her characters are human beings, they are persecutors and victims of a kind of modern slavery. She gracefully links intimacy, socialism and politics ; she questions the different effects of globalisation, the media, liberalism, through restrained but strong language which depicts the modernity of our world and proves herself to be someone who understands the zeitgeist.

Autrice, Claire signe Dis camion! Elle y retournera une seconde fois pour Looking for Laodamie. Maya Boquet travaille le continuum entre la fiction et le documentaire. En cours.


Il se produit dans de nombreux concerts et lectures publiques. Il participe au chantier de la Bible en traduisant les Psaumes et le Cantique des Cantiques. Il travaille notamment avec le groupe hollandais The Ex et publie deux albums, Le Journaliste et Transfer , avec le guitariste anglais Andy Moor. Ondaatje, lecture en musique de Theo Hakola. Bernard et P. Il signe une quinzaine de textes dramatiques, tant pour le grand public que pour les enfants.

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Et tous les moyens sont bons. En quelques dates Lucie Depauw was born in She pursued studies in film and broadcasting, and has worked as an assistant director in the field for the past ten years. Elle fait partie du collectif endoscope. Il travaille principalement sur la prise de parole. Synge, William et Jack Butler Yeats. Bilingue en anglais, elle suit la formation Acting in English avec Isabelle Duperray.

En , elle remporte le prix de la meilleure actrice au Festival audiovisuel de Luchon pour Les Heures souterraines de Philippe Harel, pour Arte. Nathalie Fillion is a Paris-based writer and director. She began to write for the theatre, alongside performing, in the mids. Her breakout play was Alex Legrand , which toured around France in a production directed by Fillion, playing over performances to critical acclaim.

A polyglot, musician and traveler, she collaborates with musicians and choreographers, exploring different forms in her productions. Fillion will direct the world premiere production of Spirit in January She has been invited to Quebec frequently. I try to let the complexity of the world and its inhabitants emerge.

I lie in wait for the epic in a time without heroes and struggle with the way women are represented. Dialogue, polyphony, entanglement impose themselves, and any number of theatricalities inhabit each play, as any number ofrealities inhabit this world. En , il y met en jeu Corps En , il dirige Toxique , de Greg MacArthur. Ses textes Les 13 de B. Bauer, E. Perton et P. C'est un projet de non-fiction, qui explore les bassins de l'inconscient - intime et collectif. Lancelot Hamelin is an author novels, essays, and plays.

He lives and works in Paris. Enfin, il est le promoteur de la plateforme benincrea. She likes to shake up her writing habits by writing directly on stage, as she did for the F3 project, now in production, and for which she has been working with Solenn Denis and Julie Menard within the context of laboratory work for alternative societies for Oh! Ryan Kernoa est le guitariste du groupe de rock noise Kourgane. Il est le compagnon et le partenaire de la saxophoniste Christine Abdelnour au sein de Split Second. Notre corps utopique.

En , il entame un cycle sur les grandes figures de la culture populaire : Norman Bates est-il? Martin-Barbaz, Les Vagues de V. Brecht sous la direction de F. Il travaille aussi en collaboration avec de jeunes auteurs dont Julie Aminthe, M. Il est boursier du C. T en pour La robe bleue. Romance , en , et Confusions de genres , en Il poursuit durant trois ans cette formation au Conservatoire Darius Milhaud.