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From Cambridge English Corpus. One thing that contributes to the possibility of extended price negotiation is the parties' tacit agreement to stay within the engagement, availing themselves of more talk. The moment a remark of that kind has been passed, a tacit agreement is entered into, and a relationship is established between those workers.

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From the Hansard archive. There is another point which has not been expressly referred to this evening but about which there is a considerable amount of tacit agreement.

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  4. By general tacit agreement , we appear to be discussing in this debate only the terms rather than the substance. I am content to leave things as they are on a sort of tacit agreement. The landlord would find himself faced either on a tacit agreement or a year by year lease with a perpetual burden on his property.

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    Does there not appear to be a tacit agreement between chief constables not to intervene? In other words, there was recognition, and almost tacit agreement , that the scheme should be conceded, and then suddenly it was withdrawn.

    Men's tacit agreement

    I gather that that is often done by tacit agreement between the prosecution and the defence. If the tacit agreement is to operate, it must not be put under the strain that this charade and farce are putting on our business. Activism Argument Argumentum ad populum Attitude change Censorship Charisma Circular reporting Cognitive dissonance Critical thinking Crowd manipulation Cultural dissonance Deprogramming Echo chamber Education religious , values Euphemism Excommunication Fearmongering Historical revisionism Ideological repression Indoctrination Media manipulation Media regulation Mind control Missionaries Moral entrepreneurship Persuasion Polite fiction Political engineering Propaganda Propaganda model Proselytism Psychological manipulation Psychological warfare Religious conversion forced Religious persecution Religious uniformity Revolutions Rhetoric Self-censorship Social change Social control Social engineering Social influence Social progress Suppression of dissent Systemic bias Woozle effect.

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      Namespaces Article Talk. In transactions with those characteristics, the investing party risk holdup by its counterparty between the period when the initial investment is made and when the second party must act. I suggest that a commitment to pay lost profits in the event of breach constrains the threat of holdup, and that in these circumstances the value of the promise compensates for the efficiency loss otherwise inherent in assigning consequential damages to the party least able to avoid them.

      While a pledge of lost profits in the event of breach is not the exclusive response to this holdup problem, it is a plausible and perhaps superior means of avoiding it.