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But even then he was pushing me to pay the fare!

Taxi Tales Vol. 1: The Fragrant Lady

In the end, I got out but didn't pay him. They'd start speaking a million miles a minute after that. I would have to say, "No, no, no. We were on the way to my friend's and some other car must've cut off our driver. I remember he was trying to talk to us a lot but came off obnoxious.

Taxi Tales - Tamasha Theatre Company

Then he just stopped the car about a quarter of the way into an intersection, got out and ran about 15ft towards another car yelling insults. They ended up having a fist-fight. This driver just left his car stranded with us in it in the middle of traffic. After drinking more than I should have at a bar hangout with friends, I drunkenly staggered out onto the street to find a taxi. After getting into one with a friend who wanted to make sure I got home safe, I gave the driver the wrong house address.

My friend didn't know where I lived so he had no clue we were on the way to the wrong house. When we arrived at the false destination, I told him that this wasn't my house so I proceeded to give him another address. We ended up at the wrong house in an entirely different area. Of course, he got mad and wouldn't take us any further so we gave him the money. Thankfully by then I came to my senses and was able to give the next taxi we grabbed the correct address.

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Know your alcohol limit people! The driver assumed I didn't speak Thai so he just responded with "Okay" and I let it be. He picked up a phone call and started talking about me in Thai, about how I'm a young, pretty girl and how I should be wearing more decent clothes mind you, I was wearing jeans and a sleeveless shirt. He then continued to talk about how foreigners come to Thailand and spread "Western ideals" and how if I was Thai, I wouldn't be wearing clothes like this. When he dropped me off, I handed him money and said "Khob khun mak kha phi.

Pen khon Thai na. Phooying khon thai taeng tua yung ngi dai na" "Thank you very much, sir. I'm actually Thai.

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By the way, Thai girls do and should be able to dress like this without judgement" , and left. I got into a taxi and suspected that it was a "taxi by day, party car by night" sort of thing. The car was profusely decorated with shiny things and lights.

Taxi Tales: Estée Lalonde

But the thing that really made me feel the "party car" vibe was that the taxi had what looked like a stripper pole between the front seat and driver's seat. Either it was an eccentric decorator or a moonlighter. I was in a cab with a friend and the driver was chatting in a friendly manner at first before he started to brag about how rich he was.

When we seemed unimpressed, he fished out his wallet and showed us how much money was in it at least 20, baht, I assume. My friend said, "Showing money to your passengers is probably not a good idea. You might get mugged.

Taxi Tales

I've murdered people, you know? I can fight. Thankfully, it was a short ride. I was in a cab and the driver was really nice and all. He said I was his last passenger because he's going to retire to his hometown to fight his cancer and get ordained. So I tipped him heavily and wished him luck. Two weeks later, I got into the exact same taxi, and the driver, who obviously couldn't remember me, said the exact same thing again.

This time, I waited for the change.

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He looked surprised. I turned to see what the perpetrator of such a brave attempt on theft looked like, but all I could see was the back of his head.

He was nearly crushed between two taxis in the process, both of them with those intimidating bush guards at the front. That guy must have followed our taxi thinking he was in for some easy fix. Had he known that I was aware that it was common for passengers in that seat to have their phones grabbed from them, he might have thought twice.

Taxi Tales: Part 1 Naples

I knew the risk of browsing the net in the city centre, in a taxi leaving the park, so I had taken simple measures to ensure its safety while I was at it. I also thank God I had the presence of mind to ensure my safety before embarking on such a perilous quest. To be a female taxi conductor.