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How they send their little internet thugs to downvote dissenting comments — just as the Chinese communists do? I think we all know that the incoherent fat gammon down the pub is likely to be a Brexiteer while a highly educated surgeon or scientist is almost certainly a remainer. Brexiters on the other hand tend to be more skeptical of conventional education and the controlled media.

Immigrants are the reason for a poorly funded NHS? Makes sense.

Britain is heading for another 2008 crash: here’s why | David Graeber

The EU is the reason we have loads of Muslims? Simple solutions to big problems. On the one hand, for example, you have Nigel telling you the NHS is collapsing because of migrants. I think someone is triggered that people who actually get paid to think critically ie lawyers all understand Brexit is stupid. All your points focus entirely on arguments of immigration, which is highly unlikely to be the reason why any educated person would vote Brexit.

I know many highly educated and successful people who voted out and not one argument they raise discusses immigration. Some of those were individuals were given access through IT systems to sensitive information about the future plans of the EU and also the EU army, which caused deep concern.

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Please point out the rational, fact based, even vaguely sane Vote Leave arguments. Your clueless hypocrisy is as obvious as it is embarrassing. Yes, the readership of this website is almost entirely millennial metropolitans and, to boot, mostly students. But most people in this country simply do not see any benefit from membership of the EU, and the fact is that as a net contributor we do stand to be able to reallocate funds to causes we judge more worthy in the future through leaving. Most people in this country are not employed in the financial services sector, and so the concerns of a few well-heeled lawyers are a terrible basis on which to decide an issue like this.

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There is a huge world out there of countries with which we currently have to trade on the basis of rules set by an inefficient conglomerate of countries with divided interests, dominated by German auto industry and French agriculture interests, hampered perennially by disproportionately powerful bit players e. Any critical reasoning would conclude that tangible benefits are on offer, even if weighted towards the long term. We have embarked on this project as the result of a democratic exercise in which there was more engagement than in any other vote we as a country have ever held.

It is completely right that we see this through, and strive to achieve the very real benefits on offer as a result. I thought Brexiteers love telling it how it is but you all seem to get triggered when someone does so without agreeing with you. Apparently that only applies to traffic jams being caused by immigrants and fake new on the side of busses.

But if we go down this route, am I allowed to point out that one of the strongest predictors of Brexit voting constituencies were the areas of the most uneducated? Perhaps the experts in their collective wisdom have a point. It takes utter arrogance to dismiss them. Some people work in car manufacturing: Mini will be shutting their Oxford plant for weeks to coincide with Brexit in March Autotrader — Brexit concerns grow as decline in UK car manufacturing continues. Some people work in healthcare: Brexit makes the staffing crisis worse Financial Times — Britain faces nursing shortfall as EU recruits stay away.

How are the diplomatic efforts of the UK, in renegotiating agreements without the full force of the Single Market, going for us then? Why should these countries give Britain the same preferential deal, now that the country no longer has the full force of 27 Member States behind them? In aviation, the United States is demanding ownership and control rules as a condition to allow transatlantic flights. Based on lies and misconceptions peddled by snake-oil salesmen who ran away and absolved themselves of responsibility a day after the vote.

And where the Leave. EU campaign is now under investigation from our very own National Crime Agency. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to respond properly. This is an unfortunately rancorous debate, so I do appreciate the effort to debate somewhat reasonably and! The demographic matters when one is pointing out that one demographic in particular was polled, and then suggesting that demographic is susceptible to a particular argument, then seeking to point out the flaws in that argument. Your response is just a slur on leave voters as uneducated, with no further substance, no reasoning as to why your comment on the demographic might be considered relevant.

None of this was true, of course. How many UK based lawyers do you know who regularly do this. Now, how many of those are for some reason unable to cross-qualify in Ireland, as many already have using a straightforward and hassle-free workaround. And you acknowledge this may only be relevant in the unlikely event of no-deal anyway! Most of the large number of treaties you mention are very easily adopted between the UK and the relevant counterparty as, obviously, nothing has really changed to make e. Not everyone does.

Tangible benefits will, as I say, likely be long-term whereas the purported disastrous disadvantages are conspicuously centred on the difficulty of actually getting out, viz. Also to let dissident students know that there are people in the profession who share their views. Any independent thought leads one to the conclusion that Brexit is stupid. There is no cogent pro-Brexit argument out there short of entering into terrible one sided trade deals with America and maybe joining TPP. You have failed to provide any argument here. Again, all you appear to be capable of is rudeness and ad hominems.

At this point all we can do is take comfort in all the studies that show Brexit voting areas will mostly be much more heavily hit by Brexit than the remain areas. All remainers these days care to do are speculate and fear-monger, but you never hear people saying that the EU legislative system is fantastic, or that the ECJ is wonderful, or that Junker is an incredible leader, or that EU rules are marvelous, or that the EU budget is really well spent. At most, you might find one or two masochists trying to defend the premise of the single market.

Break up the EU... before Europe breaks down completely

Most people who voted Leave have a rubbish life. Their current predicament before the referendum was unlikely to change. Instead, they ticked the Leave box and crossed their fingers in the hope their lives will improve. We know who the bulk of voters were. Or they could grow up, leave the Drynite behind and risk sleeping without it.

Yes the sheets could get wet, or they might discover that they have grown up and can now sleep in any bed without fear! Speaking to the younger British men here. The difference is this: once we bring democratic power back home through Brexit, we can hold the British government to account through the democratic process, and we can replace it if necessary.

This is the most basic and fundamental truth and is exactly why global interest groups and their lackeys are so agitated by Brexit. Anonymous Nov 5 am. Anonymous Nov 5 pm. Oh I wish I was as educated and clever as you! God help us. Ciaran Goggins Nov 5 am. There are 50 million behind them Tarquin.

Popper Nov 5 pm.

General Elections: The countdown begins - Indiascope News - Issue Date: Nov 15,

The people got it wrong last time. They should be given an opportunity to correct their mistake. A concerned citizen Nov 5 am. Dechart Trainee Nov 5 pm. Good luck in Killadelphia.

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Recommend you buy a bulletproof vest. Why all the hate for Dechert? Makes no sense. There are worse firms out there.

One more week… The Final Countdown has begun!

HR people have feelings too you know :'. Jericho Cane Arnold Schwarzenegger , a beaten down ex-cop, wakes up to another day, oblivious to the struggle that he soon must face. His job as a security specialist alongside his partner Chicago Kevin Pollak has become a tireless routine of seedy surveillance jobs, and since the death of his wife and child, everything in life which once held any meaning to him is now gone. Following a bizarre confrontation with a crazed homeless man warning him of impending doom, Cane rescues a young woman by the name of Christine York Robin Tunney.

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He soon finds himself drawn into a heart-stopping game of cat and mouse, as he realizes that she is the key to a supernatural force of terror, born of prophecy long ago foretold. Christine, who has grown into a beautiful young woman, has spent her entire life on medication, trying to numb the pain from the disturbing visions which haunt her. For she is the unwitting object of desire of what deceptively appears to be just a man Gabriel Byrne , but is in fact the ultimate embodiment of evil. A being not of this earth, and one possessing powers beyond human comprehension. His goal is both simple and final, and the deadline for his malevolent plan is fast approaching.

Now, as the world stands on the brink of the new millennium, it is up to Cane to protect Christine - and all mankind - from witnessing the end of days. And it is in this, the darkest hour, that all mankind must have faith.