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The one on the right though looks calm; too calm. She looks as if she is a government agent ready to take out the woman on the left and use the child for God knows what. I was right but for a different reason: I just saw that the woman on the left was dressed somewhat more casually, hair down and with a simple sweater, similar to how a young mother would dress. The woman on the right looks a bit more dressy, as if she has work to be done today. Check the leg positions, on the right her inner leg is superior, guarding against the child on the left her outer leg is superior, guarding the child.

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Dee Dee told Gypsy's father, Rod Blanchard, that their daughter had a chromosomal disorder that had led to her many health issues.

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He complimented Dee Dee for her devoted care. When some of Dee Dee's family noticed that Gypsy didn't seem to need a wheelchair and asked questions, Dee Dee and Gypsy moved away. Dee Dee claimed to be a victim of Hurricane Katrina, so she and Gypsy received assistance to relocate from Louisiana to Missouri in There, Dee Dee continued to bring Gypsy to doctor's appointments. Hurricane Katrina also provided an excuse for missing medical files. Photo: Courtesy of Investigation Discovery. Built by Habitat for Humanity, it was painted pink and had a wheelchair ramp.

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Gypsy and Dee Dee also received benefits that included charity-sponsored visits to concerts and Disney World. All along, Dee Dee continued to bask in the attention she received for being a devoted caretaker. When Gypsy was 14, she saw a neurologist in Missouri who came to believe she was a victim of Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

Dee Dee began pretending that Gypsy had different illnesses when Gypsy was a baby

However, this doctor never reported her case to authorities. In later interviews, he stated his belief that there wasn't enough evidence to act. In , an anonymous report was made to authorities stating that Dee Dee's accounts of Gypsy's ailments had no medical basis. This resulted in two caseworkers visiting to their home, but Dee Dee convinced them there was nothing wrong. As Gypsy grew older, Dee Dee began to lie about her age, going so far as to alter the dates on Gypsy's birth certificate to make her daughter seem younger. But Gypsy was still becoming harder for Dee Dee to control.

In , Gypsy tried to get away from her mother by running away with a man she'd met at a science fiction convention. But Dee Dee soon tracked them down via mutual friends. She convinced the man that Gypsy was a minor, though she was actually 19 at the time.


According to Gypsy, Dee Dee smashed her computer and physically restrained her to her bed after they returned home. Gypsy has also stated her mother would sometimes hit her and deny her food. Gypsy eventually managed to get back online. She joined a Christian dating site, where she met Nicholas Godejohn.

The Judgement of Solomon - the Real Mother is Revealed

She told him the truth about her mother's actions and ended up asking him to kill Dee Dee so they could be together. Just the other day I had the birds, and the bees talk with…. The Little girls Valentines Day gift guide is here! I am a super fan of this love fest holiday, and so are my two daughters. We do a hearts inspired party, and…. While carrying a baby bottle, diapers, formula, pacifier, baby toys, and possibly lipstick, you mine as well do it with a stylish diaper bag.

Long gone are the days of carrying baby….