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Officials say nearly percent of the Karen community registered to vote there have already cast their ballots.

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Transparency gadfly Srisuwan Janya, with his signature finger-pointing. Surapol added that he wanted Sam with him on Election Day as he used to ride him to patrol his neighborhood while he was working at the office. A blind voter is escorted to a polling station in Udon Thani. Special ballot papers printed in Braille are handed out to blind voters. They can also choose to have an official at the booths to mark the ballots on their behalf. Police say they have arrested two men involved in a voting-buying scheme west of Bangkok in Nakhon Pathom.

According to police, one suspect is a kamnan , or local administrator, named Charn Homprong. They said he was found with up to 16, baht in cash and a list of voters he had paid. Another was a top district official named Kampol Permpoon, who was reportedly arrested with 2, baht in cash. Both denied all allegations, police said, without identifying which party they were allegedly affiliated with.

A car crashed into one such venue in Ratchaburi province this morning, injuring several voters. Wachara Petchkruea, 27, said he was approaching a curve close to the polling station when he skid off it, struck a motorcycle and crashed into the voting venue. Police promptly arrested him and charged him with reckless driving resulting in injuries. Voting resumed immediately after the incident. The alleged incident came a day after pro-junta Facebook pages spread rumors that party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkij was barred from the race because he owned shares in the media.

Thanathorn later posted that the news was not true, since he already gave up all his shares months ago. Naturally younger people want to see the country change and develop. Counting will take place at each district office in Bangkok. They will be tabulated locally and fed to the Election Commission via a smartphone app called Rapid Report by local polling station workers. The Election Commission has said preliminary results based on 95 percent of counted ballots will be available about four hours after polls close, or 9pm.

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The winners of the election should be clear at that point. However, the results will not be formally endorsed until early May, depending on whether there are any voting violations deemed to disqualify any candidates. The most-felt voter suppression today so far appears to be the weather. Rainstorms struck Ubon Ratchathani early this morning, flooding several polling stations and forcing many to stay home.

The Election Commission in Lampang also urged voters to come out and vote early as a storm is forecast to bear down later in the afternoon.

When do polls open and close?

Asaree Thaitrakulpanich and Chayanit Itthipongmaetee are live from a polling station at the former Thailand Tobacco Monopoly in Bangkok. Election observers have been routine fixtures of past polls, but this year they faced considerable resistance to participating. As we reported earlier this month, P-Net complained it had been denied funds and accreditation by elections officials. None of these developments fostered confidence in the integrity of the vote. On the eve of the vote, both organizations said they had been accredited at the last minute.

Today on Election Day

Two hours in, voting appears to be going smoothly in most places, though there are complaints of polling stations in Korat using unsynchronized clocks — resulting in uneven opening times. Some voters are also confused about whether they have to sign their full names or only provide a signature on their ballot booklets, as instructions seem to vary from station to station. The Asian Network for Free Elections is fielding 34 observers today. They have set up at a hotel in downtown Bangkok and have fielded monitors to a number of provinces including Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani and Ratchaburi.

He said it had been very packed earlier in the morning. Tossaporn, who said he has managed voting at least four times, flatly told him to contact other staff inside the polling tent.

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Army chief Apirat Kongsompong votes in Bangkok, while hundreds of soldiers arrived at a polling station in the military neighborhood of Kiak Kai. The armed forces have come under intense scrutiny from the opposition, not the least because of Gen. There are also accusations that soldiers are being forced by their commanders to vote for a pro-junta party, though the military denies this.

The Election Commission bans taking any photos once you cross the lines into a polling station. Campaigning is also banned on Election Day, and that extends to wearing clothing that bears the logos of political parties.

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A statement attributed to King Vajiralongkorn was read in a televised broadcast citing a famous quote from his late father, King Bhumibol. No one can turn everyone into good people. In order to ensure normalcy, happiness and order in the country, it is not about turning everyone into good people, but about supporting good people and letting good people rule the country, and preventing bad people from having power or causing unrest.

Celebrities are now marching into the polling stations across the country. They include actresses Pancake Khemanit and Mai Davika. Analysts predict it will be a tough contest here, where both leading Pheu Thai and Democrat candidates were incumbent MPs before the current govt merged their two constituencies into one. Polls have opened nationwide.

Long queues formed at many polling stations. Several well-known figures headed to their electoral stations to perform their rights, including junta leader Prayuth Chan-ocha and Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkij. Khaosod English. Royal Barge Procession Set for Oct. All Calamity Courts Crime. Thai Mental Health Dept.

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Opinion: Goodbye The Nation Newspaper. Several school districts are hoping voters will pass tax levies, and are bracing for program cuts and layoffs if the levies do not pass.

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Among the municipal issues being voted on Tuesday is a measure to reverse the pit bull ban in Parma. In Cuyahoga County, there are three candidate contests and 12 issues, including three school issues and eight municipal issues. Would you like to receive local news notifications on your desktop? Yes please Not now. DecodeDC Politics. Actions Facebook Tweet Email. If you look at voting systems around the world, this system is extremely unusual.

It may be no coincidence that whenever in the past, an outgoing coup government has tried to form a political party, it has normally been a middle-sized party.

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According to the Constitution, political parties may nominate a list of up to 3 Prime Minister candidates before the election. Citizens will be informed of the candidates before they cast a vote, but the constitution also allows a majority of the House of Representatives votes to propose a PM candidate other than those on the list.

With approval of two-thirds of Parliament out of votes of elected MPs and appointed senators combined , an outsider Prime Minister of Thailand can be proposed without any participation from citizens. One explanation is that it helps the junta to have a head start. According to the Constitution, the Senate will consist of members appointed by the King on the recommendation of the Prayut-led NCPO government. With the votes of non-elected senators, Prayut Chan-o-cha will need to secure only votes from MPs to earn a majority of Parliament and become Prime Minister.

In contemporary Thai political history, parties associated with Thaksin Shinawatra have won every election since , but this time they will face an uphill battle. To win this election, their coalition may need to win MPs. Of the 69 candidates for Prime Minister, 61 are men, 7 are women, and 1 is transgender. It is possible, but very unlikely. Contemporary Thai political history shows that overturning or postponing elections happens quite often. A mob obstructed the election in The coup followed, and promised an election that was postponed 6 times. Today, the NCPO still has Section 44 at its disposal, giving it absolute legal power to do anything, even though they are constrained by other factors.

The organic law also contradicts the constitution as it says that the day timeframe applies to holding the election only, not also announcing the results. Unless the election result can be made official on 9 May , the constitutional court or NCPO may intervene to rule if the election is unconstitutional.

However, many parties have started campaigning, including the Phalang Pracharat Party which has officially invited Prayut Chan-o-cha to be its PM candidate. This kind of path dependence increases the cost of delaying or nullifying election results. Also, the coronation will be held on May Postponement or nullification of the election will cause a negative atmosphere around coronation day.