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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Even the Log Bird and David Finch can't explain the secret. Inspired by Twin Peaks. Video: Best of Sesame Street Spoofs! Monsters of Venice Episode The people of Venice Anything Muppets get ready for their big party. Grover and the monsters of Venice get upset because they weren't invited.

Monsterpiece Theater

But it turns out to be a surprise party for the monsters of Venice. Inspired by The Merchant of Venice. The Sun Also Rises Episode An early version of Merry Monster and Grover are worried because their rooster will not crow he's sick. Merry decides to experiment to see if the sun will rise even if the rooster doesn't crow. It does, but all the animals are asleep -- so Merry crows.

Inspired by The Sun Also Rises. Much Ado About Nothing Episode Waiter Grover laments to Mr. Johnson that the restaurant doesn't have anything he orders. Inspired by Much Ado About Nothing. Waiting for Elmo Episode Telly and Grover wait for Elmo, and experience different emotions while reflecting on what they think is keeping Elmo away. The tree gets disgusted waiting for this modern storyline to make sense, and walks away singing Oklahoma.

Inspired by Waiting for Godot. Cyranose de Bergerac Episode Cyranose de Bergerac , a poet with a two-foot-long nose, tries to help the queen of France finish her poem. Unfortunately, the word used to finish it is the word he's the most sensitive to: "nose. Inspired by Cyrano de Bergerac. Inspired by Twelve Angry Men. Lethal Weapon 3 Episode Suddenly, they duck and take cover from a gigantic stone number 3 which falls from the sky. Inspired by the Lethal Weapon movie series. Hamlet Episode Mel Gibson plays Hamlet , who keeps repeating "words, words, words" -- but Elmo can't read, so he only looks at "pictures, pictures, pictures.

Maria is inside; Tony is outside. They sing a song about how they can get together. The cats Chip and Dip are also seen. Inspired by West Side Story. Monster in a Box Episode Spalding Monster is supposed to be in a box, but instead he's on a box, and then under a box. Inspired by the Spalding Gray monologue. Monsters with Dirty Faces Episode Grover plays a police officer who tries to get Rocky to wash his face.

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Inspired by Angels with Dirty Faces. Room at the Top Episode Grover, the "little guy," climbs from the bottom of the mountain, all the way to the top, only to find a gang of monsters up there, including Telly. When Grover tries to squeeze in between them, they all fall off the mountain, and land in Alistair Cookie's room.

Inspired by Room at the Top. Little House on Prairie Episode Alistair Cookie displays an embarrassed Prairie Dawn with a little house on her head. He proves her wrong when he eats the little house, calling it 'Little House in Alistair Cookie! Inspired by Little House on the Prairie. Little Red Riding Cookie Episode Cookie Monster is the star of this adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood , in which he eats all the cookies before he gets to his grandma's house.

Video: C is for Cookie Monster. Dances With Wolves Episode A female pig is reluctant to dance with a wolf due to their differences, but eventually finds out that it's okay for two people who are different to dance together.

Fleetwood Mac - The Chain

Inspired by Dances with Wolves. Conservations with My Father Episode Alistair Cookie makes a wardrobe change to star as his usual self in a film about conservation. Cookie Monster's Pop teaches his son about saving water by turning the faucet off tightly and saving electrical energy by turning off the TV when nobody is watching it. They spy a plate of cookies and decide that those shouldn't be wasted either, but Chef John and a group of monsters rush in to admonish the pair for eating the cookies which they were saving for themselves.

Inspired by Conversations with My Father. No Episode James Bond comes to the office of Dr. No because he has trouble reading words. No tells him to take off his ridiculous glasses.

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James does so, and he can read again. Howard's End Episode A yellow and pink rattlesnake named Howard slithers on a stone wall while he shows his beginning, middle, and end. Inspired by Howard's End. Anyone's Nose Episode A monster sings a song about various noses and what they do. Next week's show will be "A Nose Blows in Brooklyn".

Inspired by Anything Goes. Fiddler on the Roof Episode A farmer and town villagers sing about " Addition ," which involves putting one fiddler on the roof after another. By the song's end, the roof under which "Monsterpiece Theater" is filmed collapses. Inspired by Fiddler on the Roof.

The addition song is based on the opening number called "Tradition". Grover and Herry play police officers who help a group of neighborhood kids with the alphabet. After the skit, Cookie remarks "a singing cop show?

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Who writes this stuff? The Horse Whisperer Episode First, the wrong animals keep whispering. Jul 08, User comments. Jul 11, Then again, maybe not, since scientists have no way to know wind circulation patterns 16, years ago. Every conclusion of this study is simply speculation. Validating those theories with climate models is a classic case of circular reasoning. They tweak the inputs of the computer program to give the results they expect, then tell us the model validates the theory.

Anyone else see a problem with that? Modeling the complex, non-linear and chaotic global climate is fraught with difficulty. It is impossible to model it with enough precision to make even modestly accurate predictions. Report Block. Aksdad What's your doctorate in? I think the fact that climate models have been so accurate and successful disproves aksdad's claims. Claiming that the long term climate is chaotic and cannot be modeled is, perhaps, one of the greatest myths of the anti-science movement.

Jul 13, Jul 14, So CO2 comes from the oceans then? Seems to me they need to sort cause and effect ,, could be a wee bit tricky. And in this case, self examined proctology That depends. Warmer oceans can hold less CO2. So in the event discussed in the article, the Southern Ocean warmed and released CO2. On the other hand, during the current global warming, the oceans are still cool enough to absorb some of the CO2 generated by humans about half, as I recall.

As the oceans warm, though, they will absorb less and less CO2 until they finally start emitting some of the CO2 back into the atmosphere. That will be a nasty bit of feedback. Cause and effect is pretty well understood for the current warming. Past warming and cooling events still have some interesting things to teach us. The increases precede warming when, for example, fossil fuels are burned.

This can happen naturally, like the Siberian Traps that caused the end-Permian extinction, or can be man-made, like is known to be causing the current warming. It is so incredibly obvious that humans burning fossil fuels could cause atmospheric CO2 levels to increase prior to any warming that in order to deny that basic fact one must be determined to be willfully ignorant, or one must be amazingly incompetent. Your bringing up the silliness and the recent idiocy of no-sea-level-rise-due-to-global-warming-because-water-won't-flow-uphill suggests that you're either one of those or are acting like a troll or Poe.

I suspect you're just a troll and are a waste. Jul 15, Does this prove that its central heating does not work?

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