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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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In this update we must ensure a correct mix of EU legislative, administrative, judicial and external measures. The absence of a multilateral export controls regime does complicate this task. The Commission proposes to strengthen the controls of torture goods to include certain medical substances and to broaden the scope to include brokering. I support this kind of approach of necessary and proportionate controls without creating unnecessary burdens for legitimate trade. In this regard it is also key that we seek a more level playing field in Europe.

At the same time as we act now, our policies and systems should be future—proof and flexible, so as to be able to adjust to changing technologies or changing realities elsewhere in the world. Specific item lists can provide clarity for exporters and importers to make it easier for them to comply. We have also made sure that it is very clear and that there is no doubt about legitimate access to medicines and pharmaceuticals which, of course, for the EU is an important market, and it must not be hindered by measures to curb the abuse of lethal injection.

While we observe that foreign trade transactions are becoming more and more complex, we have to look for an effective set of enforcement measures, and this should also include the marketing and financial services that do take place and are related to this industry. We have asked for reporting and exchange of information between Member States via a secure encrypted system, so that rejected licences and other notifications or important information can be shared and can help states coordinate.

As the Commission can more flexibly adapt the regulations and the items that are at stake, we do ask, as a Parliament, to be duly informed and involved. Finally, we look to industry to take its own responsibility to make sure that the EU does not trade, broker, transfer or otherwise get involved with goods or services that are used for the death penalty or torture. I believe — and I think all of our colleagues believe — that in this text we put forward concrete proposals for improvement in this file, all with the goal to make sure that the EU acts as a values—based global player and that this specific, quite technical, aspect of trade is upgraded and implemented in a way that is both flexible and effective.

As was said, we will be discussing some very technical elements, but let us not forget that we are talking about highly politically—sensitive issues such as ending the death penalty, torture and ill-treatment, which are key priorities for all the work of the European Union. It is in fact an anomaly that so many countries still have the death penalty and that so many thousands of people are still waiting in death row all over the world, but the fact is that it has actually decreased.

One hundred and forty countries do not apply the death penalty today and 98 have legally abolished it, compared to 59 twenty years ago, so this is going in the right direction, but that does not mean that we should rest — there is so much to do. We have different tools at our disposal in foreign policy, but trade also can play a very important role and that is why this report is so important. Trade can be a leverage to promote, around the world, European values such as human rights, sustainable development, fair and ethical trade and the fight against corruption, and those values are the pillars of the newly proposed trade strategy by the Commission.

We largely share the spirit and the approach taken by the Committee on International Trade INTA , the rapporteur and Parliament, although some of the amendments in the report call for measures without precedent in export-control legislation and could be a bit difficult to implement in practice. This is acceptable in principle, but it could be difficult to enforce, so the inclusion of foreign subsidiaries of legal persons incorporated in the EU should of course not go beyond what is compatible with international law. Amendments 9 and 10 on the transport of transiting goods whose export and import is prohibited by the regulation are also acceptable for the Commission if Amendment 10 does not cover more than non-union goods.

It is related to Amendment 15, and that can also be accepted; we just have to make sure that it is formulated in compatibility with WTO requirements. Amendment 21 referring to the transmission of information to human rights oversight bodies is also acceptable. Of course, here, companies requesting an export authorisation that submit information to competent authority have a legitimate interest in not giving certain data and making them public, so we need to make sure how the text is drafted here.

Furthermore, we can accept Amendments 18 on best practices for technical assistance, 19 on guidelines and 26 on the report published by the Commission on the implementation, if you can agree that this is not an obligation for the Commission. We can also accept Amendment 2 adding human dignity and then several other more technical amendments that I will not go into now.

I mentioned that some of the proposed measures are without precedent in export-control legislation. Last spring, Members approved here in Parliament Regulation on common rules for exports, which confirmed the basic rule of trade policy: that exports are to be free unless trade restrictions are necessary to achieve an accepted objective, such as the protection of public morals.

Torture, ill treatment and the death penalty are, of course, never acceptable, but we just make need to make sure that trade restrictions to promote respect for human rights meet the necessary trust. In this regard, while we fully understand the rationale of a view to propose an end-use or catch-all clause, we think it could lead to the introduction of restrictions going beyond what is necessary and preventing a level playing field for exporters.

But we are willing to see if those objectives, which are basically the same, can be reconciled in a formula that we can agree upon. Regarding the amendment on the definition of brokering services, number 5, it would make the regulation cover a range of activities, financial services and insurance related to goods that are outside the Union, and that would be very difficult to monitor and control.

But rather than amending the definition, we could identify which restrictions on which services need the necessity test and then use of specific drafting to regulate those activities. We recognise the usefulness of the Coordination Group and we share the objective behind that amendment.

We just need to be very careful to make sure that that article is not at odds with the agreed arrangement for delegated powers in the treaty. We would need to find an appropriate formula to create a forum for consultations between Member States, stakeholders, civil society and the Commission.

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As you know, the EU works towards the abolition of the death penalty in all countries. The countries that are included in the proposal, in the authorisation of the annex, have ratified the second optional protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights without reservation, so they agreed to abolish the death penalty. When controlling exports to prevent EU involvement in executions in third countries, we should focus our efforts on countries that have not abolished it, and therefore we disagree with Amendments 33, 35 and 37 because there is nothing to show that these countries concerned would have applied the death penalty, despite the ratification of the protocol.

Let me conclude — it has become rather technical — by expressing my conviction that this report, by the rapporteur and many of you, is a very good basis for further work to make the regulation into a more robust export—control regime that promotes respect for fundamental rights without unduly restricting foreign rights. I express here the full commitment by the Commission and me, personally, to work with you and with the Council to achieve that objective and a good final product.

Por eso, defendemos la importancia de controlar las exportaciones de productos que puedan servir para imponer la pena capital o para torturar. Ik veroordeel foltering. Ik ben dan ook zeer blij dat we vandaag een serieuze stap vooruit zetten inzake controle op producten die voor die doelstellingen kunnen worden gebruikt. Het verheugt mij ook dat we dat op een verstandige, heldere, flexibele en evenredige manier doen. Door bijvoorbeeld te werken met een aantal specifieke goederenlijsten die snel kunnen worden aangepast, geven we helderheid aan in- en uitvoerders en zorgen we voor flexibiliteit op het terrein.

En door bijvoorbeeld ook geneesmiddelen specifiek te reglementeren en niet in een algemene vangnetbepaling denk ik dat we het geoorloofd gebruik van die medicamenten eveneens kunnen verzekeren. Dat is een goede zaak. Correcte controles zonder overbodige lasten, dat is wat in deze tekst staat. Daarmee zorgen wij voor een evenredig model en zo zetten wij volgens mij opnieuw een ambitieuze en tegelijk realistische stap vooruit in het promoten van onze waarden.

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Resumo de História: SEGUNDO REINADO (Débora Aladim)

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Nur ein einziger, meine ich. Wir sehen, das Recht ist die Macht einer Gemeinschaft.

Solutions-Oriented Peace Journalism

Es ist noch immer Gewalt, bereit, sich gegen jeden Einzelnen zu wenden, der sich ihr widersetzt, arbeitet mit denselben Mitteln, verfolgt dieselben Zwecke; der Unterschied liegt wirklich nur darin, dass es nicht mehr die Gewalt eines Einzelnen ist, die sich durchsetzt, sondern die der Gemeinschaft. Von da an gibt es in der Gemeinschaft zwei Quellen von Rechtsunruhe, aber auch von Rechtsfortbildung. Solche Kriege gehen entweder in Beraubung oder in volle Unterwerfung, Eroberung des einen Teils, aus. Man kann die Eroberungskriege nicht einheitlich beurteilen.

Aber er taugt doch nicht dazu, denn die Erfolge der Eroberung sind in der Regel nicht dauerhaft; die neu geschaffenen Einheiten zerfallen wieder, meist infolge des mangelnden Zusammenhalts der gewaltsam geeinigten Teile. Dazu scheint aber derzeit wenig Aussicht vorhanden. Es fragt sich dann, wie stark sie sind. Die panhellenische Idee z. So scheint es also, dass der Versuch, reale Macht durch die Macht der Ideen zu ersetzen, heute noch zum Fehlschlagen verurteilt ist.

So ist z. Einer Ihrer Fachgenossen hat das bereits gewusst, ein Prof. Geht es Ihnen heute in der Physik anders? Wenn die Bereitwilligkeit zum Krieg ein Ausfluss des Destruktionstriebes ist, so liegt es nahe, gegen sie den Gegenspieler dieses Triebes, den Eros, anzurufen. Erstens Beziehungen wie zu einem Liebesobjekt, wenn auch ohne sexuelle Ziele. Auf ihnen ruht zum guten Teil der Aufbau der menschlichen Gesellschaft. Die anderen Wege einer indirekten Verhinderung des Krieges sind gewiss eher gangbar, aber sie versprechen keinen raschen Erfolg.

Ungern denkt man an. Wir haben es dann leicht, unsere Einstellung durch Argumente zu rechtfertigen. Bobbio, , p. ONU, Por um lado temos Welt , que significa mundo. Nathan e Norden, , p. Clark, , p. Num jantar, o Dr.

"sec" translation into Portuguese

Como afirma o historiador J. Gay, , p. Freud e sua esposa haviam viajado a Berlim no Natal, retornando para Viena em 2 de janeiro. O objetivo era visitar dois de seus filhos e os quatro netos que residiam em Berlim. Com cerca de 15 anos de idade, Tete expunha entusiasticamente as teorias de Freud a seus amigos. Highfield e Carter, , p. Calaprice, , p. Jones, , p. Jones, , v. GAY, , p. CLARK, , p.

Principais representantes: Gumplowicz e Pareto Vide maiores detalhes sobre as formas de pacifismo ativo nos quadros 2 e 3 acima. No seu auge, em , o projeto Manhattan empregou mais de MARX, [], p. FREUD, [b], , v. BRIAN, , p.