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Youngsters may or may not be bringing those. They want to see: Do you care about me?

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Do you like me? Do you appreciate me? Do you value me? Am I worthy of your attention? I will ensure I will get all the professional development and experiences and exposure that I need in order to make the most solid connections with these young men that I can possibly get. So the mindset is: I am committed to being an extraordinary teacher of whatever students are in my classroom. Those relationships coupled with compassion are so crucial. I have so many teachers who were superstars because they were so committed to those kids by forming solid bonds and getting to know them beyond their names, getting to know their history and their culture, and putting themselves in position to even teach them those things.

I need to make sure my staff is culturally responsive. I need to undo what they know and reshape them and rebuild. I want to infuse African-American history and culture into curriculum, as separate courses, but also into the other subject areas. I want to make sure when students are in the classroom, they see themselves in the lesson. Representation matters. If I take a photo of ten people, and give everyone in that photo a copy, each person will look for themselves in the picture before looking for others. So the youngster is saying the same thing in the classroom: Where am I?

What does this have to do with me after ? It was written in by Dr. Carter G. You have to understand how and why it is that African-Americans have been miseducated in classrooms where the intention was to educate them, but miseducation occurred because they were not exposed to who they are. When I look in my mirror, I see all of that and it keeps me rooted and grounded in the work that I do because I understand I have a role to play. Life is not just play, play, play, and finding all the recreation in life I can find.

Life is about struggle, and that comes through an understanding of self. We need to have the courage to have sensitive conversations about unconscious and implicit bias that we bring. Leadership has to have the courage — and I put a lot of emphasis on that word — to engage staff in addressing the elephant in the room. In order to have that conversation and sustain it, one has to be conscious of developing a culture for it. But on the other hand, think of a leader who is cognizant of the need to build a culture in the school of having those honest conversations. Then you have this tough conversation and you realize you had systemic biases, but there was no mechanism to pull them out.

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I might not even be in a position to help them build their self-identity because of the biases I am bringing to the classroom every day. But motivation is a vehicle.

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A Woman in a Man's World: The True Story of a High School Principal

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A Woman in a Man's World: The True Story of a High School Principal by Norma L. Winter

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