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Landy x Whitney. Billy x Lindy. Bindi belonged to Vane Walker who says she was a very good bitch on cattle. This is a mating back to old Brandy who was a very good brood bitch. Tash is a beautiful worker on sheep while Hardy has plenty of nice natural work; expecting a nice litter of keen, stylish pups. Tash is a nice young bitch showing a lot of promise and class.


Skip is a very handy young dog working for Ron Robb with plenty of strength on cattle. Video of Karmala Tash on Youtube Karmkelpies. Benalee Mocha K.

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Brock x K. Changi is a very natural worker, very few commands needed, good nose bite on cattle; Mocha is a stylish young bitch, her first litter is working well. The correctly marked bitch pup will be run on, the other three are sold, the male with the white muzzle will be castrated. This should be an interesting litter with a Jag and Hardy are very similar in type and working ability, calm and strong. Karmala Heli B. Due May. This is also a repeat mating. Both dogs have been working sheep out at Nyngan doing the hard yards, indispensable with ewes and lambs…very quick footed, good holding dogs.

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Lil has proven herself a wonderful stud bitch producing good workers from many different sires. The dog pup bellow is Bobby. This is a lovely litter reared by Marina Angel-Smith who owns both parents. Landy is proving a very good sire over a number of bitches, a big, tall dog like his sire Tracker Gibbs, and these are big pups. Karmala Polo x Benalee Mocha K. Cherry ChancexBrandy due Dec 9 …. Cherry has seven pups, 4 girls, 3 boys. Cherry is working for Andrew Ardis at Deepwater Station and he and Cherry are doing a great job with the pups!

There has been a lot of interest in this litter as it is doubling up on the Scanlon blood available here. Heli whelped on Aug. Aged 3 weeks in photo below and doing extra well. This is a repeat mating.

Margaret Clark

John Clothier had this to say about Karmala Heli from the first mating after working her on his cattle:. Last photo at 5 weeks. She is working goats for Marina Angel Smith at present; Wilson should add a little more natural cast to the mix. This will be my second litter by Cash. His pups from Cadelle were great, very friendly and now working well. Gemma whelped a day early, April 16, 7 nice healthy pups.

Pups are 2 days old in pic on left. This litter should be very handy on either sheep or cattle, goats etc. This litter will be interesting! Marina and I hesitated to do the mating as both dogs are very intelligent and the pups will likely be far too smart! Finally decided to try it once, curiosity got the better of us.

This should be a very interesting litter. He has owned Clyde since the tragic death of Peter Whiteman and has mated him to Win with very good results. Win is now 9 and reaching the end of her working life; Brad offered to return her to me in pup to Clyde on a pup swap basis, which I jumped at. This litter will possibly be the last to carry so much Driftwood Clyde influence with a homoz.

Both K. Karmala Win and her pups by Karmala Clyde, here about 3 weeks old. Wilson is leaving very nice pups with good natural work. She should provide a wee bit more push to the mix but is a nice classy worker too. Quiz surprised me with ONE dog pup, b. Known as Red Fred and now owned by Brenton Allport, this pup is turning into quite a character.

This should be a good litter, Chief is well known as an exceptional dog on cattle and Lu just keeps on learning and improving, she has been working cattle exclusively. The pups are an extremely even lot, very nice pups and should breed on well as this is a double cross of Chief. No pups available. The Cat's Tale. Clare Graham. Paw Prints in the Snow.

Sally Grindley. Anthony McGowan.

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Go Goanna. Justin D'Ath. The Bolds' Great Adventure. Julian Clary. Adam Wallace. It's Not Funny! Jan Page.

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  7. Fintan Fedora Explores Again. Clive Goddard. The Ghosts of Young Nick's Head. Sue Copsey. Driving the Fishy Frog: Aussie Chomp. James Moloney. Mr Tripsy's Trip. Brian Leo Lee. Sally Jones. The Near Death Experience of a Lifetime. Felso Pooms. The Bee's Knees. Roger McGough. Pete Guppy. The Heavenly Road Trip. Fiona Lindsay. Fat Chance. Margaret Clark. Marco Palmieri.

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    Kiss And Make Up. Hooking Up. Web Watchers. Bad Girl. No Fat Chicks.


    Ships of the Line. Doug Drexler. Care Factor Zero. But before long the pups get out of control and need training - and good homes. Meg and Mike find trouble at puppy school, however, and when they try to organise homes for the When Meg and Mike help their father to rescue a fur seal in trouble, little do they know that their little brother Mark will fall in love with her and want to keep her in their backyard swimming pool.

    Everyone but Mark can see it's an idea that will never work. But other dramas are happening for the Aussie Angels and it isn't until the seal escapes When Meg and Mike help their father to rescue a fur seal in trouble, little do they know that their Mum is out on the surfboard and narrowly misses being attacked by a shark - or maybe it was just a false alarm. When Alice the labrador falls off the rocks and nearly becomes shark bait though, Meg and Mike, the Aussie Angels, aren't so sure!

    Meg is terrified, but some visiting scientists give her the chance to face her fears. Mum is out on the surfboard and narrowly misses being attacked by a shark - or maybe it was just a Cattle dogs are extremely intelligent, love to work hard and are fiercely loyal.

    So when Ben, the old hermit who's lived in the bush for years, suddenly vanishes, his blue heeler dog Sheila is very agitated, and comes to Animal Haven for help. When the Aussie Angels go back to the farm with her, there's no one around. Can Meg and Mike help Sheila So when Ben, the The Aussie Angels - Meg and Mike - are busy again.

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