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Negotiation Role-Play: Three-Party Coalition Exercise - Game Theory & Negotiation Analytics

Note: This is Part 3 of a 3-Part Series. Read Part 1 Here NIMS 3.

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So why are leaders of healthcare coalitions— the sub grantees of the Hospital Preparedness Program HPP cooperative agreement— far less interested than emergency managers and public health preparedness pros? Maybe it's because a healthcare coalition has more in common with Walmart than with them. Yes, the healthcare coalition has more in common with the Walmart Emergency Management Center than it does the local Emergency Operations Center.

Hold that thought. We'll get back to it. This certainly holds true for the coalitions formed in South Africa since The cooperation forged among opposition parties was designed solely to get the ANC out of power. What emerged were uncomfortable coalition governments led by the DA.

Coalitions play key role in tort reform passage.

It promised to root out corruption and improve the delivery of basic services, such as water and electricity, to communities. But it lacked the required majority to govern on its own so turned to building coalitions. It partnered with a number of smaller parties. The EFF, acutely aware of the power it wields in all these arrangements, has used the fragile political situation at local government level for its own political agenda. The EFF declined to formally join any coalition government, but effectively holds the position of political kingmaker , especially in hung councils.

There are two key lessons that political parties should take away from the current political turmoil if they want to bring about a semblance of bureaucratic stability.

Feedback on the Implementation Guidance of Plan S Generates Large Public Response | Plan S

Firstly, using local coalition politics to advance political agendas can severely hamper service delivery. Secondly, this undermines public trust in local government, creating fertile ground for political unrest.

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  6. Political parties will need to heed these lessons to ensure effective governance and political stability in the country. This is particularly important in view of the national and provincial elections, which are expected to result in even more coalition governments. As it is, South Africans are increasingly dissatisfied with democracy.

    NIMS 3.0 | Healthcare Coalitions In Play

    This is due to a number of factors, including poor service delivery and a lack of societal trust in government. Hold that thought. We'll get back to it.

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    In part one we explained that NIMS 1. Yes, both documents were drafted under duress. Both had to be done in a hurry. Clearly, there were some weak assumptions made in planning and too many mitigation oversights, but the 'response' was publicly acclaimed. Interesting list, but nothing earth-shattering, right? Let me introduce you to the MAC Group.