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Gilly drives around Trashy Town collecting garbage. Itsy Bitsy Spider , by Iza Trapani. We had a copy of this book in our back seat the other day when I was picking up some girls for a play date with my ten-year-old daughter. I love that all three of them had fun singing the book together as we drove back to our house.

Bear Snores On , by Karma Wilson. As they brew tea and pop corn, Bear snores on. But me? I was sleeping… and I have had none! Chicka chicka boom boom! Uppercase letters rush to comfort their injured children. Are you familiar with the silly old song? This is one of our favorite books because of the wonderful illustration with the die-cut holes — revealing all the animals the old lady swallows. Baby Danced the Polka , by Karen Beaumont.

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What a clever lift-the-flap book! My favorite thing about the book is how easy it is for kids to guess the rhyming word. A winner! I love how the rhymes are easy for young listeners to fill in. It felt weird to me that the sheep had to shave half her body to make a pillow for the bear and finally cheer him up.

That said, the book has cute illustrations, excellent rhyme, and my three-year-old loved it. There was nowhere to go, there was nothing to do. After sharing a cage with a seal, lion, and snake. Edward returns to his own cage — only to discover a new emu has taken residence there. This is a fun rhyming book about a duck whose truck is stuck in the muck… and the animals who help him get out. My second son now seven years old loved it as a toddler; in fact, he requested it every time we drove by the library.

Finally he received it as a gift for his third birthday. This book lends itself to a lot of fun rhyming practice. Noni the Pony , by Alison Lester. I include this book because it has some nice rhymes and beautiful pictures. The Terrible Plop , by Ursula Dubosarsky. I thought the story just okay, and the ending predictable. But my Three loves it and requests it often. She gets the final word. This is a fun book which might remind you of that old Sesame Street sketch. Rhymoceros , by Janik Coat. This book was a big hit at our house, and even my toddler who loves only a very specific set of board books wanted to listen too.

One to own, along with another favorite by the same author, Hippoposites. A clever mouse outwits a hungry fox, owl, and snake by warning them of a ferocious beast whose favorite foods are roasted fox, owl ice cream, and scrambled snake. When it turns out that the Gruffalo really does exist, the mouse has one more creature to outsmart.

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This book was an immediate hit with my kids, and even the older kids joined us on the couch. We love the funny story about a witch who keeps dropping things from her broom, and the helpful animals who return them. When a terrible dragon is ready to eat the witch, her animal friends come to her rescue. We especially love the delightful ending. So what do snowmen do at night? According to this book, they leave our yards and join their friends for snowball fights, sledding, and even snow baseball. This is a fun story, but the paintings really steal the show. In the end, Llama learns that sometimes his mother is busy, and he must be patient.

The rhymes, fun pictures, and reassuring message combine to make this a favorite. Sheep in a Jeep , by Nancy Shaw. Dog on a Frog? This book is absolutely hilarious. Just like cats sit on mats and frogs sit on logs. But the frog has had enough and changes the rules. My favorite page is the one where cheetahs sit on fajitas. Definitely one to check out! Frog on a Log? Also hilarious! The Magic Hat, by Mem Fox. I always appreciate rhyming books which build up to the rhyme, so that your learner can guess it before turning the page.

This page does just that as your child tries to guess which animal the magic hat lands on. I still think you should give it a try with your learners. This is such a dear set of books; there are many in the series, and not one has disappointed me. The rhymes are perfect. So well done! This book is an absolutely hilarious, completely absurd Thanksgiving version of the old song. Would you chase him or race him or stand up to face him? One Duck Stuck , by Phyllis Root. Who can help?

The duck stays stuck in the muck. Her father's insistance that his principal vassals meet the cost of her wedding caused considerable resentment, triggering the revolt against Robert Guiscard in autumn Amatus records the marriage of Duke Robert's unnamed daughter, endowed " with a very fine dowry ", and the unnamed son of Marquis Azzo [].

The primary source which confirms her name has not yet been identified. Her father is named by Orderic Vitalis, who also records her marriage to " Lancelin de Beaugency " [].

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From a chronological point of view, it is more likely that Jean, son of Lancelin de Baugency, was the husband of Paule du Maine. Son of Lancelin according to Orderic Vitalis, who says that his mother was the daughter of the Comte du Maine [] , which appears to result from confusion with his wife. A charter dated 13 Feb records donations to Angers Saint-Aubin by " Johannes de Fissa ", with the consent of " Helias filius eius " []. A charter dated to [] records confirmation of donations to Angers Saint-Aubin by " Elias…filius eius…et frater eius Gaufridus " after the burial of their father [].

A charter dated to after records that " Gausbertus filius Johannis de Fissa major natu " had objected to donations to Angers Saint-Aubin made by " pater eius " with the consent of " frater ", and that after he died the donations were confirmed []. Garsendis uxor eiusdem Gervasii Helias recaptured the city in late after the death of King William II []. A charter dated 25 Apr records that " comes Andergavensis Fulco Fulconis et comitissa uxor eius Aremburgis filia comitis Helie " were present at the consecration of the church of Le Mans []. She succeeded her father in as Ctss du Maine.

Monk at la Couture. A charter dated to endth century records the accusations made by " Rainardus nepos comitis…cum uxore sua Adelide matre…Alberici pueri de Miletia " relating to a donation of property by " Winebaudus " to the church of Saint-Vincent du Mans []. The earliest reference to a vicomte in the city of Le Mans and county of Maine dates to the midth century. His name suggests that the family of the vicomtes du Maine descended from this Raoul [I], although no proof of the descent has been found in primary sources.

The chronology suggests that he was a different person from Vicomte Raoul [II], who is named in charters which can probably be dated to the early 11th century. Sainte-Suzanne was one of the important castles held by the vicomtes du Maine, although it is not known whether it was originally constructed by the family or inherited by marriage. It was located due west of the town of Le Mans. Orderic Vitalis records that William I King of England unsuccessfully besieged Hubert Vicomte du Maine et de Beaumont in the castle of Sainte-Suzanne for three years, probably dated to around , emphasising the impregnability of the fortress because of its rocky position [].

Angot reviews the family of the Vicomtes de Maine in an article which is sufficiently detailed to inspire some confidence, but has the disadvantage of failing to cite primary sources, although he summarises Beaumont charters in a later section []. Vicomte du Mans. The chronological information is insufficient to be certain that he was the vicomte who witnessed charters in and Vicomte [ du Maine ]. Bishop of Le Mans []. Vicomte du Maine. Archdeacon at Le Mans. This appears to be pure speculation. Dame de Basoges et de Sainte-Christine.

The parentage of Vicomte Roscelin has not been confirmed. If that is correct, from a chronological point of view Raoul [III] is the more likely possibility. The fact that Vicomte Raoul [VI] see below named two of his sons Roscelin and Raoul suggests that Latouche was incorrect and the two names were distinct. Depoin dates the latter event to []. If the donation is so dated, the presence of Roscelin is inconsistent with his son Raoul [IV] being named as vicomte in the charter dated which is quoted below. Presuambly one of the documents is incorrectly dated. His parentage is confirmed by reading together the two documents which firstly confirm that Geoffroy was the son of " Roscelini vicecomitis " [] and secondly name " …Gaufridi fratris Radulfi vicecomitis… " [].

The problem with the dating of this charter is discussed above. Seigneur de Preuilly. If this is correct, the donor was Vicomte Raoul [IV]. She is named as the mother of Savari by Orderic Vitalis, without giving her origin or the name of her husband [].

Susan Calman

If this is correct, her marriage to Vicomte Raoul would probably have been her second marriage. His parentage is confirmed by reading together the documents which confirm that Geoffroy was the son of " Roscelini vicecomitis " [] and which name Geoffroy as " patruus " of " Hubertus vicecomes " []. Orderic Vitalis records that he quarrelled with William I King of England after , abandoned his castles of Beaumont-le-Vicomte and Fresnay-sur-Sarthe, and withdrew with his wife to the castle of Sainte-Suzanne where he was besieged by the king " for three years " [].

Vicomte de Beaumont , de Fresnay et de Sainte-Suzanne. The reference to " sca Susanna " suggests that Hubert de Beaumont may have been " Hubto de sca Susanna " who is recorded in the Pipe Roll in Oxfordshire, Dorsetshire and Wiltshire []. Abbess of Etival Nun at Cluny. A charter dated records that " Radulfus vicecomes filius vicecomitis Radulfi de Lusdio " took property from Marmoutier and that he and " ipse uxor sua Agathes " were paid not to take more [].

Vicomte de Lude, Vicomte de Montrevault. Vicomte de Montrevault. The name of Foulques's wife is not known. He is named as son of Cana by Orderic Vitalis []. Of Midhurst and Easebourne, Sussex. Domesday Descendants states that Savary de Beaumont married " Muriel daughter of Richard de Meri, the Norman heir of Humphrey de Bohun " but does not cite the corresponding primary source []. Her family origin is indicated by a charter of King Richard I dated 31 Mar confirming " Ford, Climpling, Rustinton, Presteton and Lovinto…in the county of Sussex " to " Francus de Bohun ", to hold in the same way as " Savaric son of Savaric, heir of Enjulger de Bohon " had held [].

Domesday Descendants records that William Earl of Arundel donated property to Boxgrove Priory for the soul of Agnes, wife of Radulf FitzSavaric, by charter dated [] which does not specify the relationship between the two []. Considering that she gave birth to a daughter before her husband's death before , Agnes was probably the first child of her parents, assuming that William 1st Earl of Arundel was her father.

He succeeded in to the estates of his maternal uncle Engelger Seigneur de Bohon [] and became Seigneur de Bohon. This succession is indicated by a charter of King Richard I dated 31 Mar confirming " Ford, Climpling, Rustinton, Presteton and Lovinto…in the county of Sussex " to " Francus de Bohun ", to hold in the same way as " Savaric son of Savaric, heir of Enjulger de Bohon " had held []. Of Ford, Sussex. Of Midhurst, Easebourne and Hustington, Sussex.

My Unexpected Forever (Beaumont #2) by Heidi McLaughlin

The family became extinct in the senior male line in and in a junior male line the Bohun family of Westhall, Suffolk in Bishop of Bath and Wells. The reference to Sainte-Suzanne suggests that the following person was related to the family of the vicomtes de Beaumont.

However, he would then have been too old to have had a sister of marriageable age, assuming that the 11 Nov charter in which he is named is correctly dated. It is also possible that the charter in question was written later than He succeeded his father as Vicomte de Beaumont. Robert of Torigny names " Mathildem filiam notham primi Henrici regis Anglorum " as wife of " Roscelini vicecomitis Cenomannensis " []. The primary source which confirms her parentage has not been identified.

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Until more information comes to light, it is suggested that this supposed second marriage be treated with caution. Vicomte de Beaumont.

The primary source which confirms his parentage has not been identified. The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. Angot records that Geoffroy, third son of Richard [I], donated property to Tiron abbey in no source citation reference []. His parentage is confirmed by the necrology of Angers Cathedral which records the death " Id Apr " of " Radulphus vicecomes de Bellomonte frater Guillelmi…episcopi Andegavensis " [].

Bishop of Angers Angot states that Guillaume, fourth son of Richard [I], was born in but does not cite the primary source on which this date is based []. King John confirmed the grant of " Aielrichescote…in Devonia in parochia de Sustauton ", made by King Henry I to " Constancie filie sue et avie…predicte Constancie in liberum maritagium ", to " Constancie de Toen filie Ric vic de Bellomonte consanguinee nostre " by charter dated 22 Sep []. The Testa de Nevill includes a writ of King John dated which records that " Constancia de Touny " held " manerium de Suthtaut " in Devon, which King Henry I had granted to " Roscelino de Bello Monte in maritagium cum Constancia filia sua ", adding that later " Ricardus de Bello Monte filius Roscelini " had granted the manor to " Rogero de Tony in maritagium cum Constancia filia sua " [].

The Chronicle of Melrose records the marriage in of " William king of the Scots " and " a relation of Henry king of England…Ermengarda…daughter of the count of Beaumont who was the son of the daughter of the elder son of William the Bastard " []. The primary source which confirms her parentage and marriage has not yet been identified. Robert of Torigny records that " Radulfus frater vicecomitis de Bello Monte cognatus germanus Henrici regis Anglorum " was elected Bishop of Angers in []. The primary source which confirms her parentage has not yet been identified.

Vicomte de Sainte-Suzanne. The charter of his son Guillaume dated 12 Aug see below shows that Richard [II] was no longer living on that date. There is doubt concerning the marriage s of Vicomte Raoul [VII], considering what appears to be the chronological impossibility of his son Richard [II] Vicomte de Beaumont and his supposed daughter Agnes being born from the same marriage, as noted below.

The explanation could be that Raoul [VII] married more than once, maybe even three times:. As the dates of the documents shown below suggest that Guillaume was considerably younger than his two brothers, it is possible that he was not born to the same mother and therefore that Richard and Raoul were sons of an otherwise unrecorded earlier wife.

No indication has been found for the basis of this statement. The full text of the original document has not been seen.

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As noted below, there is doubt about the parentage of Agnes de Beaumont, wife of Louis de Brienne Vicomte de Beaumont. One possibility is that she was the daughter of Raoul [VII], in which case the chronology of her life indicates the unlikelihood that she was born to his known wife Agnes. Seigneur de Chaumont et de Montrichard But now they get a chance to cheer, Beaumont tucking Gardner for the run she needs to bring up her first Ashes ton. What a fine innings this has been, raising the hundred in 99 balls, striking 11 boundaries along the way.

The is raised when Wyatt gives her the strike back with one ball to go in the over Beaumont is sweeping, Wyatt pushing, Beaumont scooping, Wyatt paddling. Given how many sweeps these two have been playing, it was highly probable that the shot would get one of them. Later in the over she plays a gorgeous square drive steered between the two fielders patrolling the backward point region. Just about the shot of the day for mine, that. It advances the opener to They have the paddle, the conventional, the lap, the reverse. Wilson, in particular, is known as a prolific sweeper, taking the mantle from Lydia Greenway as the best in this England side when the World Cup winner retired a couple of summers ago.

She was out sweeping on Tuesday, given leg before off her glove. The technology is here, they saw it on the big screen. Sciver plays across the line and pays the price for missing the ball, struck on the back pad. Updated at 3. Beaumont is dancing at her straight away, Sciver doing likewise when she gets on strike, winning a misfield out of Mooney at mid-off due to how hard she hits it.

Beaumont then paddle sweeps another single before Sciver picks out the midwicket sweeper. Supported by. Key events Show 9. Gardener b Shrubsole 13 7. Perry c Jones b Shrubsole 62 7.