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Eligible for. Learn how to reload your own high-quality ammunition safely. Reloading for Handgunners is the must-have reference for novice and experienced handgunners alike - to get started in handgun reloading from bench to the range.

Reloading for Handgunners by Patrick Sweeney

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Features: Proper tips and techniques to reload your own handgun ammo The equipment you'll need - presses, dies, measurement tools and more - to get started in reloading Simple to understand references on reloading components, like brass, bullets and powder Learn how to reload your own high-quality ammunition safely. Was this information helpful? Yes No Do you accept our terms and conditions? Guns must be shipped to an FFL Dealer for transfer.

You will have the opportunity to find and choose one in your area before placing your order. The total weight of the product and its packaging, as calculated by the shipping carrier. Here is where the decision-making comes in. One aspect of reloading for handguns that you should be aware of is volume.

Reloading for Handgunners by Patrick Sweeney (2011, Paperback)

It is not unusual for a rifle reloader to sweat the details on a couple of boxes of brass and handcraft perfect little jewels of brass cases. When loaded, those 40 cases can last several hunting seasons. Handgun shooters, however, tend towards volume. Even just plinking, it is easy to go through that much.

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In a lot of competition circles, that is barely enough to keep your skills level and not slipping back. Those striving to reach the pinnacle of practical shooting may consume on the order of 75, rounds a year for a couple of years in their quest for Grand Master and National Champion status. So, you have to balance capital investment against production capacity, keeping in mind just how much time you will have to shoot. Now, volume production does not always mean you are planning to be awash in ammo. You see, with a bit of practice and proper notes, you can produce ammo quickly, even if you do need buckets of it.

The single stage press will have a final production rate of perhaps 50 rounds per hour. However, a single stage press used to load your rounds of handgun practice ammo means not less than four hours down there during the week. If your wife or husband is happy with that, fine.

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If not, then a progressive press will produce that much ammunition in less than one hour. You spend a bit of money and find the time, and thus preserve domestic bliss. So, when you consider equipment, consider not just what it does but how quickly it does it, and what effect that will have on your total throughput.

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  5. Ideally, a dedicated space, one that can be secured against prying eyes and busy hands. Inside this comprehensive volume, you get:. Promo code fine print: Items which ship directly from the manufacturer do not qualify for free shipping. Thank you for reading the Inside Gun Digest Books blog! Cute little statements like the one above my be fine if you a reloader and therefore already know what you need but for someone on the outside it tells me nothing when I see all the equipment out there.

    Reloading .38 Special

    However, the author does go into much greater detail in the book, with chapters dedicated to the bullet points seen in this excerpt, including equipment reviews. Thank you for reading the IGDB blog, and for taking the time to offer this feedback.

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    I have to agree with skiwolf9. Our reload manufacturers have dropped the ball on this one. I can only think that this is a way to raise the price of any thing we are looking for. If I do find a supply house e. I feel it is time for these idiots to step up their production. I just is not right!!! This is all fine and dandy. But bullets, copper, primers and even dies seem to be out of stock pretty much everywhere. Something is up and I hope somebody with a set of testicles will expose it. I heard there is somewhere you can buy the primer gel somewhere.