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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Exercise at high altitude can again cause you to become off-balance and develop altitude sickness. Stuck for ideas? So get your thinking caps on and start counting down to 31st March. Together we will find a cure. Select a plot and personalised memorial in the reflective Garden of Peace or fragrant Hill of Roses, overlooking the garden from Summerhouse View or sheltered in the Garden of the Sea, beside babbling streams or under shady trees.

Being one of the most visited countries worldwide, Great Britain is full of beautiful places to see. Liverpool For history and culture fans This beautiful city on the west coast is often referred to as the friendliest place in Britain, so prepare to talk to strangers all the time! Liverpool is perfect for everyone who likes historic seaside towns. Liverpool has countless museums, including the World museum and International Slavery museum, both with free admission.

For fans of Roman and medieval times Lined with beautiful half-timbered houses, Chester is the perfect location for a long weekend. Featuring the most intact city walls across the uK, you can walk the entire perimeter. Book a guided tour to see as much of this beautiful city as possible! Bath For shopaholics and those who like to wine and dine With its beautiful architecture nestled right into the valley of the river Avon, Bath is one of the most popular city attractions in the uK. If you like activity, Dundee is for you: explore the area by walking, cycling or sailing, grab your mountain bike or go fishing.

Portmeirion For architecture fans This beautiful town in north Wales and is often featured in television series and movies because of its unique architecture. Portmeirion is the perfect escape: stroll through the gorgeous arches and slopes and admire the Central Piazza, have coffee in Battery Square and admire exotic flowers and plants in the Gwyllt.

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If your business relies on the creative talents of your staff it would be wise to provide them a stimulating working environment. How does your office or studio environment compare to the best around, and what does it need? Here are some things to consider. Any office space will feel restrictive and oppressive when there is limited access to natural light. The issue of noise in the workplace is very specific to the individual, and the task at hand. The creative process usually starts with collaborative thinking, but noisy discussion is not helpful when concentration is required to bring ideas to life.

Sensory overload when trying to conduct any creative task can lead to problems focussing. A bright, airy room will create space physically and psychologically to allow the creative juices to flow. Staff should be encouraged to declutter and dispose of old papers and equipment, storing as much as possible away from their workstation. Smells Smells can affect the mood and mindset of staff and evidence suggests that scent can have a powerful effect on performance. For example, pine increases alertness, citrus wakes you up and cinnamon improves focus.

Why not give them a try? Be ruthless and only keep things you use regularly or desperately need and try not to be too sentimental. Bookcases are a great way to store your folders and albums in one place. There are only so many films you can watch on a rainy day, so do something productive. Choose a room, grab a big black bin bag and get to work. Retirement for some is an exciting new adventure, WrIttEn By hannah Van-Der-linDen embarking on new pursuits and free from working life. Having Get fit Keeping active is the perfect remedy as you get worked a good chunk of your life, how easy is it to older.

Sign up to your local gym and get involved in break away from what you class as normal? Get your Planning ahead Planning prior to retiring will allow you to enter your new phase of life more smoothly. Arrange a meeting with your bank who can offer guidance on how to manage your money effectively before you retire.

Set goals your bucket list can finally be worked on. Set achievable goals and realistic targets then start ticking them off and enjoy yourself. It also gives you something to do with your time. Work part-time If the thought of giving up work brings fear and worry, why not find a part-time job doing something you have a passion for. Hobbies you now have time to do all the hobbies you said you would before retirement.

The u3A university of the third Age organisation is aimed at those retired or semi retired who wish to learn, discover and share new skills. A fantastic way to meet like-minded people and participate in a variety of different experiences. Enjoy alfresco lunch at the deli or an evening in the bistro with friends. A superb range of village apartments as well as spacious luxury care suites offering all the support you might need from meals and housework to personal care.

Subject to availability. Christmas is a time for family and friends to come together for celebration and the enjoyment of delicious food and drink. Started by Elspeth Biltoft, her founding principles. Their tempting products also make great gifts and rosebud Preserves provide a stylish gift box accommodating any three of your choice. Perfect with roast turkey, game or ham. The perfect accompaniment to lamb. Boxing Day Chutney Fresh, fruity and subtly spiced cranberries, Bramley apples and plump raisins.

Perfect for your yuletide festivities. CumBerlanD sauCe with port A traditional blend of naturally set redcurrants, piquant with mustard, orange and ginger. Enjoy with roast pork and chicken liver pate. Piquant, full-bodied and richly savoury with red onions, mollased sugar and ruby port.

Perfect with Blue Stilton and Cold Meats. We hope that those who perhaps thought it was a little too sweet and would prefer a richer, more savoury, alternative would approve of this new addition to our range. Although this marmalade can of course be enjoyed all year round, we wanted it to become a Christmas staple, particularly with Blue Stilton, the quintessential festive cheese.

Wonderful with roast ham and seasonal game. A unique pantry classic bursting with savoury character. Perfect with Camembert and cold roast ham. Perfect with yorkshire Wenlseydale cheese. Christmas Chutney Wonderfully rich with prunes, dates, apricots, aromatic allspice and strong dark ale. The perfect addition to your seasons festivities.

Perfect with cold roast ham and farmhouse cheddar. Excellent with pork pie and farmhouse cheddar. Simply prepared with fresh Bramley apples, plump vine fruits, lively citrus and a measure of brandy. This mincemeat does not contain any suet so it is suitable for vegetarians. The freshness of English Conference pears is enriched and warmed with the addition of Ampleforth Cider Brandy. Naturally set with unrefined sugar. Traditional monastic skills and modern technology ensure the highest standard of distillation. From reducing stress to boosting your immune system, there is a herbal infusion out there to soothe every ailment.

As of late, herbal tea has become increasingly popular. Not only is the hot beverage delicious, it also provides a number of health benefits such as cleansing the liver, reducing bloating and speeding up the digestive system. The warm drink raises your body temperature causing you to sweat, which in turns creates a cooling effect on the body. Loaded with antioxidants, the benefi ts of drinking include, improving brain function, lowering risk of cancer, increasing fat burning and reducing risk of cardiovascular disease. Chamomile Before you get into bed, pop the kettle on and make yourself a steamy mug of Chamomile tea.

The drink has been used to cure insomnia for centuries. It also reduces stress and calms your muscles, resulting in a blissful bedtime. The tea also promotes healthy skin; you can drink it or incorporate it into a facial scrub that will help get rid of impurities and leave you with smooth, moisturised skin. Peppermint helps to combat food cravings, aid digestion and speed up weight loss.

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It can also relieve stomach problems such as IBS, stomach aches, diarrhea and constipation. Nettle tea The curing, analgesic effect of nettle tea helps to relieve pain. Drinking this grassy beverage will leave you feeling energized and healthy. Lemon and ginger Ginger is renowned for being a digestive herb that tackles nausea and supports healthy digestion.

Lemon is high in vitamin C, citric acid and calcium; it helps to balance Ph levels and makes the immune system stronger. For a fresh start to the day, sip this tea to release toxins, freshen breath and clear the skin. The seasons are changing, this means colder temperatures, reduced sunlight hours and getting cosy in front of an open log fire. He understood the importance of farming to the American way of life. And he knew the agency he had founded—the Department of Agriculture—would play a role unlike any other in shaping the lives of everyday Americans.

When the USDA opened its doors for the first time, almost half of Americans identified themselves as farmers. A century and a half later, less than 1 percent do. But even as revolutions in technology have reshaped the American landscape, agriculture remains a cornerstone of our economy and our way of life.

It continues to be one of the most important tools we have to make sure that all of our children, no matter what they look like or where they come from, can go as far as their dreams and hard work will take them. Today, Americans enjoy the most abundant and safest food supply anywhere in the world. As a portion of our take-home pay, we spend less than 10 percent of our earnings on groceries—compared to more than 20 percent in most developed nations, and up to half in developing nations. As a result, families are able to put more of. Rural America plays a critical role in guaranteeing security for Americans all across the country.

And today, that role is more important than ever. As we recover from the worst economic crisis. We need an economy built to last; an economy built on the things we make and produce—on American manufacturing, American energy, skills for American workers and, yes, American agriculture. And the agricultural industry supported more than 1 million American jobs. For years, our rural communities have been under severe economic strain—both from the effects of the recession, and from the difficulties of dealing with a shrinking and. This bill should also include provisions to help young Americans who are interested in farming get established.

And we need to keep supporting innovation and research, so that American farming can continue to lead the world. The Department of Agriculture will change over the next century, just like it has over the last one. But the USDA will continue to improve the lives of every American—from the child who sits down to a healthy school lunch, to the customer who can buy produce that is safe and healthy; to the farmers who feed this country, just like they have for generations.

Agriculture is who we are. The efforts by departments and agencies within the Obama Administration to use rules, as opposed to. Sometimes that low environmental groups ings Act, as a way to keep message is strong enough to aggressively push their extreme environmental to influence the actions of agenda while taking mon- groups — which are welley from the public trea- funded — from being able the agencies. Lastly, the group talked back the majority in order immediately sued by a about immigration and group of environmental to more effectively protect visa concerns, and its imnon-profit organizations.

This is a very seri- and dairy farmers. The way to keep making them retroactive, this from happening again which is hard for ranchers been achieved. The money they make changes the lives of these workers. It bolsters the positive results of lands c a p e conservation initiatives N R C S and its partners already have underway in Utah. The selected. Using funds from the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, NRCS will provide funding and advise to producers to install conservation practices such as cover crops, filter strips and terraces in watersheds with impairments where the federal investment can make a difference to improve water quality.

The Lower Chalk Creek watershed project, located near Coalville in Summit County, will seek to improve Bonneville Cutthroat trout habitat by removing barriers to fish movement. Irrigation efficiency and management practices will also be applied to help improve water quality along Chalk Creek. NRCS accepts applications for financial assistance on a continuous basis throughout the year. Remember to check with your local NRCS office to see if you are located in a selected watershed.

All applications for funding consideration, during. This summer, NRCS will notify all applicants of the results and begin developing contracts with selected applicants. This initial survey helps identify all potential agricultural activities in the United States and who should receive the Census form later this year. The same law requires NASS to keep all information confidential. In the Census, and in all related surveys, NASS safeguards the privacy of all respondents, ensuring that. Utah Farm Bureau News no individual operation or producer can be identified.

The Census of Agriculture data benefits farmers and communities considerably, and NASS invites producers to share their Census stories in their own words. The sun beat down off my back. I push and I pull and I work in the heat of the day. I haul the hay through the field and carry buckets of chicken feed. I work until the job is finished. When all the animals are fed and watered I scurry to the field. I pass everlasting rows of corn, squash, carrots and other vegetables. It is almost harvesting time, and my family and I would be working hard. We would take most of the crops into town and sell them in the local market.

It was hard work but it was all worth it. The sunflowers turn to the sun as it crosses the sky. My work lasts almost as long. The big old school bus pulls up the dirt road and my two sons and daughter climb off. Just as the sunflowers it is like clockwork. They put on their gloves and get to work. Pushing wheel barrows, collecting eggs, and milking cows.

The chores of the day are almost finished but our real work is never done. We are rewarded with the smell of cooking meat and veggies. As the stars twinkle in the sky I think how beautiful they. They all shine together in unison. Just like my family. We are great as individuals but we are something amazing when we work together.

We all work and help the farm grow, and as it grows so do we. I fall asleep on that thought and it brings a restful night. Though I. Thunder and lightning roll in on a silent fog. Dull morning light shines in my dusty window. Our old sheep dog is going nuts outside. I go to the window and look down at the damp earth that the storm left in its wake. The storm looks like it left as fast as it came.

The crops all stand, refreshed from the cool, sweet rain. Everything seems normal. I look out into the right field. I look into its emptiness. Where are the cattle? They are all loose. She pulls on her boots. Mary, Kyle, and Sam are all awake. They had made us breakfast. To bad there was no time.

It sure did smell great. Mary, Sam, Kyle all quickly put on shoes. Soon enough we are all outside in our pajamas. We all mount our horses. As they run their hooves fling mud this way and that. We chase the cattle, which were all the way down the road. Hannah, our dog, is hot on their tails. She had them pretty much rounded up. We caught up fast and we herded them down the road. The cattle took off again. Hannah tried to round them up but it was a stampede! Soon after she is face first in the mud.

Kyle dismounts his horse to help her. The cattle are coming up behind them fast. Kyle throws Mary over his shoulder and gets out of the way quickly. Annie, Sam, and I finish rounding up the cattle. We get them back to the fence and I patch up the gap in the fence. We find the only thing Mary suffers from after the fall is a couple of bruises and muddy pajamas. That starts yet another morning on the farm. I start again pulling and pushing.

Hauling hay, and feeding chickens. After my morning job is done my wife and I sit on the porch swing with cool sweet tea. We smile at each other as we watch the sunflowers. They keep their heads to the sun. They can only see the bright side of things. According to Davis, as the harvest wraps up in South America, the market is now grasping a better understanding of how their drought cut into production.

On the world level, ending stocks for soybeans will be the tightest they have been since the marketing year, This report also carried significant news on the corn side, Davis said. That is 2. USDA projected a record yield of bushels per acre based on the rapid pace of planting and crop emergence, according to Davis.

Demand for corn is also projected to increase due to increased feed use up million bushels and exports that should increase by million bushels. Davis said ending stocks for the domestic corn supply will be at 1.

Backstage Notes:

That is an increase of more than 1 billion bushels. The stocks-to-use ratio is projected to increase to Davis said that because of the large increase in corn stocks, the U. But there was a little surprise in the latest report, according to Davis. This workshop helps maintain livestock production as a viable interest in the Arizona Strip region. Success of this workshop is due to excellent partnerships and collaboration, industry sponsors, addressing current and sometimes controversial issues and effective evaluations. During the last three years, the annual range livestock workshop has brought cuttingedge, science-based knowledge to the participants and strengthens relationships among all parties.

Interested parties can look for more information about the conference toward the beginning of For more information, please contact Kevin Heaton at kevin. Jackson, et al. The resolution of the lawsuit could be significant for farmers, municipalities and others throughout the state basin because numeric nutrient standards could lead to more. The organization is seeking to intervene in the lawsuit to clarify those limitations to the federal District Court in Louisiana, where the case is being heard.

Lights, camera, food: Perceptions and realities of farming and ranching in America Farmers and ranchers are headed to Los Angeles — the entertainment capital of the world — for the second Food Dialogues event, June , Four separate discussions — being held over two days —will bring together entertainment movers and shakers, chefs, academics, large restaurant operators, journalists, local leaders, farmers and ranchers for an in-depth conversation about food. All panel discussions will be available at www.

For more information, including a full schedule and updates on details, please visit www. Each member family is entitled to one such ad free in each three-month period. Ads can be up to 40 words or numbers such as phone number or Zip.

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All words over 40 cost 25 cents each. Ads over 40 words not accompanied by the extra payment, or not meeting the above requirements, will be returned to the sender. Family memberships cannot be combined to create larger ads, nor can a membership be used for free classified ad purposes by anyone other than immediate family members. Ads run for three months. Commercial ads for Utah Farm Bureau members where the member is acting as an agent or dealer real estate, machinery, handicraft items made by people outside the member family, etc.

Payment MUST accompany such ads or they will be returned to the sender. Members are entitled to one such ad. Ads run for one month. In all ads, short lines requested by the advertiser, extra lines of white space, and lines with words in all caps count as 6 words per line. Ads with borders and bold headlines may be submitted and placed within the classified section, but will be charged the display advertising rate. Please contact the classified advertising department for further information.

No insurance ads will be accepted. Only free ads Category 1 ads of 40 words or less will be accepted by telephone at , by fax at or e-mail at aboyack fbfs. Please include your membership number. Free ads must be resubmitted by mail, telephone or fax after running for three months. Ads for which there is a payment due will be run as long as payment is received in advance.

The ads on the web site will run concurrently with the classified ads in the Utah Farm Bureau News. While every effort is made to ensure the legitimacy of services or merchandise advertised, the Utah Farm Bureau News or the Utah Farm Bureau Federation accepts no responsibility or liability for services or products advertised. Extended cab, long bed, white with grey cloth. LS pkg. Service work performed at Chevy dealer.

All service records included. Call Paul, Call Doug Bale wagons, tractors, tillage, planting, harvesting equipment, etc. I have a large inventory at this time. Palmer Equipment is located one mile south of Manti on Highway For Sale: John Deere tractor 90hp hrs 2wd 16powerquad rh reverser open station with canopy Bales bales ea. Fillmore, UT. Excellent condition. Call Keith Visit www. For more information, call Rick Benson at Alpacas Registered Breeding age Females, Young Breeding males, fiber males, the ultimate livestock business for small acreage farms.

Want to learn more?? Call Riley Taylor Hiking, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, horse trails, more. Fully equipped cabin. Reservations, more information: , , walsh. Excellent soil and water right. Ideal for hobby farm. Great farm ground. Very scenic. Early water right. Borders Bear River. Gravity pressurized irrigation.

Dairy Farm in Cache Valley.

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Updated home, excellent crops. Double 5 Herringbone parlor. Mini ranchette with home, barn and hay shed.

Beautiful forest land with year around stream. Sterling, Cache Valley, with well permits. Paved road to each lot.

Animal rights. Call ASAP if you have some. Audrey: August 6th to 9th with Jim Gerrish. August 10th with Dr. Tom Noffsinger. Stockmanship and low-stress cattle handling. For more information or to register contact Charles Redd. Email: reddag frontiernet. Phone: This is our 6th Annual Open Farm Day, come and join us for an alpaca educational experience.

Watch and hug the alpacas, see how we make yarn from their beautiful fiber in our processing mill, learn how to make rugs on a peg loom, check out our warm and cozy alpaca slippers, hats and scarves. Get answers to all your Alpaca questions. For more information contact info crookedfencealpacas. All Duchesne Farm Bureau members are invited. The camp is held to help kids gain a perspective for work done on the farm.

This is our June edition of the newspaper, with articles on U. See More. Photo by Matt Hargreaves U. Senators Orrin Hatch and John Barrasso of Wyoming, where the pair talked about issues impacting agriculture in the west and what can be done in Washington, D. Hatch, who is currently serving as the chair of the caucus subcommittee on public lands, wanted to express his support for Farm Bureau and Utah agriculture in general in its continued battle against, what he called, overreaching regulations from agencies in Washington, D. Randy N. Arrested for trespass, the Conatsers were convicted of criminal trespass in district court.

However, FSA will provide farmers and ranchers affected by consolidations an opportunity to choose the most convenient neighboring county office to conduct their future business. From border security concerns and state versus federal authority questions to I-9 audits and governmentcaused labor delays under the H2-A program, finding a reliable agriculture workforce is becoming more and more difficult.

We must secure our borders by the most technologically advanced means possible and in a way that has minimal impact on farmers and ranchers. In hopes of finding a workable solution that meets the needs of our members, Farm Bureau created a work group charged with looking at 3 labor challenges more closely and how best to use our policy to resolve them.

Whole foods peruser or Wal-Mart skimper, you have the same fundamental need that every human you know does to eat; and any doctor will assure you that you need your dairy. Dairy farmers have gone from being able to milk six cows-per-hour to more than Is Southern California in your travel plans this summer? Check out the savings!!! Call if you have additional questions about the contest.

You can read an additional entry on page Good food habits last a lifetime. It might take you a few tries to get a new recipe down, but before you know it you will be adding more variety to your diet and loving it. Our Agriculture has been in the Johnson family for hundreds of years; you can say it runs in our veins. One thing that sets us thousands and thousands apart from other growers in the valley is our ability to produce heat sensitive crops, like leaf lettuces and radishes through the summer.

IPM has also been a valuable tool in 11 raising beautiful crops without as many inputs. Continued from pg. I had just turned 23 and I had been dating Christopher, now my husband, for just two weeks when he invited me to join him for a week on the farm, where he was born and raised and where he still kept a home. This was a big step for a young woman just out of college, to go to a foreign country with a successful artist 15 years her senior.

I was so consumed by navigating through it that I remember surprisingly little about that trip. I do, however, recall how stumped I felt when Christopher asked me to turn a few vegetables from the garden into dinner—I had no idea how to cook. I also remember having the rather naive thought that the interior of this fairy-tale-like cottage, situated in a just-dilapidated-enough farmyard surrounded by hundreds of acres of countryside, was perfectly tasteful but slightly dated.

The ticking-stripe sofas, faded rosebud wallpaper, toile de Jouy curtains, and country-cute kitchen felt reassuringly familiar, perhaps too much so. Luckily for me Christopher felt the same way. We could both appreciate the old-world beauty of the cottage and the farm, but only as a kind of antidote to our busy lives elsewhere.

Though I was eager to contribute to this rich history, each time we arrived in England for our summer week or two or three , I was so caught up in learning to cook helping Christopher in the garden, or teaching our kids—Coco, now 15 years old, and Zach, now 13—to ride a horse, that the house remained as it was.

I went to Christopher and proposed that we move to the farm—just for a year—so I could recover from the nonstop fashion shows, parties, and travels that were my life in New York. I wanted to be in a beautiful place and be still, to take time and think about how the rest of my life should unfold.