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By listening to extant recordings of fiddlers who can trace their tunes and styles of playing back to a time before minstrelsy, before radio, before modern notions of timing, we can come close to hearing the echoes of a nearly forgotten form of music that is truly American. Following are some of the source fiddlers for this project and some of their early fiddling influences.

Edden learned much of his repertory from his father, Jesse — c. A nephew of Edden, Burl Hammons , [two of his settings we have used here] continued the tradition, as have several other family fiddlers.

Lost Indian (1) (The)

Melvin Wine George Wine c. He won the fiddle contest at the Chicago Worlds Fair. John Salyer He grew up a farmer in Magoffin Co. In he and his sons played on a train bound for the Chicago Worlds Fair.

Upon returning home, a record company scout approached John with what he considered an unfair deal. Fortunately his son, Grover, bought a portable recording machine in and preserved his fiddling for posterity with the stipulation that the family never use his recordings for profit. Ed Haley Not much is known about his early life in Logan Co.

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At age three he contracted measles, which left him blind for life. His father, also a fiddler, was killed in and young Ed, carrying on the fiddle tradition, learned from other area players.

the journey to finding out how I got lost and to not being lost anymore

Our Mission Statement: Aside from the few written accounts of fiddle and banjo being played together, a large part of their respective traditions evolved separately until sometime between the beginning of the minstrel era and the Civil War. Many of the fiddle tunes on this project were originally meant for solo fiddle. However, we have put these instruments together in various combinations because it adds variety for the listener and is fun for us; it is what we do.

Rather than attempt to be period correct in our rendition of each tune, we choose to offer settings which meld the flavor of vintage tunes with the instrumentation of the late 19 th century to create a unique opportunity to enjoy fiddling from early frontier America. Lost Indian.

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Jabbour Third, the large majority of British Isles tunes consist of two strains; typically the A-part begins low while the B-part plays the higher pitch. But then, all of a sudden, my emotions have dropped and I have lost my mojo? I want to tell you that I know why I feel down but I guess there are some days where a black cloud descends over my head and my whole world goes dark. Do I suffer with depression?


Before I take you on a little journey with me, shall I tell you about me? Yes of course, you want to know who I am before you decide to follow me to where I am going. So, I work as a Marketing Manager, very grown up — I know. I am from the West Midlands, I am the grand age of 32, very nearly I live by myself and own my home, yes again, I am very grown up.

Why am I lost?

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I woke up today, with a really foggy head, and not just literally. I should have gone to work but the foggy head prevented me from doing so. Instead, I decided to write this blog to get the chaos out of my head and onto something that not only I could read, but you as well.

India election 12222: The man who has lost 24 times but won't give up

Why would you want to read about what is going on in my head? Because, I am convinced that I cannot be the only one feeling this way and wanted to share this journey with you. Hopefully this will be my first of many blogs, but today is just to say hi and to tell you that I am lost.