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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Despite her best attempts to calm herself, her heart was beating so hard it had physically started to hurt her as well. Suddenly, whatever had her neck tightened to the point where she heard a cracking sound. She thought 'I'm going to die,' and this gave here dream self a serge of adrenaline. She thrust her arm up onto the bed and grabbed under the pillow The sun was coming up and there was fresh light in the room. She was drenched in sweat and lay in the bed for about a half hour, too shocked to move. When she finally convinced herself to get up and swung her legs out from under the blanket, she felt a stinging, sore sensation.

She looked down on the worst carpet burns she had ever seen; layers of skin peeled off, small streaks of red blood on pink skin. It was only after she'd slowly made her way around the bed and towards the door that she found out what had happened to the sewing sheers: they were stuck three inches deep into the cheaply made wall. My mom packed her bags and had moved in with her sister before my dad even got home. She refused to go back in the house no matter how much my dad complained about the cost of getting out of their lease.

Finally my dad gave up and called the landlord, ready for a fight. He was surprised when the landlord relented and gave him a get-out that barely cost my parents anything. It turned out that about five years earlier a woman had been found dead in the house. The coroner ruled it a homicide saying that she had been strangled. The woman's boyfriend, who claimed he wasn't anywhere nearby, was arrested and convicted. I saved my own and saved hm from having to spend the rest of his life in prison. The summer before my last year of college, I lived in a treehouse on a friend's property on a large island.

Set back in the woods a bit, it was pretty secluded. I loved it. It was quiet and I could do pretty much whatever I wanted which usually involved an entire six pack of PBR, nudity, a pellet gun and Grace Slick on vinyl there was an extension cord running from the workshop up to my tree dwelling, allowing for a few lights, a record player and a cell phone charger. One night after a long day of working a fun but tiring tourist-town retail job, I came home, grabbed a beer, ditched my pants and got to work.

I stayed up pretty late, maybe 2am, then tucked myself into bed. To preface, I experience sleep paralysis a few times per year, usually when I'm stressed out. This was something entirely different. I woke up sometime later, maybe a few hours -it was still dark. There was a shrill noise ringing through my head, almost like high-pitch static. My eyes popped open, and the entire treehouse was glowing red. My entire body felt like it was buzzing. I could look around, but I couldn't move.

Slowly, the red light, the vibration in my core and the noise faded out, pretty much in sync. Once they had all disappeared completely, I could move again. Breathing heavily, I sat up and turned on my lamp. The horses in the barn next door were losing their shit. I was so freaked out I couldn't get back to sleep for hours. I tried to read a book, but I couldn't concentrate. Finally, as the sun started to rise, I dozed off again. I was still freaked out, but happy to have slept. A few hours later, I headed into work. I worked with this awesome woman who is now one of my closest friends.

We'll call her Kelly for privacy's sake. As soon as I walked in, she noticed how tired I was. Throughout the evening, I was just kind of floating, with my mind elsewhere. When she was a kid, growing up on the other side of the island, her grandparents owned a big piece of property with a small farm. One evening, she was there with her family, including parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles.

When her grandmother called everyone in for dinner, the kids came running and left toys all over the yard. After the meal, her grandfather offered to pick up after the kids. When he came back in about 10 minutes later, he didn't have any of the toys with him. He looked like he had seen a ghost and his face was white as a sheet. He shook his head and went straight to bed. Some of the adults went out into the yard to check out the situation. The toys were right where all of the kids had left them.

The field up beyond the yard was smoldering. Worried there had been a brush fire, everyone walked up to check it out. When they got there, there was a perfect circular ring, about six feet across, burned into the tall grass. The grass never grew back and Kelly said she always got a weird feeling whenever she got near the circle. Her grandfather wouldn't mow near it and everyone who saw it just picked up bad vibes.

My son used to see them when he was little and he would try to talk to them.

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A few years ago, I asked my SO if he had ever seen a ghost. He got really uncomfortable and squirrelly, lots of hemming and hawing. Annoyed, I said "Just say yes or no! I won't judge if you think you have seen a ghost. Turns out he was hesitant because he believes he saw one but it was while he was deployed on a mission in the Middle East, and he was trying to think of how he could describe it without giving up any classified info.

The story is this:. He was in the spooky, vague "Middle East" when there was a commotion from the soldiers watching the perimeter.

The Mail Box Ghost and Other Spooky Tales

Apparently, they could see a man about yards away from the camp. He had appeared out of nowhere, no one saw him walking up. The man was just standing there, not doing anything threatening. But since it was a strange man in a war zone, they broke out all the high tech gear to see what was going on. They could see his face, his clothes, his height, but he looked bizarrely distorted and was not giving off a heat signature they have infrared jimjams and whatnot, it's the freaking military not a piddling ghosthunting troupe here.

He was not the temperature of a human being, he was the temperature of the air around him. They had no idea what was going on and people were freaking out. At this point I said some obvious stuff- "Maybe it was a scarecrow or dummy. Or a shadow. Or the soldiers were really tired and delirious and their eyes were playing tricks on them. Or it was a hologram weapon shaped like a human". His response: They called different people up to come look at the man, it wasn't just a few soldiers who saw this- dozens of people came to look and everyone confirmed that it was definitely a person.

Eventually they decided to send out a team to check this guy out. When they got about 50 yards away, the man started walking- only it didn't look like he was walking toward or away from them, only walking in place. They froze, expecting an attack. But the man never got any closer. His shaky response: It looked like it was trying to walk but instead of moving like a regular person, its bones were breaking and splintering backwards and forwards at the joints.

I can't think of a better way to describe it. Its head was jerking around like a puppet. When the convoy got a few yards closer, it disappeared entirely. The team hauled ass back to camp and as soon as they returned, the man-thing reappeared in its spot. Everyone took turns watching it for an hour or so until it disappeared for good.

Didn't walk away, didn't fly or melt or explode, just stood there for a looooong time then vanished. When I was 17 years old, I was an avid romance reader. I'd sneak all of my mother's Harlequin novels and lock myself in my bedroom and just absorb all of it's cheesy, dramatic, goodness. So when I started dreaming of this dashing, young fellow in a breezy, ruffled, white shirt think Fabio or whatever any man on a historical romance novel would be wearing and riding boots, I was ecstatic.

His name was James and he had this old time, English accent that I couldn't quite place. The dreams started out naturally, once a month he'd pop in, sometimes twice. Then it became more frequent, times a week. It would always start the same, I'd be dreaming of myself sleeping in my bed and I'd wake up to find him standing in my room. His eyes glowed this vibrant green and he kept pushing his ruffled hair back in this sexy way.

The way he looked at me is what I became obsessed with. There was this yearning, this deep devotion to me. I would wake up thinking, "that's what it feels like to be in love". He would always approach me slowly, hesitant to make sure I wasn't scared. Then he would tell me I was beautiful and ask me to dance. Music would appear out of no where and I would look down and find myself in this beautiful, laced nightgown and flowers in my hair and we would waltz in moonlight can you see why a 17 year old girl would just become obsessed with this?

I would become so eager to go to bed, sometimes forcing myself to sleep by pm just so I could see him. Meanwhile, things in my waking life were becoming strangely dark. My music player would turn on in the middle of the night, full blast, waking the entire house. I'd be doing homework at my desk and would continuously see something from the corner of my eye. One time, with the house to ourselves, my best friends and I were all piled into my bed, eating cookie dough and watching reruns of "Cops" when we heard a male voice talking from the bathroom just down the hall from my bedroom. At first, we didn't think anything of it.

Perhaps my Dad came home earlier than expected, or my brother. We were a family of five with an open door policy for friends. It was rare that we were alone. Really enjoyed seeing how horror stories have evolved over time, as well as seeing what a broad category it is. Looking forward to cracking volume 2. Will be pre-ordering volume 3 w Took me forever to get around to reading this first instalment second is on my shelf, waiting. Will be pre-ordering volume 3 when i can. Feb 01, Jeff Griffeth rated it it was amazing. A few years back, Oswalt created a short-story-a-day recommendation list to lead up to Halloween.

Think of an advent calendar, but each day offering a scary short story instead of a chocolate. The old is blended with the new here, and each story is individually bound as its own booklet. Oct 27, LeChelle rated it it was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed this set! It has a nice mix of old and new, and was very fun to read. Nov 03, Kelly Macfarlane rated it really liked it Shelves: books-read-in Beautifully presented the box is amazing , and full of interesting spooky, scary, and creepy stories.

They are all very much worth reading, especially in celebration of Hallowe'en! Jan 01, Sillygoatgirl rated it really liked it. A great little collection of creepy ghost stories in different genres. I am a sucker for packaging and each story is bound separately - making it seem more easily digestible. May 05, Mark rated it really liked it. I'll buy one of these every year it comes out. Com rated it it was ok. Rrrrrr goood. Tabatha Turner rated it it was amazing Jul 10, Ryan rated it really liked it Nov 23, Lisa Orucevic rated it it was amazing Feb 18, Jen rated it it was amazing Oct 25, Brandon Petry rated it it was amazing Mar 18, Scott M Sizer rated it really liked it Dec 02, Nov 14, J.

Hunter rated it really liked it. A great collection of stories to receive in the mail before Halloween. Erin rated it it was amazing Jan 01, Brystan rated it it was amazing Dec 12, Erin Emily rated it liked it Nov 03, Tim Greydos rated it really liked it Nov 01, Christopher rated it really liked it Nov 11, Katie rated it really liked it Feb 16, I put my bag on the couch and walked over to the bed to go to sleep. It was the middle of the night when someone knocking on the wooden bedframe woke me up.

I thought it was my brother and his friend who were just going to be annoying and run out of the room giggling. And I could see right through him to the rest of the room! I watched as he slowly faded away, completely terrified until he was gone. I slept on the couch that night with the TV going in the background, and I moved my bed to the center of the room after that.

the mail box ghost and other spooky tales Manual

The next morning I had almost talked myself out of it, thinking it was a dream or had really been the boys. I asked them the next morning if they had knocked on my bed but both were sound asleep. My mom had overheard me and said she had seen the boy too. There was a man, a mean man that I could feel at night in my room. We would hear footsteps walking around upstairs when all of us were in the kitchen, books would fly from the shelves and glasses would be pulled down and break. Our dogs would stand at the bottom of the stairs that led to the second floor and just growl. One of the most eerie things was the smell of cigarette smoke in the downstairs hallway, no one in our family smoked inside, ever.

One of the last things that happened before we moved was my brother waking up to see a tall dark figure standing over me while I was sleeping. The entire family at that point had seen or experienced something. The boy was just a kid who wanted to be known, the man was something else. None of us were sad to drive away from that house for the last time.

ASMR Spooky Halloween Story~Soft Spoken

Although the house was next to a cemetery, no one was too worried. The writer was rather fascinated, but not yet wary. That night, they were up late watching a movie. When it was over, the user and Bella left the tent and went to sit on the swings in the backyard. Bella began telling stories about the haunted house she used to live in. When their eyes adjusted to the dark, they made out a faceless, horned figure looking at them through the darkness. The pair bolted for the tent, zipping themselves inside. Luckily, the only one they had at home was a basic Barbie doll.

But then, for Christmas their sister got two porcelain dolls and a big rag doll. Those dolls really freaked the Reddit user out. Soon, creepy things started happening. The scariest thing happened while they were home alone. They ran, locking themselves in their room until their mother and sister got home. Neither believed the story, and their sister was mad because the rag doll had fallen to the floor.

When zZaRagingClueZz was 16 or 17, he had just moved into the a new house with his mother and sister. He had the bedroom in the basement. About a month after moving in, he started noticing bizarre things. Hangers would sway as though there was a wind, and he often heard light, unexplainable knocks in the middle of the night.

It was creepy enough to make him move all of his belongings to the spare upstairs bedroom. One day, while he played video games in the basement, a white mist shot out from behind their television, up the wall and across the ceiling. He bolted out from the basement and told his mom, who told him it was just his imagination. Over the next few months, he started hearing knocks and seeing objects move again. Slowly, it started getting stronger. Then whispers started, then painful screams.

Soon, it was happening every night without fail. One night, he was left alone while his mother was away for business and his sister slept at a friend's. It was A. He was about to fall asleep when he heard a loud shriek of his name. The next few months passed with only minor incidents, but then things really got crazy.

Late one night, he was watching television in his room when his bed started shaking. At first, it was only a small tremor, so he ignored it. Then, he began feeling something pulling at the covers from the foot of his bed. A cold hand grabbed his ankle, and tried dragging him. He screamed, and his mom and sister came running. At that point, it was clear something very weird was going on. His mother called the people who sold them the house and told them what happened. The former owners, although offering no reason for the intrusions, had their priest come to bless the house.

The occurrences never fully stopped, but they did become much less frequent and intrusive after the blessing. When I was 16 years old babysitting was an additional source of income, and I was lucky enough to have many families in my area that needed a babysitter. A lady that babysat for quite often asked me one day if I would mind caring for her sister's baby, she mentioned that her sister had a hard time keeping a babysitter—well, of course I thought it was due to the child HA! I didn't mind at all, I quickly accepted the job meaning more income for myself and she was a super nice lady however, her husband was She told me to call her if I had any problems.

I thought it was strange but dismissed it as just being because she was nervous to leave her baby with a new sitter. My first week was really uneventful—a few weird noises but I just dismissed them. One distinctive thing that I remember about the house was that it was always dark Even on the brightest day, it was always really dark. During the day, you still had to have the lights on, even with the curtains open.

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The baby, who was only sox months old, had a cute rainbow nightlight. It was an older one that you manually had to use some force to click on and off. Once it lightened up some in the morning, I would go and turn off the nightlight. Well, morning came and I turned off the nightlight. I went out to the living room to catch up on some homework and as soon as I got settled the baby started screaming, I rushed into his room.

He was hysterical and the nightlight was on. I know for a fact that I turned it off. It wasn't a mistake or something I thought I did—I played it in my mind over and over and over again. I know that I turned that light off. I took the baby and comforted him. I was so disoriented and scared I didn't even try to turn it off again. I thought if something wants it on, it can be on. I didn't tell the mother about the nightlight. Every day, she would come and ask me if everything was okay. Over the next few weeks, the experiences came more and more often. Lights turning on and off and doors closing by themselves.

All of the events finally came to a peak. I was in the kitchen mixing oatmeal for the baby, when from behind something tugged the bottom hem of my shirt—and hard. It was so hard that my shirt tightened around my neck. I turned around and no one was there I screamed and ran into the living room where the baby stared at me from his high chair like I was crazy! I didn't tell his mother about this either, I don't know why I didn't tell her - maybe I was scared that she would think I was crazy, or maybe I just didn't want to bother her with it - or maybe I was just scared since I never told anyone.

Finally, she and her husband moved out of the house that fall, making their stay only 10 months. I was the only babysitter who managed to be permanent during their time. I never discussed the events that happened there Later, I did some research on the area. It's incredibly rural, and as souther as you can get. It also has a rich history in Indian tribes.

While looking up the house, I discovered that during its construction, evidence of a full Indian burial site had been discovered. A couple years ago, Jbharro was working the night shift, and was on their way to work when they were stopped at a street light. Since there were no other cars or people around, they quickly got impatient with the waiting around. That was when they heard a knock on the passenger window. Outside stood an older man, seemingly around They rolled down their window and asked if he was okay. Finally, he asked for a ride, saying that he only needed to go a few blocks.

The writer said yes and turned up the heat after he got in, noticing that the man was shivering. After they had been driving for awhile, the man said his name was Henry. The driver asked once more if he was okay. Henry seemed drunk or ill. Henry sat still, saying nothing. After about ten minutes of driving, Henry suddenly shouted, asking the driver to stop. Eerily, they were in the middle of nowhere with fields on either side. Henry climbed from the car and started walking down the street. He then suddenly stopped in the middle of the road and stood there unmoving. Slowly, they started to drive away, and looking in the rearview mirror, they saw Henry following the car.