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An interpretive comment is needed here. This is not just an imaginative piece of fiction. It reflects what we, Fred and Linda Chamberlain, might have actually prescribed in our own cryonics documents prior to our learning about Terasem, concerning how and when we would consent to be reanimated, based on a lack of confidence we developed over many decades as to how fast technologies were changing as well as possible instabilities within organizations. When we found out about Terasem and its CyBeRev project, our universe flip-flopped!

In a flash, we could see that it would be possible to place our reliance in cyber-emulations of our own minds, self-conscious reflections of ourselves in virtual reality that would have command of all our earlier thinking, as well as all that had transpired meanwhile. Inspiring, to say the least! We believe cyberbeings offer a far more workable solution to how cryonauts might be protected than the clumsy solutions devised in BioQuagmire. We are captured by the visions and the ethical principles expressed in the Truths of Terasem [8] and their potential to be the foundation of a great leap forward in humankind's evolution.

We could call these cyberbeings our "cybertwins". Our cybertwins may become self-aware and verifiably sentient over the next few decades. We may have had lengthy and detailed discussions with them, even before we go into biostasis. Martine Rothblatt has developed significant, new ideas about consent for medical procedures in her article, The Geoethics of Self-Replicating Biomedical Nanotechnology for Cryonic Revival.

Since there may very well be differences of opinion as to whether or not a procedure is of benefit, the geoethical Consent Principle requires affirmative consent from whoever is to be affected by a medical procedure. It should be noted in this regard that even consent to suicide may be evidence of benefit since such an individual no longer holds any value for their life, or values death even higher. In this part of her quote, Dr. Rothblatt takes us to a critical implication. Consent to suicide and consent to non-reanimation are roughly equivalent.

So, it would seem acceptable to limit decisions on reanimation to cybertwins, in the same way that BioQuagmire limited such decisions to biological twins.

Fred Chamberlain (Author of LifeQuest)

This avoids the necessity of blindly trusting the totally unknown individuals who might control our cryonics group at a future time, when reanimation might become feasible. Cybertwins of cryonauts, as a cybercommunity, could engage in high speed strategic planning on how to best protect us in biostasis and foresee what technologies might recover us at the earliest point. The goal would be to quickly reestablish the relationships we had already begun to develop with them, but this time in cyberspace. Our cybertwins are likely to be more synergistic than if they were biohumans, less subject to competitive and predatory biochemical drives, with which we biohumans are loaded.

Even before we are placed in biostasis, our cybertwins may be participating in these conferences in Second Life. Martine Rothblatt has paved the way for us here, in her paper, An Experiment to Test the Ability of Digitally-Stored Mindfiles to Regenerate the Consciousness from Which It Came , [10] where she proposes an extensive interview process to verify that the personality of a cyberbeing has a sufficient profile match with the person whose data is used to validate identity regeneration. If a cybertwin is to serve as Trustee and Reanimation Surrogate for his or her biotwin in cryonic suspension, such testing might be reasonable, particularly if the biotwin made this choice at an early stage in the cybertwin's emergence into consciousness.

Other approaches than Dr. Rothblatt's might be added or substituted, for example the Bainbridge [11] model.

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If the cybertwin fit the model as to state and growth in all areas, that would be a very good sign. Even if Bainbridge data had been used to nucleate cybertwin emergence, a re-check after full emergence might be appropriate. Larry Cauller mentioned the emergence of "a completely new form of conscious being" in his paper, What it Might "Feel" Like to be Connected to Devices That Will Expand or Enhance Human Function With Cyber Abilities , [12] but there, he was talking about interfacing a biobrain and a cyberbeing.

Now we anticipate that our brains as cryonauts might be uploaded and then interfaced, an additional step.

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Who will guide this interfacing? Who will specify the final configuration? Shouldn't the cybertwin be the decision maker? After all, it is the cybertwin's identity we're talking about at this point. Options in augmenting a biotwin's biobrain at the point of uploading will be vast. Want to upload separately and not interface, or even wait for bioreanimation? The singularity may unfold rapidly. Here, we'll mainly talk about interfacing upon uploading, mentioning bioreanimation from time to time, to show how it still fits in with the cybertwin concept. Either way, the cybertwin could wind up as the biotwin's unrestricted decision maker.

Interpersonal network factors must be considered, unique to each of us. How can final judgments about detailed options on uploading be entrusted even to other cyberbeings, much less to biohumans? Our cybertwins, fully self-aware and legally independent, seem to be the logical ones to make final decisions about their own destinies, as well as acting as Trustees on behalf of we, their cryonaut biotwins. Even if the choice were for bioreanimation, who would better understand this choice than that person's cybertwin?

The concept would have been woven into every corner of his or her CyBeRev documentation. Do we have the right of consent as to who shall make decisions for us if we are unable to do so? Linda and I believe that we do! The cybertwins that we now see on the near horizon represent a far more reasonable and practical solution than the future twins of the story BioQuagmire , and they're the logical alternative to blind trust.

In a very real way they will be us, at a different level, with strong motivations to upload us and achieve a greater degree of completeness in that way. Going into biostasis, after long discussions with our cybertwin, we may feel as if we are already partly uploaded. We may be able to think of the rest of uploading as like restoring a missing cerebral hemisphere, vastly upgraded and essential to attaining the higher level of identity Dr.

Cauller describes as "a completely new form of conscious being". Our cybertwins will know and feel that they are "us", but perhaps they will also lack parts of the adaptive unconscious, such as the high speed amygdala pathways. Early emulation software might lack important aspects of the awesome matrix of association paths in our cerebral cortex, as well as an emulated biochemical platform, the source of so many of our emotions. Will the experience of waking up with a data-based cybertwin level of self-consciousness seem somewhat "colorless"? It's complete guesswork right now, but a possibility depending on how soon it comes about.

As our cybertwins attain true self-consciousness, perhaps even before we enter biostasis, we might ask them, "What's it feel like? Is it like we imagined? Will it feel as if we're just one person again, or will we feel as if there are two closely coupled, self-aware beings? Neither of us will know or can know, until it happens! Perhaps we cryonauts who upload may emerge into cyberspace feeling as if the entire Internet, or whatever it is to become, is now literally wired into our brains.

Perhaps it will be called the 'Ultranet" by then. Our cybertwins may suddenly feel as if they had just recovered a way of sensing the "vibes" of others, which they had lost but now remember. Both we and our cybertwins may feel as if we were 'Dorothy' stepping into the Land of Oz, where the movie switches from black and white to vivid, living color. Only if we choose this, only if we consent to it, can we open the door to this new experience of reality! So, what's next? Do we just do our CyBeRev work, set up our cybertwin empowerment paperwork and jump into a tank of liquid nitrogen?

Certainly not! This is a hard-core evolutionary leap, and evolutionary leaps are marked by a lot of non-survivors. Terasem's Journals are filled with thoughts about risks, dangers, and probability of failures. Our cybertwins will be able to digest this material quickly and easily track how things unfold. At the same time, we cannot let ourselves be overconfident of a positive endgame.

Ray Kurzweil and so many others have certainly pointed this out, [13] and there are strong predatory evolutionary drives that pose dangers, as well described in Howard Bloom's works. The ideas of these authors are more completely discussed in the longer version on our website. Terasem and groups with which it is allied could provide a vital and badly needed safety network for cryonauts.

Terasem has already developed a way for individuals to upload their bemes in anticipation of creating cybertwins. The Terasem Truths are the beginnings of an entirely new social fabric for humankind. With the creative technological expertise, ethical approach and legal knowledge of those developing Terasem, a platform could be developed for cybertwins to be legally empowered as Trustees and Reanimation Surrogates for cryonauts.

It's a beautifully helical process. You input the bemes that create your cybertwin, your counterpart in cyberspace. He or she is better qualified to understand how you want your affairs to be managed than any biohuman alternative. Who has greater motivation based on self-interest to see that your wishes are carried out? Who else would be able to make the kinds of decisions you would want made, in scenarios you might not have foreseen before your suspension?

What happens, and it is like pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, you as the biotwin upload data and appear in cyberspace as your cybertwin. Your cybertwin helps upload you into cyberspace, the two of you becoming an entity that might be called a "hyperbeing", an extension of the kind of entity Dr. Cauller has described as "a completely new form of conscious being", as mentioned earlier. As Carl Sagan so poetically puts it in his book Cosmos [18] and the PBS television series of the 's by the same name: "We are the local embodiment of a Cosmos grown to self awareness.

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We have begun to contemplate our origins: star stuff pondering the stars. Thank you for allowing Linda and I to offer a few thoughts, today. It will be revised from time to time check the date above. Long range ideas will be expanded, as well as precursor applications that may be feasible with present technology. See the last footnote in the main paper [19] and you will find details about an application already in existence that gives the impression cyberbeings have already arrived.

All that follows assumes that cybertwins discussed are derived from the mindfiles of cryonicists who had deposited prior to cryonic suspension mindfiles with a mindcloning provider MP , consenting to this in the same as with cryonic suspension, acknowledging all of the uncertainties involved. We also assume that they made arrangements for mindcloning with their MP's on a priority basis so as to fulfill obligations to those from whom they were derived.

LifePact Aspects. The cybertwin idea approach now enables something far better, on a foreshortened timescale. Cryonicists and their cybertwins, partnered by contingent contracts, can cover the reanimation costs of the cryonicists by their cybertwins' creative work in cyberspace, much of which can be directed toward reanimation itself. Networks of Biotwins. Those cryonicists who anticipate working as cybertwins for their 'twins of origin' in cryostasis may wish to network as Terasem c-cubes or c-quads to develop forms of agreement by means of which they might anticipate forming biotwin-cybertwin partnerships, and other forms of supporting documentation that could be useful in preparing for this, prior to their own entries into cryostasis.

For the Navajo, this is something that grows from a human being and spreads outward to permeate the universe.

Linda What meaning can we assign to Alam al-mithral? Fred The Truths of Terasem use that term in other areas in ways that relate to both personal commitment and inspiration. As part of one of the Terasem connections under 6. The Million Worlds is a universe of infinite worlds, called Spheres. Each Sphere encapsulates a complete universe, infinite and separate, yet bound as one Sphere of many among the shifting, glowing translucent space of the true universe. This primal meta-space is called the Alam Al-Mithral.

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Among the Alam Al-Mithral exists all of the Spheres, caught in an eternal cycle of creation and destruction, as new ones are formed and old ones fade into oblivion. This cycle of creation and destruction is driven by the relentless meta-physical tide of the Wunschtraumacht. The Wunschtraumacht is the extant omnilinear psychic force of the dreams of Man, as portrayed by his myths, legends and folklore, from within a sphere made manifest among the Alam Al-Mithral.

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The ceaseless force of the Wunschtruamacht radiates from each sphere, like the forces of a star, impacting upon the Alam Al-Mithral and the other spheres as a drawing tide and a blowing wind. Linda In the first of these, 5.

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And its important to note that there is a goal, and the goal is to share that vision. We can tell this from the content of 1. Moving on, in 5. Finally for this Expansion, in 5. Where might we find a formula for this, perhaps an actual physical model, or analogue, that might help us visualize it? The carbon atom is an interesting example, perhaps the most simple example of an intact unit that has the potential for internal bonding with a high level of integrity and at the same time a high external bonding potential.

Internally, it is of course a four-proton atom, meaning four positive electrical charges that are very unlikely to be split, except by some extraordinarily powerful nuclear impact. Externally, it has the ability to bond to four others of its own kind, and in the strongest configuration it forms the diamond lattice that in natural molecular forms is the most indestructible periodic crystal that we know. These are illustrations of a highly ethereal form, of course, based on which to suggest human bondings of a durable kind in a collective consciousness, but they may be helpful in trying to visualize possibilities.

A most curious illustration is that of Helium, with two protons. It is one of the most independent, that is non-binding, of atoms. Yet, if two of them fuse and form carbon, we have one of the most powerful bonding atomic components. One simple parallel that might come to mind, in terms of comparing helium to carbon, is the basic biological mating pair.

Is this in any way likely to be a useful parallel? Perhaps not. The internal integrity of families is weak in many ways. Even within the most close-knit situation, this produces divergence. Usually in terms of the prolific levels of reproduction favored by biology for natural selection, for survival of the fittest, far more than two children will result. They would also be pledged to reach out to other such quad-being entities, and thus produce the kind of aperiodic societal crystal that would hang together eternally.

This was envisioned to take place perhaps one or more centuries in the future.