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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Night Shade Books is proud to present the ninth volume in this annual series, a new collection of stories to keep you up at night. Selected pages Table of Contents. Contents Ellen Datlow. Nesters Siobhan Carroll. The Oestridae Robert Levy. The Bad Hour Christopher Golden. Fury DB Waters. The Numbers Christopher Burns. BBC America Tues. CMT Wed.

MLB Thur. EPIX Fri. AMC Fri. FX Tues. E Sat. E Fri. Nickelodeon Tues. Syfy Fri. FX Wed. POP Thur. Kramer vs.

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Noon CMT Sun. KFTR Sat. Monsters, Inc. Freeform Thur. Freeform Wed. LOGO Thur. Freeform Tues. VH1 Sat. HBO Wed. Starz Wed. Lifetime Tues. FXX Fri. FXX Sat. BBC America Wed. Ovation Thur. When most people think of unicorns, they think of rainbows and glitter. Grey, named after what his herd deemed his ugly gray coat, has never had a good life. Shunned for his lack of powers and held captiv ers and held captive by the red dragons who plan to sell him to the highest bidder, Grey escapes into the night. He hopes to find someplace safe, so the town of Haven calls to him.

Ryder and Theo are dragons and true mates—the only problem is they are missing their third, the one to complete them. When they stumble upon a broken-down car, the last thing they expect is to find the one they have been waiting for all those years.

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Protective and loyal, Theo and Ryder are determined to keep their unicorn safe and encompassed in love. The red dragons have other ideas. Three mates. Three difficult pasts. I marked Zeke, Zeke marked Wes. I was Mated by brothersMy name is Arwen White, and this is the story of how a regular Omega like me found himself pregnant. Mated by Alpha Twins is a word erotic short set on a world where Alphas claim their mates and Omegas lust after them, a world where anything can happen and sometimes does.

Due to some explicit MM scenes, this book is suitable only for those aged eighteen and over. You have been warned. Will they be able to start their new family life without the fear that has followed them for the past months? This is a full-length romance novel, it contains steamy scenes and male pregnancy mpreg. Adults only! This is the third and final book in the series.

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Ethan has been flirting with Nick, the hot alpha photographer who visits his coffee shop, for a few weeks when they make an accidental connection that throws Ethan into an early heat. With an alpha at his side, dealing with his heat should be a simpl e matter, but there's just one problem: arrogant alpha Corey Masters, real estate heir, reality TV star, tabloid regular Nick wants Ethan, and Ethan wants Nick. Corey wants nothing to do with omegas, but there's no way in hell he's going to leave his lover alone with a stranger.

Could there be a future for the three of them, or will two alphas be too many for Ethan to handle?

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Gabriel is a young omega werewolf who wants nothing more than to escape the tradition and duty expected of him by his old fashioned parents. His effort to live entirely as a human has been successful, but recently his nights have been filled with vi filled with vivid dreams of two virile alpha werewolves. And for a naughty preview of the book, make sure to Look Inside!

The two meet Kaga, the mys aga, the mystic shaman of the village who was born an omega, and Zan vows to help him remember how to shift so that he can have a child with his alpha true love. This series contains steamy love scenes, a HEA, a strong omega, a dashing alpha, mpreg male pregnancy , and thrilling adventure in exotic locales.

Aidan and Lucas are going out for a night on the town. Aidan has just finished up the last exam of his freshman year in college, and he and Lucas are celebrating by going out to a hot new club and trolling for romance. However, they completely overlook the men in suits standing around through the club in suits, checking them out behind their sunglasses- Inspecting them After a night of downing so many free drinks, they decide they're best off leaving and as they're driving back something massive, black, and winged runs in front of their vehicle, causing them to crash, and to black out.

When the two men awake, they're in the back of a cargo truck, sitting among two rows of naked men with metal collars around their necks to keep them from escaping. They're let out at an auction block, and realize that from here on out, the two of them are to be slaves to dragon shifters This is a standalone short story.

Can two men heal the wounds Ethan's ex left behind? After a decade of a sexless marriage with a philandering alpha who can't even be bothered to show for the daughter's birthday, Ethan St.

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John finds himself starting over at his childhood home. Except ldhood home. Except this time, he's a older, wiser, and with a child of his own to raise. Persistently single and awkward, Ryan Davis is swiftly approaching his fortieth birthday with no sign of the singleness abating, but he somehow manages to get Ethan to agree to a date with him. He wants it all: house, partner, kids.

And Larry? Larry is just waiting for his guys to wise up and see what is right in front of them. This book is 68k of sweet heat as only Harper B. Cole and Susi Hawke can bring, but don't worry, it's not too Then they came for my clean-shaven chin. So when Kranl decides to up and move to Washington DC, he finds himself in heaven: suits and ties everywhere, men with clean-shaven chins, and guys who know their way around a golf court. First on a run through the woods… and then in the privacy of his office… A romance begins that leaves both men howling for more, perhaps even pups and many more dates… And when Kranl meets Flint, a human omega?

God, he can barely even stand to glance at him without wanting to keel over! And a tutor. And sort out his feelings. Because pregnancy proves incredibly harrowing. Does Baine really love Loche, or are they moving too fast, as werewolves should?

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First you sniff him out. Then you get pregnant.

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And then you need him. A lonely omega. An ageing alpha. Valen's an alpha, too, and he wants them both. Sam Brentwood had everything At eighteen, he left the love of his life. At nineteen, he miscarried Valen's baby. These days, Sam's hidden his hear m's hidden his heart away, working multiple jobs to afford a house. Valen Tolstoy has a secret—two, actually. One: he's never stopped missing his omega. Two: he's dating the station's second-in-command.

Harris is two decades older than Valen, richer and better than Valen can possibly be. Sooner or later, Harris will realize Valen's not worth hanging around, and he'll leave. Ten years ago, Harrison Fields lost his family. Afraid of risking his heart with another omega, he's tumbled into bed with someone just as risky—his subordinate, the fire chief's son. But Valen is young, rough, and they don't always get along. So Harris hires a private instructor, hoping to tighten their relationship.

To Valen's shock, the chef Harris hires Worse, Sam's in heat, and it flings Valen into a rut. When the embers from their steamy night cool, Sam discovers that he's pregnant with Valen's child. Afraid of a relationship, he tries backing away—only to find that the two alphas he met One Alpha from the past. One family intent on ripping them apart. And one family fighting to stay together. Zeke was supposed to have two more years.

Zeke What is my promised Alpha doing here? I want to stay with my mates. But that look in his eyes… The power my family has, his family has… They can ruin us in seconds. How can I stay without putting everyone in danger? How can I ever live with myself knowing I hurt the ones I love the most? I need him. I need him more than anything.

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We were finally getting to a point where we could become a family, a real family. Farrel is a young, horny omega who has lost his ability to shift. When all attempted cures fail, Doctor Kassel suggests a new experimental carnal therapy: takin therapy: taking it hard every night from his hunky alpha male nurse while the good doctor watches! This smoldering hot gay shifter paranormal romance story will satisfy all your naughty werewolf menage cravings! For a short time, with free bonus story, Omega's Fate. Gail, an Omega, has been hiding from other shifters for over half a decade, determined to choose his own path in life, even if that means working two jobs.

During the day he works at a bookstore a ks at a bookstore and in the evenings he is an exotic dancer. Lucien and Cyrus, an Alpha and a Beta, love each other, a relationship condemned by shifter society, and have never felt the need to find an Omega. They sometimes pick up humans to spice things up, but never more.

They want him, even if only for one night. But their families have other plans. In a desperate attempt to keep control over their lives, they will need to make the hardest decision yet: Are they ready to be parents? This is a full length romance novel, it contains steamy scenes and male pregnancy mpreg. This is the first book in the series. Omega House Book FourGunnar is a mountain bike rider who is excited to find one of his favorite places to ride has a new, hot forest ranger manning the check-in station. An alpha himself, Gunnar has never been particularly drawn only to omegas, so he megas, so he easily flirts with sexy alpha, Collin Rich.

After living with his brother at Omega House for the past several years, Sean is enrolled in a photography program that could lead to a good paying job. But when an attempt to take a photo of a rare still-life goes wrong, he finds himself swept into the arms of Gunnar and the new ranger, Collin. Now his thoughts are consumed with the two men and how they could be together.