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Earned training qualifications or done your Masters abroad and now looking for work in Saxony? Then you can get your qualifications recognised. This is very beneficial for your application, and ensures the employer classifies you in accordance with your training. If you want to practise a trade and are planning to be self-employed, you are obliged to register this trade. Exceptions only apply for freelancers and companies in the agricultural and forestry industries.

Citizens of EU member states are entitled to free movement of workers. You can look for work in another EU country and hold down a job without requiring a work permit. This also applies for citizens of countries in the European Economic Area i. You only need to register with a local authority after three months. Persons from so-called third-party states require a residence permit which must include a work permit.

Residence permits include visas, temporary residence permits, EU Blue Cards, permanent residence permits and long-term EU residence permits.

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Visas, EU Blue Cards and temporary residence permits are temporary, and are issued for specific purposes. If you are a foreigner with a permanent residence permit, you are entitled to engage in any type of gainful employment. Permanent residence permits are not limited in time or space, and contain no auxiliary provisions. Students from third-party states, may work for a maximum of days or half days a year.

The residence permit for study purposes includes secondary employment at universities.

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No further approval is required for such employment. For further employment, e. Generally, however, the students stay in Germany because of their studies. A work permit is thus hardly ever issued. It is obtained from the Bureau for Foreigners.

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Consent involving no further restrictions can be issued for foreigners residing permanently in Germany. This may be the case, for example, for people who have grown up in Germany and completed schooling or vocational training there. Asylum seekers require a work permit. They can be permitted onto the employment market once they have legally been in Germany for nine months. Consent from the Federal Employment Agency is not required in order for an employment permit to be issued after four years of uninterrupted residence in Germany.

Foreigners with exceptional leave to remain can also enter the employment market after a one-year permitted, exceptionally tolerated or granted stay in Germany. There must also not be any grounds for approvals to be denied.


Workers in so-called shortage occupations scientists, mathematicians and engineers, doctors, as well as academic and equivalent specialists in information and communication technology can receive an EU Blue Card if they earn a minimum annual income of approx. EUR 37, as of Employees without academic qualification and who fall under the aforementioned income limits also have the possibility to work in Germany. Highly qualified workers include scientists with special technical knowledge, or teaching staff in prominent positions.

Foreigners from third-party countries generally require the prior consent of the labour administration in order to gain access to the employment market. In some cases, consent is not required, e. The Federal Employment Agency does not check priority rankings for certain occupational groups, i.

For example, the priority check is not performed for employees in shortage occupations who thus hold an EU Blue Card, graduates of a qualified vocational course in Germany, graduates from German schools abroad with recognised or comparable university degree, or spouses of foreign experts, managers or specialists. Freelancers or self-employed persons can obtain a residence permit to realise their business idea. This requires an economic interest or regional demand. Graduates from a German university, scientists and researchers do not have to meet these requirements in order to be self-employed in their field.

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Residency in Germany Germany is open to immigration.

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Foreigners can also be naturalised in Germany under certain conditions. Find out about the most important principles of German residency entitlements below. Duty of registration If you stay in Germany for longer than two months and move into one or more residential properties during this time, you must register with your local municipality within two weeks of moving into the respective property.

Stays of longer than three months EU citizens can stay in a member state for longer than three months if they are entitled to free movement. Persons entitled to free movement under community law are: EU citizens wanting to stay in Germany as employees, to look for work or to undertake vocational training EU citizens, if they are entitled to be self-employed this also applies for self-employed persons already settled in Germany EU citizens, who, without settling in Germany, wish to render services as self-employed persons if they are entitled to render the services EU citizens receiving services Unemployed EU citizens, if they have adequate health insurance and funding Family members, if they have adequate health insurance and funding EU citizens and their families, who have been granted permanent residency Family members are the spouse, partner, or the descendants of EU citizens entitled to free movement, as well as their spouses or partners who are under 21 years of age, and Relatives in ascending and descending order of EU citizens entitled to free movement, their spouses or partners who are supported by these.

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  • Citizens of the new EU member states Romania and Bulgaria require a work permit, which is issued by the Employment Agency. It checks whether there are German applicants or EU citizens entitled to work who are just as or more suitable for the position.