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Javascript runs in the context of a browser using by a user.

Web Designer (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS)

It can be run with server-side JavaScript. Faster Since HTML5 need to communicate with the server and wait for its response, it is lesser faster and hence it feels more suitable for desktop applications. Security and scalability HTML Code is written in server side and provide more security and scalability Ajax applications are the databases with which Javascript communicate.

In the application which Javascript used will communicate directly to the database — Ajax applications , which provide less security and scalability. Conclusion If code written in Javascript make the application faster and meanwhile it is less secured and scalable. If code written in HTML is more secure and scalable.

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Since code written using Javascript need not communicate with a server directly communicate with a database , it makes faster and as well less secured. Hence it is always recommended to have knowledge of both HTML5 and Javascript to build a beautiful, secured and scalable website. You may also look at the following articles to learn more —.

Web Designer (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS)

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JavaScript and HTML5 Now PDF

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JavaScript and HTML5 Now by Kyle Simpson

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Free Software Development Course. I have over 20 years experience writing computer programming code. HTMLPad is very easy to learn and use. It works like a simple text editor, but offers a lot of helpful features such as HTML and CSS wizards and instant code-snippets, browser preview and more.

When Teaching App Development, HTML5 and JavaScript is Best

HTMLPad actually helps you learn web coding and make less mistakes. Unlike visual HTML editing tools, text-based editors allows you to work on a professional level and produce quality code. Products Company English Europe. More happy customers. Quick and lightweight Loads much faster than any other editor or IDE with similar features Powerful syntax highlighting Updated!