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Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin. Erin Jul Light that candle. And that little flame of mine will glow so fiercely, emitting undeniable warmth and love, that will dance around the room like a firefly. Shofi Ahmed Aug Light The Summer.

The sun is with the paintbrush ambling down the river blue. See, your eyes are the mirror in between the earth and sky duo.

Light At Night

Bask in the open air theatre eye on spread out with colour. Indulge in, with a slice of summer you got the brightest star, the light on your canvas, you got the clue. Now draw your way through art yours in between the two! A poem from my upcoming book Qun: Love is Above Reason. Steven Oct Self Portrait.

Bow Dec Goodnight Light. Micrography-Mike D Nov Tea Light. Written: October 23, All rights reserved.

Heidi Franke Aug Capture or let go This one written about the chaos felt inside when trying to help a mentally ill loved one who still can not see and the broken, broken system for treating our seriously mentally ill in America. Jesus gave me your name.

Top 10 poems about light

Johnson Jul Fleeting Light. Vicki Kralapp Aug Enveloped in a cloud of rain, drenching spirit and soul. Sunlight flickering through clouds ahead; finally hope.

Charge Of The Light Brigade - Poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson

Leaving sadness behind at last, my spirit longs to move in the sunlight of dance. My body singing, rising to its newness, twilight is turning bright with vibrancy ahead. Praying the path will not turn to the dark rainforest of gloom once more. Can I believe in the light? Can I believe in a future with hope?

Everyday Power

All poems are copy written and soul property of Vicki Kralapp. Light before us, sign the light beside us: those strangers we have not met, but only see from the corner of our heart. Let the possibilities for refreshment and surprise they represent open any closed off wall we have built, and bid the fears that bind us back to remove themselves.

Illumine, oh living sign before us, the pathway to vulnerability, that we may know that we are not yet complete, that we may know the path does not end because it curves.

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Let their insights enlarge our own with challenge and inspiration, and draw us toward depth, not the surface. Illumine, oh living sign before us, the pathway to gratitude, that all may know they share the gifts of all wisdom, everywhere, every when, that all may thank the sacred ground from which the present moment grows and blossoms. Let the faithfulness of our inward intuition be our anchor in stormy weather, and our steadfast comfort when the babble of the world's thousand voices confuses us, crosses us, yanks at our serenity and pushes our buttons. Does light make heat or does heat make light?

Oh, when I was young I loved to think about such things.

Night Poems - Poems For Night - - Poem by | Poem Hunter

Now I think that complete and total light would be painful and absolutely dark sounds frightening. I've never been drawn to the hot lights of deserts or to the cold black of a starless night. Rather, to twilight colors, to in-betweens. Sureties make me unsure.

Poem About The Moon

May we burn, glow, light up the world into that foretold brightness of prophets and sages come to pass here and now. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Flying At Night , Ted Kooser A Winter Night , Sara Teasdale Night , William Blake A Winter Night , Robert Burns Winter Night , Boris Pasternak Awake At Night , Matsuo Basho Night Poem , Margaret Atwood Poem Of Night , Galway Kinnell Night Journey , Theodore Roethke A Sleepless Night , Philip Levine Meeting At Night , Robert Browning Lonesome Night , Hermann Hesse Night-Night Children , C.

Heck Quiet Night Thoughts , Li Po